Earthquake Caught On Camera!

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Runtime: 14:45


Natasha Stacy
Natasha Stacy - 16 minutter siden
I Wish you recorded the earthquake
Adeiscool0243 - Time siden
So you are marinada sings!
Aniston Willis
Aniston Willis - 2 timer siden
This was recorded 2 days after my birthday and I forgot to say that 😂
Alfonso sotomayor
Alfonso sotomayor - 3 timer siden
After an earthquake there is a tsunami 🌊
Justina Jakavičiūtė
Justina Jakavičiūtė - 10 timer siden
The baby is soooo cuteeee
Christina Stevens
Christina Stevens - 11 timer siden
T Gubby
T Gubby - 12 timer siden
the first thing id doo in an earthquake: -GRABS MAH TEDDIES AND PETS AND RUNS FOR MAH LIFE*
evilienne werleman
evilienne werleman - 16 timer siden
Hi Colleen, the yellow liquid that was coming out of the Aloe and making it smell a little funky is actually the healthiest part of the Aloe that has the most vitamines in it. Next time try saving that too, it does wonders. And no nothing is wrong with the Aloe smelling like that. Hugs from Aruba x
No aloe is like that I have so many aloe Vera plants and it stinks for sure and its good for ur hair and ur face
And for open sores and if u burned from the sun
Doge - Dag siden
I just noticed this channel! That’s Miranda Sings! I didn’t know she acted normal, or that her name was Colleen!
Chris Murphys
Chris Murphys - Dag siden
September 18 is my birthday
Olivia Mckenna
Olivia Mckenna - Dag siden
The earthquake of as at 10:08 if you don’t want to watch the wild video
Strawberry and Mango Gaming
Colleen: “Slimey, nasty, let’s put in out hair!” 😂😂 Love ur channel
wolfies play date
wolfies play date - Dag siden
No one:

The earthquake: COME HERE YOU LILLTE!!!

Brittany Neiswinger
Brittany Neiswinger - Dag siden
Looks confused as her toddler pecks pretzels off the counter... "What are you doing??" "
Most frequently asked question of every day of mine lol 😂
Zee Nation
Zee Nation - Dag siden
I didn’t know they were sisters
M F - Dag siden
Lol Colleen: there like her pets. Flynn: ahhwhhah
M F - Dag siden
Plz like!!!!!
Cecilia Fraire
Cecilia Fraire - 2 dager siden
girlllll omg so seeing you try that hair mask made me me recommend you this one shampoo that is like with aloe or whatever but it a shampoo that you can find at any dollar store its really cheap but works perfectly makes you hair smell so good feel so go its soft and beautiful that if you shower one day and try this shampoo you can not shower for like three days and your hair will still remain luscious and perfect i can give you more information if you'd like!!!!!!!!💖💗
Isabella BunnyParker333
Isabella BunnyParker333 - 2 dager siden
Who knew she was gonna be a bred cook
Jyiah Osborne’s
Jyiah Osborne’s - 2 dager siden
Does the dog live with them I never see him
Lilya Fortin
Lilya Fortin - 4 dager siden
is it just me but the whole time i was just watching for the vlog and forgot about the earth quake thing
Ariahnna Jones
Ariahnna Jones - 4 dager siden
Your aloe Vera is rotting that’s why it’s yellow and stinky
Hannah's Royale High World!
Hannah's Royale High World! - 5 dager siden
With Colleen She feels shaking super mom mode activated!!!
Hannah's Royale High World!
Hannah's Royale High World! - 5 dager siden
And I don’t blam her
Athena Gibbs
Athena Gibbs - 5 dager siden
Colleen saying the aloe smells bad is the funniest thing to me cs aloe really does smell like B.O. lmaooooo😂
Emily Cakesss
Emily Cakesss - 5 dager siden
Omg it just cliked to me fynns hair looks like draco malfoy!!!!
AmyDaMooseYT UwU
AmyDaMooseYT UwU - 6 dager siden
I honestly havent found out about miranda until now-
Zoe OGrady
Zoe OGrady - 6 dager siden
*clickbait alert*
Julianna Hayes
Julianna Hayes - 6 dager siden
Colleen: it’s so hot here!
Also Colleen: wearing a hoodie
Brooke Chadwick
Brooke Chadwick - 6 dager siden
Does your Miranda vice hert??
