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Runtime: 15:00


Julia Yonkman
Julia Yonkman - Dag siden
If a state has an overwhelming number of Votes for one candidate, like California has wayyyy more biden votes than Trump. They can call it before they finish counting all the votes. But if they’re close like Nevada they have to count every single individual vote
the dream toys
the dream toys - 3 dager siden
That is not a roller coster
AOOOOOT - 3 dager siden
You probably already got the answer but I’d guess that a lot of the mail in ballots were damaged in the shipping process. I read a bit up on that and they still need to be counted since the damage was out of the voter’s control. There’s a process called “ballot duplication” where a real human opens the damaged mail in ballot, sees what the voters filled in, and then they fill out those choices onto a new “readable” empty ballot so that the machine can physically accept that vote on behalf of the voter. The damaged one can’t be read or fed though the machine etc. That process might be part of the issue for timing. A small amount of damaged ballots may take a lot more time and patience to count than millions of in-person perfect quality ballots that don’t need to be questioned. I’m Canadian though lol
Chatty maddy
Chatty maddy - 3 dager siden
The awnsee to your question: because they are too busy burning trump ballots
Sadie's Surprises.
Sadie's Surprises. - 4 dager siden
You guys get so creative with everything! That's a good idea for a Homeade roller coaster. 🙂
Andrea Ramirez
Andrea Ramirez - 4 dager siden
colleen your baby is so adorable
Elizabeth Wyatt
Elizabeth Wyatt - 7 dager siden
Because those states are hand counting instead of using the machine because they gave out the wrong pen
Book Nerd98
Book Nerd98 - 8 dager siden
I like how the ad before the video even started was for a Design Your Own Theme Park and the video basically titled Building A Roller Coaster At Our House! It's like they knew what ad was perfect for this video 😂
Allison Stamm
Allison Stamm - 9 dager siden
It’s fraudulent because so many votes suddenly appear for Biden in the battleground states AFTER the polling places is closed for the night and will resume in the morning.
Bella Francesca
Bella Francesca - 10 dager siden
“Dadda try” 🥺
Krista Raver
Krista Raver - 11 dager siden
Whats your pretzel recipe?
Makenzie Criswell
Makenzie Criswell - 11 dager siden
Mail in votes take maybe twice as long as in person votes and the left votes have been mostly mail in. The votes are there but it takes a lot longer
Mydolly Ramirez
Mydolly Ramirez - 12 dager siden
They count with machains but they skipped all those votes that we are waiting for
Mydolly Ramirez
Mydolly Ramirez - 12 dager siden
I get what you are going through I am only 11and have had adhd for 7 years and it is hard
Kieran O'Connor
Kieran O'Connor - 12 dager siden
It also has to do with number of volunteers. Most people just volunteer on Nov 3, but then don't expect to have to stay, so there is only a handful left
Animatorcreator2019 - 12 dager siden
I am 11 I have ADHD I love these blogs and Flynn’s adorable ❤️
Ava_Starlight - 13 dager siden
The difference may be that the in-person votes are counted by a machine and the mail-in ballads may have to be done manually. I don't know for shore but it's my thoughts on it.
Mary Webb
Mary Webb - 13 dager siden
I am a Trump support Christian ✝️
Origami 101
Origami 101 - 13 dager siden
So, about the ballots, some states are allowed to open and pre-screen the ballots, i.e. make sure that the signatures are correct. Other states are not allowed to even open the security envelopes until 7pm when polls close. A lot of the states were not expected the amount of mail-in-ballots that were received this year. Some states also allow for people overseas and military personnel to count them. There is also the fact that there are some ballots that need to be looked at, and manually chosen by 3 officials(one democrat, one republican, one independent) on if the vote should be counted or not. And what the discrepancy is. Then, there is also the fact that states allow for people who need extra identification who need to come in and be able to present the extra form of identification so that their votes can be counted. Hope this helps, I realize I am a week late on answering your question.
