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Runtime: 16:42


Carla Talledo
Carla Talledo - 6 dager siden
I don't know why I got really scared
Gauge Smith
Gauge Smith - 11 dager siden
i blond
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson - 12 dager siden
flinn is so cute dancig
Norma Martinez
Norma Martinez - 14 dager siden
He is soo cute👁👄👁
katofrie - 20 dager siden
Flynn is the cutest toddler ever! haha. And I love that you read those fans letters on camera :)
Elise Bilberry
Elise Bilberry - 21 dag siden
Preach to that Kamala 🙌🏼
Izabella Escudero
Izabella Escudero - 27 dager siden
when is Flynn going to get a youtube channel?? when he gets older that would be super cool
Melo Yellow
Melo Yellow - 28 dager siden
Flynn always brightens my day!
Happy Hobby Hole
Happy Hobby Hole - 29 dager siden
15:22 it was all worth it. i begged my parents for weeks and for xmas they gave me a ticket to your show. i cried when i saw you on stage. i cried when o saw erik and flynn. you inspire me in everything i do. ❤️
Planet Elielle M
Planet Elielle M - Måned siden
I bet Flynn thinks like: bowl + brown stuff+ big metal thing = food
Halia Marie
Halia Marie - Måned siden
I know she didn’t call Kamala “the queen herself.” She LOST that debate. Regardless, she’s been awful for the black community and minorities. Liberals are so easily manipulated I stg
hallie baker
hallie baker - Måned siden
I know I was thinking the same thing
Andrea Tapp
Andrea Tapp - Måned siden
Omg the hiccups are the cutestttttt
Gavin Burton
Gavin Burton - Måned siden

Thank you for your time!😊❤🥺✨
Jaci Garcia
Jaci Garcia - Måned siden
Your amazing
Arki UwU
Arki UwU - Måned siden
Flynn: BlEk Gujwosm
Colleen: I agree.. She was annoying and no you can’t have a cookie.
Colleen is a SuPer mUm
Lyme_pithgypsy - Måned siden
Keep being, you... you, Beautimous One! 💋 #imbecomingcolleen 'cuz she's a, 👑
Coco - Måned siden
Love you baby 🍼
Sarcastically_me - Måned siden
Trump 2020. I feel sorry for you.
Lily's Experiences
Lily's Experiences - Måned siden
I LOVE YOU iM SUCH A BIG FAN you are the most honest person and amazing singer dance and mom and there are so many other things I love you and I love Flynn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! he is so cute
Jamie Lees
Jamie Lees - Måned siden
Check out the ancient concept of acedia. It completely describes how you and also how I feel too. https://theconversation.com/acedia-the-lost-name-for-the-emotion-were-all-feeling-right-now-144058
Eva Ally
Eva Ally - Måned siden
only your ghost would sound like it was farting colleen 😂😂
Nico Fan
Nico Fan - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute
Glow Stick
Glow Stick - Måned siden
Don’t do it... Don’t scroll down..

I said no-

What are you doing-?

You are worth it. Never forget that. Don’t harm your beautiful bodies. Don’t end your life to get rid of the pain, it just spreads the pain to others.

Keep fighting love, you are worth it all.
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - Måned siden
Ruby Gruber
Ruby Gruber - Måned siden
You are amazing colleen I have so much respect for you
Kids McLeod
Kids McLeod - Måned siden
I just got stitches
Megan Church
Megan Church - Måned siden
Oh girl...keep politics off your channel girl, I get the need to vent but I wouldn't. If I were you! (Good thing im not)
But just fyi
Melon lol ari gamer
Melon lol ari gamer - Måned siden
Give me cookies It really sounds good and sorry if I wake you up it’s morning for me
_.arrrianna. _
_.arrrianna. _ - Måned siden
I love these vlogs
Michelle Kidder
Michelle Kidder - Måned siden
My brother wanted to get a buy sex to be oh so we couldn’t have any more kids you know that thing anyway he could not do that because his wife wouldn’t sign the papers
eve lozano
eve lozano - Måned siden
kinda random but does kory live with them? i thought he did but then she said she was alone, i’m just so confused haha😂
Pwipe The Great
Pwipe The Great - Måned siden
I literally clicked as soon as o saw the notification, and it already has 20 thousand likes
Eden Muriel
Eden Muriel - Måned siden
I have felt the exact same way for at least 3 months. I am blue most of the time and am not motivated to do much of anything. I don't know if it the losses I have had in my family or covid or a mixture of things... Weird.
