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Runtime: 10:41


Omar Henry
Omar Henry - 3 dager siden
I swear you always have a new camera haha love it!!!!
CP Designs
CP Designs - 3 dager siden
That’s the sony zv1 its so cool i want one sooo bad!!!!
Sayda Olimpia
Sayda Olimpia - 4 dager siden
Happy birthday kory ❤️❤️🎉🥰
fat sajak
fat sajak - 5 dager siden
the santa clause has special powers, i swear.
my almost 3 year olds have watched it all day everyday for the past week. literally. multiple times a day. won't stop til the damn thing melts.
vheather05 - 5 dager siden
Kory was so nice when yall were touring and this Mom Karen was so nasty after the show...she didn't know about the meet and greet lol.. But he handled it like a boss even though she was nasty. Lol.
Suri Elise 27
Suri Elise 27 - 6 dager siden
It’s ok you didn’t work. What I have learned is that if I need to work on something and didn’t feel like working on it but I worked on it anyway it’s not as good as it would’ve been if I felt like it. If that made sense 😂💛
quin tine
quin tine - 7 dager siden
I wish I have that kind of friendship..ohh i love turtles
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 7 dager siden
Happy birthday Kory🎉🎊🍰🎂🎁
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 7 dager siden
Happy birthday Kory🎉🎊🍰🎂🎁
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 7 dager siden
The glass pen should work if you push down paper until the ink comes out also shake it
Freya Evans
Freya Evans - 8 dager siden
omg ily Kory happy birthday ❤️❤️💝💝
Goth Shower
Goth Shower - 9 dager siden
Hppy late bday cory hee hee hope it was awesome
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - 9 dager siden
Happy birthday kory 🎂🎂🎂
Joshua Burke
Joshua Burke - 9 dager siden
🥳🥳🥳🥳🥳😱🥡🥢Yay happy birthday KORY
Love is Power
Love is Power - 11 dager siden
Colleen, earrings really suit you!! 😍
Kyrie Johnson
Kyrie Johnson - 11 dager siden
Happy birthday kory
Katelyn - 12 dager siden
Happy birthday Kory
S.A.M’s World
S.A.M’s World - 12 dager siden
Marianna Van Huissteden
Marianna Van Huissteden - 12 dager siden
I forgot to say Happy birthday on his actual bday soo. HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORY🎂🎁🎉
Cozyable - 12 dager siden
Ur vlogs are so relaxing and cozy
Angelica Barbosa
Angelica Barbosa - 12 dager siden
Does anyone know where Colleen got those cheesecakes? They looked so good!
Amber Amaya
Amber Amaya - 12 dager siden
Happy b-day kory oh and colleen you can put white paint and then put on the colors.
K - 13 dager siden
Making me motivated to decorate.. like yesterday 😳😊
CHRRYBLOSSOMS Weeb - 13 dager siden
The music yes christmasssss🎄🎄🎄🎄
CHRRYBLOSSOMS Weeb - 13 dager siden
Turtle 🐢 🐢🐢
BcGirls Life
BcGirls Life - 13 dager siden
OMG I love ur house coleen!!!
Julie Bee
Julie Bee - 13 dager siden
It may just be that I don't have children but it always bothers/makes me nervous when little kids jump on and smack animals. Maybe I'm just not familiar with that territory. I hope you have a good birthday Kory!
Random Human
Random Human - 13 dager siden
HAPPIEST OF BIRTHDAYS TO OUR KING KORY!!!!! we love you so so endlessly much Kory, thank you for all you do for Colleen and Flynn And us and for all the good you bring to this world🧡
KatieSparkles - 13 dager siden
Omgg looool Flynn though :’) “Okay.. now baby” 😂😂❤️❤️
KatieSparkles - 13 dager siden
I am finally able to watch this video! HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOKO! 🥳🎉 Even though it was a little bit ago ❤️😃
Kayla Dicke
Kayla Dicke - 13 dager siden
Did anyone notice the statue of a man in the backround at 1:30 ??????? For some reason I just wanted to know because it really stood out to me
Dana Tsushima
Dana Tsushima - 13 dager siden
Happy Late Birthday Kory! Love your editing! ❤ And, your voice overs for the vlogs are HILARIOUS! I can never get enough of them. I think it's super cute how Flynn calls you "Koko"!
