Embarrassing Period Disaster While Camping!

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September 28, 2020
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Runtime: 11:06


jenn jeffs
jenn jeffs - 16 dager siden
If your doing nachos while camping, keep the ingredients simple and COVER With tinfoil or use a dutch oven that has a lid. Then you won't get that "smokey poison flavor" you're talking about! :)
MyMusicIsInsane - 23 dager siden
Flynn is the most precious little cutie!!!!!
Katie Copp
Katie Copp - 25 dager siden
I am watching with subtitles and said Flynn's mom instead of Colleen that's so cuteeeee
Jaja - 28 dager siden
When she saw the raddle snakes sign and Erik picked up Flynn to save him awww. Also I was soo scared because my grandpa got bitten by one once and he died. :( BE CARFUL
Diana Lynn Scott
Diana Lynn Scott - Måned siden
You are a great singer I love you
April Galash
April Galash - Måned siden
My husband and I are buying a van just like the one you used. So excited to have an get away vehicle for weekend excursions. Fun stuff!
JOLLY GAMING - Måned siden
Colleen those are ladybugs!!!! lolllll!!!!!!!!
Caity G
Caity G - Måned siden
So nice of the people next to you to give you cake how sweet
Eosreii - Måned siden
That why I don't like to go out in public on my period I just sit in bed and watch The Vampire Diaries and Greys Anatomy. I also eat chocolate and cry lol
Annika Hughes
Annika Hughes - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute
Javier Barrales Leon
Javier Barrales Leon - Måned siden
Celeste Samuel
Celeste Samuel - Måned siden
Those nachos were poison !! i dont know what brand you use but they have quemicals in them some have plastic you can set them on fire literally , so when i saw the fire i was like oh no !!! I hope you didnt feel sick afterwards.
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson - Måned siden
The bit you clicked on this vid for 4:11
Thank me later
CatRena Rose
CatRena Rose - Måned siden
6:23 Those insects are boxelder beetles. They are not poisonous. I pick them up often. They are all over my back yard. I live in New England.
Shanzeh Abbas
Shanzeh Abbas - Måned siden
omg i'm having a period disaster too rn i am having allergies while on my period and i'm stuck in a math test (on zoom)

btw it's day 2
LazerFruit - Måned siden
Cutest family ever❤️🥺
Lydia Thorne
Lydia Thorne - Måned siden
OMG so unfair, American campsites are the best, in England you camp in a wet field in a tent. So unfair! 😂Love u guys
Melissa Rehmeier
Melissa Rehmeier - Måned siden
Erik vlog’in the ants... I’m living for it! 👍🏼😛
Kendra Baker
Kendra Baker - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute
Katie Gonyea
Katie Gonyea - Måned siden
who wants to have there period so bad and this video was uploaded couple days after my 14 BIRTHDAY!!!
Lillian Parkes
Lillian Parkes - Måned siden
Well... on the bright side... she is not pregnant!
Pink Hoodie
Pink Hoodie - Måned siden
Squish the bugs they eat the wood and spare food around they build holes in the ground but there not poisonous dont worryy
Nico Fan
Nico Fan - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute
Natalie Stover
Natalie Stover - Måned siden
Maybe bring tide to go and stain remover wipes for next time if you leak
Lil Cool kid
Lil Cool kid - Måned siden
The bugs are not poisonous I just checked
ANN-MARIE LOWRIE - Måned siden
dose flynn like your maraindasings
Danyka Flores
Danyka Flores - Måned siden
Those bugs are okay a had them at my house
Braidy Schappert
Braidy Schappert - Måned siden
Its said September 2nd but its October haha
Desi Imes
Desi Imes - Måned siden
Hi beautiful have good day I have good day to I love you love you baby I love you husband I love you husband
Felicity Jones
Felicity Jones - Måned siden
Colleen: maybe it’s like a poisonous flavor 🤔🤔
Alma Orozco
Alma Orozco - Måned siden
Colleen posts anything: 😌
Me: 😍🥰😂😭🤪
Marlee Hill
Marlee Hill - Måned siden
I am just now getting a notification that Colleen posted
Aholelottanothin - Måned siden
I call my boyfriend lovey all the time now
ali rubio
ali rubio - Måned siden
I know I’m super depressed again when I don’t watch your vlogs 😭 I will have to binge watch them now
Bella Brydges
Bella Brydges - Måned siden
Do you mean oct 2
TangoRango - Måned siden
Your family is I c o n I c✨💖
allthingspeta - Måned siden
Hi colleen i love you so much i would love it if i met you hahaha
Julia Goodman
Julia Goodman - Måned siden
I think those bugs might be cicadas
ItzJust Haydin
ItzJust Haydin - Måned siden
Yayyy I haven’t been on YouTube for a couple days so now I get to sit a watch a whole lot of Colleen videos!!!!!!!!! Lol love you Colleen soo much❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Nia Smith
Nia Smith - Måned siden
But the beach is a hot spot so many people got the corona because they went to the beach
Samantha Montgomery
Samantha Montgomery - Måned siden
Eric!! White claw for the win!!
