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Runtime: 13:58


Pepper Tank
Pepper Tank - 11 dager siden
Wait I wonder if he’d like this shark that you fill with helium and it swims in the air
5timesthefun - 13 dager siden
Colleen where can I get those pink leggings, what is the brand, so pretty!
Leah H
Leah H - 16 dager siden
when you opened the pumpkin I tooted and it LEGIT smelled like pumpkin!!!!!!! it was SO weird
Brookeslife - 20 dager siden
00:32 DID YOU SEE THAT CUP!!!!!!
thomas g
thomas g - 21 dag siden
i completely agreed with what you said at the end of the video!!! how do you expect me to be friends with you if you literally want to take my rights away?? how does that even make any sense
Maceys World
Maceys World - 22 dager siden
baby flynn is adorable hope you see this and tell him that we love him
Maceys World
Maceys World - 22 dager siden
coleen 2020 is wierd
courtney B
courtney B - 22 dager siden
who else two weeks late 🤦‍♀️😬
Evest - 25 dager siden
OOF 7:15
JoSalvador - 27 dager siden
Loved that you talked about the elections
Becky Dalton
Becky Dalton - 28 dager siden
First off I love the pumpkin 🎃 good job momma!!!! I voted Tue and I feel the same way you do about politics, but this year is too important and 1 vote could make all the difference.
Arrie Lippman
Arrie Lippman - 28 dager siden
I don't usually stay for the end of the of the chat with me part of the video.... but this one I did. Couldn't have said it better myself! Completely agree.
jEnNaYaAaAa - Måned siden
biden 2020
Bryan Bragg
Bryan Bragg - Måned siden
TRUMP 2020!!
Leah Bisley
Leah Bisley - Måned siden
Erik is really good at piano 🎹 like he’s better then me and also can we just say how Flynn has grown in only 2 or 1 months he’s gonna be 2 😢😭 they grow up so fast ❤️❤️
Dat Nerdy-Artsy Girl
Dat Nerdy-Artsy Girl - Måned siden
The face he made when he saw the glowstick light up was undeniably priceless and adorable!
veryan85 - Måned siden
Firstly, you're a queen, I flippin love your vlogs! Just so you know, you're supposed to take that outer skin off the pumpkin seeds. Inside is the actual seed which is delish when toasted but the process of getting the skin off is a bit awkward.
justin - Måned siden
Erratic Simmer
Erratic Simmer - Måned siden
Guys, be sure to go back and vote for your state representatives and judges as well. President just checks and signs, state makes the laws and judges decide who gets justice. DONT FORGET. personally, I believe voting state and judges is more important than the actual president.
Cloud Princess
Cloud Princess - Måned siden
My fav part about Halloween is Getting pumpkins with my dad and sister and carving them and listening to Halloween music. I am so excited for Halloween. Gonna get LOTS of candy! Love you girl. Stay safe.
Cloud Princess
Cloud Princess - Måned siden
The fact this came out on my 16th birthday and the fact i dodnt watch it makes me feel sad :(
Whittany Kitchen
Whittany Kitchen - Måned siden
faysie1 - Måned siden
I’m not from USA, but I grew up knowing that it’s not only my right and privilege to vote, but more importantly, it’s my responsibility to vote.
