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Runtime: 10:35


Tilly QUINN - 18 dager siden
No but that is not how you say emu but I might be an American thing cause I am Aussie
Witch's Brew Views
Witch's Brew Views - 25 dager siden
Emu's are consdere one of the most aggressive birds...
ShanicaKelly - Måned siden
She seldom reads these but that audition look was super pretty
Andrea Tapp
Andrea Tapp - Måned siden
Omg colleen the middle part is everything! Please keep itttttt
Andrea Tapp
Andrea Tapp - Måned siden
The dino emu clip art had me shook real quick
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - Måned siden
A) I hop you're ok from the sneezinb but legit made me laugh. i'm sorry xD Congrats to the bboth of you on your auditions and the booking.
Atlantis MN Woods
Atlantis MN Woods - Måned siden
Flynnlooks like Parker with a ponytail
Abigail Cortez
Abigail Cortez - Måned siden
I've been to that Osteichthyes farm
Samarah Means
Samarah Means - Måned siden
DrumKilla565 - Måned siden
Colleen u can do literally anything!!!!!
Your Not boring!!!
Kiru Bakugou
Kiru Bakugou - Måned siden
BLESS YOU! I feel u girl :3
Bangin - Måned siden
Colleen: “Goodnight!”
Julia C
Julia C - Måned siden
I am literally terrified of that emu
Bethan Amy
Bethan Amy - Måned siden
anyone else so confused as to how colleen pronounced emu???
Rawan Rafat
Rawan Rafat - Måned siden
Can't wait for Eric's new project cuz he is such an amazing actor love you both ❤❤❤
K T - Måned siden
Flynn and the sprinkler though 🥺🥺 especially @7:40 😂 so adorable!!!
Natalie K
Natalie K - Måned siden
If this trick sneezes one more time...
Nina Trimcevski
Nina Trimcevski - Måned siden
Hi, I don't mean for this to sound rude but I'm Australian and that's not how you say Emu.
Katey Abraham
Katey Abraham - Måned siden
I swear you made me think sneezes were contagious like yawns. if you sneezed one more time in the beginning, i was about to sneeze as well.
Prom Kings
Prom Kings - Måned siden
ur so pretty!
Hannah Jessup
Hannah Jessup - Måned siden
Anyone else get the Emu commercial for an insurance company during this? Lol
G Sawyer
G Sawyer - Måned siden
Kinda gross af you dont cover your sneezes
Eva Ally
Eva Ally - Måned siden
this is how many times colleen sneezed
Chloe Conder
Chloe Conder - Måned siden
leave a like if u saw the title and just started clapping... just me... ok
SnowStormDaBest - Måned siden
35+ allergies😎
tomfeb1818 - Måned siden
Good thing she had her hair to clean her hand 🤪
Desi Imes
Desi Imes - Måned siden
Hi beautiful have good day I have good day to I love you love you baby I love you husband I love you family miss you
Michelle Loveless
Michelle Loveless - Måned siden
Who else misses cocos impressions of flynn
Queen Tea
Queen Tea - Måned siden
You look so cute with a middle part, I look like an egg
jessicadezanove - Måned siden
So weird! I “tweaked my neck” the same night. Though I call it “a crick in my neck”
Josie P
Josie P - Måned siden
Hi ! Love from Australia! It’s pronounced “Em-You” though ! ❤️
madelene abraham
madelene abraham - Måned siden
Colleen’s hair in middle part looks so good, really frames her face so nicely💛 but i know she hates it because it reminds her of miranda
Worldwide Access Entertainment
Girl, you need allergy testing!
AB Marchand
AB Marchand - Måned siden
I just love the ending song it is the most beautiful thing ever!
Gian Dizon
Gian Dizon - Måned siden
This was filmed on my Birthday!!!
Brianna Miller
Brianna Miller - Måned siden
You said emu wrong😵 it’s not pronounced emoo it’s pronounced emew
Lesley Nichols
Lesley Nichols - Måned siden
Congratulations Erik!! Ilysm Colleen, Flynn and Erik! and Colleen, ur vlogs are NOT boring I’ve been watching since the first one!💖💖💖
Josaphah - Måned siden
Auditions sucks, but getting the job and doing it is the best!
Imogen Taylor
Imogen Taylor - Måned siden
I don’t mean to be your mother but for some reason it annoys me that Americans pronounce emu eemoo but it is actually eemyou. Love your vlogs!
Adineysi Herrera
Adineysi Herrera - Måned siden
Colleen can you please watch the movie car's from Disney with Flinn and record his reaction
Doreen Pike
Doreen Pike - Måned siden
Looks like your in a KOA cabin they all look the same I rent one every year
Caitlin George
Caitlin George - Måned siden
I didn’t realize the noise actually came from the emu! I thought it was an added in dinosaur noise!
