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Runtime: 13:39


Emmy Walkoviak
Emmy Walkoviak - Dag siden
Colleen You keep doing what you do don’t let anybody bully you as long as you’re trying to be safe with not trying to get the Covid you do what you do
Miranda Beaudry
Miranda Beaudry - 2 dager siden
Does anybody else start chewing and try to match tempo when they see ruminant animals chomping away? 😂😂😂
Aleenah Guerrero
Aleenah Guerrero - 2 dager siden
When the everyone left, I had to higher my volume bc I could barely hear you lol 🤣
Michael Tapp
Michael Tapp - 3 dager siden
I don't think you're taking it too seriously I think most people should take it more seriously and all the people that reads this comment I hope that they stay safe wear masks and social distance
Brynne - 3 dager siden
Colleen I can promise you that you're doing a thousand times better than most people. THANK YOU! I'm a healthcare worker at a covid testing site. Thank you for your example.
its jenna nikole
its jenna nikole - 3 dager siden
It looked like Erik rolled his eyes when Colleen grabbed Flynn when they were singing happy birthday to her I could be mistaken so don't come for me.
Lana Hardie
Lana Hardie - 3 dager siden
Their lamas bc they have long ears and a longer face/snout than alpacas.
Stephanee Kammer
Stephanee Kammer - 4 dager siden
Love the birthday gift! It was the perfect idea for my husband for Christmas LOL
i love alex smith
i love alex smith - 4 dager siden
little aggressive when ya said beautiful day...........
Aisha Malek
Aisha Malek - 4 dager siden
Flynn had the cutest panda onesie
Tessa danielle
Tessa danielle - 4 dager siden
The fact that the llamas mouth was biting from both sides of his mouth and not just biting at one side was so satisfying
Katja Chasty
Katja Chasty - 4 dager siden
does korey live with colleen? i can’t remember i know he used too
headass steph
headass steph - 4 dager siden
your family is so fun I love them all hehe
Freya Evans
Freya Evans - 4 dager siden
happy belated birthday my beautiful idol
Indy vlogs Lover
Indy vlogs Lover - 4 dager siden
Parker:oh my gosh she’s pooing
Colleen:Oh love that jealous
addi0120 addi0120
addi0120 addi0120 - 4 dager siden
they are alpacas
Jessica .M
Jessica .M - 4 dager siden
Belated happy wishes Collen
Liliana Estrada
Liliana Estrada - 4 dager siden
Colleen love you but you need to eat/make real Mexican tacos and enchiladas🙃
Tia Rombough
Tia Rombough - 5 dager siden
Llamas have taller ears than alpacas
Indy vlogs Lover
Indy vlogs Lover - 5 dager siden
I do the same as you Colleen I only go to school in Australia 🇦🇺 we are not as bad as the u.s
Princess Zoya
Princess Zoya - 5 dager siden
Y’all should be thankful she posts everyday means work everyday for editing y’all haters like Miranda says haters back off
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 5 dager siden
You can't take a pandemic too seriously
Noemi fonseca
Noemi fonseca - 5 dager siden
Rebecca G
Rebecca G - 5 dager siden
I have always dreamed of having a huge family but I really don’t have many relatives. So seeing colleen’s vlogs with her family makes me so happy because it’s everything I’ve ever dreamed of having
HelloDIYSam - 5 dager siden
You’re a beautiful mom , have a safe thanksgivi ng 💕
Enaim Morales
Enaim Morales - 5 dager siden
I’m happy u guys are staying safe❤️
Veronica Rossi
Veronica Rossi - 5 dager siden
Llamas are bigger than Alpacas.
Olivia May
Olivia May - 5 dager siden
Alanya Yanmaz
Alanya Yanmaz - 3 dager siden
Wait what time
Ashley Van der Walt
Ashley Van der Walt - 5 dager siden
You have the same birthday as my mom, happy birthday 🎉
sardine07 - 5 dager siden
Stop looking at the view finder 😂😂😂
ashley b
ashley b - 5 dager siden
everything Duncan does makes me laugh so hard 😂
Easter_ Panda!
