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Lauren Miazek
Lauren Miazek - 7 timer siden
I've been watching for around 6-7 years :)
Jordan Appenzeller’
Jordan Appenzeller’ - 8 timer siden
Colleen! I started watching you when i was about 15, when you got pregnant with Flynn. Truthfully, Miranda has never been my jam but i knew about you because of Miranda since like EVERYONE in 6th grade talked about you as miranda (lol) and even tho it’s not my personal cup of tea, i admire that you have something so unique that you love so much as your career. But anyway, i have always been obsessed with babies and so Youtube recommended me your "i’m pregnant" video and i followed your pregnancy journey. i since then have frequented your videos, a lot of the time i will wait for a long time and then binge your vlogs haha. I’ve always loved watching Vlogs but yours are especially personal, and it makes me
feel like we are friends. I have so much in common with you and it’s nice that i know i’m not alone in certain issues that i struggle with, like my ocd skin picking disorder that my family for years refused to acknowledge. they wouldn’t get me help until i one night picked at my feet so gruesomely that i limped for about a week. i love your vlogs , your little family, and the friend like intimacy you provide in your videos. Thank you!
Alexandra Podolnikova
Alexandra Podolnikova - 12 timer siden
I always heard that you had a vlog channel and I thought it was just a bloopers channel idk but I got your vlog video somewhere in the beginning of Covid and I loved it and I try it to watch it everyday.
Clare Dallen
Clare Dallen - 14 timer siden
Discovered Miranda in 2012 with the Starships music video along the beach. Been watching both Miranda, and you Colleen ever since. Been to two shows in Newcastle, New South Wales, Australia and haven’t missed a video you’ve posted since. Been here since the beginning. Patiently waiting for tomorrow’s livestream.
Love you always 💛
Liana Kelly
Liana Kelly - 15 timer siden
I’ve been watching your vlogs since you announced you were pregnant! I watch every single video, and I’ve been watching your other channels since around 2012 😁😁
Misty Austin
Misty Austin - 15 timer siden
I started to watch when you were preggers with Flynn .. btw ily
Beatriz Pozos
Beatriz Pozos - 17 timer siden
maybe like two years ago and I watch every video 🥰
A Mars
A Mars - 19 timer siden
I started watching when you got pregnant with Flynn and I watch every vlog
Kaylee Jay
Kaylee Jay - 20 timer siden
I’ve been watching since about 2012-ish . I found Miranda and she led me to your channel. I used to watch off and on but since you started vlogging everyday I’ve watched pretty consistently.
Elizabeth Haley
Elizabeth Haley - 22 timer siden
Colleen, you're an awesome mother. Flynn is very lucky to have a mom like you💖
lizlovesyouable - Dag siden
I've been watching since your coming out video way back in the day. You was sitting in your parents garden. (Not korys coming out story) I watch your videos on the weekend because I'm busy throughout the week. So its my relaxing time
Eden Thompson
Eden Thompson - Dag siden
so i've loosely kept up with your channel for years when ever a vlog would catch my eye but i got really invested when you posted the very first video about you being pregnant with Flynn and i've been watching him grow up and your vlogs pretty regularly ever since. and i mean as for how often what i do is i wait a week or two for you to post how ever many vlogs and then when i remember ( they pop up on my recommended like everytime i open youtube so its not that hard ) i binge and the latest ones i haven't seen and its honestly one of my favorite things to do its such a huge huge comfort for me!!
Cecilia Coleman
Cecilia Coleman - Dag siden
Hi Colleen! I am one of your biggest supporters! I have been watching all of your channels for about 3 and a half years now but I didn’t really watch the vlogs that much except for vlogmas. But since you started vlogging every day in the beginning of March I have watched every single vlog and not missed one! I love you!!💕
كاتي كاتي
كاتي كاتي - Dag siden
I watched your videos off and on for years and just kind of stopped watching for a while. When you announced your pregnancy, I had just found out I was pregnant as well. My sister actually told me that you were pregnant because she's a fan of yours and I've been watching every video on your vlog channel since then. I also had a miserable pregnancy so I really appreciated your content during those days when most moms were telling me it would get better in the second trimester (it never got better, it got much much worse 😅). Now it feels like our kids have grown up together - they seem to have similar personalities and like the same things. Since quarantine, I've been watching every video. I'm a busy mom so I get behind sometimes, but I go back and binge watch every video 😂
eyesofivy - Dag siden
I started watching while you were pregnant with Flynn I think, or shortly after you had him. I have never watched a Miranda video but watch the Colleen main channel videos and have been watching those for the same length of time as the vlogs, I think I found you through Joey Graceffa.
