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Runtime: 12:53


Ace Mitani
Ace Mitani - 8 dager siden
I feel like i just saw flynn on TV🥴
Mackenzie Ducksworth
Mackenzie Ducksworth - 26 dager siden
I love when Flynn laughs and he doesn’t even get the joke
Thalia Chanoux
Thalia Chanoux - Måned siden
Yay Erik filming!!!
Gina Tripp
Gina Tripp - Måned siden
gwen looked just like parker in the first clip lol
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez - Måned siden
Do 👏🏽 not 👏🏽 self 👏🏽 deprecate! 👏🏽
Nicole Hernandez
Nicole Hernandez - Måned siden
It made me sad to hear you speak about yourself that way Colleen 😕 Have confidence! It sounds like you don’t even want the job ☹️ I really hope you get it though!
Yessie Boughanmi
Yessie Boughanmi - Måned siden
Number 1 all woman are fine on their own!
Yessie Boughanmi
Yessie Boughanmi - 12 dager siden
fine on their own
DrumKilla565 - Måned siden
Colleen u can do literally anything!!!!!
Your Not boring!!!
ballerina59 fass
ballerina59 fass - Måned siden
"which I won't get cuz I can't act"
Yh ok Colleen you weren't on a famous Broadway show or had a two season TV you acted the star in or have been playing miranda for years on end. Don't put yourself down your awesome
Carrie Fountain
Carrie Fountain - Måned siden
Please like this comment Colleen vlogs
Carrie Fountain
Carrie Fountain - Måned siden
Omg Colleen literally I would run as fast as I can if I was you
Erin Guerrero
Erin Guerrero - Måned siden
What is that cabin location? It's so cute!
leslie heuer
leslie heuer - Måned siden
This sounds like the Camp Fire way to build a fire and those were Mock Tacos!! Was Erik in Camp Fire?!? ❤️❤️❤️
Kayla Jewell
Kayla Jewell - Måned siden
Hey Colleen surprise Erik with a quarantine date! I know you are having a busy quarantine!
Aholelottanothin - Måned siden
Drunk colleeen is my favorite coleeeeennnn
Dlejah Alyse
Dlejah Alyse - Måned siden
Collen you are the cutest mommmm you are always always playing with Flynn and capturing ever moment, your an amazing momma, love you gurll
weirdo river
weirdo river - Måned siden
Corn and meat my FAV snack
Tiffany Nadeau
Tiffany Nadeau - Måned siden
Whats the name of this campsite??
Mireya Munoz
Mireya Munoz - Måned siden
Colleen, the way you said “bye mom” at the beginning was so cute lol. Looked like you were off to school.
ali evans
ali evans - Måned siden
flynn is the cutest thing ever 🧡
TheFlyingErrow - Måned siden
girl I feel you with the band aid situation! That's the only way I can stop myself from picking.
Astronaut Cricket
Astronaut Cricket - Måned siden
That cabin is SO cute. I wanna live there.
Desi Imes
Desi Imes - Måned siden
Hi beautiful have good day I have good day I have good day to I love you love you baby I love you husband I love you family miss you
Hailey & Sophie
Hailey & Sophie - Måned siden
Colleen: Which I won't get because I can't act!
Also Colleen: was literally on Broadway as one of the main characters...
Jojo’s carrigan
Jojo’s carrigan - Måned siden
I love the ending lol
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
Sorry in all my texts are a lot of messed up and weird words I don't know I don't know really I don't tell your dog just want to say that so she's saying bye and yeah let me hear my dog's okay so yeah that's all I have to say sorry about PS my middle name my middle names are Christina Marie sorry I didn't put that in my name message so in the hole so my friend of my sisters is 17/18 having a baby we don't know if it's a boy or girl so I hope it's a girl cuz I just hope the girl and if it's a boy that's fine too cuz it wasn't making me think of you and plus he or she is going to be living here with us for a few weeks and I'll update every time she is just doing fine she's gray and she's aging maybe she might even stay here for a few months I don't know I hope so because I feel like it would be so fun to have a little another member of the family here and that there's that one of my family members are going to be so cute and let me still they don't want to be here so yeah sorry for most of us like sorry for everything I did to you I'm just you know I probably pissed so bye-bye
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
And also unique so yeah sorry the full sentence to come up but yeah again I'm super sorry and I guess place again that you are great wonderful game healthy not even get catch the flona my dog just had puppies right now so yeah no no she's just 20 and the puppies are only also is your dog a boy or a girl this is just a question PS my dog's name is Mary Jo and I'm not really typing you I'm recently just saying words until until my phone so yeah and also I'm going tomorrow after my school day to get my tablet fixed
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
And also I wonder when you're going to post a brand new video because I'm just watching the video that was just posted yesterday and I think it's really fun and great cool and that my little my toddler sister is loving it too so she is really tiny and she loves it I love it my whole family loves you and I hope that your life is great and that Flynn is a really good boy and that your dog is fine
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
Oh and sorry the baby is actually twins and the boys name is Tommy PS they have the same middle name and last name and also I'm turning 8 tomorrow
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
And my sisters just the newborn baby he was brought home just yesterday and her name is Jessica Marie Moore
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
By the way my sister is right now sleeping so yeah just wanted to tell you that
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
Do you think you'll ever come out with a season 3 of haters back off
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
I just love all your videos so much I just want to keep texting you forever and ever
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
Pus my name is savannah Moore!🎃🎃👻👻🎈
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
Also what's your favorite season mine is honestly Halloween yeah
T Gonzalez
T Gonzalez - Måned siden
I love all your videos and I think you're the greatest person to make videos and I are so kind and so you need also I love you son
Christy McEachran
Christy McEachran - Måned siden
Dear CBS if you're watching, please cast Colleen or Erik for Survivor. Thank you in advance.