Brina F.
Brina F. - Måned siden
colleen said hello to the ghost and my teacher said good morning on zoom scared the living daylights outta me
Abhisha John
Abhisha John - Måned siden
I don’t know why people don’t understand body autonomy.. a baby’s body is different from the mother’s body.
carmela - Måned siden
hahhahahhahah even flynn laughed when Colleen said Kamala is the queen.! oh Flynn I love you, you are going to make your mom so mad when you get older..
Kamala is far from a queen. She failed at that debate, also its not called mansplaining lol Kamala didnt answer any of her questions FYI!
WeeWoo The Budgie
WeeWoo The Budgie - Måned siden
it was hilarious!
Plumbixie - Måned siden
When I am in a sad/bad mood I just clean and think.....
lesiak 123
lesiak 123 - Måned siden
Me knowing your happy makes me happy
Julia Charlene
Julia Charlene - Måned siden
When Flynn was laughing, I totally saw Parker in him!!! They really look alike!
Breanna Williamson
Breanna Williamson - Måned siden
What laws have to do with OUR bodies?! There are laws that have to do with unborn babies bodies, that are not ours. My unborn baby in my body is not my property and I do not have the right to end their life because of their location.
s.Rayla.s - Måned siden
15k followers with no videos challenge
Just a reminder for those who need it you are beautiful no matter what
Toxic Headshot
Toxic Headshot - Måned siden
Seriously stop bringing politics into your videos. I’m so done with you trying to talk about politics. It’s quite fucking annoying.
carmela - Måned siden
Yes thank you! But i laughed when colleen said kamala is the queen her self because flynn laughed at the RIGHT time, even he knows thats a joke.
Heather Fredenburg
Heather Fredenburg - Måned siden
I'd like to know facts surrounding over 400 laws about women's bodies because I'm not finding anything saying that.
Heather Fredenburg
Heather Fredenburg - Måned siden
@Carmela Marciano Exactly.
Carmela Marciano
Carmela Marciano - Måned siden
Because its false
Gabie Angodung
Gabie Angodung - Måned siden
Colleen your cookie recipe please please please
Sara Nichols
Sara Nichols - Måned siden
I love Colleen, but what are they laws on women’s bodies? I haven’t heard of any..
Nika Tayo Samar
Nika Tayo Samar - Måned siden
so cute flyyyyn🥺❤️
Anindita Widyatami
Anindita Widyatami - Måned siden
The letters makes me cryy..
taydem echo
taydem echo - Måned siden
What time do you usually go to sleep ?!?!
Anna Watson
Anna Watson - Måned siden
stop putting politics in the videos. you need to be respectful of your viewers and that we might not have the same opinions as you.
