Family Urgent Matter Stops The Camping Trip

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Runtime: 11:43


Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 23 dager siden
Flynn picking out a pumpkin is everything!!
Morgan Jones
Morgan Jones - Måned siden
Yoooo my mom has the same apple thing lol
Kelly Rush
Kelly Rush - Måned siden
That’s an apple slinky
Stephanie Solis
Stephanie Solis - Måned siden
Shout out to lane farms! 👏🏼🤪 I wanted to try those churro nuggets last year when I went but didn’t buy them Bc I was iffy! I’ll have to go back and buy some this year.😋👌🏼 thx Colleen!!
Crystal Currie
Crystal Currie - Måned siden
Where can I buy one of those fly zap things
Lizzie Becker
Lizzie Becker - Måned siden
I LOVED that apple peeler/corer that my mom had! I’ve been looking for one for myself forever!
Anna Cook
Anna Cook - Måned siden
Lol the shock on colleens face when Erik burped🤣🤣🤣
tinabutterandjelly - Måned siden
The apple orchard we go to in Illinois every year has those lane farm churro nugges too! So good!!
Caitekat 101
Caitekat 101 - Måned siden
It’s really good that Eric is still getting auditions during this time !! A lot of people I know have had contracts cancelled or haven’t been able to go to auditions for months. It’s hard for us actors and professional dancers at the moment that’s for sure.
Desi Imes
Desi Imes - Måned siden
Hi beautiful have good day I have good day to I love you love you baby love you husband I love you family miss you
Nancy Ramos
Nancy Ramos - Måned siden
Flynn really said, "no, no, no. i know it when i see it" and then picked out the perfectly round pumpkin... i-
Erin Anderson
Erin Anderson - Måned siden
Oh my gosh we totally used to have one of those apple peelers. Classic. Haha!
dxstxnycxnxz - Måned siden
flynn is a good boy. he chose the pumpkin by itself. i could be thinking too much into it but he probably saw the others were in a group
leo - Måned siden
that wasn’t me?
Everyone: are you sure?
leo - Måned siden
“Oh my lens is dirty”
Devon Dent
Devon Dent - Måned siden
Did you and Eric know you liked each other during your chemistry read?
Emily DeJesus
Emily DeJesus - Måned siden
I love how Colleen specifically put in the video clip of her just cleaning the camera. Like it could’ve easily been cut bc there was nothing else in that shot of significance (it just cut to what she said next) and it just made me smile bc of how rather then cutting it she kept something as weird as that 😂💛.
Zoey Spaulding
Zoey Spaulding - Måned siden
we have that same apple corer peeler thing!!
Shelly958Daniel - Måned siden
I saw an ad for these on Facebook & thought Flynn would LOVE these. I think Erik might even enjoy them too. They look so awesome. I would love them.
Lacey Fisher
Lacey Fisher - Måned siden
Cute family!
Sydney Griffith
Sydney Griffith - Måned siden
7:39 I like how the background music just stopped out of no where🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂
kayyyandriaa - Måned siden
I went to school at UCSB so it's so wild for me to see you going to the same places I would go to. That pumpkin patch is ESSENTIAL !!
Valentina Vasquez
Valentina Vasquez - Måned siden
(Read if youre from texas) we all agree that she ate a version of beaver nuggets right???