Nicole - Måned siden
I feel that some people say that they aren’t feminist because some women take it too far and say that women should have more rights than men.. that’s probably where the confusion comes from
Nicole - Måned siden
I am a feminist to the extent of the same right and equality for everyone^^
Alyssa Griffith
Alyssa Griffith - Måned siden
The reason some people who do want equality don't call themselves feminists is because there are people who call themselves "feminists" but all they do is constantly shit on men. Because *those* people somewhat tainted what being a feminist is, a lot of people hesitate from calling themselves feminists. :(
Rebma Selbor
Rebma Selbor - Måned siden
I love FLYNN❤️
Kaydence looker
Kaydence looker - Måned siden
Stuart Legge
Stuart Legge - Måned siden
I love your Starbucks cup
Destiny Dreher
Destiny Dreher - Måned siden
Oh mama. If you believe in science I encourage you to spend some time reading up on embryology as a start. It’s enlightening to realize that when it comes to the human body and the unborn that they are scientifically a new and separate human, worthy of rights and life and dignity. I can see how it might seem like things are pretty black and white to you on voting but when you have beliefs that cross both sides of the aisle it’s just not that simple. I want everyone to get the support they need and to be treated equally but we can’t leave out an entire population of innocent people worth of those same offerings. Some people are supporting the policies they believe will help the most people (on either side), not necessarily the person who sits in the office. I don’t consider myself a conservative but there are reasons people choose to support some policies. And it’s not because they are close minded or don’t want equality, it’s quite the opposite. Just saying it’s worth doing your research on what the other side believes and why they believe it instead judging and making assumptions about other people’s beliefs
Lizzy - Måned siden
Omg, yes about the pumpkin seeds....good crunchy salty nutty flavor, but can’t chew the dang things and spit them out. So true!
Boldness - Måned siden
He has grown so much😵❤️
Katie Sullivan
Katie Sullivan - Måned siden
Yesss Stan Colleen for saying what she believes in
Boo Boo
Boo Boo - Måned siden
Colleen, I just watched Tia and I got a video idea! You and Tia should do a Calab with the kids!
Nicki Allen
Nicki Allen - Måned siden
Glow sticks! What an excellent idea...pumpkin looked great...Flynn is so cuuute 💛
Cindylou Rich
Cindylou Rich - Måned siden
Do a cleaning video.. bahaha
JASON KOEHLER - Måned siden
Trump 2020
Ana Lopez
Ana Lopez - Måned siden
I love cup #gems
Laiba Moeen
Laiba Moeen - Måned siden
I swear Colleen has a better range of vocabulary than my English teacher
Daisy Shultz
Daisy Shultz - Måned siden
Colleen: (important things that got ruined by covid)
Me: Look at Dat a sparkling cup!
Gigi Monette
Gigi Monette - Måned siden
Colleen Listen... Go watch SNL's Presidential debates!! There really funny
Jacob 123
Jacob 123 - Måned siden
Colleen didn’t you cry last election? I think it’s a lil misleading to act like you’ve never been too bothered about politics? I have a feeling we would vote for the same people but misleading people into thinking you aren’t politically active yet the choice on who you voted for is so obviously the right one, is maybe a lil wrong? Idk I still love you tho and have been (and will still be) a fan for years the end of the video just didn’t sit right with me.
Harry Paw-ter On Mars
Harry Paw-ter On Mars - Måned siden
7:19 that is such a gwen ball inter thing to do
Harry Paw-ter On Mars
Harry Paw-ter On Mars - Måned siden
* Gwen ballinger
Olivia Pinter
Olivia Pinter - Måned siden
How did that blonde hair happen?
Briight Bubble
Briight Bubble - Måned siden
Flynn has the CHUBBIEST little cheeks,its so adorable 😭
Desyre_alison96 - Måned siden
Thank you for talking about politics in this Vlog. It’s so so so so important and I love you for this.
Ayla Rogers
Ayla Rogers - Måned siden
It's sad and funny that Flynn knows trucks more than me 🤣
Katelyn Morley
Katelyn Morley - Måned siden
Who else sings 🎶 Good Morning, Good Morning 🎶 every time with her ahah
Destiny Brooke
Destiny Brooke - Måned siden
Didi Oparaocha
Didi Oparaocha - Måned siden
When she says "Good-morning goood morning" I sing it with her without knowing lol
L A - Måned siden
Fluffy cat!
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - Måned siden
Susy Hunter
Susy Hunter - Måned siden
That Mohawk brings me back
Pearl the rebel
Pearl the rebel - Måned siden
Erik plays piano too? Wow
Dennis W. Conklin
Dennis W. Conklin - Måned siden
SOOOOO CUTE !!!!!!!!
Gary Byers
Gary Byers - Måned siden
Auto tunes......uggggg. you know when corey edits the vids.