carmela - Måned siden
Amen!!! ITs very annoying but she knows her followers are young kids that cant vote
Jeremiah - Måned siden
It sounds like she hates men
ash s
ash s - Måned siden
yeah.... keep politics out of your vlogs
Amy Settle
Amy Settle - Måned siden
I did the same thing when Kamala Harris answered that question
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - Måned siden
I love when Colleen reads our letters and feels grateful and fulfilled! She is so worthy and deserves all the love!😊
Elif Toprak
Elif Toprak - Måned siden
Madelulu - Måned siden
I have the hiccups, and then I clicked on this video. They are getting worse 😂
Hadley Mae McHugh
Hadley Mae McHugh - Måned siden
Everyone has those days
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - Måned siden
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - Måned siden
Bruh why is there laws on bodies period
Robin Black
Robin Black - Måned siden
I know 99% you will not see this or anyone will give it a like but ever since I saw Flynn in ur vids he was so cute and I know that he will love you to the moon ur a good mother he will always know that😊😊
Lauren Higgins
Lauren Higgins - Måned siden
Coleen, God is in control and He will choose the right president for our country ❤️❤️❤️
Danganronpa Panda :D
Danganronpa Panda :D - Måned siden
colleen looking in the room where the sound came from ad pops up ThE BeSt pArT Of wAkInG is FolGerS In YoUr CuP
Miss Lavis
Miss Lavis - Måned siden
0:25 bruh, she looks exactly like Willy wonka
Hannah Fonso
Hannah Fonso - Måned siden
I love these vlogs
Ramona Cruz-Lamb
Ramona Cruz-Lamb - Måned siden
As a mother I can't believe you want woman to kill their unborn baby I just don't understand that!?!?! Why is ok as a Christian you know ABORTION IS WRONG HOW DEAD YOU THINK THAT'S OK, IT'S NOT YOUR BODY IT'S A CHILD'S BODY THEY KILL!!!!! COME ON THINK BEFORE YOU VOTE!!!
Guadalupe Ramirez
Guadalupe Ramirez - Måned siden
you dropped this 👑
Becky Litster
Becky Litster - Måned siden
Colleen , I have suffered with anxiety , depression for years it is really good to know that you can be real with us with the same struggles that i have . It. Is great to know that you are here .
Cheryl Ann
Cheryl Ann - Måned siden
Colleen, let’s get something straight: CONGRESS makes the laws, NOT the POTUS. . He can sign or veto but Congress, the House Of Reps, and the Senate write the laws, pass it in the form of the bill to the POTUS to pass or veto. Elect your proper Congressional representatives if you are this worried. Geez. This is grade school poly sci. Come on!
Bird House
Bird House - Måned siden
Agree! Facts!!
chicken nuggs
chicken nuggs - Måned siden
@Cheryl Ann exactly right
Cheryl Ann
Cheryl Ann - Måned siden
chicken nuggs And it’s not even a left issue! This is basic civics and how our Republic was designed.
Cheryl Ann
Cheryl Ann - Måned siden
chicken nuggs IKR! 😱
chicken nuggs
chicken nuggs - Måned siden
This is the result of the left media, smh🤦‍♀️
mikeysrose - Måned siden
The cats were hanging out in the front room, Gus or Daisy (let's be real, it was probably chonky boi Gustopher) brushed against the door, or maybe stood on their hind legs and leaned on it to get a better look at a fly, and when it creaked, it freaked them out and they darted away.
Sheena xoxo
Sheena xoxo - Måned siden
Omg Flynn's cute little laugh over his hiccups, was to funny! 😂 He is just so full of life and makes me miss my boys being little. 😥 Yayy, Rachel is back hanging out at your house, with you! 🥰 I know before, she would come over, but sit outside and 6 ft away with a mask on. I'm binge watching your videos, bc I'm really going through alot right now, and they help me.
Faeryn Koehler
Faeryn Koehler - Måned siden
Flynn kinda has a similar face to bonnie and f of toy story and it is adorable😋
m2 - Måned siden
Colleen dont make long unrealistic lists! Just choose to do a few that are most important for the day, and schedule everything else for another day.
m2 - Måned siden
yes politics are the worst!
Sharonda Fuller
Sharonda Fuller - Måned siden
I like those funny intro
Sharonda Fuller
Sharonda Fuller - Måned siden
That was silly
Taylor McCullar
Taylor McCullar - Måned siden
Every Sagittarius I know including myself is struggling!! You’re not alone girl 🤗
WOWWW!! The older Flynn gets the MORE he looks identical to his Daddy!! His eyes , & the looks he gives . It’s like looking right into his Daddy’s eyes /face! It’s a trip!!
