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Runtime: 10:42


My name Is
My name Is - 9 dager siden
HAHAHAHHH thanks im dying laughing
Phoebe Tooley
Phoebe Tooley - 14 dager siden
On the weekend my friend Elle is coming over. On Saturday
FlamingGirlGaming - Måned siden
lol at 3:40 I’ve done that so many times
Queen Princess Domingo
Queen Princess Domingo - Måned siden
Queen Princess Domingo
Queen Princess Domingo - Måned siden
Dakari Riggins
Dakari Riggins - Måned siden
That kinda happened to my mom we had ant season and my mom left her pants on the floor ands ants got in her pants and she felt an itch and she had a bunch of ants in her pants
analia benavides
analia benavides - Måned siden
Ive had 2 ants in my jeans before. . . GOOD THING THEY WERE FIRE ANTSSSSSS...
My landlord said- ants included
mia mikel
mia mikel - Måned siden
I'm too young for kids😫the second Flynn said green so joyfully🥺BABY FEVER
I like Pokemon
I like Pokemon - Måned siden
I like the end song
aly123four - Måned siden
One time my mom put on her jacket and there was a wasp in the sleeve 🙃😂
Jess M
Jess M - Måned siden
You're not alone. I had a bee stuck in my shorts one day when I got out of a pool.
Sydney Batson
Sydney Batson - Måned siden
I’ve put on a jacket before that had a wasp inside and it stung me twice before I realized what was going on. The first tine I thought I had pinched myself but the second hurt so bad I knew something was wrong! I didn’t wear that jacket for MONTHS afterward!!
Nancy Ramos
Nancy Ramos - Måned siden
can they not pierce through clothes? i’m confused...
Ayden Stewart
Ayden Stewart - Måned siden
One time I was getting leggings and we just found some ants in the area but I didn't think about it and an ant was literally inside them and I got itchy and found it and I freaked out ;-;
Little piggie loves
Little piggie loves - Måned siden
Ive definitely had more bug bites in my pants than she has lol
Robert Donaghy
Robert Donaghy - Måned siden
We are 2 totally different people...as your describing the sweat pants situation I'm having ptsd saying omg it's probably a bed bug!!!!.....
notyouraveragefbmom notyouraveragefbmom
i’ve had that happen but it was like a grasshopper or something
lmr - Måned siden
that story happened to me but it was an ant that crawled on my legs and bit me😨🐜
Cassie Williams
Cassie Williams - Måned siden
Some loyal and true fan tell me, clearly I’ve missed it- what’s the song in her outro? Sounds like (I think she’s mentioned it in the past- S2 of haters back off would feature Miranda meeting Colleen) is that what it is?
Andreea Pana
Andreea Pana - Måned siden
Mosqitos can easily bite through pants 🤭
Shaina1127 - Måned siden
It’s a SPIDER!
Jenna Hartwell
Jenna Hartwell - Måned siden
colleen you should definitely get silver in your hair
Sarah R
Sarah R - 2 måneder siden
So funny!
Barbies with Chloe
Barbies with Chloe - 2 måneder siden
6:22 I have the same tri-pod as you !!!! Yay twins !!♥️ lol
Vaibhawi Lal
Vaibhawi Lal - 2 måneder siden
Your outro song is the best loved it

Love your vlogs and videos ❤❤❤
Sara Arteaga
Sara Arteaga - 2 måneder siden
Colleen saying “I love you” to a mc Donald’s worker has the same weirdness is like say “mom” to your teacher or saying “you to” when somebody says happy birthday it just cracks me up 🥴🤣
Fancy Pets
Fancy Pets - 2 måneder siden
The iconic word of the day: GEEEEEEN! Your son has my heart🥺❤️
Barbies with Chloe
Barbies with Chloe - 2 måneder siden
Colleen I’ve done the same thing where I say I love you in the middle on a sentence to like a stranger or even one of my teachers when I get off of zoom 😂 I’ve done that many times 😂
Liana Gao
Liana Gao - 2 måneder siden
*Flynn’s pouring skills are better than mine I-*
Sarcastically_me - 2 måneder siden
Yes I’m sure her dying wish was political. Sure. 🙄
Alexis Zak
Alexis Zak - 2 måneder siden
You need an exterminator at you house.