Easter_ Panda! - 5 dager siden
Happy birthday 😚
Molly Mapston
Molly Mapston - 5 dager siden
I have so many horses and they bite you for attention
Molly Mapston
Molly Mapston - 5 dager siden
Llama are taller and have longer ears than alpaca and alpaca have a sort of squeezed face and have more hair on there face
Hannah Holdren
Hannah Holdren - 6 dager siden
family goals :,) seeing all of them together makes me so happy.
GioGio Wais Pereira
GioGio Wais Pereira - 6 dager siden
Happy birthday
Thelme Louw
Thelme Louw - 6 dager siden
Happy birthday
Kayla Mc Dowell
Kayla Mc Dowell - 6 dager siden
Where is your brother ?
sassyangel8890 - 6 dager siden
Who ever said you weren’t taking Covid-19 safe. Then there not a true fan and don’t watch all your videos. You never go out and when you get groceries you get it delivered and you wipe them down right away.
I wish I can stay home but my little girl has to go school cause I can’t teach her I’m not a teacher and at the end of her kindergarten she had about 3 months left and Covid-19 happened and I couldn’t teach her and the teachers didn’t do good with online but I don’t blame them cause it was unexpected
Jennifer Shakur
Jennifer Shakur - 6 dager siden
It's so sad that you have to explain in every video, how safe y'all are being with the pandemic! It just blows my mind that people that watch you don't already know that. Just because a lot of the world doesn't care about being safe, doesn't mean that everyone feels that way. Some of us, like my family, and obviously College's family, and hopefully others, are taking this seriously and want it gone.
yes it'smeEmily
yes it'smeEmily - 6 dager siden
um her man looks like harry styles
lauren - 6 dager siden
love how flynn says big dadda alot
Colleen B
Colleen B - 6 dager siden
Can I just say that as a group of YouTube stars, you could be completely vacuous and self absorbed. I’ve seen so many others behaving selfishly and flaunting trips on private planes to beach vacations all around the world. But your family finds joy in homemade cards and ping pong. I mean it’s ping pong with ribbon hype people, but still ping pong. And Kory showed us the horse drool on his coat. I love all of you!! ❤️
Jordan Mountain
Jordan Mountain - 6 dager siden
i have a pod too and we have sunday fun day
Alex_in_wonderland21 - 6 dager siden
watching criminal minds and just realized that Erik is one of the unsubs connected to mr. scratch!
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez - 6 dager siden
You are literally the only YouTuber I watch that takes COVID seriously so I’m shocked that people have the nerve to criticize you 🙄
Oddy nuff Snowleopard
Oddy nuff Snowleopard - 6 dager siden
I love Colleens family, they remind me of my family, we are all super safe w/ covid just like her family, if my brothers come over they wear masks & all her nephews or nieces are just like mines! Ahah , I know what she means about the house getting quite when the kids leave, it almost feels weird ahaha! Love your family !! 💕
Gina Suriani
Gina Suriani - 6 dager siden
im gonna add another variable and tell you that one of those things is actually a guanaco, a southern camelid thats basically the wild version of llamas
_Mia Rose_
_Mia Rose_ - 6 dager siden
awwww love that for you!!
Kass Hernandez
Kass Hernandez - 6 dager siden
I saw a thing yesterday that said, "Llamas chew like Carlton dances," and this video confirmed it. :D So cute.
CALLA FISH - 6 dager siden
Ok I am not hating on Colleen, but GIRL you should not be getting a COVID test every time you leave the house. Quarantine if that is what you are comfortable with but you are just wasting tests that people actually need to do things like go back to work and school.🙄
Kirai - 6 dager siden
Whoever confronted her about covid, y'all need to do the same to all those influencers that you follow, she is always safe unlike them. You need to focus on them than someone who only sees her family and always stays home. She doesn't go anywhere or do anything and if you actually WATCHED her videos you'd see that. Go comment on the ppl that go to parties with hundreds of ppl everyday.
