Hard To Say Goodbye.

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Runtime: 15:44


Emily Ramirez
Emily Ramirez - 9 dager siden
Those are flavored wax lips. You chew on them until the flavor is gone and then you spit it out.
Jeremy Miles
Jeremy Miles - 12 dager siden
Hey Colleen idk if you’ll see this but a good “warm” place for dough to rise is inside of an oven that’s off that way you don’t have to put it outside.
Jules LastName
Jules LastName - 18 dager siden
ayyyy Colleen put the recipe in the description!
Memes Vibes
Memes Vibes - 27 dager siden
I can’t eat dairy or gluten and I want pretzels nowww
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - Måned siden
Tia is freaking amazing. Did you hear the good news about her? Prayers really do wonders
a arguellez
a arguellez - Måned siden
I really want Colleen to make a black long sleeve shirt with a small yellow dump truck and the words "OooO dUmp TrUck" on it and her signature on the tag
Maureen Roane
Maureen Roane - Måned siden
i LOVE JUNIOR MINTS they are sooooooooooooooooo goooooood
Eve Mendoza
Eve Mendoza - Måned siden
What?! How do you grow up poor and never eat wax candy?!?!? That’s a THING!
Suri Elise 27
Suri Elise 27 - Måned siden
Colleen scares me every month with the I might not vlog then she vlogs I love you Colleen!
Sierra Puckett
Sierra Puckett - Måned siden
I literally used to eat the wax 🤣
Kendall T
Kendall T - Måned siden
Wait I thought the last video thing was a joke 🤭
Shultz Girls
Shultz Girls - Måned siden
I will pray for tia i am so sorry that she is having all these obstacles in her life. Yet i know god will be with her every step of the way. Thank you for being inspiring and wanting to help others i am soooo glad that you vlog daily so people can be happy daily from seeing your vlogs. Thank you for everything i will pray that u and ur family stays safe through corona.
Love One of your favorite subscriber Ashley S.
DrumKilla565 - Måned siden
Colleen u need to be on Master Chef!!!!!
Prayers sent Tia's way🙏💜
Prayers your way and Erik's way🙏💜 and just take a break from vlogs girl
Dani - Måned siden
When my mom lets dough rise she heats the oven a little tiny bit just so there is a little bit of heat and she puts the dough in there
rubymimosa - Måned siden
Pls continue to do a vlog! I love it
sebastiangamer proplus
sebastiangamer proplus - Måned siden
They were made to eat. They are so gross. Also it causes cancer. P.S I am talking about the wax mouth
Briana Chovancek
Briana Chovancek - Måned siden
Tia is so strong she’s got this!!!! I’ll be praying for her and hoping the best for her! She doesn’t deserve this🥺
Olivia Sage
Olivia Sage - Måned siden
tried the pretzel recipe and it turned out great! so glad i tried it. i did crack up tho bc i read 12.5 ounces as 12.5 cups and i actually had 12.5 cups of flour in a bowl. luckily i reread it before i mixed the yeast mixture in hahaha
Aurélie Rancourt
Aurélie Rancourt - Måned siden
hi colleen! First of all i want you to know ily! I just want you to know that i feel you with your dermatillomania and therapist:) I'm from montreal and i have trichotillomania. They keep misplacing me so right now, it's stressful and bad...but knowing there are other people that go kind of through the same thing is reassuring i guess? idk but you make me feel better !
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - Måned siden
its okay queen get that work done we will see you around
Merciless Thunder
Merciless Thunder - Måned siden
Sure 2020, wth. Throw another of my favorite channels out the window why tf not.
Reubs Sands
Reubs Sands - Måned siden
Can you not get rid of Miranda #savemirandasings
Honey Star
Honey Star - Måned siden
Who’s heart broke when Colleen was talking about Tia I really hope she gets better as soon possible 🙁🙏🏼
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - Måned siden
I love your vlogs but I think for most this month you finally focus on you and get things you want do started and maybe even done
Abeer R
Abeer R - Måned siden
Wait so no more collen 🥺🥺🥺🥺😭😭😭😭😭
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - Måned siden
Unicorn plays Roblox
Unicorn plays Roblox - Måned siden
Wait are you telling me u r really quitting Miranda?? Noooo! 😭
Brianna may
Brianna may - Måned siden
Those Candy's are edible wax lol. We use to eat wax pop bottles with candy juice inside
carolina murphy.
carolina murphy. - Måned siden
I think something that could be fun is vlog when you feel like it (when Flynn is doing something cute, when you feel like talking to the camera, etc.) and compile all those clips weekly! A lot less taxing than a daily thing, but still keeping a loose schedule! Do what is best for you, we love you!
Salmon Fam
Salmon Fam - Måned siden
Is she still doing that thing on the 28th of September?
gwen Franklin
gwen Franklin - Måned siden
Colleen: o yeah let’s dance
Flynn: YO
That was hilarious i was laughing
Boba x Bubbles Love
Boba x Bubbles Love - Måned siden
Hey queen collen Keep going cause you are litterlyyyyy Amazing👏
Arabella Super
Arabella Super - Måned siden
your quitting vlogs?
