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Runtime: 15:08


Charlie Bean
Charlie Bean - 2 dager siden
Flynn’s face in the thumbnail😂😂
jennifer garcia
jennifer garcia - 5 dager siden
Colleens commentary while the kids put on a show is always the highlight of the video 🤣🤣🤣
Gabrielle Tuttle
Gabrielle Tuttle - 6 dager siden
Parker is definitely 💅
Sn Le
Sn Le - 6 dager siden
you also talked about rescheduling your tours and tie diy!
Emiliana Sadek
Emiliana Sadek - 7 dager siden
U were in the pool like every single day 😝😂😂🤣 I LOVE U COLLEEN❤️❤️❤️ I am watching you from the beggining of covid-19 so like over a year !!!💕💕💕💕💕
ELI BAILEY - 8 dager siden
I was Jason Voorhees from "Friday the 13th part 7". It's my favorite Jason film. Also Jason looks soooooooo freakin COOL.
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - 10 dager siden
love u
Purple Sunset
Purple Sunset - 12 dager siden
bruh bailh is baymax
mtndew33725 - 12 dager siden
That’s such a great idea to have Halloween on your own with all the doors in your house
Salina Rivera
Salina Rivera - 13 dager siden
I’m definitely late on this video but I love you guys family. Such a vibe and it makes me feel like I’m apart especially the Christmas decoration video ✨💜
Salina Rivera
Salina Rivera - 13 dager siden
Parker is such a mood lol ✨🙋🏻‍♀️
Nishi Patel
Nishi Patel - 13 dager siden
OMG you can see Parker as the next James Charles!
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
Gehrig Burnett Jr. - 16 dager siden
Rachel being a “smarty pants” has me dead
Nneka Nya.
Nneka Nya. - 16 dager siden
You also have to show us you making dinner !!!
Kaylee Swenson
Kaylee Swenson - 17 dager siden
I love that I follow all of you and I get to see your Halloween from 3 different perspectives
Do The Do
Do The Do - 17 dager siden
Excuse me, those aren't Smartie-Pants, those are Rocket-pants, PFFT
bubbly.rxblox - 17 dager siden
I thought Her brother was Borat
Andrew Singh
Andrew Singh - 18 dager siden
Check on the sun flowers
Summy Piggy
Summy Piggy - 18 dager siden
405,149th viewer just a little late 😝 love you Colleen
MrzAeroFanatic - 19 dager siden
Ok she said she was going to put the link below of the Rocky Horror Show BUT I DONT SEE IT, CAN SOMEONE HELP ME PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
Felicia Friedman
Felicia Friedman - 19 dager siden
Flynn was so cute Trick or treating!
Brittany Truesdale
Brittany Truesdale - 19 dager siden
When did Flynn get so big and he is so cute
Alexis Wittke
Alexis Wittke - 19 dager siden
why am i literally parker in the beginning about how costume lol
13_Hidalgo, Casey
13_Hidalgo, Casey - 19 dager siden
hasan sajjad
hasan sajjad - 20 dager siden
I dont celebrate Halloween but this is so cute
Kayla Middlebrooks
Kayla Middlebrooks - 20 dager siden
I CANNOT with Parker.. he’s the most extra amazing little boy! ❤️🤍
Mika Olos
Mika Olos - 20 dager siden
Am I the only on that gets 💅 vibes from Parker
Zara McIvor
Zara McIvor - 20 dager siden
Colleen is the best mom ever she’s so creative
Ed Herlein
Ed Herlein - 20 dager siden
Rylie Blumenberg
Rylie Blumenberg - 20 dager siden
One thing you did you made a zoo in your house
Nico Fan
Nico Fan - 20 dager siden
Flynn and Duncan are so cute
Bryn Svasand
Bryn Svasand - 20 dager siden
Rose Strickland
Rose Strickland - 20 dager siden
Colleen: I buyed glowsticks for the Halloween costumes
Ballinger family: why don't we use them for a light show
Night time...
Parker: (sings his song)
I would too
Astronaut Cricket
Astronaut Cricket - 21 dag siden
Perks of having a large family. This was so cute. That looked like so much fun.