Natalia Karakosta
Natalia Karakosta - Måned siden
I understand you completely because i have a disorder called trichotillomania
Bima Loxley
Bima Loxley - Måned siden
Hahaha "man makes decisions about women's bodies" that got me
HeyitsDeirdre - Måned siden
that is a cool cabin
Siena Ditomas
Siena Ditomas - Måned siden
I wish I had that good of a voice. Colleen is so amazing!
Erin McGillicuddy
Erin McGillicuddy - Måned siden
Is it mandatory to have A.C. In Cali like it is in Florida cause of the heat?
Felicity Dixon
Felicity Dixon - Måned siden
"Man makes fire, man makes decision on women's body". What?
Mitchell Davies
Mitchell Davies - Måned siden
Ummm in Australia is gets up to 45 degrees C some times higher so 100 Fahrenheit (37 C) isn’t hot for us 😂😂😂😘
Jacky Ponce
Jacky Ponce - Måned siden
When Erik says “ no one called you that” 🤣
Jewel Mystic
Jewel Mystic - Måned siden
your poop problem is simple.. all you have to do is get one of the dippers, open it up lift the toilet seat place the dipper inside the porta potty... do your poop... and then fold the dipper up throw it away :) I dont know if your porta potties water is high like the toilet's you have at home? might work :)
Plumbixie - Måned siden
Erik: so you wanna make a teepee of sticks...
Colleen: hits a rock with a stick
Me: bawling out crying and laughing 😂
alexandra mae !!
alexandra mae !! - Måned siden
colleen: i cant act
also colleen: had her own tv show, was on broadway, has played a character for a living for the past ten years
Anna Yuhas
Anna Yuhas - Måned siden
You're the man, you make the fire and decide what happens to womens bodies-- 🤣🤣🤣
Brock Clark
Brock Clark - Måned siden
Anyone notice that she sounded a lot like Miranda when she was making the fire
Nick MacNeil
Nick MacNeil - Måned siden
Makes money making nothing. I'm unsbbing. Like what are you doing with your life in ten years. Don't clickbait people wiit you titiles you're a hypocrite. Move on. Try and live working at Starbarks if they'll take ypou.
Cali Lindauer
Cali Lindauer - Måned siden
Colleges husband that her drank in then they were camping my mom drinks that now(white claw)
kiley kk
kiley kk - Måned siden
I have been watching your videos sens I was
Connie Cardenas
Connie Cardenas - Måned siden
OMG should you …
Julie Pereira
Julie Pereira - Måned siden
Wait who has ever heard Colleen cuss?!
Inez Sheeran
Inez Sheeran - Måned siden
Julie Pereira ow i get what u mean now. I have never heard ger swear but she said bi**h
Inez Sheeran
Inez Sheeran - Måned siden
Julie Pereira y
Inez Sheeran
Inez Sheeran - Måned siden
Julie Pereira tf
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - Måned siden
Flynn laughing at the air vent made my day!
Kaitlyn Peterson
Kaitlyn Peterson - Måned siden
Erik cam 🙌
Rachel McCarter
Rachel McCarter - Måned siden
Every man should’ve been made into an Erik
catelinwilson1 - Måned siden
I know you can't pick what ads are played on your videos, but I just wanted to let you know that 75% of the ones that play for me are Dump Trump endorsements. And you know we don't stan Dump Trump
Mackenzye VanGeest
Mackenzye VanGeest - Måned siden
you should of let flinn jump, so cute though!
kayleighthepisces - Måned siden
We need more Erik Cams!! They can be only a few seconds, but they’re so funny!
The fortnite Players
The fortnite Players - Måned siden
I named one of my hermit crabs bulldozer
joedine samsundar
joedine samsundar - Måned siden
OMG those aren't turkeys they're vultures 😂😂 they are scavengers they eat dead rotting animals 😂
Lokesh paul
Lokesh paul - Måned siden
U can't act ?? Stop it Colleen u r talented af !!! And we love you 😭❤️
Rachel Dinka
Rachel Dinka - Måned siden
Flynn is getting so tall. Like when I look at him next to Colleen, he is getting so tall OMG stop growing Flynn!!!