Jenny Goodman
Jenny Goodman - Måned siden
I believe greatly in the power women hold. And I believe just as much power as men. And believe that women being in positions of power and authority brings just as much greatness to the world as men. I think it's more about what we bring to the table than anything related to gender. there are crappy men and women in the world. and there were very compassionate and kind women and men in the world (and I want to see more of both!!). I personally don't tend to label myself as a feminist because while yes, I 1000% agree with that core definition of feminism that you mentioned, Colleen, I tend to identify with the character and values I hold first before identifying with what my gender is and look at other people the same way. I am also a follower of Jesus and identify as that first and foremost before my identity as a woman if that makes sense? but I am so grateful Colleen expresses her opinions and beliefs but also is so welcoming and respectful to beliefs that aren't her own. the feminism movement like all things has its flaws but at its core of equal rights is something I believe in and don't know why other people wouldn't. :)
Nico Fan
Nico Fan - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute
Claire Perritt
Claire Perritt - Måned siden
You peel the seeds you know
Jaime Woolman
Jaime Woolman - Måned siden
So cute I love Flynn
The double AA Batteries
The double AA Batteries - Måned siden
If a person doesn't wanna talk about racism, sexism, loss of human and constitutional rights, because they "don't like politics", they need to realize it is not politics. So much more than politics is at risk. It's about our safety. Everyone's safety.
Hazel Moulding
Hazel Moulding - Måned siden
It looks so cool Flynn!
Aylin D
Aylin D - Måned siden
My little cousin just turmed 3 this october and his 3rd birthday party theme was dumptrucks and dar dars. He loves them too
Maayan Ceylon
Maayan Ceylon - Måned siden
I sooo want to hug you and I know it’s never going to happen
kaylee jacobi
kaylee jacobi - Måned siden
YES!! everyone should be a feminist👊🏻
Aubrey !
Aubrey ! - Måned siden
This is going to sound so mean but Flynn in the thumbnail looks like my hamster! But he soooo cute and has the best personality
Reeyse Smith
Reeyse Smith - Måned siden
Oh geez Flynn is growing up so fast make it stop!!
headass steph
headass steph - Måned siden
couples who vote together stay together
Carousel15 Drummond
Carousel15 Drummond - Måned siden
Exactly every human being should be treated th samexx just because you were born gay or trans gender or a person of colour why should they not be treated the same way is this 2020 god speaking allowed saying this world is a joke because so much hatred because of someone s colour or gender they need to wake up we are all one human race and love all
LauraDora - Måned siden
Oh my gosh, Flynn from a year ago?!? I can’t 🥰
Lauren Olivia
Lauren Olivia - Måned siden
Who else harmonises with the intro? 🙋🏽‍♀️😂
Jordanna Peronico
Jordanna Peronico - Måned siden
Some of it's not about politics, it's about human rights!!
Gavi Jacks
Gavi Jacks - Måned siden
im in the LGBT+ community,
Georgia Taylor
Georgia Taylor - Måned siden
colleen he is a toddler now tho
Emily Anne
Emily Anne - Måned siden
hey queen! have you looked at ? its a great resource especially for young people to figure out who they should vote for and which politicians they align with best 😅 my sister told me about it and i use it to help me better understand politics just a little bit better LOL
taydem echo
taydem echo - Måned siden
Omg Erik plays the piano so good!!♥️😍😍
Amber White
Amber White - Måned siden
Erika Vasquez
Erika Vasquez - Måned siden
Baby Flynn! 😭🥰 I can’t believe he’s going to be 2 soon. 💙
Samantha Pierwsza
Samantha Pierwsza - Måned siden
Trump2020 🇺🇸
headass steph
headass steph - Måned siden
no ❤️
Stephanie Marvon
Stephanie Marvon - Måned siden
Flynn would probably love hammering golf tees into a pumpkin!!