The Fluffy Cow
The Fluffy Cow - 14 dager siden
So, why Trump is saying to stop the counts, is because there are votes with only Biden checked on there, its voting fraud. They also kept saying their machines are malfunctioning and then all the sudden thousands of votes are found for Biden. I also think its so sus that they WILL NOT let people watch them count, even though they are supposed to.. 🤷‍♀️
Nicole Larson
Nicole Larson - 14 dager siden
My birthday was on the 5
m2 - 14 dager siden
I think at first they counted votes electronically, but now they're counting them manually to make sure the ballot is legal and not fraudulent.
Lizzie Autismsupportmom
Lizzie Autismsupportmom - 14 dager siden
Well I watched a little video today, I skip the politics. Please stop talking about it.
Nikita Maylin
Nikita Maylin - 15 dager siden
Okay so I'm not the only one thinking it I was thinking can we just hurry up and figure this out who is the winner, like how do you count so many in one day but then yet over a span of like three or four days you can't count as many as you did in that one day like why is it taking so long just hurry up it's annoying. It's not like the whole country is over here like dying to know who wins or anything🙄 edit: but the whole thing is there waiting for all of the other ballots from like military and everything like that to come in so they don't have them yet but it's taking so long!!!
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - 15 dager siden
Flynn is so cute
Elizabeauty312 - 15 dager siden
CORRECT. I think. I think the answer is that they expect more ballots to arrive from military or other people who it was post marked for nov 3 (so basically you are right)
yareli centeno
yareli centeno - 15 dager siden
Colleen the reason it's taking so long to count the votes is because some votes are being delayed so they still need to count them in order to be official.Sorry I'm late but Biden won. Love your videos
tonyenotfound - 15 dager siden
As someone from vegas, most of the ballot counters are VOLUNTEERS so after about 7 or 8 they go home!
Victoria's World
Victoria's World - 15 dager siden
They want the better ratings for the show. They are just holding back on the election so more people would keep watching.
Margie Murray
Margie Murray - 15 dager siden
Wait when is she decorating for Christmas like what👁👄👁
Bea N
Bea N - 15 dager siden
Flin is strong
Constance Graves
Constance Graves - 15 dager siden
I know in nj you could mail them on the 3rd. I just assumed they were waiting for them to come in the mail
Jhansi Rani
Jhansi Rani - 15 dager siden
We are building a dolly 😅😅😅
Lozza Lee
Lozza Lee - 15 dager siden
Makes me sick when you talk about the election..... please stop! Not here for that..
Halia Marie
Halia Marie - 15 dager siden
“It’s been fact checked”
Oh, you mean by the leftists that control social media?
“There’s no evidence”
Oh, you mean because mainstream media didn’t release it to you?
Kristen Thompson
Kristen Thompson - 14 dager siden
Hey I can’t speak on the first point but people are saying there is no evidence because the court cases are being thrown out by judges for not having enough evidence. If there was evidence then the court cases would be going forward but so far the judges have been dismissing them for lack of evidence.
