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Runtime: 11:32


Sheriden Rhind
Sheriden Rhind - 3 dager siden
Melt on the inside and crispy on the outside
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 24 dager siden
That chair is the cutest!
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 24 dager siden
I love Survivor too! Thoes are cool buffs!!! Love you soooo much Colleen!!😘
Issy Pickett
Issy Pickett - 25 dager siden
You are hallarious I love you
Lyba Amir
Lyba Amir - 25 dager siden
i’m curious to see where flynn sleeps because colleen showed us the rv but she didn’t show us where flynn sleeps
• P e a c h y B a b x •
I'm so upset I missed like 10-15 vlogs. My network is messing with me really bad and I swear to god my network HATES me. I'm so upset that I missed like 30 good vlogs to watch in 3:00 AM and laugh my lungs out
Kenzie Kelso
Kenzie Kelso - Måned siden
So glad I found these vlogs. Have always been a fan and supporter but never watched the vlogs until now. I needed more content to pass the time until spring comes.
Alexa Malfoy
Alexa Malfoy - Måned siden
Flyyn is so cute oh my goodness
Caity G
Caity G - Måned siden
RIP to that marshmallow hahaha
Tim West
Tim West - Måned siden
FIN IS so cute!💙💚💛♥️💏
Kendra Baker
Kendra Baker - Måned siden
Flynn's face when he was on the hammik was so cute
maximum effort
maximum effort - Måned siden
Colleen you’re probably not gonna see this but i wanted to put some information out there anyway
i could be very wrong (please correct me if i am) but that “hut” you found at 5:40-5:57 kinda looks like a native american spirit house? which, as far as i know, are little mausoleums built over graves. i’ve heard that it’s very disrespectful to walk near/on/in them so i hope you didn’t wander around it for too long just in case! i mean it’s pretty disrespectful in general to walk over anyone’s resting place soooo yeah lol now hopefully you or whoever’s reading this know a little bit about spirit houses and will know to be respectful of them!! but yeah makes sense that area would be haunted.
maximum effort
maximum effort - Måned siden
hello anyone reading this i urge you to do your own research on this subject whenever you have the time. im not native american myself so like i said i could be wrong about some things! but again as far as i know this is some good information to have!
kat - Måned siden
flynn quietly starting to sing coleen’s “swing swing swing on the hammock” song was SO cute
Blue Elephant Thailand Tours
Great outdoor day indeed.
*Sunsetmorning* *Lollipopday*
Sis u so lucky i never go camping
QueenCriss - Måned siden
weirdo river
weirdo river - Måned siden
8:53 never call me that again🥴🖤

weirdo river
weirdo river - Måned siden
7:13 oof lol roblox character

I’m dying
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute
anika hedderick
anika hedderick - Måned siden
I agree about the marshmallows ... amen.
Sadie Frye
Sadie Frye - Måned siden
I like my marshmallows the exact same way Colleen does!
Logan R
Logan R - Måned siden
The thing that I do with my mom when my family goes camping burning the marshmallow to black and take that layer off, then repeat process.
Desi Imes
Desi Imes - Måned siden
Hi beautiful have good day I have good day to I love you love you baby I love you husband I love you family miss you
Evangeline Washington
Evangeline Washington - Måned siden
Sofia Prieto
Sofia Prieto - Måned siden
Colleen you should teach Flynn the popsicle song I think he might love it
Anushka Patel
Anushka Patel - Måned siden
You know when the mello gets the little bubbles there then i stop but i do that all around the mello
Rae White
Rae White - Måned siden
Hot dogs and marshmallows need to be BURNT but still warm
Sophia Bachmann
Sophia Bachmann - Måned siden
I like them the way Colleen does
Silva Kalnina
Silva Kalnina - Måned siden
Where does flyn sleep
Kyndal Craft
Kyndal Craft - Måned siden
9-27-20 is my 10th birthday that is so cool
Hey Hyena
Hey Hyena - Måned siden
At 9:04 that looks like someone or an alien standing behind her at a side angle
Londyn Lazard
Londyn Lazard - Måned siden
Do u have a twin
Alondra Barrios
Alondra Barrios - Måned siden
When you sang the swing song while on the hammock I kinda felt like I was watching the beginning of a horror movie. Love you a ton!
Michael Kenyon
Michael Kenyon - Måned siden
When Colleen said "swing swing in the hammock" I started saying "eyes blue like the Atlantic and im going down like titanic" lol did this happen to anyone else??