Ava Conn
Ava Conn - 2 måneder siden
Colleen, if Flynn likes pouring water so much you should definitely try beads. He can put them in a bucket and you can give him scoops and he can play with them and pour them into cups. 😊 I did that with my kids!
Teesh the tomato Hi
Teesh the tomato Hi - 2 måneder siden
Did you wright
APB Bloom
APB Bloom - 2 måneder siden
Sounds like bed bugs to me. Hopefully not
Ellie Santander
Ellie Santander - 2 måneder siden
You look really good today😘
KatieSparkles - 2 måneder siden
It could have also been a spider that bit you too, not to freak you out or anything. But i’d be careful with instances like that and check right away and shake out the pants because of that black widow issue you guys were having. ❤️❤️
If the bites ever become darker or if you have any feverish symptoms after the bites, make sure to go to the doctor right away.
Talia Elizabeth
Talia Elizabeth - 2 måneder siden
Poor drive thru worker! He must’ve been so confused!! 😂😂
KatieSparkles - 2 måneder siden
Haha I have definitely had those moments where you say something like “I love you” instead of thank you. I would have quickly recovered and said because you took my order and I have been dieing for those fries. 😂😂
It’s okay girl we all have been there.
B Z - 2 måneder siden
Somebody pls help i want to get the California hoodie but i can only find it in the bone colour and i cant find the purple like colleen has in the video. r they sold out are they not available. Thankyou
B Z - 2 måneder siden
@shimmering cmb Thankyou I was confused appreciate it x
shimmering cmb
shimmering cmb - 2 måneder siden
colleen actually tie dyed the purple one! you can only but it in bone but you can dye it yourself
SarahLynn1330 - 2 måneder siden
It was probably a spider 😳
Upnorth 3390
Upnorth 3390 - 2 måneder siden
Colleen saying "I Love You" to the McDonalds guy. Omg I fricken have tears in my eyes!! I can so relate!!! Too Too funny!!!!
Lisa Fischer
Lisa Fischer - 2 måneder siden
Yes I had a spider in my pants. I don’t like spiders so the freak out was better than bites my family told me. We were camping
Emma Boone
Emma Boone - 2 måneder siden
anyone else so sad that RBG passes away shes such an amazing woman honestly trump just stop ;-;
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens - 2 måneder siden
The world is actual garbage right now i wish we could have a reset button and throw the whole world away and start over
Abby Hawkins
Abby Hawkins - 2 måneder siden
day 38 of me commenting on colleens vlogs in till she notices me
The Noisy Spectator
The Noisy Spectator - 2 måneder siden
9:02 THAT'S NOT STRANGE, or even unusual! 🙄
Often, that happens with _spiders,_ not little bugs like mosquitoes, so be thankful that is all it was!
a arguellez
a arguellez - 2 måneder siden
That mosquito thing hasn't happened to me but one time an ant went up my jeans and I just remember that my leg had a sharp pain and it happened like 3 or 4 times and the only way it stopped was grabbing the area it was hurting (I didn't know it was an ant yet obvi) so I had to walk home just holding the area and as soon as I got home went straight to the bathroom and took off my jeans found a big ant inside (turns out while I was outside I stepped on an ant hill so one made it's way in my jeans)
Ava Brown
Ava Brown - 2 måneder siden
Flynn pours water better then me haha
captainstefanie - 2 måneder siden
I had that happen except it was a scorpion in my pants. That taught me to never leave my pants on the floor without at least shaking them out first 😂
Lily Kennedy
Lily Kennedy - 2 måneder siden
there was a hornet in my pants and it stung meeeeee it hurt so baddddd
Randi Atzman
Randi Atzman - 2 måneder siden
honey it was a spider probably a small black one other wise you would feel it i have had the same thing happen to me and later i find a dead spider in my pants
TammyKeddyVlogs - 2 måneder siden
Love this! I vlog my daily struggles with the Immunodeficiency Disorder, CVID (Common Variable Immunodeficiency Disorder), Recurrent pericarditis, Chronic Pulmonary Embolism and a recent heart attack survivor.  I am only 40.  I post videos about my illnesses and the treatment that keeps me alive as well as silly cooking videos, trying to get my Mom in a few videos, COVID and current events. I love to answer viewers questions.  YouTube is my therapy!!