Christina Raposo
Christina Raposo - 16 dager siden
so im a few days late on this but, for the ballot counting process- its difficult to explain. there are several types of ballots that are cast, military ballots don't always look the same as normal ballots so they cant be counted by the machines- each one has to be transcribed with several people watching to ensure it is transcribed correctly. there are provisional ballots that are when people didn't have the right documentation (id laws) or were supposed to main-in/absentee vote but chose not to or their mail-in ballot wasn't going to arrive on time so they went in person- they get a provisional ballot that cannot be counted until all the information is validated and that they are not voting twice (my family did this because we decided to go in person). then there is the issue in some states that they were unable to start counting mail-in ballots until polls closed on nov 3rd- they had a far higher number of ballots to count than states that were allowed to start early meaning it will last longer. some states are called immediately after they close (like California and Massachusetts) due to trends and exit polling- it would be highly unlikely for these states to flip so they can be called before a single vote is reported, others are closer races, historical trends show they cannot be called one way or another and exit polling shows that they do not have a clear winner- they have to wait longer to release the data in order for media to call the election. there is another thing with mail-in ballots- some states could receive ballots for days after election day and still count them because they were postmarked by the 3rd, these states-if data shows to be a more contested state- cannot be called until those votes are counted. in some places, due to poll watchers, the process can be slowed due to contested ballots, the poll workers are questioning the ballots, making them be double-checked that they're being counted correctly more than necessary-this happens on both side but this election saw an increase in challenges from republican poll watchers as the race tightened in key states. all that being said-this process is totally normal! we just normally have more clear results because the races do not appear as close (and the increased mail-in ballots posed some challenges). though at this point that I'm writing this the race has been called for joe biden, that is still just the media's prediction. counting goes on for weeks before they are certified- certification is the official process where the counts are finalized after recounts where necessary and everything is checked out-this wont happen until the end of November (this is how it always goes). the media is hardly ever wrong so there is little evidence to show that anything will change between now and then. and then from there the electoral college meets (or remotely casts their ballots) and whoever gets 270+ votes wins (that count is available at the beginning of January), faithless electors are a thing but there was recently a supreme court case about it upholding many state laws that can result in fines and firings over not voting along the party lines and is again hardly an issue because generally not enough people do not get together to cause a big enough dent in someone's lead and even if they did I do not think it would change the predicted outcome if you see this I hope it helps, sorry its so much
Christina Raposo
Christina Raposo - 16 dager siden
also philly had at least one lockdown/evacuation due to threats and i believe other states did as well. while poll workers are being paid to be there different states have different regulations for how long they can work etc. but mainly it just depends on how close the state is and if the remaining outstanding ballots could overturn a candidates lead
Ju Ju Knarrly
Ju Ju Knarrly - 16 dager siden
10% Colleen/ 10% Erik/ 80% UNCLE JIM
Summy Piggy
Summy Piggy - 16 dager siden
To answer your question, just a guess there might not be as many people in that place to count there votes JUST A GUESS
April Diaz
April Diaz - 16 dager siden
A lot of votes are computerized. Then it takes longer for them to open & count by hand. Plus the laws are diff in each state. This year there were many more mail in than ever.
Stephanee Kammer
Stephanee Kammer - 16 dager siden
I love my husband, but I always say, "why don't you do this?!?!" LMAO I love guys that are goofballs! I can't wait to share this one with him :D
Lauren Ainsworth
Lauren Ainsworth - 16 dager siden
Because all the ones left are mail in votes and have to be counted by hand....
Tawney Araujo
Tawney Araujo - 16 dager siden
Some are waiting for the mail in ones to be delivered and the provisional ballots need to be verified first. Also, mail in ballots simply take three times as long to count because they are in 2 envelopes that have to be opened. 3 minutes vs 1 minute per ballot times thousands of ballots just starts to add up
hello hi
hello hi - 16 dager siden
Colleen, I love you, I'm proud of you, and I hope you have an amazing day:)
Carlee Crawford
Carlee Crawford - 16 dager siden
Who is watching when Biden is the president
Amy Patterson
Amy Patterson - 16 dager siden
What happened to the closed captioning on all your videos?
Alamo Girl
Alamo Girl - 16 dager siden
Omg... fast forwarding, and she’s STILL talking about the election.
Alamo Girl
Alamo Girl - 16 dager siden
Stop with the politics. 🙄
Jocelyn Ivanauskas
Jocelyn Ivanauskas - 16 dager siden
Biden received 100,000 votes overnight and not a single vote was for any other candidate. also a state looked into it and the first 11 votes they looked into were all people that are deceased and have been for a while so not sure what that says about Biden but trump definitely not wrong about stuff being fishy or suspicious. Biden's party is saying there is no reason to investigate because there is nothing wrong with what happened but if there was nothing wrong why not let them investigate and prove them wrong. watch a little bit of fox news to see a different aspect of the medias interpretation of this whole ordeal, I'm not saying only watch fox but you have to see it from both sides if you're going to make a credible decision. please do some research at the very least, i know people are gonna be replying to this saying there is absolutely no evidence against Biden and trump is just being a sore loser but just take a step back and see it from a different angle and look the accusations up because there is a lot more to these people than we will ever know :)
Tabatha Rodriguez
Tabatha Rodriguez - 17 dager siden
Angela Dianne
Angela Dianne - 17 dager siden
So I’m not an expert expert... but from what I understand: in some states they cannot legally start counting the early mail in ballots until the day after the election. They are usually paper ballots that have to be removed from envelopes by hand, then screened and many states require two witnesses to approve each ballot. After each ballot is approved then they go into the scanners after being physically recorded. So times that by 10,000+ and take into account that it’s not the same in each state. It’s each state running the election of the federal government. Hence the United States of America. Badly explained, but my toddler is awake and refusing to go to sleep! 😅
Mary McLaughlin
Mary McLaughlin - 17 dager siden
The states are not doing counting. The media should have not have projected Biden the winner.
