Addressing The Rumors About Me...

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Runtime: 14:19


taydem echo
taydem echo - Måned siden
I want a man who looks at me the way Erik looks at Colleen.
Kelly Marie Faulkner
Kelly Marie Faulkner - Måned siden
I’m the same way with not having an appetite when I’m feeling stressed or anxious! If that ever happens to you again, here are some things that help me: chewy tums - girl they make them tasty now!!! Lol, smoothies in the morning to start the day with protein powder, flax seeds, peanut butter, banana, frozen fruits, any kind of milk/soy milk etc, basically anything lol the protein helps a lot! GNC makes great protein powders. Andddd coconut oil is great to have around for extra fats. Anyways, you’re not alone with that! And there are ways around it and to staying healthy and taking care of ourselves even if we feel stressed out or anxious from time to time 😊😊
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - Måned siden
5timesthefun - Måned siden
I cant believe you went to the beach with COVID going on? But I am happy you had a good time!
Morgan Watson
Morgan Watson - Måned siden
I’m so behind on the Vlogs. :( I HAVE to catch up, because all the new Vlog titles are so intriguing.
Emdog’s Piggy pales
Emdog’s Piggy pales - 2 måneder siden
Why don’t you ever hang out with Eriks family has Flynn ever met them
eleanor - 2 måneder siden
Phoebe Halsey
Phoebe Halsey - 2 måneder siden
Hiya colleen. I love watching your videos and they truly make my day. The game that you and Erik have been playing is called Speed, well that's what we call it in England, I dont know about it in America but that is what we call it in England xx
Kaitlin Sanders
Kaitlin Sanders - 2 måneder siden
I work at Starbucks and on all the Starbucks Facebook groups people were saying WAP stands for white mocha almond milk and pumpkin 🤣🤣🤣❤️
Aaron Bowen
Aaron Bowen - 2 måneder siden
hi collin I ant got on money but I wont merch sorry love you and fam and what you do can I please
have merch pleases p.s. love you
Melissa Gore
Melissa Gore - 2 måneder siden
I love how you straight up say...”it’s not ok to ask a woman if she’s pregnant or anything about her body”. Way to go!
Salma Maqsudi
Salma Maqsudi - 2 måneder siden
Sparkle P8nter
Sparkle P8nter - 2 måneder siden
Yeah, don’t say the other one or all the Italians will be PISSED 😤 (or should be) lol
katofrie - 2 måneder siden
Twilight ♥
Layla Hildebrand
Layla Hildebrand - 2 måneder siden
It’s not about how someone else looks like it’s about what type of person they are on the inside
Katherine 906
Katherine 906 - 2 måneder siden
Sarah Nia
Sarah Nia - 2 måneder siden
I'm 33. I try to have a baby since 4 years. We need medical assistance to have a baby and people tell me all the time do you want a baby? when? why? .... it's so hard. Have a baby is the most important thing i want in my life, my heart is broken to not having a baby with my husband. Questions broke my heart 💔 it's so hard.
never question a couple !
Nao Hewitt
Nao Hewitt - 2 måneder siden
Oh please like you haven’t asked that or thought it at one point in your life 🙄—
Alyssa Earl
Alyssa Earl - 2 måneder siden
Isn't happy Birthday a copyrighted song? 🤔 she probably won't even get a copyright claim meanwhile I've seen ytbers do way less and get their vids demonitized immediately. Favoritism🤷‍♀️
Phoebe Davies
Phoebe Davies - 2 måneder siden
Someone (a boy) popped up to my story and asked if I was pregnant. I'm 16. So he was basically saying I looked fatter. I feel this Coleen and ily for talking about this
Crystal Currie
Crystal Currie - 2 måneder siden
Okay ... So your not pregnant? Joking joking.. lol
But no in all seriousness. I agree with you. I also feel it's not appropriate to ask or assume . It's sad that people think they need to do it
Madeline Curry
Madeline Curry - 2 måneder siden
I agree 100% about NEVER asking a woman if she’s pregnant! It can be both insulting and triggering and is so complex. What I am about to write IN NO WAY is intended to justify or defend those behaviors. However, to prevent it happening in the future, I wanted to point out that I think you posting taking pregnancy tests in your vlogs (in the context of a daily vlog and wanting to be pregnant rather than a retrospective announcement once you already are etc) might kind of give the impression to some people that they are allowed to ask, especially if they’re younger and don’t understand the weight of those questions or assumptions, because I can imagine it makes them feel a part of the early journey in a way that entitles them to continue being in the loop for the rest of that process. The responsibility is still ultimately on others to be mature and sensitive (!!!), but that is just something that occurs to me.