Welshgirl33 - Måned siden
kory's reaction lol eww it's wax....well duh!
cassienicole - Måned siden
baby, if you need to say bye to the vlogs then do it!! so many new exciting things seem to be coming your way and we will still love you and support you. i’ll miss your face everyday and the way your vlogs brighten my day, but life goes on. opportunities come and they go, so go take off on new adventures and work on your new secret projects lol. we will still be here like i said, loving and supporting you every step of your journey. i love you colleen forever, thank you for the vlogs you have put out, they have never failed to make me smile.
Samantha Cole
Samantha Cole - Måned siden
Hiiiii i love ur videos and u make me laugh ALL THE TIME....
Melissa Cintron
Melissa Cintron - Måned siden
Can we get a high five redo? 🙏🏼
Bailey Simpson
Bailey Simpson - Måned siden
you are the cutest mom ever and he's adorable!!!
Dlejah Alyse
Dlejah Alyse - Måned siden
Wait she said then end of miranda 😢 but I understand that it is too much weight on your shoulders, but know we are here for you Collen gurll 😍
Dlejah Alyse
Dlejah Alyse - Måned siden
I'm praying for your friend I feel so sorry, she has some bad luck 🙏
Asher Wolanin
Asher Wolanin - Måned siden
Please don’t end Miranda please he’s so funny maybe you can make her so she doesn’t have to post as much but please don’t end her I’ve been watching her since she came out like when you made her just please do anything to not end her pleaseee 😕😭😭😭
Greta Duffey
Greta Duffey - Måned siden
So.... I just finished the show “ haters back off”. So seeing Colleen not being Miranda, was like surprising even tho I watch her all the time.——————— also I totally recommend it it’s on Netflix which almost all of Colleen and Miranda’s fans know but the last episode was definitely caught my heart when her mom and sister ##########################.(can’t spoil) also I’m a big fan of both Colleen so I ❤️ You Colleen !!!
Bailey Kennedy
Bailey Kennedy - Måned siden
You could stop vlogging the rest of this month & start vlogging again n the middle of November, just a suggesting if you really wanna take a break, but it's up to you :)
Katie Y
Katie Y - Måned siden
Lisanne Levene
Lisanne Levene - Måned siden
No one's gonna talk about the song that's always at the end I love it "I'm becoming Colleen🎶"
Jessica Shlager
Jessica Shlager - Måned siden
I believe those wax lips/mouths you can chew but not swallow and really eat!
* Snow
* Snow - Måned siden
I really hope you continue the vlogs, I look forward to watching them every day when I get ready for work but I 100% understand if they slow down and stop. I’m extremely impressed you kept them up this long.
Amnesian Bro
Amnesian Bro - Måned siden
so moral of the story... American chocolate = wax 😂
Adriana G
Adriana G - Måned siden
I think all the late night chocolate chip cookies and coca cola has killed Colleens taste buds. She thinks EVERYTHING tastes like candle
Rim Deeb
Rim Deeb - Måned siden
Plzzzz dont stop vloging it help with evreything for me and i rlly love you plz dont stop vloging i love youu
Rim Deeb
Rim Deeb - Måned siden
The wax mouths you eat but you dont swallow them
Govinda Rajan Gudala
Govinda Rajan Gudala - Måned siden
Why is colleen very serious around erik
Sofia McGrath
Sofia McGrath - Måned siden
I’ve made that exact pretzel recipe before, they’re so yummy!!
Kathleen B
Kathleen B - Måned siden
I used to eat the lips treats too you’re not alone Corey
Kaitlyn McAllister
Kaitlyn McAllister - Måned siden
Kit kats are gross in general
Parthenia Jean
Parthenia Jean - Måned siden
My heart is with you Tia. Keep fighting.
Kate McGannon
Kate McGannon - Måned siden
You are really good at what you do Colleen will say hay to me in the comments plz x
Ronen Antebi
Ronen Antebi - Måned siden
Coleen doesn’t hang out with Kori as much as she used to
Chaney Russell
Chaney Russell - Måned siden
btw the wax mouths are safe to eat
Desi Imes
Desi Imes - Måned siden
Hi beautiful have good day I have good day I love you love you baby I love you husband I love you family miss you
Walle B.
Walle B. - Måned siden
I've seen this hack to help your dough rise , inside the house lol. Preheat your oven to the lowest setting then turn the oven off and set the dough in there.
I love you bunches ❤❤ flynn is too cute and good luck to Erik
Bridget Jere
Bridget Jere - Måned siden
Hey Colleen I love you so much. You are amazing just don't stress on the vlogs. As much as I love them I just don't want the vlogs to be an extra burden. I love you.
Sarah Dawn
Sarah Dawn - Måned siden
If you enjoy things do things and only vlog maybe once or twice a week. The only thing that matters is your mental health.