Alexis Dallam
Alexis Dallam - 17 dager siden
The reason why you are so confused is because people in higher positions of power want you to be. The actual votes received compared to amount of registered voters in some states are over 100%.. that’s mathematically impossible and we need to be questioning the process.
Kidchaos - 17 dager siden
Answer: because there are 3 different ways to vote this year because of Miss Corona and it takes a little while for everyone to put there ballot in and not everyone votes before or on November 3 so it takes them a little longer.

Side note: that probably didn't make any sense but hoped it helped a little. Love ya!!!!
Danielle Kramer
Danielle Kramer - 17 dager siden
Has she posted her election results thoughts?
arshna sharma
arshna sharma - 17 dager siden
Fllyn is soo adorable and he is strong i mean he pushed arik on the thing love you colleen
Erin Owens
Erin Owens - 17 dager siden
flyns strong
Erin Owens
Erin Owens - 17 dager siden
op flins
Ryan - 17 dager siden
Colleen it is because the states that took so long were super close so they needed to count a high percentage of the votes before determining who wins. For example in California they had to count a small percentage of the votes to know the state was overwhelmingly democratic. Thats why it was projected as blue so soon. They will still count all the votes in CA to make sure, but projections are made before all the votes are counted in states that aren't close.
J - 17 dager siden
there is tons of evidence of voter fraud, its not over and SCOTUS will nominate Trump.
Cort cat
Cort cat - 17 dager siden
I’m sorry you had to live so long without a diagnosis, I was 27 when I was diagnosed. It helped me a lot. There is a lot of good literature about people with ADHD that can be so refreshing to read.
Erin Byers
Erin Byers - 17 dager siden
Colleen, the mail in votes need to be processed before they can be counted. So removed from multiple envelopes, sorted, verified, then counted. Also, yes, some states are still just waiting for the ballots to be received.
Sarah Kelley
Sarah Kelley - 17 dager siden
Didn't read all the comments so I'm sure someone answered already, but in case not the in-person votes are a paper ballot that you put in a computer which tallies it immediately, whereas mail in votes have to be opened (two different envelopes, verified by a person (signature, notary, etc. confirmed valid), THEN put in the computer. It is a lot of work by a small number of people
Sarah Kelley
Sarah Kelley - 17 dager siden
Especially those states where they can't even start counting until election day
tooswt4bs - 17 dager siden
I feel the same as you on the vote counts. I personally think that those states didn't want to be the one to call it.
Upnorth 3390
Upnorth 3390 - 17 dager siden
LMAO The cat poo art exhibit!!!! Omg too fricken funny!!!
Jeff&Kate Amond
Jeff&Kate Amond - 17 dager siden
no offense Colleen but I think Flynn's filming skills are even better than you lol
hannah nabors
hannah nabors - 17 dager siden
So dead people voting for Joe Biden isnt it fraudulent? Lol ok...
Colt James
Colt James - 17 dager siden
See, Colleen, the thing is.. When election officials are opening the mail-in ballots, people will put their birthday when it wanted the date it was filled out..etc. I don't know how the absentee ballots in Cali are but think of where it says date, name..etc. Some do get confused or read it wrong. So when they come across those, they might have to call those who filled it out and make sure everything is in order or whatever. Which is why it takes longer. States like Pennsylvania aren't allowed to open them until the day of which is why it took til Saturday. States like Florida can open them and count them 3-4 days before November 3rd and it's why the results are much faster. Hopefully these states fix it in the future.
sparxy 08
sparxy 08 - 17 dager siden
One of the things they’ve spoken about here in Arizona is it takes longer to count the mail in ballots that were simply dropped off on Election Day.