Honey Gold
Honey Gold - 2 måneder siden
Tier Shru
Tier Shru - 2 måneder siden
I have the same birthday as your mom! :F
Emily A
Emily A - 2 måneder siden
Colleen going back to the water multiple times just to get Flynn water and not getting aggravated shows how good of a momma she is. Most parents would’ve gave up so early😂
muggins quilts
muggins quilts - 2 måneder siden
Yawn, did not subscribe, boring predictable whining woman with an annoying voice, jumpy video
Lourdes Kennedy Garcia
Lourdes Kennedy Garcia - 2 måneder siden
My birthday is August 22 the same as your moms I just turned 15
Nicki Ann
Nicki Ann - 2 måneder siden
Thank you for saying this, so many people (especially young girls) like to speculate about who is pregnant. It’s completely inappropriate, none of your business and can be triggering to others. ❤️❤️❤️
Molly Kate
Molly Kate - 2 måneder siden
so... i’m rewatching victorious and am i the only one who didn’t know Miranda was on one of the episodes!! i honestly had no idea!!!
Anna Belldina
Anna Belldina - 2 måneder siden
I have the same birthday as your mom🥺💕
Moonbuckets - 2 måneder siden
Don't comment on people's bodies, period. not just women.
Rabeccah Baskin
Rabeccah Baskin - 2 måneder siden
I never even noticed!! Oh my gawd hunny, people are ridiculous and the way you handle these things is so amazing
Grace Deleon
Grace Deleon - 2 måneder siden
so mad at whoever stole the twilight cd
Nahla Aly
Nahla Aly - 2 måneder siden
I used to get asked if I was pregnant all the time when I was trying to get pregnant for years and it just ruined my day whenever they did. Not just because I was actually trying and wasn't successful, also because I was so self conscious about my weight gain that I was trying to lose. I stopped wearing flowey dresses or anything that might make people think I might be pregnant in any way
Lumi Jaatinen
Lumi Jaatinen - 2 måneder siden
I just noticed that her mom always seems to wear the same purple shirt😂🥰
pennylane518 - 2 måneder siden
what card game are they playing??
Natalie Ann Lewellen
Natalie Ann Lewellen - 2 måneder siden
i cant read the comments anymore! it just makes me mad that people are saying you make clickbait when you dont just other people need to stop!!!!!!! how rude these people are! its not dang click bait and if you think it is which its not then get of her page and stop watching her videos nobody wants to hear you karens say its click bait yall act like 2 year olds good greif just hush!!!!!!!!
Ava Ward
Ava Ward - 2 måneder siden
You are such a great mom don’t let anyone tell you that you’re not:) Stay Safe!!!!😁😁😁
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is so cute
Trigger Warning
Trigger Warning - 2 måneder siden
Every yt is afraid to speak. In case of offending someone
aimee paige
aimee paige - 2 måneder siden
*goes straight to comments*
Irving Syaoran Rábago
Irving Syaoran Rábago - 2 måneder siden
I love seeing how Miranda has so much of your mom when it comes to hand gestures and expressions.
Aisling Gaffney
Aisling Gaffney - 2 måneder siden
Only thing I'm bothered by is how they played Spit....those are not the rules I was taught 🤔🤔💖
Addison Bump
Addison Bump - 2 måneder siden
name: addie
location: NYCCCC
Insta: addiebump
snap: addisonbump
Tictok: City_Girl88
twitter: addie23765220
i could make up a story about charity, or bills, but honestly its going right into savings! haha ily james congrats on ur house
euphoria - 2 måneder siden
wrong video
Tristan Hurter
Tristan Hurter - 2 måneder siden
I totally agree with you that you should ask someone if she is pregnant. And I also think it's not right to ask someone when they are going to have a baby.
Gacha_girl028 Gacha
Gacha_girl028 Gacha - 2 måneder siden
Omg! Haven’t watched you in a minute! The last time I did Flynn was born!
ThatOCGirl. - 3 måneder siden
You are amazing. So kind and gentle and raw. And these things you explain are very helpful for younger viewers or people who may not realize what topics to be gentle about.
