Fighting With My Husband

4 029
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Runtime: 11:01


Phoebe Gallaher
Phoebe Gallaher - 2 timer siden
Eric has some funky dance moves 😂
The Twisted sisters
The Twisted sisters - 9 timer siden
I set up for Christmas on thanksgiving day
Chloe DC
Chloe DC - 2 dager siden
Its okay colleen cuz us Filipinos decorate starting in September
CatRena Rose
CatRena Rose - 3 dager siden
I agree with Erik. PERIOD!!
Kaylie Grant
Kaylie Grant - 7 dager siden
Loved the dance party !😂😂
Maro Gotto
Maro Gotto - 7 dager siden
"All I do is look forward to the day when I get to take the Christmas decorations down", This is too relatable!!! Such a mood tbh
Jocelyn Foreman
Jocelyn Foreman - 8 dager siden
Put them in a frame and hang it in his room
dezerae tune
dezerae tune - 8 dager siden
Christmas is the best time of the year
Tammy Marshall
Tammy Marshall - 9 dager siden
Wait,wait,wait,so your miranda sings('>') I did not know that
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 10 dager siden
I don't think ppl should care about Christmas being early this year it make ppl so happy especially during this werid time I think alot of ppl need it to feel better and happier
King Cheese Pizza
King Cheese Pizza - 11 dager siden
Team Colleen Christmas is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Maryann Alvey
Maryann Alvey - 12 dager siden
my christmas tree was up on November 1st......
delegate zero
delegate zero - 13 dager siden
Lmfao, Flynn’s dance moves consist of 90% spinning and ignoring his dad while spinning 🤣
Katherine Luna
Katherine Luna - 13 dager siden
Hi there can I ask you something please
francisco jorge
francisco jorge - 13 dager siden
Eriiiiiiiccc I always put up my Christmas decorations on November 1st ...🤣🤣 🎄
Sloane Connolly
Sloane Connolly - 13 dager siden
we need joy of christmas
Jasmine Randazzo
Jasmine Randazzo - 14 dager siden
colleen, can you do Miranda vlogs?
That would be so funny
Rodiculous Ro
Rodiculous Ro - 15 dager siden
I am totally team eric because I get mad at my grandma for putting up her Christmas tree up before thanksgiving is a actual holiday people and like people act like it isn’t even a thing
Ana Torres
Ana Torres - 15 dager siden
november 1st is christmas
Heart llama
Heart llama - 15 dager siden
Who else is catching up, eating a burrito, happily listening to Colleen
MySeasideRendezvous - 15 dager siden
Everything about Christmas makes me barf. No thanks. I’m a total Grinch. But do you Colleen, I guess.
Amber Norcross
Amber Norcross - 15 dager siden
I love setting up fir christmas early too
Timmy and Jenna
Timmy and Jenna - 16 dager siden
I am definitely putting my Christmas decorations up before thanksgiving.....
TheLifeOfZyia - 16 dager siden
Team Colleen Christmas starts right away 🎄
Bella S
Bella S - 16 dager siden
i started celebrating the day after halloween
Laycee Hughes
Laycee Hughes - 16 dager siden
Late but...I’m with Colleen on this!!
Lauren Dziwulski
Lauren Dziwulski - 16 dager siden
Team colleen it’s been a hard year enjoy Christmas for a long as possible
Faith Parisi
Faith Parisi - 16 dager siden
Rent is the best thing ever
Alyssa Nunez
Alyssa Nunez - 17 dager siden
Tell MR ERIC that pretty much all Philipenos celebrate Christmas the day after Halloween soooooooooooo
Ps. Luv u all 💗✨
Haylie Ellis
Haylie Ellis - 17 dager siden
Same I put a mini tree in my room in October
Ashley J
Ashley J - 17 dager siden
I love Cimerelli I was sad when when Dani left
Aira Ozman
Aira Ozman - 17 dager siden
I am team colleen I LOVE Christmas
Cherry Blossom Gaming
Cherry Blossom Gaming - 17 dager siden
I’m with Colleen, wanna know why?
I write my Xmas list in June ;—; if u think Colleens weird, dont, I’m weirder ;—;
SOL.Y. Peace and Love
SOL.Y. Peace and Love - 17 dager siden
You have a heart shape situation in your nose and is so adorable
Josie and panda
Josie and panda - 18 dager siden
Oml Ive totally decorated on October 4 ever since I can remember
Caisey Finnegan
Caisey Finnegan - 18 dager siden
i love dani and emmyn
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 18 dager siden
Why the heck are you with him? He is so miserable 😂😂
Morgan - 19 dager siden
but-but thanksgiving
Neesie L
Neesie L - 20 dager siden
Oh no Erik, many people decorate for Christmas after Halloween. Thanksgiving does not have to change, it can all happen with the Christmas decorations up.