You could only mail in by October 30, but could still drop off in person on Election Day. You skip the line and just drop it off. BUT, when you go to vote in person you wait in line, bring your ID and whatnot to verify that minute that you are you when you’re handed a ballot. Versus the mail ins are sent to be scanned and the signature verified, then brought back on sight, opened, then finally counted. They’re also running into people having 2 ballots because they may have lost or not turned in a requested mail in ballot, but chose to go get another ballot while voting in person. This is why so many Arizona ballots are showing as “canceled”. The early ballot was canceled when it wasn’t turned in, but they haven’t gotten the in person counted yet. It will be updated when the second ballot comes through.
Messy messy messy details!
Alannah Weiss
Alannah Weiss - 17 dager siden
Just a heads up it’s actually legal for either candidate to ask for a recount for any reason at all. The Republican Party did ask for a recount in Pennsylvania even though they were winning by almost 400,000 votes because they do want things to be fair. Not because they were “losing”. No disrespect just letting you know. Love you.
Jocelyne Jones
Jocelyne Jones - 17 dager siden
Many of the states that are waiting for votes to be counted are actually recounting votes due to a ton a ton o voters fraud. The tabulator (the machine used in the in person polling station) was not counting votes the way they were supposed to because some polling stations used sharpie pens which bled through the ballot. News came out that many many many military ballots weren’t counted or thrown away. And because many of these states are recounting they only have a certain amount they’re allowed to count a day
Kelly Rane
Kelly Rane - 17 dager siden
To answer your question about vote counting, if you're still wondering, its because of a couple of reasons. Mail in votes are treated differently. They have to be examined closer because they aren't in person (i.e. matching signatures to ID records, making sure they were mailed correctly--either by date or by method (look up naked ballots in PA)). They may also need to be "translated." Because mail in ballot go through the mail they are susceptible to damage, so in these cases there are people (usually 2-3 across party lines) who will examine these and try to salvage their vote. There are also the instances where people will use a check mark instead of filling in the circle--these also have to be "translated" if the end up being counted.. The last reason relates to the past ones. Let's say a vote wasn't counted because the signature didn't match or they used a check mark, that goes into the ballot tracking system (this also takes time), then if a person decides to check on their ballot and see it wasn't counted they can then call the ballot counting station to confirm their votes with some simple questions. ALL of this factors in to why it takes so long to count mail ins, absentee, or military ballots.
Kelly Rane
Kelly Rane - 17 dager siden
Also, you are correct in the assumption that a portion of the votes just had not arrived yet. When they get mailed in they go to the post office that is closest to the vote counting station for that voter (kind of how in larger cities you have to go to certain voting locations based on where in the city you live). They arrive at the post office but they have to be physically brought to the vote counting station by poll workers/postal workers--they can't just be sent through the mail, they have to have an escort.
Leanne Bailey
Leanne Bailey - 17 dager siden
The cat turd 🤣🤣🤣🤣
Junglebloods - 17 dager siden
The few remaining votes had issues so they couldn’t be run through the machines fast like the others. For instance the markings were done in marker that couldn’t be picked up by the machine. Or the pencil was too light to be picked up. There were a lot of issues with the last ones.
Petra Pääkkönen
Petra Pääkkönen - 17 dager siden
I’m so happy to hear that you feel better after getting the ADHD diagnosis! 🤗
Allison Epple
Allison Epple - 17 dager siden
He sueing states..
Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez - 17 dager siden
In a lot of cases, it has to do with margins. Not all the votes have been counted in all the other states, there was just such a high difference between how many votes each candidate got that there was no way for the losing candidate to win mathematically, so the states have been “called.” Called states aren’t necessarily states where all votes were counted, they’re just states where the winner was overwhelming clear and decisive. Plus some states, like California or Texas or whatever, has better voting infrastructure, more poll workers etc. like in Georgia with it literally coming down to a margin of 2,000 votes for a while. Literally ever vote has to be counted for a winner to be called whereas in New York or DC where a candidate wins by like 93% and 80+%, they don’t come down to each individual vote, ya know?