* Snow
* Snow - Måned siden
Flynn’s like “Mom...those are not birds...”
TunnelvizionTV - Måned siden
Flynn when seeing the ostriches whaaaaaa - he was just like nooo devil birds from helll aaahhhhhhhh
TunnelvizionTV - Måned siden
Miranda came out at 4:30! U are amazing Colleen - hello from Sooooooth Africa :)
patsy perez
patsy perez - Måned siden
How cute, we've been to that ostrich farm!
T A - Måned siden
Honestly the sneezing part was triggering for somebody with adhd trying to follow what you were saying 😢
Pablo Hernandez Caunedo
Pablo Hernandez Caunedo - Måned siden
Colleen could you share some cookie recipes??
Michelle - Måned siden
No one:
Flynn: Dada “Oh No?”
Because at 3:56 Colleen ran around from a bee screaming, “oh no.” How cute.
Camila Guevara
Camila Guevara - Måned siden
are you mranda
Meghan O'Neill
Meghan O'Neill - Måned siden
does anyone or just me love her end card with the song. It might just be me but I LOVE THAT SONG
Emma Rose Ryan
Emma Rose Ryan - Måned siden
My mom called me Emma emu when I was a baby. Don’t think she knew how effing scary they are
ADNA KURTIC 101 Kurtic
ADNA KURTIC 101 Kurtic - Måned siden
6:50 She's sooo beautifulll😍😍😍
Sophia’s Youtube channle
Your so gourgous
Chelsea Giannino
Chelsea Giannino - Måned siden
Bless you to the millionth power dude. Oml. Lol
M L - Måned siden
I fink you have corona
Julia Rose Brides
Julia Rose Brides - Måned siden
hieeee i love you but sneeze into your elbow not ur hand
Aristotle Cruz
Aristotle Cruz - Måned siden
I love supporting colleen but FOURTEEN unskippable ads are just too much
leo - Måned siden
Ok lemme just
E-moo ❌
E *m* -U ✅
R S - Måned siden
feel so sorry for that poor emu stuck in that tiny cage all alone :(
Kaz - Måned siden
I'm an Aussie and I'm laughing so hard at how you say Emu. Never heard anyone call it an emoo. We say it eemyou
Sherubii - Måned siden
Every Australian in their best Hermione voice: It's e-MEW not e-MOO!!
Ieuan Morgan
Ieuan Morgan - Måned siden
Is it just me or the ostreges reminded me of Spencer’s bird of of iCarly in the episode iMeet Fred
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - Måned siden
Congratulations Erik on booking the job! Also, Colleen I bet you killed your audition! You both are so talented, Flynn has some pretty amazing parents to look up to!😊❤️
Dahlia Rex
Dahlia Rex - Måned siden
Audition Colleen was serving LOOKS like god damn get it gurl
Annie things
Annie things - Måned siden
wohhh! she said emu like eemoo. In Australia we pronounce it eemyou. does the rest of the world pronounce it her way or just her? coz it sounds really freakin weird to me lol! XD
SoRa Dale
SoRa Dale - Måned siden
Why are more people not talking about ostrich ears
Alma Orozco
Alma Orozco - Måned siden
Colleen makes any vlog and I'm just like yes PLEASE EXACTLY WHAT I NEEDED !!!🥰🥰🥰
Jemma Jacobson
Jemma Jacobson - Måned siden
Lol i’m Aussie and we say Emus like “EmYOU’S” I never knew Americans say emus like “EmOO’s” lol
Cate Alyse
Cate Alyse - Måned siden
Carly ahaha i say emoos
Jemma Jacobson
Jemma Jacobson - Måned siden
Carly yeah maybe 😂
Carly - Måned siden
I'm from Canada and it emYOU as well, maybe it's just Colleen? Lol
Brittany Tillman
Brittany Tillman - Måned siden
I am American and say EmYou’s 🤷🏼‍♀️
Alice Summers
Alice Summers - Måned siden
Jemma Jacobson yeah always so funny to here them say it
Salina - Måned siden
would you share the cookie recipe?
Lily - Måned siden
Look up a Moa, they are an extinct bird from NZ but they are huge. And when i say huge i mean it
Taylor Cochran
Taylor Cochran - Måned siden
Your telling me that dinosaur sound wasnt an sound effect!!!!!!
Angel Kootenay
Angel Kootenay - Måned siden
👁️👄👁️ hí

As told by Alejandra
As told by Alejandra - Måned siden
Ma’am!!! I need that brow routine NOW!!!💁🏽‍♀️
I love that little ponytail 🥰
Jamie Lamie
Jamie Lamie - Måned siden
wait that Emmu pen looked so small. is it just me?