Kleo Azure
Kleo Azure - 20 dager siden
COLLEEN how dare u fight with you LOVEY
Animeboi Teehee
Animeboi Teehee - 20 dager siden
Notification squad? eHh?
L Henry
L Henry - 20 dager siden
I think decorations go up after thanksgiving but Christmas music starts month of November. And that’s on periodt.
Lon M
Lon M - 20 dager siden
Team Colleen!! do you!!!! You have to it is what you do and you made a whole song about it!
S L - 21 dag siden
Team colleen
Delilah Addison
Delilah Addison - 21 dag siden
I totally agree with you, Colleen! I absolutely LOVE Christmas & have been decorating the day after Halloween for years now. It brings me such joy, especially this year, just looking forward to Christmas this early & being able to savor it 🥰 I occasionally listen to Christmas music throughout the year because sometimes a girl just needs a little pick me up, ya know? I actually got an MRI the other day & asked to listen to Christmas music during it because I knew it would help. Christmas shouldn’t have to be confined to 25 days 😫
Greg Gilson
Greg Gilson - 21 dag siden
I literally wore a Christmas sweater 2 days after Halloween
Nadia Kessel
Nadia Kessel - 22 dager siden
Not to harsh but I will STUCK MY TONGUE OUT AT ERIC
Nadia Kessel
Nadia Kessel - 22 dager siden
Nadia Kessel
Nadia Kessel - 22 dager siden
Natalie Sonberg
Natalie Sonberg - 23 dager siden
My tree was up the day before Halloween 😭😭
Nicole Violettito
Nicole Violettito - 23 dager siden
Kyra Hyatt
Kyra Hyatt - 23 dager siden
The ballingers are the only family that I can tolerate talking about Christmas in October (because I can’t stand Christmas don’t ask why because idk)
Hallie Brandt
Hallie Brandt - 23 dager siden
Our tree was up nov 2nd
Allison Beek
Allison Beek - 23 dager siden
Don't worry my mom started decorating mid October.. also will to when i have my own family.
Catherine D'Souza
Catherine D'Souza - 23 dager siden
Am I the only one who got really excited when the picture of Dani popped up?

Just me? Okay...
Elise Xuereb
Elise Xuereb - 23 dager siden
YEAAAAHHHHHH COLLEEN IGNORE ERIK AND DECORATE EARLYYYYYYY!!!!!!! I literally was cheering for you while I heard you argue!!!! GO YOU!!!!
Ambrose Sombrero
Ambrose Sombrero - 23 dager siden
Your husband asked to alternate and not decorate til after thanks giving...
Not that you can ever decorate... try to do something in one room comprising
Ilse Macrander
Ilse Macrander - 23 dager siden
Alexis Rothenbach
Alexis Rothenbach - 23 dager siden
Why does Erik remind me of jugehead during their dance party 😂
Alexis Rothenbach
Alexis Rothenbach - 23 dager siden
Omg I walked away from my phone while watching your vid and I walked back and you had changed into the same sweater as me 😂
Aylee Adventures !!!
Aylee Adventures !!! - 23 dager siden
My mom does the Creating after Queen she does it straight on November 1 and then the Christmas tree goes up on November 2
eyesofivy - 23 dager siden
Christmas music and decorations should only come out after thanksgiving.
Joyce Cheslock
Joyce Cheslock - 23 dager siden
I'm with Erik and colleen Erik is right you should wait in till after thanksgiving but colleen is also right because Christmas is soo awesome they are both right in there own way.

Also I am a huge fan of you colleen ❤❤💜💜💛💛💚💚💙💙
NAM Productions
NAM Productions - 23 dager siden
Viola Chasety
Viola Chasety - 23 dager siden
I’m glad she decorates early I’m having the urge to but if she does it I will calm down
Phoebe Dawkins
Phoebe Dawkins - 24 dager siden
I want to start decorating for christmas the day the shops start selling christmas merch as I don't celebrate halloween as I live in Australia. I freaking love christmas
Lily Aitchison
Lily Aitchison - 24 dager siden
We put Christmas decorations up in the middle of October
Lupita Morales
Lupita Morales - 24 dager siden
I decorate the day after halloween I need some light in my life lol
Alexa Rickaby
Alexa Rickaby - 24 dager siden
You should put up Christmas decoration.☺😊
J Rutan
J Rutan - 24 dager siden
Love Christmas but feel bad that you won't even compromise with him. Its not all about what you want. No shade if thats how your relationship works. Mine is just different.