Princess&Rhiannah Vlog
Princess&Rhiannah Vlog - Måned siden
Larissa Faria
Larissa Faria - Måned siden
me watching coleen saying the weather is good while I burn at 97°F in brazil hahaha
Mia Hayner
Mia Hayner - Måned siden
Golden brown marshmallow
Erratic Simmer
Erratic Simmer - Måned siden
I just started really watching your vlogs and omgosh Flynn is so adorable!!! And you are such a great mother, great parents in general. Singing on the hammock melted my heart 💕
Addison Evans
Addison Evans - Måned siden
I love my marshmallows completely burnt. I just put it right in the fire and light it on fire until it's all black! 🔥⬜🍫
Nasiefa Jackson
Nasiefa Jackson - Måned siden
i enjoyed this vidio and im happy you are still alive
Claudia Cavazos
Claudia Cavazos - Måned siden
I love my marshmallows exactly how you make them Colleen!!! I was screaming yassssss the whole time you were explaining 💯
Ariana Barrera
Ariana Barrera - Måned siden
I love how Colleen says baba to Flynn 😂 it’s so funny!! Btw love you so much and I subscribed to you and turned on the notifications on!!🥰
Bima Loxley
Bima Loxley - Måned siden
Why and how and why do people actively dislike the videos
SheWhoMust NotBeNamed
SheWhoMust NotBeNamed - Måned siden
omg i feel like ill never do this ive watched too many american horror movies id believe theres a serial killer there sksksksk
Karine Desfosses
Karine Desfosses - Måned siden
I find Flynn looks so much like you Colleen! And I find it so funny how he says Yeah as though it's a question! Yeah? :) He's starting to communicate so well! You guys are lucky to have warm weather year round :)
Andy_m1 C
Andy_m1 C - Måned siden
It looks like someone is behind Colleen in the blue dark sky when she was cooking her Wien lol
Messy Melon
Messy Melon - Måned siden
was i the only one bothered by that figure at 9:04?? like i thought that was a ghost since colleen said that place was haunted
Naomi Eliza
Naomi Eliza - Måned siden
golden brown
Harley Ritchie
Harley Ritchie - Måned siden
Omg yes Colleen! I love my marshmallows like that, it’s so good y’all.
GamerGirl_Princess 2008
GamerGirl_Princess 2008 - Måned siden
I bet u never ridden a motorcicle and a an tricycle😏
Kaylee Kiwi
Kaylee Kiwi - Måned siden
Hi hi
liveyourlife510 - Måned siden
I like my marshmallows golden brown and crispy on the outside and soft and gooey on the inside
Lauren Piontkowski
Lauren Piontkowski - Måned siden
So... I got a puppy the other day so my dog can have a brother. I couldn’t think about what to name him- at all! My mom suggested Flynn. I thought of how much you love YOUR Flynn and I said “heck yes! That’s it!”
Courtney Bryant
Courtney Bryant - Måned siden
I do the same with my marshmallows
Toren Terlouw
Toren Terlouw - Måned siden
colleen is beautiful fr
Maggie Lee
Maggie Lee - Måned siden
I love how Eric is wearing designer flyns shoes
Caroline - Måned siden
I like my marshmallow like it’s on fire for like 3 secs than I blow it out let it cool a lil bit then eat it.
Jordan Carter
Jordan Carter - Måned siden
I laughed so hard when flynn grunted when he sat down 🤣
Jamie Lees
Jamie Lees - Måned siden
Burnt mellows YAY!
Mocha pig 23
Mocha pig 23 - Måned siden
Burnt marshmallows
Michaela Richardson
Michaela Richardson - Måned siden
LMAO Eric: “wHo?¿” 😂😂😂
Claire's unicorn Squad
Claire's unicorn Squad - Måned siden
Flinn is sooooo cute though out the whole thing
Mollie Wilson
Mollie Wilson - Måned siden
I cook my marshmallows exactly the sameeeee
Aleli Rodriguez
Aleli Rodriguez - Måned siden
i like to eat the marshmallow eny way
Aleli Rodriguez
Aleli Rodriguez - Måned siden
i eat them what about you
thatovergrowngreenbean - Måned siden
I always cook my marshmallows a little bit and then catch them on fire until they’re almost all the way black and then I peel of the black stuff and eat the inside
Milena Karpukhina
Milena Karpukhina - Måned siden
petition to change the name of this adorable series to Camping with Colleen & Co.
