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Runtime: 10:04


Nelson Barberena
Nelson Barberena - Dag siden
I can see
Caithlin O Brien Sheehan
Caithlin O Brien Sheehan - 3 dager siden
I love kory's voiceovers. There the best.
elle campbell
elle campbell - 7 dager siden
Okay this is not related to anything but I’ve only met one other person who has this. Colleen has the same exact birthmark as me on the same arm and it looks like the same size and shape. Idk why but I think that’s weird 😂
vanessa - 9 dager siden
david should've bought flynn a tesla
Amanda Castro
Amanda Castro - 10 dager siden
Flynn should have his own vlog channel
Maria F
Maria F - 10 dager siden
Everything Life
Everything Life - 15 dager siden
Why is Miranda leaving the internet I love the YouTube videos
Barbara L
Barbara L - 16 dager siden
I am LIVING for Kory’s narration of Flynn’s shots 😂
David Reimer
David Reimer - 17 dager siden
Please do more translations with Flinn its so cute
flo chalmers
flo chalmers - 18 dager siden
Kory! I think I love you
Maysa Baez
Maysa Baez - 20 dager siden
No one:
Flynn: dädéÿ
Mark Hutsell
Mark Hutsell - 20 dager siden
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 21 dag siden
Erik's Spongebob mask tho
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 21 dag siden
Flynn's going to be a vlogger when he's older!
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - 22 dager siden
Omgggg thank u kory 🤣🤣💞💞💞
Lil Cool kid
Lil Cool kid - 23 dager siden
Why is Flynn’s vloging skills better than some vloggers
Disco Dolly
Disco Dolly - 24 dager siden
Don't know about anyone else (over 18!) who rewound a certain portion of this blog...😏😏 I sure did, you lucky girl Colleen😆
Isabella Argueta
Isabella Argueta - 24 dager siden
I did not see the truck but I saw yellow
Rylee Cratty
Rylee Cratty - 25 dager siden
Koreys voice over 🤣🤣🤣
Felicia Friedman
Felicia Friedman - 25 dager siden
Flynn is so adorable!!
SheWhoMust NotBeNamed
SheWhoMust NotBeNamed - 26 dager siden
i love korys voiceovers hahaha
Lindsay West
Lindsay West - 27 dager siden
Kory doing Flynn’s voice I can not deal 😂😂
Alfonso Ceja
Alfonso Ceja - 27 dager siden
At 4:08 it sounds like Flynn says “ I have a big truck”😂
Evelyn Hall
Evelyn Hall - 27 dager siden
Y’all it also being a little chilly in Texas 🤩
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - 27 dager siden
Flynn is so cute
Cami Bermudez
Cami Bermudez - 28 dager siden
Where does he get his Blound hair
Claire's unicorn Squad
Claire's unicorn Squad - 28 dager siden
It's funny how he's like yeah dirt🤭🤢
Midñight Phøenix
Midñight Phøenix - 29 dager siden
Flynn is gonna be a better vlogger than David Dobrik one day
Designer Diva
Designer Diva - 29 dager siden
Pokemon Junior
Pokemon Junior - 29 dager siden
Maybe Flynn would like Thomas and Friends after all
Connor Fineran
Connor Fineran - 29 dager siden
He looks like a blonde Eric. So cute :)
Meital Rothschild
Meital Rothschild - 29 dager siden
Did anyone else search for Flynn's pumpkin on Ebay?
Chloe Briere
Chloe Briere - Måned siden
Please please please do a DITL of Flynn and have Kory do a voiceover. I don't think you understand how much I need this.
Brooke Klinger
Brooke Klinger - Måned siden
I love when corey does a voiceover for flynn
Tee - Måned siden
The voiceover is everything I ever wanted in life
Sarah R
Sarah R - Måned siden
Kory’s Voiceoverssss and Colleen’s Laugh 😍💜
Its Sydney the Unicorn
Its Sydney the Unicorn - Måned siden
I can see the truck Flynn!😂🚚🚙🚗
chone ewell
chone ewell - Måned siden
Kory and Flynn are everything
Chiara Sav
Chiara Sav - Måned siden
The food that you were eating for dinner in Australia is called a parmigiana
a arguellez
a arguellez - Måned siden
I see the trucks Flynn 😃👍
Mac Rat
Mac Rat - Måned siden
“We got the.. dada! Here is the back!”
swimminINh20 - Måned siden
Kory's commentary has me ROLLING. Omg so funny!
TheMagentaPuppy - Måned siden
"But I'll play along with these delusions." 💀💀💀
Bailey Drouin
Bailey Drouin - Måned siden
did anyone else see the screen rotate a little around 6 1/2 mins
The Tiny Little Tuber
The Tiny Little Tuber - Måned siden
I thought Flynn’s hair would turn more brown as he got older. But he still has his beautiful cute blonde hair.
Anyways... so- “hey! We need to get off the road because Flynn the DAR DAR expert is coming!!” Ok as I was saying-
Ophélia - Måned siden
We can see the trucks ❤
Allison Gabelman
Allison Gabelman - Måned siden
Dev - Måned siden
Korey's voiceover was everything I could have wanted and more
Gloria Alfaro
Gloria Alfaro - Måned siden
The Flynn take over is the best with Kory's voiceover! We want more of this!!!! :)
EVA NEKTALOV - Måned siden
omg flynn is like the cutest thing on earth!
Jteja011 - Måned siden
I love the voiceovers for Flynn 😂😂
Lauren O
Lauren O - Måned siden
I had to remind myself I don’t want kids after seeing that shot of his little shoes! Too hecking pure for this world
Samantha - Måned siden
7:35 “I mean it is me because I am Miranda...”