taliya - Måned siden
i’m afraid of large groups of ants irl but somehow i could survive seeing them in video.
Cliona Monaghan
Cliona Monaghan - Måned siden
Erik popping the chairs out is the best thing I’ve seen in a long time🤣
Sienna Boron
Sienna Boron - Måned siden
this is so adorable 9:11
Sienna Boron
Sienna Boron - Måned siden
Eric throwing the chairs 7:38
Carter rose
Carter rose - Måned siden
Hey Democrat
Patrick - Måned siden
lady bugs are red
Kyara King
Kyara King - Måned siden
what is that song she used at 7:12?
Rozanne Mak
Rozanne Mak - Måned siden
Those red bugs are called clover mites and they are not dangerous
Teresa Morote
Teresa Morote - Måned siden
Those bugs in Spain ( where I am from ) are called zapateros ( like shoe makers or smth )
Courtney Novak
Courtney Novak - Måned siden
Clover mites.
Samantha Williams
Samantha Williams - Måned siden
By the way those bugs are called gendarmes and they are not famous🙂🙂
Caristy Olson
Caristy Olson - Måned siden
There is an app called Seek that you can use to find out what things- bugs, plants, animals are.
Alyssa Del Real
Alyssa Del Real - Måned siden
those red bugs are called blud sukrs and they are not poinse they do not do nothing.....
Shelby Ragland
Shelby Ragland - Måned siden
Super freaking late to this but when we’d go camping when I was little my parents would always make kabobs. So delicious!
Lauren Ragle
Lauren Ragle - Måned siden
The little cheers is so cute! ❤️
Mister Miles
Mister Miles - Måned siden
Hi I’m Karachi
Allison Satar
Allison Satar - Måned siden
Those bugs are just beetles
Jessica M
Jessica M - Måned siden
Hey I never finish cokes either!
Briana Hurtado
Briana Hurtado - Måned siden
awwwwww the end of the intro when eric and flynn were cheering was soooo cute
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - Måned siden
clofy _
clofy _ - Måned siden
Ashlynn K Huttman
Ashlynn K Huttman - Måned siden
todays my birthday
Adineysi Herrera
Adineysi Herrera - Måned siden
Colleen those red bugs sting you really bad they can literally peel off your skin and leave you bleeding I know that cause my grandma told me that cause in her ranch there are a lot of them
Erika Ysabel Gavino
Erika Ysabel Gavino - Måned siden
Lmaooo the date says September instead of October
- Amelia -
- Amelia - - Måned siden
Omg lol I got my first period while camping
Beth Craven-Thuss
Beth Craven-Thuss - Måned siden
aren't those bugs ticks?
Sofi Valentin
Sofi Valentin - Måned siden
Is Miranda Sings actually leaving the internet
Original Gangstermeme
Original Gangstermeme - Måned siden
I’m going camping for the 3rd time next week
Gavlik Georgina
Gavlik Georgina - Måned siden
dont worry lol we have that red bug all over here in Hungary they don't sting they're harmless
Harriet King
Harriet King - Måned siden
THE OCEAN VIEW GIRLS, ITS GORG! ITS GORG!!! hahahha i love you colleen!!