Grace McGinn
Grace McGinn - 3 måneder siden
I go to the beach everyday and collect sea glass
Alexis Traylor
Alexis Traylor - 3 måneder siden
The highlight of my day is see Rachel dancing and actually liking WAP
Dennis Tokay
Dennis Tokay - 3 måneder siden
Throw up time
Life With Me Ms Ri
Life With Me Ms Ri - 3 måneder siden
“I need to take a shower “/ I know it’s 🥵 hot! “No from the song!”😂😂
Mhabemo Kikon
Mhabemo Kikon - 3 måneder siden
You are mirinda😅are you??
aspen mcarthur
aspen mcarthur - 3 måneder siden
she was being so nice about addressing this lmao i would have snapppped
Allison Eisner
Allison Eisner - 3 måneder siden
PREACH!!! nothing drives me crazier than people asking about if someone is pregnant, when they will have babies, why haven't they yet etc. Also to assume based on appearance. It's nobody's business!!
Portia Weston
Portia Weston - 3 måneder siden
What is the game called?
Samantha Stahr
Samantha Stahr - 3 måneder siden
I think you should do a Twilight series review/ reaction with Eric. hahah :)
UWUFirefly 9
UWUFirefly 9 - 3 måneder siden
How does she wake up looking FLAWLESS
Jenna Garzoni
Jenna Garzoni - 3 måneder siden
Buuuuut you literally use pregnancy as click bait?
Katherin Hernandez
Katherin Hernandez - 3 måneder siden
This is the most emotion I’ve seen out of Erik
Caroline de Leeuw
Caroline de Leeuw - 3 måneder siden
Twitter is just trash
Plantey - 3 måneder siden
If a pregnant woman goes swimming... is she a human submarine
Narnia - 3 måneder siden
Idk man
arriagalis - 3 måneder siden
omg i've played this game since '05, and I'm like rachel so aggressive only got beaten once by mail friend's nails that made me bleed haha. Also we hold five card in our hands other person cannot see them and have only one deck like pull five cards from it until its done. SPEED! that's what we call it here idk if you do too
Also, I agree about asking a woman if they are pregnant as well as why they don't have kids. I would get this question asked so much before (at church) and i would always say not right now maybe in the future and the women would just go on about why i should right now and so on. Truth is I cannot have kids, I can get pregnant but cannot keep them. It is a very sad topic for me, even when i think about it my eyes get watery. But, I never showed this i would just smile and listen to everyone asking me about kids and telling me to have them. But think about it, if i were to say the truth (which i should have) how fast they would have bitten their tongue and feel bad. I guess i always tried to make others feel good at my expense. Not anymore.
Emma Diercks
Emma Diercks - 3 måneder siden
Your sister is so fast because she cheats! You're only supposed to use one hand!
Julia Hooper
Julia Hooper - 3 måneder siden
see guys this is why u shouldn't start rumors about that what if the rumors had affected her and she developed an eating disorder
Veronica Mayen
Veronica Mayen - 3 måneder siden
I can beat raechel in the card game spit I know I can
Amanda Hair
Amanda Hair - 3 måneder siden
Love you Colleen
Abbey Reid
Abbey Reid - 3 måneder siden
Girl you look like such a great weight. I wouldn’t try to lose anymore because girl, you look very amazing!!
Abbey Reid
Abbey Reid - 3 måneder siden
Girl I can tell you’re not pregnant. You look too happy to be pregnant 😂 I’m pregnant with #2 and I am so over it. I had a rough pregnancy both times so I’m only 14 weeks now but I’m like GET IT OUT (after full term of course). Ugh
Abbey Reid
Abbey Reid - 3 måneder siden
Girl I can tell you’re not pregnant. You look to happy to be pregnant 😂 I’m pregnant with #2 and I am so over it. I had a rough pregnancy both times so I’m only 14 weeks now but I’m like GET IT OUT (after full term of course). Ugh
kc poladian
kc poladian - 3 måneder siden
I wanna do this to my dad now 😂
kc poladian
kc poladian - 3 måneder siden
Colleen's mom "WAP. women of power?" me :oh boy are you in for a treat 😂
Eliza T
Eliza T - 3 måneder siden
Erik: “I’m so uncomfortable 🤦🏻” lol
Eliza T
Eliza T - 3 måneder siden
“I’m so uncomfortable 🤦🏻” lol
Whatever G
Whatever G - 3 måneder siden
What’s the name of that card game?