Kate Sewall
Kate Sewall - 6 dager siden
You don’t do to much u are so responsible and a great influence because of how safe you are
Hazel Daly
Hazel Daly - 6 dager siden
Duncan and flynn’s friendship is SO CUTE!
Ferb Fletcher
Ferb Fletcher - 6 dager siden
I don't understand why people call themselves fan but then criticize Colleen over every little thing. She cannot say or do anything without someone criticizing her for making HER OWN CHOICES!!! stay out of peoples business and let them live THIER lives! Worry about yourself, you can't control peoples lives.
KENELIA BRIGHTLY - 6 dager siden
Husband :The baby is not sick
Colleen: The is baby is sick ahhhhhhhhhhhhahhhahhhahahhhahhahahahahhahahahaahah I love you colleen
KENELIA BRIGHTLY - 6 dager siden
Grace Gallon
Grace Gallon - 7 dager siden
I just gotta say... that end card picture is sooo cute!!!!!!
Talia Mayo
Talia Mayo - 7 dager siden
the amount of serotonin i get from these vlogs is ASTOUNDING
Meghan Spredemann
Meghan Spredemann - 7 dager siden
Just because you get a negative test after exposure to others, you can still incubate the disease and develop symptoms up to 14 days..... so really she's not being that safe even with testing. Testing is providing a false sense of security for her.
SavageAngel - 7 dager siden
Sonnah Omernick
Sonnah Omernick - 7 dager siden
It's just so funny how gay Cory is
alesha busby
alesha busby - 7 dager siden
bailey went IN on that birthday song bless her
Fraidy Rubin
Fraidy Rubin - 7 dager siden
collen: get testted and quwinten
me: mom i am going to hang out with freinds
Tegan T
Tegan T - 7 dager siden
Flynn’s outfit at 4:00 is great. Gotta love pandas 🐼
Bia Andrade
Bia Andrade - 7 dager siden
colleen ur outfit looks amazinggg those jeans killed it
Chaarvi kanare
Chaarvi kanare - 7 dager siden
Omg my mom's birthday is on 20 nov and yours is 21 nov!!!
Alexia Waldon
Alexia Waldon - 7 dager siden
Happy birthday colleen
Selan Cresor
Selan Cresor - 7 dager siden
HAPPY BIRTHDAY COLEEN - wanted to chime in with the cake singing :) i'm glad you enjoyed Erik's present so much.
Anthony Garza
Anthony Garza - 7 dager siden
I love how Colleen makes us feel included in the. logs it is not like we are watching someone it is like we are physically there with them. So I just want to thank you Colleen for making me feel included and adventurous when I am just at home watching at a screen.
Halia Marie
Halia Marie - 7 dager siden
Where was Trent?
Annelies Conover
Annelies Conover - 7 dager siden
He couldn’t come
Weyn Deyniyel
Weyn Deyniyel - 7 dager siden
The new camera is SLAYNNN
K - 7 dager siden
My family thinks I take it too seriously and get mad at me for it a lot 😭
Bobbi Hanson
Bobbi Hanson - 7 dager siden
The horses tongue
Karina Amezquita
Karina Amezquita - 7 dager siden
We have the same birthday!!! happy birthday to us! lol coincidentally we both did the same thing for our birthdays and rented out a airbnb with our immediate family lol
Corianne Matsumiya
Corianne Matsumiya - 7 dager siden
Flynn in that panda onesie..SO CUTE!!!!
Corianne Matsumiya
Corianne Matsumiya - 7 dager siden
Why are people still commenting on COVID and Colleen’s family? Colleen explains it really well and her family created their own sorta bubble. So they only see one another and don’t go out otherwise. Don’t come for Colleen
Anonymous Yoshii
Anonymous Yoshii - 7 dager siden
I don’t know why irrelevant people still give Colleen a hard time when they clearly don’t take the time to hear her explain how safe her family is every time they do something 🙄 girl, the real ones know don’t worry 😉
April MayJuneJuly
April MayJuneJuly - 7 dager siden
Parker and Duncan are so cute!!