Emely Vibes
Emely Vibes - Måned siden
You’re family is absolutely beautiful, thanks for sharing pieces of your life Colleen, love your vlogs!!!💗💗💗🤗🤗🤗
Rachael J
Rachael J - Måned siden
Gobble gobble gobble BULDOZER!!!! 😂🤣😂
Emma Knight
Emma Knight - Måned siden
I think it's nice that Erik picks up the camera when he sees something he wants to capture even though he's not really a YouTube person
Layla Amr
Layla Amr - Måned siden
Colleen: has two seasons of a netflix show, has been on broadway, literally has her own character with millions of people who watch her
Also colleen: "i CaN't AcT"
Kira Joyce
Kira Joyce - Måned siden
When Colleen was making the fire and she was saying she got splinters. All I heard was Miranda’s voice and specifically from the Ryan Higa I Dare You video lol
Taekookie 3001
Taekookie 3001 - Måned siden
Flynn is the imposter! I saw him vent 1.49
msladygreen4 - Måned siden
MariFLYNN Monroe hahaha
Alaska Star
Alaska Star - Måned siden
I love how Eric and Colleen just to Flynn like he’s just their best friend, I love it and I think it’s good for Flynn’s self esteem as he’s grows like I just love their dynamic & I think they are great parents.
Amishi Kingrani
Amishi Kingrani - Måned siden
I'm rlyy proud of Collen fo keeping the mindset that she don't wanna lick her skin.
Colleen ur rlly amazing!
Siena Stubbs
Siena Stubbs - Måned siden
I love Colleen’s camp look 😍🥰❤️
Amy - Måned siden
The good ones are good. My boyfriend, without telling me, went to the supermarket whilst we were at a wedding for his friend, at dinner, to get me panadol and nausea medication because for some reason I started getting a migraine and had extreme nausea and vomitting (legit threw up everything I ate within ten minutes of eating it) and then we had to leave the wedding because I just couldn't be there with vomit mouth and feeling sick with a throbbing head. Luckily we were staying just down the road from the venue, so I sent him back, but still. He went out of his way to help me.
Ashlynn Jones
Ashlynn Jones - Måned siden
one day when eric is older and speaking to his grandkids hes gonna be like "I had to trek for miles up and down mountains on dirt roads just to get your granny a bandaid"
Brenda de la Isla
Brenda de la Isla - Måned siden
Time to start potty training 🙌😁
Mojo W
Mojo W - Måned siden
Has she thought about covid and the smoke nobody is camping
Kyra Nicole Vlogs
Kyra Nicole Vlogs - Måned siden
Hi colleen, I wanted to let you know that me and my family stayed at that K.O.A. in Santa Margarita and we had the best time and i hope you did too. They have a lake up the road and you can rent a boat our for the whole day. Its amazingly beautiful up there, but you already knew that, duh. I love how private and spaced out the camping spots and cabins are. My favorite part was the jumping pillow and making new friends. Love your videos and hope you have a nice day.
Belle Tippey
Belle Tippey - Måned siden
Colleen:*famous on YouTube,has her own series on Netflix,was on a broadway show,has her VERY OWN character,makes millions on acting*
Also Colleen: *I can’t act*
Aline May
Aline May - Måned siden
Colleen stop calling skin picking disgusting u are a auto full person and we have the same habit😭I love u so much
Nicole C
Nicole C - Måned siden
I freakin love Flynn so so much😍 he is too cute💜
Starlight3ag - Måned siden
" Now what do I do? Do I just put it in? I don't know how to do this!" .....thats what she said
Tia Montiero
Tia Montiero - Måned siden
It’s the banter while making a fire for me lol!!!! I laughed so hard 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Norah Lott
Norah Lott - Måned siden
Colleen: I can’t act
Kai Alexandria
Kai Alexandria - Måned siden
"You're the man
Man makes fire
Man makes the decision about women's bodies"
I can't 🤣😂💀
ChiChi Games
ChiChi Games - Måned siden
Flynn: "GobblegobblegobbleBulldozer!
Joan Gillette
Joan Gillette - Måned siden
Constantly complains about Covid but then wonders why the campground is empty?! Lol
Abigail Dryja
Abigail Dryja - Måned siden
How colleen did her fire was funny
Marlene R
Marlene R - Måned siden
*Flynn's laughter prolongs life* ❤
Reyna - Måned siden
I’m only a few minutes into this vlog, but, when you guys are driving, where does Flynn sit?
baylee p
baylee p - Måned siden
flynn: steps on the vent
John Sayles
John Sayles - Måned siden
xiaomei 94
xiaomei 94 - Måned siden
Erik Cam was hilarious :D
Lindamation - Måned siden
"you're the man. man makes fire,man makes the decisions about women's bodies"😂💀👀
abigail wilson-law
abigail wilson-law - Måned siden
Caitlin Taylor
Caitlin Taylor - Måned siden
Colleen: I can't act!
Me: Colleen, you have, 2 seasons of a Netflix series, you are a youtuber with 3 channels, AND YOU WERE ON BROADWAY!!!!! and you're telling us, your viewers who have watched you gain soooo much confidence, that you cannot act!!!!!
Like if you agree.