Tracy Phillips
Tracy Phillips - 13 dager siden
Happy Birthday Cory
Astronaut Cricket
Astronaut Cricket - 13 dager siden
LOVE the Christmas ornaments.
Alicia Birkinbine
Alicia Birkinbine - 13 dager siden
Happy belated birthday Kory!!! Love ya!
Ellie Brennan
Ellie Brennan - 13 dager siden
Happy Birthday
West - 13 dager siden
HAPPY (late) BIRTHDAY Kory!!
katelynn coffman
katelynn coffman - 14 dager siden
omg i have those earings in gold and the matching necklace!!! also max and ruby is a good tv show for kids.
Louisa Lynn
Louisa Lynn - 14 dager siden
Happy Birthday Kory!! 🙌🏼🙌🏼
Nguyen Life Happens
Nguyen Life Happens - 14 dager siden
You should make Christmas/vlogmas merch
Schuyler_cloudplayz :)
Schuyler_cloudplayz :) - 14 dager siden
Flynn's famous words : 3:19
Lu 12
Lu 12 - 14 dager siden
Happy Birthday Cory!!!
The Reed Family 5
The Reed Family 5 - 14 dager siden
Bre - 14 dager siden
*colleen takes a spoonful of cake for flynn* *flynn eats spoonful colleen gave him* colleen: “wow flynn that was a big bite 🤨” 😂😂
Anthony Previl
Anthony Previl - 14 dager siden
You should let Flynn watch Cars. It’s basically a movie with talking cars😂
Emma Clavel
Emma Clavel - 14 dager siden
Omg, I have the same bow earings as Colleen!!!
Violet Jai
Violet Jai - 14 dager siden
What Sugarfish location is that?? Also HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORY WE LOVE YA!!
headass steph
headass steph - 14 dager siden
hope Kory has a great birthday! he’s a king 💅
Anna Claudia Klingler
Anna Claudia Klingler - 14 dager siden
I didn’t like the new camera, the image is kinda dark, maybe it’s the settings, but it’s definitely too dark
millie - 14 dager siden
Devin Doss
Devin Doss - 14 dager siden
Genevieve Hart
Genevieve Hart - 14 dager siden
Does anyone know where Flynn’s sleep suit is from
Lotte McKendry
Lotte McKendry - 14 dager siden
Colleen: " you want banana?"
Flynn: "BIG DADA!"
Sarah R
Sarah R - 14 dager siden
HolaSoyDora - 14 dager siden
Happy birthday Koryyy!!! (Sorry it’s late :( but I hope it was amazing)
Autumn - 14 dager siden
Kory definitely needs more appreciation, he works so hard and just seems like such a wonderful person. Happy birthday Kory!
Cont00 - 14 dager siden
Whats your new camera?
Jlove M
Jlove M - 14 dager siden
Happy birthday Kory!!! You are an amazing friend to Colleen and I just wish you the very best and sending you a huge virtual hug!!!
Courtney Violet
Courtney Violet - 14 dager siden
Happy Birthday Koko!!! 💖 Hope you had an amazing day xo
Cath F
Cath F - 14 dager siden
Take care eating outside. I’m in Victoria, Australia and we have only just been able to come
Out of lockdown to even go out to stores or restaurants at all. Your restaurants and takeaways should still be only takeaway only. Our parks amd playgrounds have only just been opened again. Take care being out. At our worst during lockdown here we had around 500 daily cases, you have nearly 100000 a day. We were nervous here, if I were there I wouldn’t be going anywhere near. Be careful please.
Leah Pickering
Leah Pickering - 14 dager siden
its not Christmas -_-
Dinosaur - 14 dager siden
There is a house I saw on vacation and it had pumpkins on there driveway and porch but they had Christmas trees up and blow ups and a hole lot of decorations
Ocean vibes
Ocean vibes - 14 dager siden
Happy Birthday Kory! Thank you for editing all these vlogs! We love you ❤
Isabel de Toledo
Isabel de Toledo - 14 dager siden
I personally think that the other camera is better
Jazzy's Critters
Jazzy's Critters - 14 dager siden
Happy Birthday Kory!❤❤❤ You deserve all the love you get and so much more!🤩 Thank you for editing Colleen's vlogs. You do a great job!!😊 WE ALL LOVE YOU!!!!!😍😍😍😍
Scott Ayers
Scott Ayers - 14 dager siden
It my birthday tooooo
East Coast Love
East Coast Love - 14 dager siden
HEEY GUYS! Hope everyone has been safe during the pandemic🙏🏼 if anyone supports the LGBTQ community you should come checkout our videos😁🏳️‍🌈
Olly Burch
Olly Burch - 14 dager siden
happy birthday to corey
Blondiee E
Blondiee E - 14 dager siden
The new camera is so cool, focuses on your face more. Also, tell Kory I say happy birthday
Mamabear - 14 dager siden
I need a Kory in my life.