ANA S - 24 dager siden
Love you!!! But please change your outro 😖
Victoria Garritt
Victoria Garritt - 24 dager siden
Ok but I need to get in a good 20 days of birthday celebration for my birthday after Halloween before I feel like I can start Christmas season. Christmas season starts Nov. 22
Hill Billy
Hill Billy - 24 dager siden
We decorate for Christmas on the 7 the of Nov. We do it so early because we have had a hard couple of years and Christmas is that one time of the year that helps with our depression. Thats y I listen to Christmas music in the summer because it's my 'hype' music. It's one of the only things that truely makes me happy. People are nicer and it's just a better time of the year.
mimiteen15 - 24 dager siden
Erik is definitly the scrooge and grinch.😅In Canada Thanksgiving is in October, so November 1st we start getting into Christmas vibes. I'm so excited ill start decorating soon.🎄🎉🥳🥰
Amino Homie
Amino Homie - 24 dager siden
I decorate after Thanksgiving.
Amino Homie
Amino Homie - 24 dager siden
Keryn Gillham
Keryn Gillham - 24 dager siden
I started singing the rent part too 🥺❤️😹 rent is my absolute favorite
Nate Rowe
Nate Rowe - 25 dager siden
You so u me and my bf are haveing a Halloween Christmas
Emma Janse
Emma Janse - 25 dager siden
I ALWAYS put my decorations up november 1.
Lizbeth Ramirez
Lizbeth Ramirez - 25 dager siden
My mom is putting crismas stuff up
Astronaut Cricket
Astronaut Cricket - 25 dager siden
100% on your side, Colleen. My family always puts the tree up on Nov. 1 :D Every single year. It's our family tradition we made up ourselves. Nov 1 is my sister's birthday and she is obsessed with Christmas, so ever since she was 2, we started doing it as part of her birthday party. It's the best.
Skylar Ivey
Skylar Ivey - 25 dager siden
My husband is just like Erik when it comes to Christmas. So when we got married he told me that I can put up a Christmas tree this year. This will be his first Christmas with a Christmas tree in a long time.
Kala Sylva
Kala Sylva - 25 dager siden
I’m with you Colleen it’s Christmas 🎄 the day after Halloween!
Hege Grande
Hege Grande - 25 dager siden
Ilaniswildpets - 25 dager siden
Lol the fight
Caisey Finnegan
Caisey Finnegan - 25 dager siden
Sam Viloria
Sam Viloria - 25 dager siden
LOL im decorating for christmas on the first week of november. in the philippines they already have their christmas decor up
nevaeh mckeel
nevaeh mckeel - 26 dager siden
You should try watching unus annus before the time runs out!
jules - 26 dager siden
I don't personally like celebrating Christmas too early but it's super valid that other people do. That's my take on it
Rylee Cratty
Rylee Cratty - 26 dager siden
My mom texted me yesterday take down Halloween it is Christmas. I want to get a tree.
Renee Seymour
Renee Seymour - 26 dager siden
I am Erik 😂, I am Scrooge
IamjustSerenity - 26 dager siden
I agree with Erik lol
Devan Rashel
Devan Rashel - 26 dager siden
My family definitely decorates for Christmas the day after Halloween too. I love Christmas time.
Madison White
Madison White - 26 dager siden
Well Eric I we took down are Halloween decor today. I’m already getting my Christmas tree’s out so I agree with Colleen
Addisyn Jones
Addisyn Jones - 26 dager siden
My mom just put up the Christmas decorations 😂
Brianna Pearson
Brianna Pearson - 26 dager siden
Omg I love Dani and her sisters I watch the both of them 💖👌🏾.
Emily Rose
Emily Rose - 26 dager siden
Eric is so controlling you can tell
Maria F
Maria F - 26 dager siden
"i would put up one tree in december"
"enjoy that in hell" I AM CRYING HAHAHA
minjum rogers
minjum rogers - 26 dager siden
They’re decorations. You are definitely dramatic Erik. Putting your foot down? Where... I love that Colleen stands her ground. It’s such a non issue... if it brings her happiness... and most likely happiness to their son, why should she compromise if he has no holiday spirit.
samiamato - 26 dager siden
I completely agree with Eric.