Kissa Rosebud
Kissa Rosebud - 21 dag siden
tie dying
Sana Gbane
Sana Gbane - 21 dag siden
I love colleen
Riley McFadden
Riley McFadden - 21 dag siden
You did crafts everyday
Shireen Moshtagh
Shireen Moshtagh - 21 dag siden
um i live in canada and rachels costume was not correct. those were ROCKETS on her pants, NOT smarties
Sean Kim
Sean Kim - 21 dag siden
parker is a mood lol
water_lily 02
water_lily 02 - 21 dag siden
WAIT how'd he do the haunted mansion painting I WANT
Kenzie Breinich
Kenzie Breinich - 21 dag siden
I was there
Dana Acosta
Dana Acosta - 21 dag siden
Love how your family did trick - or - treating this year. That's what my family was going to do also if we weren't able to trick - or - treat.
Nicole Violettito
Nicole Violettito - 21 dag siden
Nicole Violettito
Nicole Violettito - 21 dag siden
Nicole Violettito
Nicole Violettito - 21 dag siden
2:39 omg bailey. BAILEY. IM CALLING BAILEY WALKING DOWN IN THAT! omg so cute wth
Amelia Kate
Amelia Kate - 21 dag siden
I want to see more singing! I've watched YouTube clips of you in waitress over and over! Xo
Love from Australia 💕
Kaythlin - 21 dag siden
I own a small farm and have tons of chickens I really hope those chickens just sleep there. Or stay there when family is outside. Chickens should free range or have more space. Poor babies, please people! don’t have animals if you don’t know how to care for them.
Abigayle Werner
Abigayle Werner - 21 dag siden
And we love you!! Thank you for being an amazing, and a good influence for everyone!!
headass steph
headass steph - 22 dager siden
2:41 Rachel LOLLL that was my exact same thought
Ashley Jade
Ashley Jade - 22 dager siden
First couple of days (OR weeks) of quarantine = Trying to make half a roll of Toilet Paper last DAYS. 😂
Trinity Uhrlaub
Trinity Uhrlaub - 22 dager siden
But this isn’t Flynn’s first time tho...?
Noah Luhtjarv
Noah Luhtjarv - 22 dager siden
Parker always has to have a show. I love it. I hope he always stays himself, and dosnt change his personality!
Leonel Delgado
Leonel Delgado - 22 dager siden
yes boy
Cameron Dahl
Cameron Dahl - 22 dager siden
10 Hamilton songs that are stuck in my head
1. Non stop
2. Scuyler sisters
3. Helpless
4. Sadisfied
5. You'll be back
6. What comes next
7. Guns and ships
8. Alexander Hamilton
9. Aaron burr sir
10. Take a break
11. Stay alive
Lorelai Roberts
Lorelai Roberts - 22 dager siden
Isaiah singh
Isaiah singh - 22 dager siden
october 30th was my bday
Zahra-Lys King
Zahra-Lys King - 22 dager siden
You went in the pool everyday lol
Teodora herrera
Teodora herrera - 22 dager siden
Oh.... Now there's whips -Colleen Balinger 2020
lilptinkle - 22 dager siden
it is such a dad thing to not wear socks or shoes i swear 😂😂
nthvnthv123 - 22 dager siden
Flynn's reaction to getting the glow stick is everything 10:30
Jackie Guerrero1315
Jackie Guerrero1315 - 23 dager siden
We had a Halloween party with my mom step dad and cousin. We did a dance contest, best costume contest, and a piñata. Was actually pretty cool.
Brooke Gailey
Brooke Gailey - 23 dager siden
Rachel: thank you and DONT come again!
Colleen: ope, he's coming again
kyrie - 23 dager siden
Parker carried that light show 👍🏼
kj williams
kj williams - 23 dager siden
this was so cute
Sensitive Talk
Sensitive Talk - 23 dager siden
Ballinger Family: *swings whips and hoops*
Flinn: *Shakes one like a banana*
Sensitive Talk
Sensitive Talk - 23 dager siden
get the doo doo candy guys!
sydsvlogz - 23 dager siden
This is so creative! I hope yall have a great Halloween!!
Patricia Carter
Patricia Carter - 23 dager siden
your family is so awesome, I wanna hang out with your family :D Flynn did well, he's so cute. I love Parker he so confident and entertaining.