Hellomylovelies - 3 måneder siden
Preach Colleen! What a beautiful discussion. I agree it is awful!! Don’t judge someone’s body or ask. They’ll tell you if and when they want! Don’t even ask someone if they look 9 months!
RMW 218
RMW 218 - 3 måneder siden
100% agree, after 2 miscarriages people asking me if I was pregnant was extremely emotionally triggering. And I know someone whose announcement was stolen from them because people guessed she was pregnant before she was ready to share. People just need to mind their own! Thank you for sharing that!
Jane Siskind
Jane Siskind - 3 måneder siden
You look marvelous!!!!
crownedone200 - 3 måneder siden
I think people just asked because of Eric’s hand placement. It is so common for husbands to put their hand in that place when they announce a pregnancy lmao I really don’t think it was because you gained weight
Cheryl Ann Thomas
Cheryl Ann Thomas - 3 måneder siden
Maybe when colleen says its boring she means quarantine is boring maybe tell me if i am krown or right
J K - 3 måneder siden
When Colleen explains what sea glass is 🥱😴! 😂
Lilianna Honeybee
Lilianna Honeybee - 3 måneder siden
Eric in the back ground in the beginning
Rosamund T
Rosamund T - 3 måneder siden
I am so proud that there is a woman like Colleen on the internet who is open about these kind of conversations. And who is firm enough to tell people what she believes is right. Preach it Colleen. We love you.
Chloe Casey
Chloe Casey - 3 måneder siden
Tell ur mama I said happy birthday and have a great day she deserves it
r11tu.20 - 3 måneder siden
I don’t get why people ask women ”so are you pregnant”. They might be going through something tough, and asking that does not help in any way. If someone wants to tell you that they’re pregnant, they’ll tell you just don’t freaking ask
Brooke Quarles
Brooke Quarles - 3 måneder siden
You know what I realized is that Erik is in the vampire diaries.
Jayden Trevino
Jayden Trevino - 3 måneder siden
You can just tell Rachel was singing wap😂
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu - 3 måneder siden
The end of this vlog is primo
LittleHoundVlogs - 3 måneder siden
Love this response about body image 💗
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu - 3 måneder siden
Aw happy birthday Gwen love you guys ❤️❤️
Khloe McPherson
Khloe McPherson - 3 måneder siden
Uhm WAP means something very inn appropriate 😐
Nicki Gaga Knowles
Nicki Gaga Knowles - 3 måneder siden
wait what rumours???
Amee Torbett
Amee Torbett - 3 måneder siden
I been on vacation and missed 3 days of ur vlog 😭
• P e a c h y B a b x •
• P e a c h y B a b x • - 3 måneder siden
Omg just let her live stop saying stuff about her it's her life JUST.LET.COLLEEN.LIVE.
• P e a c h y B a b x •
• P e a c h y B a b x • - 3 måneder siden
Omg just let her live stop saying stuff about her it's her life JUST.LET.COLLEEN.LIVE.
serenity gates
serenity gates - 3 måneder siden
You are so right Colleen !!!! No one should ever assume a woman is pregnant!!! Just because a woman doesn’t look as “skinny” or “small” as that used to doesn’t mean you assume things!! People just don’t get that. That can really trigger some people and make people feel some type of way🥴🥴
Peggy Cartwright
Peggy Cartwright - 3 måneder siden
How is no one talking about how cute the outro picture is?
Nikki Murray
Nikki Murray - 3 måneder siden
So agree with the pregnancy thing. Before we were trying for a baby (but people knew we were thinking about it) people kept saying stuff like ‘ooh are you eating for 2 now’, ‘pregnant yet’ and someone who’s suffered with an ED for many years, this was hugely triggering for me as in my eyes they were saying I’d put on weight and looked bigger.
half blood peeves
half blood peeves - 3 måneder siden
I wish she can do a Fourth of July day with her family since she couldn’t do it before since she can see her family now PLEASE LET HER SEE THIS ❤️❤️
MK Coplin
MK Coplin - 3 måneder siden
Tell her I said happy birthday
Sharanya Chakraborty
Sharanya Chakraborty - 3 måneder siden
Happy birthday Gwen