Please like, comment and subscribe and I will sub you back - we have to support each others talents and creativity.   Xoxo
Chloe Anne
Chloe Anne - 2 måneder siden
COLLEN GUESS WHAT!!! this happened to me while i was sleeping and i just woke up with them!!! so i washed my sheets but this one just one day but i’m just as confused as you are
Heidi Proffitt
Heidi Proffitt - 2 måneder siden
It’s happened to me before lol
Lauren VS
Lauren VS - 2 måneder siden
Same feeling about RBG and where the country is headed without her and with cheeto in office. Pls vote yall
Egirl - 2 måneder siden
once I had an ant in my pants and it was a green ant and I was 7 it was so painful
Carla Fuller
Carla Fuller - 2 måneder siden
I got 2 bug bites on my butt one time.🤣🤣
DaisyBaye - 2 måneder siden
I feel like ur son is gonna be a pastry chef when he’s older
jazmyn boren
jazmyn boren - 2 måneder siden
Mosquito bites can also be cause by your blood type. I have type O blood and I get bit alot in the summers if I am outside frequently because they are drawn to my blood type.
Hillary Grimm
Hillary Grimm - 2 måneder siden
We should tell more people we love them, everyone should tell at least one stranger per day that they love them!!💗 Just for fun & to spread joy. Some people have never been told that they are loved.
Shelby Kirkham
Shelby Kirkham - 2 måneder siden
Every time Collen and Eric said Wooooaaaaaah! all I heard was the little aliens from toy story saying "the claw" haha
Life as Cassandra
Life as Cassandra - 2 måneder siden
Same thing happened to me and I kept feeling these sharp little pains near my lady regions and I started itching and I two mosquito bites while wearing leggings.
Dave van Tonder
Dave van Tonder - 2 måneder siden
I just love flyns sneakers he's so fashionable he's the cutes omg
Chelsea Schuster
Chelsea Schuster - 2 måneder siden
Someone's dying wish doesn't just change the way to government runs. The better argument is should she be replaced because it's an election year and unfortunately she in her career has said on record that the seat should be filled even during an election year so that doesn't help her cause.
Ross IsSilly
Ross IsSilly - 2 måneder siden
Chel C it's just hypocritical because they didn't let Obama choose when he had the chance even though it was about 300 days before the election. And this is about 40 days before the election
Lucy Hinsley
Lucy Hinsley - 2 måneder siden
I really don’t mind that your vlogs are “boring af” (as you say), I love watching you go about your day and chill and do random normal things. It’s really relaxing and comforting to watch
beatriz correia
beatriz correia - 2 måneder siden
It could be fleas, instead of a mosquito. That happened to me!
Kayla Omtvedt
Kayla Omtvedt - 2 måneder siden
Last week my husband had a bee crawl up his pant leg while driving semi and it stung him in the knee while driving! Very scary!
bvbArmyforever2013 - 2 måneder siden
Boo hoo she died that doesn’t mean the world stops. Good for the trump administration to not care.
Lil Dino
Lil Dino - 2 måneder siden
I've had a spider bite the front of my thigh while I was wearing pants, left a lovely ring of bites. Haha
Shacheli Fernando
Shacheli Fernando - 2 måneder siden
Don't worry colleen the mosquito pant story has happened to me multiple times
cherylgotmarried - 2 måneder siden
well...i'm only bringing this up because it took my niece A LONG TIME and the right medical pro to find out why her legs were always breaking out in "bites"...it was due to her birth control! maybe this info can help you or someone else...