Katie Hobbs
Katie Hobbs - 23 dager siden
I love this family
Hayden Bercy
Hayden Bercy - 23 dager siden
GreenBubby 13
GreenBubby 13 - 23 dager siden
I have five siblings so this is like my house
Lynsey Toney
Lynsey Toney - 23 dager siden
Where did they get the haunted mansion stuff!!
Jesus Hernandez
Jesus Hernandez - 23 dager siden
Colleen and Erik are the perfect parents
Savannah Gonzales
Savannah Gonzales - 23 dager siden
You cooked dinner and told us the recipe daily. And your desserts as well.
lab lab
lab lab - 23 dager siden
Omg I loove Bailey's costume ! That's a uge Bmax
Venus LaParr
Venus LaParr - 23 dager siden
Here Colleen ill help you whipped coffee, tie dye, reverse tie dye, baking bread, teaching us recipes, early quarantine tik tok dances
hello hi
hello hi - 23 dager siden
Colleen, I love you, I’m proud of you, and I hope you have the best day:)
oreo 4ever
oreo 4ever - 23 dager siden
The light show was just an excuse to throw glow sticks around the yard I loved it lol
GenuineHummingbird - 23 dager siden
They have a big house and yet their chicken house is tiny af
TheSMarie42 - 23 dager siden
To be fair.... Regular Walt Disney was anti-Semitic and a fan of eugenics so 😬
Kyla McHugh
Kyla McHugh - 23 dager siden
Colleen's family is the most amazing thing ever! I live in Singapore and the only family I have here is my parents! Most of the rest of my family lives in England but I honestly wish we all lived in the same place and could see each other every holiday like Colleen!
chester bucket. TV
chester bucket. TV - 23 dager siden
Hi idol I like your video ..
Lily ana
Lily ana - 23 dager siden
How is hlowen
Samira Ads
Samira Ads - 23 dager siden
"And then someone gives you doo doo because you knocked on the door."
That sounds wrong🤣🤣🤣🤣
Tara Dawn
Tara Dawn - 23 dager siden
To us Canadians you are rocket pants ahaha
Jenny Lea
Jenny Lea - 23 dager siden
Ugh. Flynn saying trick or treat had me in TEARS. 🥺🥺🥺
Kaitlyn Walker
Kaitlyn Walker - 23 dager siden
I love that despite the fact Erik is wearing a mask you can tell he's smiling after Flynn gets all smiley, and him looking at Colleen that way melts my heart. Also, when Flynn said trick or treat nearly perfectly on the first prompt I had almost the same reaction as Colleen, that was impressive little man!
Becky Austin
Becky Austin - 23 dager siden
The Queen's Gambit was a really good show I loved it I thought it was so great and she played the part so well that's my thought on it
Bailey Hicks
Bailey Hicks - 24 dager siden
I was like: smartie pants? where’s the smarties? lol
Canadian smarties are chocolate. those are called Rockets in Canada!
Addy McCaffity
Addy McCaffity - 24 dager siden
Rachel: Thank you have a nice day!
Maria Kolyagina
Maria Kolyagina - 24 dager siden
Lol Colleen is so funny she forgot to put the link in the description
Elyse Jones
Elyse Jones - 24 dager siden
The way we did it this year is we go around out house in one costume and if the adults like it we get candy. After we go to everyone in the first costume we put on costume in a different one. Basicly we did that for about an hour and had so much fun!
Mei Leong
Mei Leong - 24 dager siden
The Big Hero 6 movies are incredible. Also, trick o chtreaetttttt
PechoTheDeer - 24 dager siden
Psychic Dashton The Vampire Slayer
So Glad Two Hear Your way of Puting a Voice From Ur Heart Darling with a Sweet Soul🦂🐴 ♐ Ur moon is in 🦀♋Crab
sorta cusp 🦁Leo
Psychic Dashton The Vampire Slayer
eye am Super Greatful Four ur exsistance Your The Worlds Light Duh L :P L
Georgia Gayton
Georgia Gayton - 24 dager siden
Love you Colleen ❤️❤️
Georgia Gayton
Georgia Gayton - 24 dager siden
Biden 2020 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
Abby Reifenheiser
Abby Reifenheiser - 24 dager siden
Trying to make masks because they were hard to get at the time
Harper Cochran
Harper Cochran - 24 dager siden
can someone please tell me who parker is?