Aleli Rodriguez
Aleli Rodriguez - Måned siden
this freaking corona
Pretzel Human
Pretzel Human - Måned siden
Flynn is sooooo cute:3
Mama Jam
Mama Jam - Måned siden
8:52 Erik : hey you little weenie roaster colleen :never call me that again😂
weirdo river
weirdo river - Måned siden
8:53 never call me that again🥴🖤
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC - Måned siden
Toastie brown lol I won’t eat anything burnt 🤣🤣🤣
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC - Måned siden
I’m so happy to see another fam wearing those head bands! My husband buys them for us every single time we go to St John! We’ve amassed a big collection. Now he buys them on every trip 🤣🧡 I love watching Flynn explore. Have a great time!!! Wrap anything in foil x ur good 2 go.
Ima M
Ima M - Måned siden
Flynn's chair.
Margaret Mayberry
Margaret Mayberry - Måned siden
So cute when we sit down we make that little noise like it took a lot to sit down and Flynn makes the noise yoo lol
Ceasar Aranda
Ceasar Aranda - Måned siden
is it just me. or dose Erick give anyone else abuse vibes
Marlene Vyn
Marlene Vyn - Måned siden
Mosquitoes love me 😕
Marlene Vyn
Marlene Vyn - Måned siden
When I was younger I traveled places with my family, I'm so glad I did because now with my anxiety disorder and depression I don't really get out
Bubbly Lemons
Bubbly Lemons - Måned siden
Collen: what did u find?
Flynn: A TREE
Me: there’s trees all around you-
Claudia 25
Claudia 25 - Måned siden
I agree with the marshmallows
Dean Supernatural
Dean Supernatural - Måned siden
You should go back in spring it would be so pretty
Dean Supernatural
Dean Supernatural - Måned siden
Flinn is so cute he looks adorable camping
Tanisha Salmon
Tanisha Salmon - Måned siden
were is flynn sleeping
elizabeth de kunffy
elizabeth de kunffy - Måned siden
Goooolden brown marshmallows are the only way to go
Nikki Rev ASMR Plus
Nikki Rev ASMR Plus - Måned siden
I call my son bubba also. This makes me want to cry Flynn is so cute enjoying himself. 🥰
Steph_27 - Måned siden
Flynn: I'm on a bridge
Collen: ya I'm on a bridge to
Soo cute🥺🥺🥺
Tiny Flame
Tiny Flame - Måned siden
For me when it comes to roasting marshmallows, I stick the marshmallow all the way in the fire until it is completely on fire
( I know it’s weird)
Macee Moutsopoulos
Macee Moutsopoulos - Måned siden
I make my marshmallows catch on fire then I blow it out and only it the gooey inside
Heather Welling
Heather Welling - Måned siden
SMORE: Warm inside then BURN THEM! Thats the best flavor
Katie R
Katie R - Måned siden
If the bugs get to you and not Erik it could be because of your blood type. When my family and I go away on our holidays to a country with a hotter temperature and there’s more bugs, they often get bites and I never do. I’m A- and from googling it apparently bugs like my blood less than some other types 😂
KatieSparkles - Måned siden
What a beautiful RV and camp ground ❤️
Rhonda Richardson
Rhonda Richardson - Måned siden
I love my marshmallows cooked the same! Have lots of fun
Bailey Lopp
Bailey Lopp - Måned siden
I like my marshmallows golden brown on the outside and half warmed in the center
Lyndi Newcomer
Lyndi Newcomer - Måned siden
A hack for Flynn is take some packing tape and put it on some white paper so then it’s a reusable coloring book 👍🏽
Hayden Emmick
Hayden Emmick - Måned siden
Erik and Colleen: brown hair
Flynn: bright blonde hair
Leyla Reyes
Leyla Reyes - Måned siden
Leyla Reyes
Leyla Reyes - Måned siden
Nah I’m just kidding
Leighanna M
Leighanna M - Måned siden
Flynn melts my freaking heart! Omg he’s the sweetest little guy❤️
Walter FJK
Walter FJK - Måned siden
Colleen put a few to a bunch of hanging lights all around your camp site so it feels more cozy and safe! Love the camping vlogs!
MDLourdes Mendez
MDLourdes Mendez - Måned siden
It's the little chair for me😍
Francisco orbe
Francisco orbe - Måned siden
camping loves it
Desiree Burnet
Desiree Burnet - Måned siden
Colleens marshmallows and hot dog cooking methods are exactly the same as mine!! Cook em till their warm in the middle then burn the crap out of it.