Sarah Smith
Sarah Smith - Måned siden
Please post more Miranda sings
Florhish Quotes
Florhish Quotes - Måned siden
I love your vlogs so much. Just listened to 2 while driving to a hair app. I feel you should vlog when you feel really ok with it. When you feel in the mood. Even picking up the camera once a day. Combine it with something else. Excited for everything ❤️
Brookelynn Wolf
Brookelynn Wolf - Måned siden
Don't stop!!! Just only vlog when you can, don't vlog every day. Love you Colleen :) Thank you for being an amazing youtuber. Also, are you stopping Miranda?
Jodi Jarvis
Jodi Jarvis - Måned siden
There are different gummy ones that you can eat. two different kinds. wax and gummy.
Piper Stiles
Piper Stiles - Måned siden
In finns defense, I LOVE MINT
Emma Sandy
Emma Sandy - Måned siden
Are you writing a "becoming Colleen" musical that has Wicked vibes as a follow on for Haters Back Off?? Cause that's what I'm feeling!!
Taylor Renee
Taylor Renee - Måned siden
My sister always ate those lips too lmao I tried but they were gross 😅
Alex Zedar
Alex Zedar - Måned siden
There’s no excuse for your burs lol
Sidney Seed
Sidney Seed - Måned siden
Yeah, no I definitely ate the wax lips, too lol
Macey Grace
Macey Grace - Måned siden
the wax mouth things- you can chew them but don't swallow it.
Eva Alexander
Eva Alexander - Måned siden
No dont stop 😩😢🤧😭
HeyYouCristina - Måned siden

...flynn doesnt want to try this one.
Kidchaos - Måned siden
i hope she keeps the vlogs going for this month its the best part of my day :-(
Maisey Jutsum
Maisey Jutsum - Måned siden
Legit I thought she said vampire pisses hehe
Giulia Cacciatore
Giulia Cacciatore - Måned siden
thank you for your vlogs. you literally save me everyday from my mental and physical health struggles. i don’t even know what i would do without your vlogs everyday anymore. love to you forever and thank you for everything
Thomas Fox
Thomas Fox - Måned siden
Colleen: let’s get started
Me: are you doing something with Rosanna pansino
Eli Duran
Eli Duran - Måned siden
There are candy ones of the lips but a lot of them are wax lips 😆
extraesse - Måned siden
hi colleen, thank you for vlogging during quarantine, your vlogs were like the only thing I watched ahaha, and I totally understand if you can't do them anymore
Sarah Hampshire
Sarah Hampshire - Måned siden
Rather than the baking soda bath for the pretzels you can take 1/8 of a cup of warm water and 2 tsps of baking soda and just brush it over both sides of all the pretzels it’s a lot quicker and in my opinion more effective I make soft pretzels almost every night since quarantine😂
rudegirl2219 - Måned siden
Lol kory
altmrrelaxed - Måned siden
How do you make Nachos when you are at home in a controlled environment and not camping? I bet you can master it.
Rebecca Schaefer
Rebecca Schaefer - Måned siden
I'm so sorry for your friend who is so sick and with 5 kids OMG, Lots of prayers for her🙏
Emily Culp
Emily Culp - Måned siden
❤❤❤ for tia
Abby Huck
Abby Huck - Måned siden
Colleen tries anything and doesn’t like it: “It tastes like a candle”😖
Emily Culp
Emily Culp - Måned siden
Wow those pretzels look so good
Anna - Måned siden
YAY colleen remembered the pretzel recipe! CONGRATS XD
Hunter McWilliams
Hunter McWilliams - Måned siden
More Miranda
nyla lucero
nyla lucero - Måned siden
hi colleen!! I am making an edit of you, and I wanted to know if I could have Flynn in it or use the way he said yo!
Mohammad Tasooji
Mohammad Tasooji - Måned siden
Im working in an R&D lab and since Im watching Colleens videos a lot sometimes I found myself screaming in high pitch in the lab exactly like how Colleen does it. Your videos are so inspirational. thank u. Bye
Michele Webb
Michele Webb - Måned siden
I grew up eating the wax things too... lol
Sillencee Official
Sillencee Official - Måned siden
Colleen, I'm Wiccan and my boyfriend is Catholic. He said he will keep your friend in his prayers, and I'm making a candle now to light for her to say a blessing for her tonight.
mindlesscorps11 - Måned siden
Btw DKMS is a registry to see if you match as a bone marrow donor. They send you a kit to swab your mouth then put you on a registry and call you if you match. I signwd up and tested at the beginning of covid 🧡
Brad Brown
Brad Brown - Måned siden
Korey ew that's wac
Doreen Pike
Doreen Pike - Måned siden
You do eat the wax I thing it turns into like gum
Kayla S
Kayla S - Måned siden
Pro tip from my baking queen aunt: put a heating pad under the bowl you have the dough in, and put a clean towel over the top. Her dough rises inside an air conditioned house no problem.
comfort ogunyemi
comfort ogunyemi - Måned siden
Kory and his edits are hilarious 🤣
syary pie
syary pie - Måned siden
i think you should stop vlogging everyday, take rest! 🥰