Adelyn Paul
Adelyn Paul - Dag siden
To answer your question, I know I’m late haha, but I’ve been watching everyday since March!!!! I have been busy during the school year, so I’ve gotten behind, but I’m getting caught up because I’m quarantined 😊. Have a great day to everyone who is reading this!
Mad E
Mad E - Dag siden
Begining of quarnteen evry day
Rachael Gray
Rachael Gray - Dag siden
I have casually watched you since seeing you on “TrueLife” but then more in depth when we were both pregnant at the same time. I also had an eventful and sometimes difficult pregnancy. I have watched almost every vlog/video since then, especially during Covid. Watching you and your family brings me joy and seeing your son do similar habits as my daughter is icing. Thank you!
Tori Allen
Tori Allen - Dag siden
ive watched you everyday since quarantine started, but im watching this channel for years and years i dont even remember. since wayyyy before the start of your PREGNANCY even!!
Michelle Timp
Michelle Timp - Dag siden
I’ve watched your Miranda channel and main channel ever since I saw haters back off 2 years ago, but on for your vlog channel, I haven’t missed a video since you were pregnant.
aeqzsn - Dag siden
i have literally been watchin since 2016 or so since i was like 10 i have ALWAYS watxhed ur vids ur such a role model to me and u have always been one ilysm keep doing what ur doing!!!!
Alexandra Di Puorto
Alexandra Di Puorto - Dag siden
I think I’ve watched this channel for 3 years now, almost 4. I don’t remember how I started, but I love you and your family ! Love from France
Kailey Devlan
Kailey Devlan - Dag siden
I've been watching since the JDTV days 😬
Josiane Théberge
Josiane Théberge - Dag siden
I started watching your Main Channel and the Vlogs Channel just before you were pregnant with Flynn. And I watch every single vlogs you posted since March! Love from Montréal xxx
Carolina Pica
Carolina Pica - Dag siden
Flynn’s first Christmas was the first video I watched and I’ve been watching all the vlogs but I’m a little behind
Carolyn Saner
Carolyn Saner - Dag siden
Ive been watching for at least 4 years
Lisa Corrigan
Lisa Corrigan - 2 dager siden
UK viewer here! I started watching when I stumbled across the video of your first engagement and then completely fell in love with you and all your channels.. I legit haven’t missed a video since. I feel like I know you so well and feel honoured that I get to watch your life and know how much has changed over the years. I don’t watch every day - but I’ll bulk watch all the videos I’ve missed when I get time. You’re amazing. ♥️
Eloïse Lancsweert
Eloïse Lancsweert - 2 dager siden
I started watching in 2012!:) through a friend! Every. Single. Video. Hahaha :)
Kyleen Carlson
Kyleen Carlson - 2 dager siden
I started watching you almost daily since you announced you were pregnant I try to watch every video but I do miss some and I'm almost two weeks behind on all the channels I watch so I'm currently trying to catch up
Annika Maple
Annika Maple - 2 dager siden
On your Vlog Channel i’ve been watching every video sense we got pulled over on Tour 😂
Amy Danger
Amy Danger - 2 dager siden
I started watching Rachel's channel during iso a few months ago and got suggested yours in my feed, it took me way too long to realise you were Miranda Sings (I'll make you a deal, you watch Aunty Donna on Netflix. I'll watch Hater's Back Off). You are all so lovely and it's nice to feel like there's company around.
Sarah Sahlstrom
Sarah Sahlstrom - 2 dager siden
I started watched you when you first got pregnant 😘 and I've seem every single vlog and video you've posted since then
Char Holliday
Char Holliday - 2 dager siden
Doubt u'll see this now but I've been watching this vlog channel for YEARS! Just interested to see how u spend ur day off the main channel stuff and I actually prefer watching these videos form the main channel ones
heyjenna - 2 dager siden
I've been watching every single day since 2016... 🙈 though I'm always days behind...