Freddy Carmona Vlogs
Freddy Carmona Vlogs - 7 dager siden
was I the only one that said: IT'S PATRICK
Olivia Kruse
Olivia Kruse - 7 dager siden
Yellow stuff is probably poison
Heather Nicosia
Heather Nicosia - 7 dager siden
So i read that if aloe is yellow, it isn’t safe. But am not a scientist
Kelsey Rosil
Kelsey Rosil - 7 dager siden
Whatever the aloe vera touched make sure to wash it if you're going to eat in something that it touched very good wash it very very good
Kelsey Rosil
Kelsey Rosil - 7 dager siden
I know a lot about hair and if you didn't shower him before you start cutting his hair it's going to turn out good but not that that good it's still going to look cute and stuff like that but you know the hair is just going to get like separated when it grows again
navya abhani
navya abhani - 7 dager siden
Wait where I live I have not felt an earthquake since 2020 started isn't that wierd🧐🤔
Charlie Norrell
Charlie Norrell - 8 dager siden
Lol we have the same baking skills :)
Sarita Milla
Sarita Milla - 8 dager siden
Aloe smells gross lol. That’s how it smells.
Lily Quinn
Lily Quinn - 8 dager siden
Here yall go
it happens at 9:55
ntaaaaaaa - 8 dager siden
Wait is aloe vera for hair not a common knowledge?
iisxnny_rxinii 2.0
iisxnny_rxinii 2.0 - 9 dager siden
Tiffany Greene-Hightower
Tiffany Greene-Hightower - 9 dager siden
Me: THINKS that this person looks like Mirandasings
Valerie B
Valerie B - 9 dager siden
coconut makes your hair soft
sweetbaisy - 9 dager siden
she looks like Mirada sings no jokes aside
Ken Stout
Ken Stout - 9 dager siden
You should do your miranda voice
Lauren Smith
Lauren Smith - 10 dager siden
idk why but this is my favorite video
Susan Pound
Susan Pound - 10 dager siden
That was a lot going on for 14 minutes
Eve xoxoxo
Eve xoxoxo - 11 dager siden
Collinen: it’s over 90 degrees here
Also collien: where’s a jumper
RareCookiie - 12 dager siden
Roses are red
Youtube is to
I got my first like
But why us it blue?
Blue airheads are Superior
Blue airheads are Superior - 12 dager siden
13:57 omg oh noooooooo literally the opposite happened
Sop Glase
Sop Glase - 12 dager siden
I'm a huge fan I love you Colleen Sophia :)
Sheila Carroll
Sheila Carroll - 12 dager siden
Erik: I’ve got a knife!
Me:OMG HES GONNA KILL COLEEN!!!!!!!!!!!!😳😳😳😳😳😳😳😳
Riley Keene
Riley Keene - 12 dager siden
I want your cats
Avester 1121
Avester 1121 - 12 dager siden
The reason that the rules changed was because the tectonic plates move more
Charlotte Worth
Charlotte Worth - 12 dager siden
Ok I know you've probably put the recipe some where but I wanna know the cinnamon bread recipe
Kristyn Donald
Kristyn Donald - 12 dager siden
Its funny when daisy is like running around like whats HAPPENING
Kiera Barnes
Kiera Barnes - 13 dager siden
Allison C
Allison C - 13 dager siden
OMFG I HAVE NEVER SEEN YOU WITHOUT MAKEUP YOU ARE SO INCREDIBLY STUNNING!!!!!!!! I mean you absolutely are with makeup, but holy schmolyyyyyyyyy! 💕💕💕💕💕
Isaura Coba
Isaura Coba - 14 dager siden
i have Aloe plants and like they are a little stinky it’s normal 🥲🥲
Amberellza - 14 dager siden
Aye. You. Left. The. Sink. Running. 0:43
Alaya Riz
Alaya Riz - 14 dager siden
Nothing is wrong with the aloe, just wash off the yellow stuff off of it.
Donkey Juice
Donkey Juice - 15 dager siden
There is like one earthquake every 10 years here it’s super rare so i don’t know what to do if there’s a bad one lol. A week ago we had one here in Massachusetts and it was only level 4 but it was cool lol.
Ava Conger
Ava Conger - 15 dager siden
is colleen and miranda sings the same person if not how do they know each other
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 15 dager siden
Guessing you haven’t seen San Andreas then?