Carol Deaton
Carol Deaton - Måned siden
Neave Foston
Neave Foston - Måned siden
Does she know that’s she put September as the month xx😂😂😂
just call me Jess z
just call me Jess z - Måned siden
Colleen - "....and haunted.."
Flyn -" Oh No!"
Timing could not have been more perfect!!
Sierra Beaudoin
Sierra Beaudoin - Måned siden
Ugh I love Gwen and Tim so much. They’re so sweet and the best grandparents! I wish I was a Ballinger 🥺
Lesley Fay
Lesley Fay - Måned siden
I love hearing Flynn talk he is to cute good job Colleen being the best mom ever
Jessy Vera
Jessy Vera - Måned siden
Ok...let’s just talk about the little chair for flin
Aniya Tanner
Aniya Tanner - Måned siden
My mom grew up on an island and we heard to call Rhodes luv bugs when we went to visit. Man this one dude used to let them crawl al over his badly that’s where we got the name from
Shikira Madison
Shikira Madison - Måned siden
The cheers with the ahhhhh 😭😍
Langston Garcea
Langston Garcea - Måned siden
love you so much hope you are having fun camping and try to play peek a boo with Flynn and see what he dose and please can you say my name it is Langston if you do :)love you
Courtney Blackley
Courtney Blackley - Måned siden
Laura Moore
Laura Moore - Måned siden
Its October you said September 2nd0
Natali Padilla
Natali Padilla - Måned siden
Does anyone eles say September 2 🤭 we knew what u meant 🤣🤣 love I Colleen 🥰🥰
DabCat Demon
DabCat Demon - Måned siden
Colleen: Sees bugs first thought "are they poisonus?" 😂😂
KB Tangled
KB Tangled - Måned siden
No ones talking about that dope outro picture and song...
KatieSparkles - Måned siden
Oh man those nachos looked good though! I am sorry they didn’t turn out well at all.
Camy C
Camy C - Måned siden
just sayin' that "skillet" is actually a cast iron...
Serena Culver
Serena Culver - Måned siden
Those bugs are called teepee bugs and they are not posiness at all💝
abigail wilson-law
abigail wilson-law - Måned siden
Jesus Carrillo
Jesus Carrillo - Måned siden
The bugs are called berry bugs they are pretty much mosquitos as in they just give you the urge to scratch
Erin -Z
Erin -Z - Måned siden
I love 9:08 it's the cutest thing ever ... Him copying Eric after too 🥺❤️❤️
weirdo river
weirdo river - Måned siden
Erin Overby lol 9:09 yes so cuuute
Zariah Riggins
Zariah Riggins - Måned siden
Hi Colleen
Charlotte & Davey
Charlotte & Davey - Måned siden
wait those are pajama shorts?????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jay Nelson
Jay Nelson - Måned siden
They are love bugs they’re not poisonous
Keira O Reilly
Keira O Reilly - Måned siden
Lemon Flavor
Lemon Flavor - Måned siden
The weird thing about like you I had a dream about you and your whole family and me Flynn was there too and your husband and it was like about we got lost in the woods me and you got lost in the woods and we got lost from your whole family and of course I was trying to make a treehouse but it turns out there was a murderer in the woods and we saw the murder happen it was no one in your family who got killed but then we reunite with your family and we tell them the whole story so the next day we run out of the place and that day you are getting married to your husband it was like a family thing but you just invited me so basically almost at the end we went back and the murderer was there too so you got attacked but guess what I saved you and then I just woke up it was like nothing happened I woke up and I literally thought it was real I like oh my God oh my God where are you and then I remember like that was a dream
Elizabeth Murray
Elizabeth Murray - Måned siden
7:47 Flynn is such a mood
Haylee McDonald
Haylee McDonald - Måned siden
Lady bugs are red Colleen
Milica Kovac 1
Milica Kovac 1 - Måned siden
Those red bugs are not poisen, in my country we have those everywhere so he can play with those.
cmoney rules
cmoney rules - Måned siden
I have those bugs at my apartments in the trees they're called boxelder bugs here...