Anique Melissa
Anique Melissa - 14 dager siden
Happy birthday Kory!!!
Funky Flipflops
Funky Flipflops - 15 dager siden
Colleen: All your craft queens are going to come for me
Me: Litteally you are the craft queen
Love you Colleen
OnePumpGoldfish - 15 dager siden
happy birthday kory
rudegirl2219 - 15 dager siden
Happy birthday kory !
Jk Will
Jk Will - 15 dager siden
I don’t really know you well, and this is probably some psychological trick vibe because of your vids.. but people like you really makes the world a better place.
Kelsey Burns
Kelsey Burns - 15 dager siden
The Santa Clause was my favorite Christmas growing up and I make my husband watch it every year with me now. Growing up we always put it on while decorating the Christmas tree. It's a bit of a strange movie to be the epitome of Christmas (as my husband loves to point out) but it just is! I love that Flynn understands the magic of that movie. I think this means that you have to dress him up as Bernard the Head Elf.
ucwi - 15 dager siden
I feel like it’s always vlogmas lol
Heba Daoud
Heba Daoud - 15 dager siden
Camera is more clear ! ♥️
hola hols
hola hols - 15 dager siden
I have a crush on Kory
SJaney _
SJaney _ - 15 dager siden
Happy Birthday Kory!! 🎉💝🧁🥳🎂😘✨
Rachel Fionerin
Rachel Fionerin - 15 dager siden
9:16 okay that is talent
Vanessa Hernandez
Vanessa Hernandez - 15 dager siden
Happy birthday
Daycray - 15 dager siden
abigail wilson-law
abigail wilson-law - 15 dager siden
le skille
le skille - 15 dager siden
Happy birthday Kory! You are so awesome! I wish you were my friend, too.
Alicia Rolls
Alicia Rolls - 15 dager siden
seeing kory with flynn is so lovely. what a lucky little boy to have another adult figure in his life that’s so close to him who can be there for him, it’s so special.
cupcakelove097 - 15 dager siden
Anything with glitter you can put clear spray paint on to seal it! :) Also happy birthday Kory! ❤️
kathialtnvac - 15 dager siden
Hey, you still trying to write a daily hour? Just curious
Sarah M
Sarah M - 15 dager siden
Anita Cheeks
Anita Cheeks - 15 dager siden
Happy Late Birthday Kory🎉💖 The Ornaments are so cute!! Loved the one with the cat body an Flynn's face 💖💖
Sausan Al Balooshi
Sausan Al Balooshi - 15 dager siden
Every video “Not like any of you asked but who cares”🤣 her videos are no complete without this catch phrase... or “I’m stressed out” I love this. Thanks for the video
Jennifer R
Jennifer R - 15 dager siden
Mom is nuts w an eating disorder pray for Flynn
mzkb99 - 15 dager siden
Happiest of Birthdays Koko!!
danyel doyle
danyel doyle - 15 dager siden
I love making ornaments. We make them and give them away at Xmas time.
Himiwari - 15 dager siden
The turtles be chilling 🐢
Jay Bell
Jay Bell - 15 dager siden
Colleen will forever be doing crafts and trying to find crafts that Flynn likes but I feel like crafts aren’t his thing 😅
Kailiah Purcell
Kailiah Purcell - 15 dager siden
Ryan Luperena
Ryan Luperena - 15 dager siden
HAPPY BIRTHDAY KORY! the queen of all the queens! we love you handsome! 🥳🎉💕
Grace Tomasko
Grace Tomasko - 15 dager siden
those bow earrings are seriously so cute
Caylie Green
Caylie Green - 15 dager siden
Legit thought it was turtle flying away 😂