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - Måned siden
These vlogs truly brighten my day!😊
Amber Evans
Amber Evans - Måned siden
I usually wouldn't comment about something like this, cause I don't like getting into politics either and I actually like Colleen despite our slightly different beliefs in some areas that I won't get into, but I feel like it's not equality or not equality (we all know which side is which when she says that). when someone says if they're elected, people are going to come in and take your guns that you've already purchased and gotten a license for legally, or if your gun has more than 10 bullets in it, you're a felon.....i'm sorry, but that seems illegal based on the US Constitution and also not equality based on the fact that this is America. and people have the right not to give up guns they legally obtained. they're looping all gun owners with gun violence and that's not fair or equal. I don't like guns nor will I ever own one, but I'm not one to tell you that you can't have yours. That's my opinion and please, if you have to express your opinion, be nice. Just friendly exchange of opinions here. 😊
Cami0215 - Måned siden
Nobody is taking your guns away, chill 🙄 there are much bigger threats at hand than just guns.
The double AA Batteries
The double AA Batteries - Måned siden
Amber Evans I am someone who is fond of guns and I think you out this really respectfully. Equality and human and constitutional rights should always be considered when talking about politics and just life in general
Lacey PETERSON - Måned siden
Here in Australia it is mandatory to vote if you are 18 or older, if you don’t vote you get a huge fine
Katydoes - Måned siden
Colleen - “I want there to be a world for Flynn’s children”
Also..... hold my McDonald’s while I get into my massive car I don’t need!!
Kerry Curtis
Kerry Curtis - Måned siden
My sons the same hates sand too haha
Lauren F
Lauren F - Måned siden
I love your videos ❤️and Flynn I want to be like you one day 💕
Paul Askins
Paul Askins - Måned siden
Can't vote for a orange pumpkin president!
dhwani mehta
dhwani mehta - Måned siden
meg hubbz
meg hubbz - Måned siden
yeah, my brother makes fun of me for being a feminist even tho he's one... he just thinks that i believe that women should be above everyone else but no, I just want equality.
Ilse De Keijzer
Ilse De Keijzer - Måned siden
13:00 does the white noise sounds like a car alarm or is it just me
Theresa Parsons
Theresa Parsons - Måned siden
YOU ARE NOT ABOUT EQUALITY. IF YOU WERE YOU'D TREAT TRUMP AND TRUMP SUPPORTERS THE SAME AS YOU DO THE BLM. And remember the BLM kill innocent people. And trump and trump supporters do not. I think black lives matter I think all lives matter but I do not support the BLM movement because of the way they act. So you seriously need to understand what you are voting for. You are voting for the murder of innocent babies. You are voting for a socialist government. You are voting to do away with police you are voting for the disrespect of our troops.
Jodi Archibald
Jodi Archibald - Måned siden
Baby Flynn always makes my day! 😄💙
Jamesa Lee
Jamesa Lee - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute I love him i love watching ur videos ❤❤
Audrey Stanford
Audrey Stanford - Måned siden
Let me say how flippin cute Finn is omg im dying from cuteness 😍😍
Roger Sharp
Roger Sharp - Måned siden
Are you for Trump or bident
Heather M
Heather M - Måned siden
Those people who don't like when you talk about politics too bad!! This year is so important!!!!
Julia P.
Julia P. - Måned siden
Did Eric start his job??? If he did, how's it going???
Jesslyn Handaja
Jesslyn Handaja - Måned siden
I love that Erik needs subtitles.
chelsea st.pierre
chelsea st.pierre - Måned siden
We all know you voted for Biden
headass steph
headass steph - Måned siden
as she should
Ginger W
Ginger W - Måned siden
There's many right wing white women, including the women who fought for us to vote, that have been suppressing and trying to suppress BIPOC women. There's a thing as I'm white feminists, look at the newest supreme court nominee. That's one reason people, especially in the BIPOC community that don't like Feminism since it's benefited white women the most. So, us white women who want to make sure others as in BIPOC women get the same rights, have to make it known. Loud and clear I'm an anti-racist feminist.
Vicky Taylor
Vicky Taylor - Måned siden
For the sake of American and the rest of the world Trump has to go. He is a laughing stock in Europe.