Rodny Escobar
Rodny Escobar - 2 dager siden
I started watching you since vlogmas two years ago when you where pregnant with Flynn and I haven't stop watching since then
Rodny Escobar
Rodny Escobar - 2 dager siden
I started watching you since vlogmas two years ago when you where pregnant with Flynn and I haven't stop watching since then
Shireen Moshtagh
Shireen Moshtagh - 2 dager siden
i started watching summer 2018
Mckenzie Bragg
Mckenzie Bragg - 2 dager siden
I watched this channel on and off for years but since you announced you were pregnant I started watching religiously. Sometimes when I’m busy a few episodes will build up but always go back and watch them
Pnavr - 2 dager siden
I starting watching you ages ago (8 years?) when you used to hang out lots with GloZell. Haven't always been consistent watching but it's definitely been a life raft during quarantine and I watch every video
depressed dwarf
depressed dwarf - 2 dager siden
I watched you on and off. On and off. Until March where you started vlarch and I have never skipped a vlog since.
Madison Carrell
Madison Carrell - 2 dager siden
I started watching you when you where pregnant and am always so excited when you upload I watch every video
Ava Belle
Ava Belle - 2 dager siden
I've been watching this channel since you started vlarch. I've never skipped a vlog since. (:
A M - 2 dager siden
I started watching this channel at the beginning of quarantine. I watch everyday and will be bummed when you stop vlogging everyday. Except hopefully that means we are back to “normal” life and no longer quarantined! It’s wild to see how much Flynn has grown and changed since March. Thanks for everything you do.
alex boss
alex boss - 2 dager siden
I started watching since you were pregnant and haven’t stopped! Love your videos!!
Bethany Qian
Bethany Qian - 2 dager siden
I’ve been watching your vlogs since you got pregnant but I fell behind in like June so I’ve spent October and November catching up and watching all of them in order and I’m almost caught up!!
Kamerra Erwin
Kamerra Erwin - 2 dager siden
I started watching this channel 4 years ago! I have always loved you so so much and your vlogs make my day feel amazing. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
b e e j
b e e j - 3 dager siden
I have no idea, colleens corner was going, still psychosoprano, I watch every day during breakfast here in England
beefiorillo - 3 dager siden
ive been watching for a solid three years on this channel
Peyton Hamilton
Peyton Hamilton - 3 dager siden
I was watching a few months before quarantine!
iiLadybuq - 3 dager siden
I've been watching you since before you and erik were married
bella Eury
bella Eury - 3 dager siden
I’ve been watching consistently since the beginning of March. Sometimes I’ll get busy with school and miss a couple of videos but when I have time I catch up on all that I missed. One of my favorite things to watch over the past 8 months
Pineapple_ Boss
Pineapple_ Boss - 3 dager siden
I started watching at the beginning of covid, but I've been behind on the videos because of school. which is really sad..
Haely Beamer
Haely Beamer - 3 dager siden
Sorry I’m so late but I’ve watched your main channel, the Miranda channel and this channel since 2014!! Honestly I’ve stopped watching Miranda around 2016 but I’ve watched every single video on here and your main channel!!
Jennie Archer
Jennie Archer - 3 dager siden
I absolutely love you!! I think you are so beautiful and funny! I just recently found your channels and now watch religiously 😁
Taylor Robinson
Taylor Robinson - 3 dager siden
I started watching when you announced you were pregnant with Flynn!! I love you and your family, and now my whole family watches you guys every day!! 💕💕
*•ItzBoba Cat•*
*•ItzBoba Cat•* - 3 dager siden
I started watching you 2020 and I watch EVERY. Day
elizabeth kate
elizabeth kate - 3 dager siden
honestly i watch you just on and off. I usually put you on when I need to relieve some stress, and listen while im playing animal crossing
in the background or something
Book Nerd98
Book Nerd98 - 3 dager siden
I started watching your vlogs & main channel since you announced that you were pregnant, so about a little over 2 years ago, I had seen you featured in some Gabbie Hanna videos (was The Gabbie Show at the time). You were suggested as something to watch by Youtube, so I thought I'd check you out and have watched your videos on the daily ever since. Though I did stop watching the vlogs for a bit around June - September due to some health issues but have almost completely court up, just a little over a week behind, hopefully been fully court up in a few days. 😁
Emma Ferguson
Emma Ferguson - 3 dager siden
I started watching about two years after you started Miranda. I started watching Miranda and one of your videos came in my recommended so I started watching. I stopped watching for about a year then you announced your pregnancy and I’ve watched every video since
Ariya Selvakumar
Ariya Selvakumar - 3 dager siden
Hi! I’m a freshman in college now and I’ve been watching your vlogs probs since 9th grade (like 2016ish), but started watching them much more religiously in like 2018! In high school, after I walked home from the bus stop I would always watch a vlog or main channel vid before starting homework
Faye Dower
Faye Dower - 3 dager siden
I’ve been watching since 2015!! I found the Miranda channel, Your main channel (then it was PhyscoSoprana) , then Colleen Vlogs all in the same night and have watched every video ever since! 💜💜
Freezknotable Junior
Freezknotable Junior - 3 dager siden
I started watching when you got pregnant and been watching every day u post
Beth C
Beth C - 3 dager siden
Started watching right after Flynn was born
Bella D
Bella D - 3 dager siden
I subscribed to the vlog channel around the time flynn was born but didn't watch regularly, but right when quarantine started I started watching every day and this channel honestly got me through quarantine😂
Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis - 3 dager siden
I started watching the vlog channel when you announced you were pregnant :) I don't watch a lot of vlogs really but I love pregnancy/babies/mom life so that's when I subscribed to this channel.
Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis - 3 dager siden
So 2 years ago and I do watch every day :) I think that I started watching after you said something about your vlog channel on your main channel (which I've been subscribed to for years longer)
Ella Sampson
Ella Sampson - 3 dager siden
I found your vlogs in March (the beginning of quarantine) and have watched every vlog since then. I love you and your family and you have truly made me such a better person (I'm 11) by the way you advocate for other people and teach Flynn to, too. With school it's harder to watch every day but I watch every vlog no matter what! I pretty much know everything there is to know about you and I feel like we are friends. I even feel like we're pretty similar... I even got your merch because my family and friends all know of you from how much I talk about your vids :). My brother especially loves Miranda, so I watch those vids with him ;).
Ayah Klugman
Ayah Klugman - 4 dager siden
Hun I’ve been here since u made the channel!!!!! I remember the announcement u made that u made this channel and I immediately subscribed!!!
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - 4 dager siden
girl i started watching this channel when you made it and since march I have watched EVERY VLOG FOR QUARANTINE I FREAKKKING LOVE YOU SO MUCH I HOPE YOU KNOW THAT
nadia vikesh
nadia vikesh - 4 dager siden
i knew about u a few years ago and i sometimes used to watch vlogmas videos but after flynn was born i started watching a lot and now i have watched all of your quarantine vlogs!! ilysm collen keep doing what you're doing❤❤❤❤
Matilda Mackie
Matilda Mackie - 4 dager siden
I have been watching for years, everyday nearly sometimes I don't get notified by YouTube
dancingbarbie4 - 4 dager siden
I started watching you on your PsychoSoprano channel when it first came out that you were Miranda. I would watch on and off but usually all of vlogmas. I became a more consistent viewer when you became pregnant and have watched every video you've posted since Vlarch!
Stephanie Why
Stephanie Why - 4 dager siden
i watched you when psychosoprano was your name and i took like a few months off and then consistently started mid 2018
Emily H
Emily H - 4 dager siden
I’ve been watching this channel since you posted the video about finding out you were pregnant. However I have been watching your other channels for a few years now.🥰 Also I do watch everyday (although I’m a few days behind 😂)
Wayne Wilcox
Wayne Wilcox - 4 dager siden
But you can’t just sit 6 feet apart you have to do something together in the Christmas about being with your family not about being 6 feet apart and beans safe
Wayne Wilcox
Wayne Wilcox - 4 dager siden
I did not mean beans
nevaeh mckeel
nevaeh mckeel - 4 dager siden
I started watching this channel when you got pregnant. I just loved how honest you were about your pregnancy. And I’ve followed you ever since. And even before that I saw some of your videos just not a lot. Now I watch you pretty much everyday.
C J - 4 dager siden
I started watching before you were pregnant with Flynn. I think I started watching Haters Back Off which motivated me to subscribe to your YouTube! Your first Vlogmas after that was what got me hooked! ☺️ Your vlogs this year have been so comforting to me. Thank you so much. 💖
C J - 4 dager siden
Oh! I watch every day too! During the first lockdown in March, I’d look forward to your vlog all day. It was part of my routine. Still is!
Olivia Sage
Olivia Sage - 4 dager siden
i’ve watched for years but i started watching everyday starting in march when the pandemic became super real. even if i can’t watch i put it in my watch later. even if it’s in there for a week
Pandora Plain
Pandora Plain - 4 dager siden
I started watching your channel about a month into quarantine! :D ilysm Colleen!
redballoonscar 72
redballoonscar 72 - 4 dager siden
I’ve been watching you for A LOOONG time and I watch everyday! I don’t really remember how long :0
Alessandra Valle
Alessandra Valle - 4 dager siden
I from Brazil, and I started to watch this channel this year about 4 months ago. I find it because the main channel, youtube indicate to me.