Aussie Matt
Aussie Matt - Måned siden
Silvia T
Silvia T - Måned siden
Aw he’s so cute😗🥺🥺🥺
Hamna Hafejee
Hamna Hafejee - Måned siden
Micaela Johnson
Micaela Johnson - Måned siden
This was the funniest vlog ever
Carter rose
Carter rose - Måned siden
Hey Democrat
Katelyn Brown
Katelyn Brown - Måned siden
That is the pumpkin patch Rebecca zomallo filmed at last year
Ivonne Gutierrez
Ivonne Gutierrez - Måned siden
Colleen calls her moms kitchen tiny lmao you should see my moms! You would call it mini kitchen
Meagan Rodriguez
Meagan Rodriguez - Måned siden
Those churro nuggets are basically beaver nuggets from Buc-ee’s here in Texas ! So good. 😄😄🤠🤠
Claire - Måned siden
7:08 my dad tried doing that toe once and he kicked me in the head 🤕 😂
Annabel Martin
Annabel Martin - Måned siden
anyone else like the video before it even starts
Crystal Hernandez
Crystal Hernandez - Måned siden
Read this title like it was a news headline 😂
lilly Lilly
lilly Lilly - Måned siden
God bless this family amen
McKenna Anderson
McKenna Anderson - Måned siden
Love your channel have a good rest of your time camping
Ghadier Nassour
Ghadier Nassour - Måned siden
Colleen: *sees pigs* thinks they’re cute
Me: u eat pigs 👁👄👁
Sophie O'Connell
Sophie O'Connell - Måned siden
April Harwig
April Harwig - Måned siden
Does anybody else back up the video and rewatch when she says things like Miranda? 8:12 "back on the road again " 😂
Alex Channon
Alex Channon - Måned siden
My family has had one of those apple peelers for years 😂 they had them in the canteen at primary school and would sell fresh apple slices for a couple of cents
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez - Måned siden
And your dad was holding his mask
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez - Måned siden
Why did you not have an mask on when you were outside
Jade Albarrán
Jade Albarrán - Måned siden
Colleen: so my mom got these churro nuggets
Me: I made churro nuggets today
Sydney Stilling
Sydney Stilling - Måned siden
I have that apple slicer
laurdd371 - Måned siden
The music in this makes me think of Doug EVERY TIME. 😂
Jolene Kraus
Jolene Kraus - Måned siden
Yay! Hope he gets the part!!! 🥰 Keep having fun!!!
Savannah Gonzales
Savannah Gonzales - Måned siden
Oh my god this made me remember my mom had one of those apple peelers/cutters too! Aaah memories
Courtney Bryant
Courtney Bryant - Måned siden
Wow how or where do you get one of those Apple slices? That amazing! And eric... omg I was dying laughing
Courtney Nehr
Courtney Nehr - Måned siden
bruh eriks burp
Chloe Weir
Chloe Weir - Måned siden
Flynn: fksjrbcnskrjfcne
Colleen: yeah you want to go se the bok boks
Britney Ryder
Britney Ryder - Måned siden
click bait :(
Grace Korynta
Grace Korynta - Måned siden
the little fly swatting part was way too good
Toasted Mallow
Toasted Mallow - Måned siden
My wife and I had chemistry just through messenger on AOL back in 97 😉
Leslie Buchheit
Leslie Buchheit - Måned siden
Ellen Pride
Ellen Pride - Måned siden
Colleen ily so PLEASE show the Flynn the Disney movie 'Cars' and film his reaction!!!!!
Crystal Boven
Crystal Boven - Måned siden
Omg I thought we was the only one who had that apple devise woohoo now i know other ppl have it also
Briana Poe
Briana Poe - Måned siden
We have that apple corer at our house 😂
_tararoot - Måned siden
Apparently every mom in America has that same exact apple peeler. Because my mom has it too haha
Baby Firefly
Baby Firefly - Måned siden
I thought they were playing tennis in the kitchen, at first!
Rachel Gibson
Rachel Gibson - Måned siden
I just realized how sad it is that people in that region of the US haven’t experienced a true pumpkin patch. And I’m talking legit cutting your pumpkin off the vine and walking through acres trying to find the perfect one
Gacha life pro ÙwÚ haha ÙwÚ
One fly two men who will win
Fast forward and the men lose
kate tomlinson
kate tomlinson - Måned siden
your eyebrows are immaculate
Baden Shackelford
Baden Shackelford - Måned siden
Anyone who lives in Texas knows that those churro nuggets are just beaver nuggets from Buc-ee’s
Patrick - Måned siden
That tiny kitchen is as big as my whole place!
Patrick - Måned siden
Every time you or your sister say that you look like potatoes I think, potatoes are cool, and then I think of a baked potato and then I get hungry.
Patrick - Måned siden
The idea of wearing a mask in a shared space is so that if you have covid, even if you don't know you have it yet, you won't be breathing out the virus. Because of that you should wear the mask all of the time. Breathing out clouds of virus that someone might walk through in eight minutes isn't nice. You'd want them to mask up and you'd of course mask up to keep them safe. You don't have to pull the mask down or off to talk to us, you can hear people with masks on.
Becky Corwin
Becky Corwin - Måned siden
What he do burp
Mr MakeShft
Mr MakeShft - Måned siden
Congratulations Eric
Natalie Lemire
Natalie Lemire - Måned siden
Are you going to vlog in October?