Natalie Martinez
Natalie Martinez - 17 dager siden
There’re a whole lot of other reasons too but that’s the main one.
Thomas M
Thomas M - 17 dager siden
Oh my I would explain on paper it’s too long to explain here so I will do that
katie stewart
katie stewart - 17 dager siden
I know I’m a day late and she probably won’t see it but millions of votes were counted but most states were actually not finished counting when they were called on election night it’s just that there was enough of a lead in the state for one candidate that they could call the state for one candidate. Also, yes, some states depending on some of their own laws dealing with the pandemic votes passed laws saying if the mail ins were POSTMARKED by Election Day they can be counted but those have to be waited on to be delivered. In Georgia specially the military over seas gets an extra week for their ballots to come in and they’re always counted after all other ballots are counted in the state. There are a lot of reasons but these are the biggest ones! The states we were waiting on are the ones where the race was so close we needed almost all ballots officially counted one by one to determine who won with no large leads.
Thomas M
Thomas M - 17 dager siden
What do you mean at the end of the reel
Allegra Mazzotta
Allegra Mazzotta - 17 dager siden
I have been really busy with school work and haven't had time for youtube, so now i have 3 colleen vlogs to binge! 😄
galactic galaxy
galactic galaxy - 17 dager siden
That is because the vote that were postmarked on November 3rd still count so it could take weeks for those few states to get there votes back
galactic galaxy
galactic galaxy - 17 dager siden
So you were right it just depends on the states laws
ocularnervosa - 18 dager siden
The millions of votes counted in one day were done on machines in person so all they had to do was check out the total electronically. The other states were waiting on were mail in ballots that first have to be confirmed at legitimate by comparing signatures and making sure everything was properly filled out, by hand. Also the states they were waiting on wanted to do an early count but their legislators wouldn't let them start until the 3rd.
The basic problem is that there isn't a Constitutional Amendment establishing the right to vote and a uniform standard for all federal elections.
ocularnervosa - 18 dager siden
You could have done the Disneyland experience by making them stand in line for an hour and then told them the ride was broken down and they'd have to come back. A ha ha ha ha ha.
Samantha - 18 dager siden
The reason the provisional ballots/mail in ballots/etc are taking so long is for a few reasons! SO first of all: these states aren’t allowed to start counting until election day. The ballots that are cast in person are counted by a much more electronic process, so finishing those counts tend to be quicker. Also, just to be technical, most states are not done by election day (usually mostly finished though), but projections allow us to predict winners the night of. The types of ballots here, with provisional and mail-in ballots, have a three step process that is entirely manual in order to be able to verify the votes. This takes a LOT longer than the electronic tallying of in-person day of ballots, and this process is largely what is slowing them down. The proportion of these ballots as compared to typical ballots is much higher this year due largely to COVID, but there are not systems in place to deal with these quantities. It is quite a slow process to be able to count all of those ballots through this three-step manual verification (two steps of which are removed by the electronic ballot boxes on in person ballots on election day). In Atlanta, they had only 20 workers at one point working at one time, and these are volunteers who have been working nonstop and are exhausted. For only dozens of people to be working on hundreds of thousands of ballots in one ballot tallying center, as opposed to thousands etc working at once on election day at thousands of individual polling stations, it becomes a bottlenecking effect where all of these people have a much higher quantity of ballots per person that they are each dealing with. I hope this helps and please ask any questions you may have!!!
Jennifer Browning
Jennifer Browning - 18 dager siden
You are correct. Some ballots are still with USPS on the way. For example, Pennsylvania can’t start counting mail-in ballots until 11/3 and then they will allow ALL mail-in ballots postmarked by 11/3 to be counted, so they have to wait for them to come in. Usps is also slower bc of COVID. So you’re in the right track, girl!