I started watching and never stopped (
from mid-october to mid-november I couldn't watch because I was working on a political campaign here in Brazil, but the period of this work is over and now I have time to watch it again and I'm taking the delay). I looove watch, see your family, your thoughts and reflections, you are very nice and your english is very clear to me, i'm not fluent
but I can understand 90% of what you say
Sydney Williams
Sydney Williams - 4 dager siden
I started watching right after you had Flynn! I don’t watch every day but I watch all of the vlogs! I watch from my subscription box whenever I can get a few episodes in! Sometimes I’m 3 weeks behind sometimes a week but I always watch eventually
Aliza Barroca
Aliza Barroca - 4 dager siden
I’ve been following all your channels. Since I was abt ten. Soooo 2015? I think? WowHAHA. So idk I think I really started watching the vlog channel in like 2016
Savannah Hughes
Savannah Hughes - 4 dager siden
From Michigan
Savannah Hughes
Savannah Hughes - 4 dager siden
Started watching during COVID and watch daily
Cassandra Desainde
Cassandra Desainde - 4 dager siden
I've been watching this channel since you were in your third trimester of pregnancy (2018? lol who can remember dates) and I store videos from my subs in my watch laters and watch them all at the end of the week so thats what ive been doing since i started watching, skipped a few once in a while but mostly watch all of em
Courtney Campbell
Courtney Campbell - 4 dager siden
I started watching this Chanel when you were pregnant. It started as every once in a while, but now I watch everyday. You are amazing and I love you!
Emily Gallant
Emily Gallant - 4 dager siden
I've been following your channel forever! I found a Miranda video a long time ago and then found your PhyschoSoprano channel and was like, "This is Miranda!" and I've literally been watching ever since. The farthest back I can remember is your first wedding :o.
JP Hoffmann
JP Hoffmann - 4 dager siden
First watched a collab with Shane Dawson. This channel for at least 3 years. I try to watch every one of your videos on all of your channels, usually when I don't see it same day as uploaded i put all unwatched videos in my "watch later" folder and bingewatch with my other subscriptions. I do the same on Rachel's channels but usually go to her page and bingewatch there.
Julie Kolson
Julie Kolson - 4 dager siden
this. confirmed they work. covid icu bedside for 6 months and as far as I know I have tested negative for 2 tests and antibodies and all my coworkers were sick in feb. so I feel blessed hope this ends one day and stay safe, hug your loved ones and or friends who you live with for people that are home this year to keep family healthy. hope to come out of this stronger and we all should appreciate the small things we took/take for granted.
Aiden Cantwell
Aiden Cantwell - 4 dager siden
June on 20th bc of interesting title and then everyday since then
Aiden Cantwell
Aiden Cantwell - 4 dager siden
june 20th 2020
Kate Rose
Kate Rose - 4 dager siden
I’ve watched all of ur families channels since before Duncan was born. I’m from England and I watch ur daily vlogs when I’m doing homework 😂
Lizanie Fouche
Lizanie Fouche - 4 dager siden
Every day last 3years
just an indie girl
just an indie girl - 4 dager siden
heyyy!!! i first watched you when you tested some Starbucks drinks but like in may... And i am from Turkey. But i have been watching miranda and your main channel since 2016
Ela ta skata
Ela ta skata - 4 dager siden
I’m from Greece and I’ve been watching you on this channel since 2013!
Vaibhawi Lal
Vaibhawi Lal - 4 dager siden
I found you from miranda
Vaibhawi Lal
Vaibhawi Lal - 4 dager siden
During covid every single day
emma martin
emma martin - 5 dager siden
I think I’ve been watching these vlogs since may/June of this year. I watch every vlog. Sometimes if I’m busy and miss a few days I sit and watch a few in a row just to catch up. I love seeing you and your family ( especially Flynn) grow and it’s so nice because you’re so open with your audience so it feels like we actually know you on a deeper level than most you tubers
Reina Selvage
Reina Selvage - 5 dager siden
I started watching this channel since wayyy before your broadway experience. I remember when Flynn was born and your whole pregnancy. I haven’t watched in a few days because of work but I’m catching up tonight.
angie arcos
angie arcos - 5 dager siden
I have been watching videos since 2016 and watch every day lol 💜
Maddy Hill
Maddy Hill - 5 dager siden
Ive been watching for a LONG time. Since I was a little girl and you were with your ex. I’m 17 now.