Sunmaisy - 7 dager siden
Hey seriously everyone Pray and believe on Jesus! He’s coming back soon!
Elena Oakes
Elena Oakes - 7 dager siden
Everyone needs a Kory!❤❤❤
Sabrina Sears
Sabrina Sears - 7 dager siden
Why do you wear a mask but not flynn
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - 7 dager siden
Aurora Sky
Aurora Sky - 7 dager siden
Why have her family stayed for less than a day? After everything Colleen does for them I think she deserved a bit more effort to be made..
Aurora Sky
Aurora Sky - 7 dager siden
@Annelies Conover they could have just left when Colleen did...which was the day after they left. They didn't even try and make it special for her though. Like why didn't they get up in the morning and put some balloons or banners up for her? Why did Bailey just write happy birthday on a white bit of paper in pencil for her? If I was Jess I was have made the kids put in a but more effort. I just don't see that the level of effort Colleen puts in was nearly reciprocated..
Annelies Conover
Annelies Conover - 7 dager siden
It’s probably all that they could rent it for. It’s not all up to the family it could just be it happened that it was just a day trip
kalinadaydreaming - 7 dager siden
Colleen’s family is the family I wish I had :(
Terry White
Terry White - 7 dager siden
I just want to thank you & your family for everything you are doing with your Covid precautions! I wish more people that are able to take those type of precautions would!
starryeyeschick - 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday, Colleen! 🎂🎊
starryeyeschick - 7 dager siden
@Lily Collins that's fine, just saying Happy Birthday on her birthday celebration video. Did she not have two birthday cakes in this video?
Lily Collins
Lily Collins - 7 dager siden
It’s not her birthday,her birthday is on the 21st
Mehgan Harris
Mehgan Harris - 7 dager siden
girl people just wait for the chance to comment the “oh did you just forget about covid” we say it all the time but you really don’t have to explain yourself literally if you know you know and that’s that.
enjoy your birthday! & your safe get away! 🥂
ladyburgs - 7 dager siden
Happy Birthday to our QUEEN of YouTube! 🎉🎉🥰
millie - 7 dager siden
Erica Snoddon
Erica Snoddon - 7 dager siden
Flynn and Duncan are so cute!
Parthenia Jean
Parthenia Jean - 7 dager siden
This is what most of Idaho looks like. It is funny because I love the ocean and want to be near the ocean. But I live in the mountains and sage brush.
Alyssa Aunkt
Alyssa Aunkt - 7 dager siden
The picture of you and Korey and your sister in at the end is so cute so cute you have a beautiful family stay strong and safe xoxo
Madeline Manternach
Madeline Manternach - 7 dager siden
Parker: OMG it's pooing!
Colleen : Ugh! Love that! Jealous....
Jordan Alicia Carr
Jordan Alicia Carr - 7 dager siden
Flynn is better than most youtubers at vlogging! I hope one day he has his own channel
Joana Benites Gurgel do Amaral
ok but Flynn has the cutest panda outfit awwww
Kristykids Kids
Kristykids Kids - 7 dager siden
The beginning scene with Flynn and Duncan is so cute
Heyitsmelenie - 7 dager siden
Colleen! I feel like it would be so cool for Kory and you to do a sit down kinda explaning how you guys know eachother! You guys have a great friendship and I feel like alot of new viewers might not know much about how cool of a person he is! Love you and your family....stay safe!
Alyssa - 7 dager siden
omg i was about to ask if korey was coming 😅😭
Camryn Eckman
Camryn Eckman - 7 dager siden
You should call it the vlodge
Dogsgowoof Catsgomeow
Dogsgowoof Catsgomeow - 7 dager siden
Love you