2012 me: 😨
Samantha - Måned siden
“And for my uncle Koko, my dearest queen... a rainbow” 💀😂 I LOVE IT
Amanda Walker
Amanda Walker - Måned siden
We need more Kory voiceovers!
Like if you agree 😁😁
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - Måned siden
Kory’s voiceovers are everything!!😁
Reigh Clare
Reigh Clare - Måned siden
I love korys voice overs it is the best like I pls give us more but also like you too coleen
PotatoTheSoyBean - Måned siden
I can see the truckkkkkkkkk
ZalenaMoo - Måned siden
Kory is hilarious!!! I hope he does more voiceovers. I swear he is epic at everything. Filming, editing, the little things he puts in to the editing etc. And the voiceover narrative. I love him!
Jackie Benterou
Jackie Benterou - Måned siden
I seriously live for Kory's voice overs. Lol
Ellie Beam
Ellie Beam - Måned siden
i love coreys voiceovers for flynn
Ștefania Mara
Ștefania Mara - Måned siden
Flynn is just adorable😍
Emma Cottrell
Emma Cottrell - Måned siden
korey voice overs of flynn MAKE MY DAY
HG Hegwood
HG Hegwood - Måned siden
6:32 i know y’all see what i’m seeing 👁👄👁
Julia H.
Julia H. - Måned siden
Kory being Flynn's voiceover is my favorite
v s
v s - Måned siden
1:37 my heart🥺❤
Terri Fenwick
Terri Fenwick - Måned siden
Flynn rocks. Kory rocks.
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - Måned siden
The Queens Court
The Queens Court - Måned siden
Korys voice overs are everything. So profesh ✌😎 and Flynn of course is just the cutest!
Savannah Spangler
Savannah Spangler - Måned siden
I think Colleen should make a video of reacting to Kory’s voice overs for Flynn! I think it would be so funny!
Jordan kelso
Jordan kelso - Måned siden
Flynn vlogging is the funniest thing ever! These make my days better 💖
Amelia Brown
Amelia Brown - Måned siden
His little shoes could make me cry
Milly Moomoomakeup
Milly Moomoomakeup - Måned siden
Colleen no Offense but who legit cares like u were good on YouTube but now u r just running out of ideas and it's kinda getting boring 💭
cadie mitchell
cadie mitchell - Måned siden
Kurt Pascual
Kurt Pascual - Måned siden
The Longest and the cutest translation so far by uncle Koko... good bye google translate... wait who is she?
Leticia Curumaco
Leticia Curumaco - Måned siden
Loveeeeeeeeeeee this vlog woth kory ugh obssesed
Gillian CAO [Parents]
Gillian CAO [Parents] - Måned siden
Flynn is soo luck he’s soo cute so when his future friends see theses vids they will be like 😍
Lion Queen
Lion Queen - Måned siden
When is this new miranda thing coming out i wanna see so bad!
Jamie Shaw
Jamie Shaw - Måned siden
I love Kory's voiceovers!!!!
emily ortega
emily ortega - Måned siden
wow flynn!! those are really cool dardars 😼
Abigail Clark
Abigail Clark - Måned siden
The voice overs cracked me up!!! 🤣🤣
Katie R
Katie R - Måned siden
To think the vlogs will end soon😭😭
alisonwithoneL - Måned siden
Flynn’s eyes when he’s running after the moon. I can’t. He’s the frickin cutest little dude ever.
Cambria Chwang
Cambria Chwang - Måned siden
We can see the trucks 🤣
Naomi Salama
Naomi Salama - Måned siden
Love that Kory thinks that Flynn's inner monologue is Moira Rose
Naomi Salama
Naomi Salama - Måned siden
We just need an entire vlog of Kory's Flynn voiceover
Mames McK
Mames McK - Måned siden
Sadie Magnolia
Sadie Magnolia - Måned siden
flynns a natural
Shyli Sammons
Shyli Sammons - Måned siden
Watching flynn play in his car and him steering makes me feel like hes gonna be really good at driving 😂
Alex's World
Alex's World - Måned siden
the way be runs is so 🥺😭
Jeff A
Jeff A - Måned siden
From a channel with consistently good vlogs, this one is great. Nicely done Kory.
I.A. Food Reviews
I.A. Food Reviews - Måned siden
Flynn is better at holding the camera than me hahahaha
Adrienne Lucero
Adrienne Lucero - Måned siden
You should do a night time routine
Gabby - Måned siden
Did y’all see 6:38-6:40 the camera tilted !!!
Gabby - Måned siden
Here in south Fl chilly days are long gone! Feels like summer all year
noellesmulti - Måned siden
Liv Loves hedgehogs
Liv Loves hedgehogs - Måned siden
Korys voiceovers are everything Colleen u need to let kory do a whole video of voiceovers there awesome it’s like Flynn is actually talking he’s soooo cute 🥰🥰🥰
Kenly Sternberg
Kenly Sternberg - Måned siden
Imagine posiey from the labrant fam and Flynn meeting
R O B L O X P L A Y Z Y T - Måned siden
i love collen more then i love myself
Jennifer Johnson
Jennifer Johnson - Måned siden
Corey with voiceovers of Flynn are on point. Flynn is getting so big and such a fun little character to watch. 🙏 for Andie 💜!!
MiaXplays Roblox
MiaXplays Roblox - Måned siden
collen watch clouds on disney+ you will want to donate to Zach