Petra Pääkkönen
Petra Pääkkönen - Måned siden
In Finland we have internet wherever we go. It’s wild to think you don’t have access to internet while camping!
Evan Flores
Evan Flores - Måned siden
Can you do a video of singing your lullaby to Flynn
Love you Colleen
While We Wait
While We Wait - Måned siden
Omg. I don’t know if I should say the name of the place BUT I swear I’ve been there. Don’t they have a Tree Patch as well?
Amaya ROSS
Amaya ROSS - Måned siden
Don’t stop miranda
She can’t go
Like if you agree
half blood peeves
half blood peeves - Måned siden
Guys I don’t think she’s gonna vlog bc it’s October 🥺🥺🥺
Ruby Roche
Ruby Roche - Måned siden
Love you
Mia Hayner
Mia Hayner - Måned siden
Colleen the notes u hit on the song at the end are just so amazing!
BabyWilliamASMR - Måned siden
Oh we knew yall two had chemistry🙃🙃🙃
Kelly Myers
Kelly Myers - Måned siden
Yay!!! Good luck Erik! I hope you get the part! Flynn looks so cute picking out his pumpkin!
Bella Bellabella
Bella Bellabella - Måned siden
Colleen I thought something was wrong with dad or mom. Thank god their ok 🙏🏼
Anna-Maria Schwinn
Anna-Maria Schwinn - Måned siden
Hey, just wanna to say thank you!!!❤❤❤you're always making me happy and helping me in hard times!! Thank you so much for that!!!
mattea wright
mattea wright - Måned siden
yay eric!!!
Emi Gomez
Emi Gomez - Måned siden
Those look like Beaver Nuggets from Buc-cees!
Inaya Rahman
Inaya Rahman - Måned siden
Rachel Ravenclaw
Rachel Ravenclaw - Måned siden
Didn’t the Soggy Bottom Boys sing in O Brother Where Art Thou?
Hannah Edlefsen
Hannah Edlefsen - Måned siden
Lmao I thought that when Colleen said I’m gonna make apple pie with my mama I thought she said I’m going to make out with my mama and I was like WHAT!!
skylar macari
skylar macari - Måned siden
hey this is random but ik u were talking about your dermatillomania, i saw this bracelet by HabitAware called Keen. i think it would be cool if u tried it and possibly reviewed it and said how it worked for u. it could possibly b helpful for u and the other people who have it and can't figure out a solution. you've done an amazing job at spreading awareness for it, i didn't even know there was a name for the thing i had been doing since i was 10!
Rachel Ravenclaw
Rachel Ravenclaw - Måned siden
Kweeeeeeen of clickbait
Alex - Måned siden
What beach was that?
JDee Perriman
JDee Perriman - Måned siden
You should make a video of flynn's dictionary (vocabulary)
ChaCha - Måned siden
Oh, Beaver Nuggets.
Bryn S
Bryn S - Måned siden
Colleen was that your childhood blanky you were laying your head on in the beginning ?? If it is that’s so adorable, I still keep my favorite childhood teddy bear.
Loveless Angel
Loveless Angel - Måned siden
your dad actually has a mayo light shirt?? lol
Katie Emrich
Katie Emrich - Måned siden
Omg! My husband and I have one of those types of apple peelers and they are amazing! Especially when you hook up power tools to it and the peels go everywhere!
Nancy Wells
Nancy Wells - Måned siden
I bought an apple peeler, corer from Avon a few years ago. I think it works pretty well.
Ksenia Jayne
Ksenia Jayne - Måned siden
Why does your son not have a mask on?
Gemini Dragon
Gemini Dragon - Måned siden
ok so advise. your should move to canada right after the borders are open again so Flynn can grow up in one place and understand the weather. if u go in say 2-3 years he might have good friends and he will have to say goodbye. just advise is move as fast as u can if u want to lol
Emma Guthrie
Emma Guthrie - Måned siden
Good luck to Eric!
Aj Beauty
Aj Beauty - Måned siden
The fly probably thought they were playing a game 😂
Hayley Grimes
Hayley Grimes - Måned siden
This is literally my dream! So jealous! I am honest, I really am jealous of that. Ok, I am inspired, I have to try to do something with Theatre in college or in my life. I can't not, it is my passion, I want to so bad, its just it is really hard to do, but I will see.
Katie Cortese
Katie Cortese - Måned siden
i thought the emergency was that they all got such bad poop and they needed to go home