Carolyn Seiber
Carolyn Seiber - Måned siden
its sweet video. can u make a halloween video again. hope u can catch a ghost.
Olivia Johnson
Olivia Johnson - Måned siden
i took a break from keeping up with the vlogs and i couldn't tell you why. but I'm really glad i came back and am catching up because i ALWAYS relate to how you feeling and i never feel alone and uber depressed when i watch you. i missed you. sending all my love i love you so much
Brooklyn The Cookie
Brooklyn The Cookie - Måned siden
Flynn acts like he’s 4
Oz Nazur
Oz Nazur - Måned siden
I have that shirt!!! Lol
Janvi - Måned siden
i think flynn’s hiccups just solved all of my life’s problems
Valeria Cardona
Valeria Cardona - Måned siden
THANK YOU FOR SHARING HOW YOU FEEL. I have that feeling sometimes and I feel like its just me sometimes who has those random bad days. I love you so much!
Jessica Shlager
Jessica Shlager - Måned siden
Flynn loving and laughing over his own hiccups are the best!
Yes, I am sure a lot of people (if not, everyone at some point) have felt down and blue and don't know why. I know I have! You are not alone!
Aurelia Nia
Aurelia Nia - Måned siden
I don’t know what it is but watching something about Colleen’s vlogs before bed makes me feel like my day is complete.
Kristen Thompson
Kristen Thompson - 19 dager siden
Rylie Alley
Rylie Alley - Måned siden
Awww! On colleen's Starbucks cup it said "cory"! Kory got her Starbucks! What a nice friend!!
Victoria Saade
Victoria Saade - Måned siden
The title reminded me of a little video on YT titled Hiccup Lullaby of my older brother
Elle Cahill
Elle Cahill - Måned siden
I think he has something wrong with him. Poor baby.
Jagruti Shah
Jagruti Shah - Måned siden
I Love flin’s personality, he is so sweet and cute! Like when you and your husband were laughing he laughed along!
Reformed Mommaoffive
Reformed Mommaoffive - Måned siden
tan xuan
tan xuan - Måned siden
anyone thinks colleen looks like Mary Elise from pitch perfect? 😂 the vibes are so strong in this video HAHA
Nayeli Lomas
Nayeli Lomas - Måned siden
I think Flynn would lose his mind here!
LyshaLabRat - Måned siden
Colleen gurl your house is extremely haunted, ill pray for youu 😭
Shyamoli Pathak
Shyamoli Pathak - Måned siden
Colleen, I love you so much. You deserve the world. Sometimes I just wish I could hug you.
XxGalaxy CatxX
XxGalaxy CatxX - Måned siden
Thanks Flynn! Your hiccups made me laugh today
Tiktoksthat_ - Måned siden
I think when someone die they randomly assign someone to be
sad for them and that’s why we are just sad
Miley Gonzalez
Miley Gonzalez - Måned siden
Im sad because Flynn is not saying dar dar as much as he used to 😭
Crawley R
Crawley R - Måned siden
You do realize that Biden spoke out against gay marriage until it wasn’t fashionable as Trump always supported, then hired the first openly gay cabinet member. We have the most pro LGTBQ President in our history. Please let me know if there is something that Repubs have ever passed that keep anyone from having freedom to live how they want, as long as not hurting anyone.? Dems have always and continue to sabotage the very communities they speak so great about.. no one ever talks policy.
Bird House
Bird House - Måned siden
Damn!! Preach!!
Sara Garrett
Sara Garrett - Måned siden
I’m sorry but I don’t believe in a woman ruling over a man so I will be saying trump 2020
Hello people
Hello people - Måned siden
Sara Garrett same
Crawley R
Crawley R - Måned siden
Why do you think Black Communities have been targeted by Planned Parenthood? You know who founded PP? Know the stats of black babies terminated vs white?