Michelle Forsyth
Michelle Forsyth - Måned siden
How come American's say emu like that? It's ee-myou... like how do you say the letter U on its own? I'm confused
Audrey R .
Audrey R . - Måned siden
Hey Colleen, I’ve been really into baking during quarantine and if you don’t mind sharing your recipe for the cookies that you made, that would be awesome. Thank you!
Malene Minds
Malene Minds - Måned siden
A bee will not hurt you. I think you mean wasps 🐝🙃
Hi !
Hi ! - Måned siden
Wasn’t Eric in Lucifer the part was very different??!!!!!
Marin Martin
Marin Martin - Måned siden
Emus are dinosaurs 😂😂😂😂😂 my aunt and uncal own some
Tiffany Ann
Tiffany Ann - Måned siden
Prayers please for Tia 🙏🙏🙏
#Repost @thetiabeestokes with @make_repost
I feel selfish asking..but you are MY TRIBE
Going into this cancer journey I thoguht I was going to go to the hospital and they were going to return me back home saying that they made a mistake and poof prayers worked. never thinking that I’d be asking for prayers over and over and over again for myself... i’ve never been in a situation where I prayed more throughout the day asking to live for my 5 kids asking for my life and right now IM PLEEDING🙏🏽🙏🏽 The doctor came in tonight and (I put andrew on the phone) she said that my pneumonia looks worse my kidneys don’t look better and the Rendezeveer medicine that they tried on my Covid didn’t even touch it ,my oxygen is now a permanent,high fevers are daily and nightly,my numbers are all still really low meaning my immune system 0.0 is in no place to fight....I don’t know what else to say....Prayers prayers...I almost feeel selfish asking for more prayers for myself when there’s so many other things going on in the world....but then I remember I’m worth the prayer prayers for my 5 beautiful kids who need their mama prayers for my husband that needs me too😉 prayers are miracle workers I still believe.
If your the praying type Or whatever higher god I ask to include my name🧡 will ya?
Right now im starting the convalescence plasma in hopes to kick this covid🙏🏽
I love you alll all more than you know.
Thank you for coming. This far with us on the journey and many more
Miracles are waiting 🧡
HIM. YOU. ME. WE “We Got This”
Tia🐝day 1️⃣7️⃣1️⃣ fighting Leukemia + Covid + Pneumonia
Heather !!!
Heather !!! - Måned siden
I am Native American and it's a pride or an honor for long hair, especially in males. Keep it long just as pull back his bangs a bit
Regina Rojas
Regina Rojas - Måned siden
Emily Adams
Emily Adams - Måned siden
When she was talking about the Emu I thought of that commercial Limu emu and Doug
Jasmine - Måned siden
I think it's safe to say Flynn was unimpressed by the emu and his cousin the ostrich.
Williams Family Memories
Williams Family Memories - Måned siden
Now I want cookies!
Reina Selvage
Reina Selvage - Måned siden
The emu and the ostriches looked like puppets lol
Diana Harper
Diana Harper - Måned siden
Omg!!!! Colleen you need to finish sneezing before you try to vlog❤️ love you bb
singergrrl77 - Måned siden
I noticed your hair is back to you it’s almost regular length how does it feel do you love it❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ My hair takes forever to grow it never does yours grows beautifully
Sitka Farias
Sitka Farias - Måned siden
i fucking lover how she says ''are you making coockes'' lmao got me dead 9:35
Cara B93
Cara B93 - Måned siden
it’s calling an emu eemoo for me hahahah love you colleen
Holly Ryan
Holly Ryan - Måned siden
Congrats Erik!!!!!!!!
headass steph
headass steph - Måned siden
omg I haven’t seen Colleen’s straight hair in a while. and I didn’t know emus could growl their voice like that, pretty interesting
Claire Brakke
Claire Brakke - Måned siden
Did anyone else see Flynn dancing when Colleen was singing about Eric getting the job???❤️❤️❤️❤️🥰
Elizabeth Nutt
Elizabeth Nutt - Måned siden
Congrats Erik!! Also, why is Flynn the cutest thing ever, I mean all the Ballinger kids are to be honest. I also want to know why there was a random emu somewhere in America.
Milana Živčić
Milana Živčić - Måned siden
Colleen you are so beautiful, love your audition look 🥰
Michyx - Måned siden
7:47 lol
Michyx - Måned siden
6:23 he likes it
Sarah McMahon
Sarah McMahon - Måned siden
Did anyone else think “omg, she looks just like Miranda Sings” when she was getting ready to film her audition? Lol (I know she is Miranda)
Bebe Crimmen
Bebe Crimmen - Måned siden
Flynn's ponytail was amazing 😏🤫