Amanda zamora
Amanda zamora - 18 dager siden
Guys.... but the cat turd 😂😂😂😂
Vivian Basinski
Vivian Basinski - 18 dager siden
Hi! I think that’s an awesome question! They counted millions of votes because those were the votes of people who voted physically. It took so long because lots of people mailed in their votes and they hadn't arrived yet.
Angie Martinez
Angie Martinez - 18 dager siden
Aww so cute
Kendall Harris
Kendall Harris - 18 dager siden
anyone else wonder how they all have blonde hair but none of the adults
Anna Burkle
Anna Burkle - 18 dager siden
I’m glad I’m not the only one doing the whole “sit on a dolly while someone pushes you” thing! I found a dolly in my garage so my neighbors, sister and I put cardboard boxes on it and then sat in the boxes and got pushed down the sidewalk! 😂 There were a few crashes but we’re good!! 😆
Zahra-Lys King
Zahra-Lys King - 18 dager siden
It may take longer because first; there are more people voting, second; the mail and ballots take longer to open and count and there are more of those, and third; because there has to be curfews and social distancing because of COVID. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
Abel Luna
Abel Luna - 18 dager siden
Not even done with todays vlog, (yes I’m late, trying to catch up) but you are truly just the best aunt ever!!! I love you for that. I know you won’t see this but ! I’m just so proud of how hard you’ve tried to make the kids in the family’s feel “normal” with birthdays, Halloween, etc. just wow you are doing AMAZING SWEETIE
michaela kory
michaela kory - 18 dager siden
hey colleen! i’m a couple days late but incase you still don’t know, i’m pretty sure it’s because votes taken on election day are done electronically on some little tablet, so i think that’s why it’s quicker to count them, because technology does it for us. but the mail in ballots are on paper, so they have to be carefully counted by hand by poll workers.
Tala Hashem
Tala Hashem - 18 dager siden
Happy birthday bailey!! Even tho I’m kinda late but today was my bday
Rae N
Rae N - 18 dager siden
colleen is so hands on and crafty
headass steph
headass steph - 18 dager siden
for the ballot question, that is the reason as well as having to be physically counted by hand. I believe in-person votes are counted by a machine which is a quicker process, whereas due to Corona there’s an overwhelming amount of mail-in ballots that for either election fraud or other issues they are needed to be counted by hand. in addition, I have also heard thousands of ballots had been missing in a state or two and that took a while in order to track those down. I’m only 16 but that’s the information that I have been discovering from election experts. also, LOVE how the Disney Day for Bailey’s b-day is coming along!!!
Abigail Wimbish
Abigail Wimbish - 18 dager siden
Trump was suing them which stopped the votes and Nevada had an actual issue
Allie Bug
Allie Bug - 18 dager siden
I live in Nevada, last election I was in California, but for this one, I am in NV. I voted early in person, I voted on a digital kiosk screen, think of the McDonalds Self Order Kiosk, but like half the size. It printed off like a QR code, idk if that's the full state or just my county, but that could be why it some votes were counted quickly. Since mail in ballots have to be counted by hand
PiggyWiggy - 18 dager siden
voter fraud could be one thing. sometimes they have to count by hand rather than through a machine.
Mama Rey
Mama Rey - 18 dager siden
It will be clear to you in the upcoming weeks. The evidence will be shown and the truth will be known. The reason you don’t understand it is because democrat states changed the rules months before this crucial election to cause chaos and confusion so illegal ballots can suddenly appear to make up the difference in Biden’s favor. Also there were computer glitches. Poll watchers were not allowed to observe. Dead people’s ballots were counted. Ballots were received for people who didn’t even live in that state anymore. More ballots were received than registered voters in some areas 🤔 The list goes on and on. There will be recounts in many states so sit tight it could be many weeks. I’d rather wait and have an accurate count than rush and have our civil right to vote be trampled on. Trump has always asked for a fair election...where all LEGAL votes are counted. Every vote counts especially when our rights and freedoms are at stake. 🇺🇸
Casey Hansen
Casey Hansen - 18 dager siden
Please don’t apologize for wanting to learn