Tonya - 2 måneder siden
You need to keep your liberal democratic opinions off of your videos
Kendra Kimbrough
Kendra Kimbrough - 2 måneder siden
I love Flynn’s haircut!
Cailey Sadler
Cailey Sadler - 2 måneder siden
I legit almost spit out my water when she said “I love you”
Emily Anne
Emily Anne - 2 måneder siden
i bet a pb&j on that bread (toasted) would be delish
Morgan Ashcraft
Morgan Ashcraft - 2 måneder siden
I know it’s not a mosquito bc they only bite once and only females bite and they bite Bc they need blood to lay their eggs with so they can have their first meal or something like that
Lull M
Lull M - 2 måneder siden
The bug thing happened to my brother like two days ago but instead of sweatpants it was a sweatshirt 😂
Simone Franco
Simone Franco - 2 måneder siden
Isabel Torres
Isabel Torres - 2 måneder siden
If you like the person working at McDonald’s don’t you have a husband?
Chloe Conder
Chloe Conder - 2 måneder siden
Anna - 2 måneder siden
I love that Colleen trusts us enough to tell everyone what the secret is :D Love you collen!!!
Lisanne_. Levene
Lisanne_. Levene - 2 måneder siden
well now i understand why my mom tells me to shake out my shoes and clothes before wearing them but i have had at least 2 mosquito bites everyday
Asha Lad
Asha Lad - 2 måneder siden
Ok the outro song
Chilidogoroni - 2 måneder siden
Today a spider bit me on my hip but I had a belt on and high rise army pants
Deedee4252 - 2 måneder siden
and that is why i do not leave things on my floor. also im rly scared of spiders making nests in something on my floor.

so yea
Amy Settle
Amy Settle - 2 måneder siden
That was my thoughts to. Where does that leave us as women especially with the orange duck picking the new Supreme Justice we know he doesn't care about women's rights. This is the same man who believes in grabbing women by the p***y
Allison MacLagan
Allison MacLagan - 2 måneder siden
YES. That has happened to me, Colleen. I live in Maine so there are mosquitos everywhere
Jessica .M
Jessica .M - 2 måneder siden
That same thing happen to me but 7 bug bites
Ava Grimstad
Ava Grimstad - 2 måneder siden
I jumped in our pool once and a wasp managed to get into my swimming bottoms. It couldn’t get out so it stung me 7 times. It hurt so bad 😞 I have scars from it
Reyna Borges
Reyna Borges - 2 måneder siden
sooo why did no one tell me eric was in Vampire Diaries?
Sol Iratchet
Sol Iratchet - 2 måneder siden
why'd the same thing just happen to meeeee
Liz Wallace
Liz Wallace - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is literally the smartest 1 y/o ever
that lesbian
that lesbian - 2 måneder siden
I've never had a bug in my sweatpants but there has been a bug in my sweatshirt that bit me two times on my arm
Audrey Holbrook
Audrey Holbrook - 2 måneder siden
Eric and Colleen are such great parents and Finn is soooooooo CUTE
gillian hartman
gillian hartman - 2 måneder siden
If you are scared for women then don't vote for either of the candidates
Ashley Brannen
Ashley Brannen - 2 måneder siden
When I was young my bro’s friends kicked my window out and a spider got in my bed that night and I woke up with 4 spider bites. 2 on each arm and they looked like mini gold balls on my arms.
Lance Custodio
Lance Custodio - 2 måneder siden
colleens outro is the beessstttt!!!
Leyla Conda
Leyla Conda - 2 måneder siden
Your hair does looks more shiny lol after the aloe treatment!!
winny herfel
winny herfel - 2 måneder siden
You’re one brave momma letting him use glass cups lol 😂 the “kahunas” Colleen has haha 🤣
Violet Mercado
Violet Mercado - 2 måneder siden
My little siter plays with water like that
Bailey Smith
Bailey Smith - 2 måneder siden
I get bit by mosquitoes through my leggings as they normally aren't very thick and they can stick their little sucker right through. I've never had that happen before this year, but it happened a million times to me this summer.