Alisa Murrell
Alisa Murrell - 15 dager siden
Me now noticing that this is marainda sings
XxSiimplyxCloudXx - 15 dager siden
When’s the earthquake?
shiloh matras
shiloh matras - 15 dager siden
I think it's the coconut oil
Gaming Merman
Gaming Merman - 15 dager siden
Omg I just had a earthquake
McCleary Law Offices, PLC
McCleary Law Offices, PLC - 16 dager siden
My little brother has the same problem
maryia BP
maryia BP - 17 dager siden
Love how she rlly done the cosplay anime hand thing right before she went an got the aloevera
Frankie Boyd
Frankie Boyd - 17 dager siden
The also stuff looks like dog spit lol
Ranhgjtyjea Esho
Ranhgjtyjea Esho - 18 dager siden
if you have dandruff, add head and shoulders bc i have the same, (i have dandruff)
Michelle Marrero
Michelle Marrero - 18 dager siden
I like your cut g
Laura Ukkola
Laura Ukkola - 18 dager siden
but at least we seen what happend
Laura Ukkola
Laura Ukkola - 18 dager siden
the earth quake wasent exactly caught on camera
Nicole Strange
Nicole Strange - 18 dager siden
wow so i thought you was weird but with out the lipstick your so pretty i'm not trying to be mean but you kind of sound weird when you have lipstick on is it a voice changer or from the lipstick your voice is amazing
Katherina Marchant
Katherina Marchant - 19 dager siden
It’s my birthday
Katherina Marchant
Katherina Marchant - 19 dager siden
Ani The Star
Ani The Star - 19 dager siden
i've never been in a earth quake
Nicholas Vasquez
Nicholas Vasquez - 19 dager siden
It look sooooo good
Sophia Nicole
Sophia Nicole - 19 dager siden
I can not deal with those omg I get so scared
Ryzee - 19 dager siden
ive never been in a 2 scale eathqwake ive beenin 1 scale but thats it ;( i kinda want 2 or 3 scale
braelyn swats
braelyn swats - 20 dager siden
i just started to watch your vids u look like meranda sings
Hanna Grace
Hanna Grace - 20 dager siden
Kasey Gilbert
Kasey Gilbert - 21 dag siden
EWWWWW I would never do that to my hair. blah :/
Katie Pruett
Katie Pruett - 22 dager siden
you really are a democrat!!!!!
Jessica Kirk
Jessica Kirk - 22 dager siden
Everyone thought I was strange when I said Alo stinks
Ana De la Fuente
Ana De la Fuente - 23 dager siden
I am from Chile, one of the most seismic countries in Latin America we have an earthquake almost every month and almost nobody gets in a bathtub or under the table, look for a place in your house that is isolated from the walls, and always try to stay calm because panic only makes everything worse
Sonya Kim
Sonya Kim - 23 dager siden
Uhh... I think "running" to Flynn's room is an exaggeration...
You tube
You tube - 24 dager siden
Are u miranda sings from haters back off or miranda sings in YouTube
NA - 06HJ 786240 Fallingbrook MS
I don't think you were supposed to put shampoo
Atlantica Wealth
Atlantica Wealth - 25 dager siden
if you use a nit come it will get the gunk out
Qdubz DaReal
Qdubz DaReal - 26 dager siden
Burh u wait that long for the water to get hot lol
Feisty Phoenix
Feisty Phoenix - 26 dager siden
Good thing the earthquake didn’t happen while u were cutting his hair!
genesis yarely
genesis yarely - 26 dager siden
When I did this aloe vera hair thing the same thing happened there was so much little aloe bits and rice my hair is LONG it was hell for me but I had to was it twice a day and get it got with a lice brush so yeah lol💇‍♀️
Charlie D' Amelio
Charlie D' Amelio - 27 dager siden
I saw your Netflix episodes of “HATERS BACK OFF”
Nicola Crossley
Nicola Crossley - 27 dager siden
The aloe vera smoothie looks like my dogs puke when he’s out the back in the wood outside of my back garden or when we take him on a walk lol 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
asbraham dasta
asbraham dasta - 27 dager siden
is it just me or does she not look like Miranda sing
Glow Ke’Ajanae
Glow Ke’Ajanae - 27 dager siden
Your supposed to strain the juice to get rid of the chunks
Kali Khamphilavanh
Kali Khamphilavanh - 27 dager siden
same my grandma has chickens ones name after me