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Runtime: 09:24


Maegan Gomera
Maegan Gomera - 20 dager siden
2:39 announcement :)
ANYA - 21 dag siden
Me eating chips literally right at this point
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 22 dager siden
I love it when u make these videos that u just keep talking with us omggg I love them❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Julianna Carrick
Julianna Carrick - 22 dager siden
I high fived colleen ballingers dad!!
Kayleen Anderson
Kayleen Anderson - 23 dager siden
I almost peed my pants when he fared and you made a movie about it omg
Adrii Kolbe
Adrii Kolbe - 24 dager siden
Flynn running around with the scratching post and the cats are just like Excuse me sir can we have our scratching post back please are sending me 😂
Sadie Smith
Sadie Smith - 24 dager siden
I love you and I watched it I loved it so much AAAAAAA
Diana_ 22
Diana_ 22 - 24 dager siden
The fact that I been so backed up on ur videos for 5 days makes me upset but I’m here watching all of them ❤️I love u btw❤️
Clare Nolan
Clare Nolan - 24 dager siden
"Now it's just the RamS!"
My, sitting in St. Louis, salty lol
Chloe Elizabeth
Chloe Elizabeth - 24 dager siden
6:01 did Rachel just cuss!!!
Danielle Bolner
Danielle Bolner - 24 dager siden
*Eric farts stressfully*
*Colleen*: Lovee why was that such a stressed fart? You need to relaaax
😂😂😂Married life
Danielle Bolner
Danielle Bolner - 24 dager siden
Just wanna say your vlogs are NEVER boring. Freaking LOVE YOU! So proud of you, Colleen !
Natasha Saralegui
Natasha Saralegui - 25 dager siden
Seeing the Dodgers win the world series was amazing. My Dad and I love the Dodgers 💙
Renee Seymour
Renee Seymour - 25 dager siden
I couldn't watch unless I payed 31 dollars didn't have that much money from the look of it it looked awkward
Kate Killet
Kate Killet - 25 dager siden
Canadian fan from Toronto just catching up and totally bummed I miss this, I adooore Rocky. Horror and this cast is stacked! Is there somewhere to donate and watch still if we missed the live?
Britton Owens
Britton Owens - 26 dager siden
Watching Flynn walking around the cactus cat scratcher... highlight of my week
Simon Terry
Simon Terry - 27 dager siden
I wish we weren’t going into lockdown again
claudia stoute
claudia stoute - 27 dager siden
So happy for you that you get to do that show. Wish i could watch it but 1 . I live in the netherlands
2. I do not have that kind a money unfortunately
3. I do not have PayPal.
I really wish i could watch it. Well i wish you a lot of fun doing the show and hope you will tell us how it was. Maybe you can show some snippets of the show afterwards in your vlog for those who couldn't watch the show (pretty pretty pleaseeee😇🤗😊)
Hugs and kisses from the netherlands👍❤💋😘👍😊👋👋
Lizzie Terry
Lizzie Terry - 27 dager siden
A little Braggie Colleen
Lizzie Terry
Lizzie Terry - 27 dager siden
By the way I don’t mean to be rude but she talked about it for like 3 min
Lizzie Terry
Lizzie Terry - 27 dager siden
Flynn is so cute
Erika Mendez
Erika Mendez - 27 dager siden
Your baby is so adorable! I love how he is playing with the cactus and cats. 🧒🏼🌵🐈🐈 Grandma knows how to entertain the kids. 😂🤣 Great idea.💡
ocularnervosa - 27 dager siden
You should check out the movie Bull Durham, they explain baseball in the movie.
headass steph
headass steph - 27 dager siden
7:35 omg that fart was so nasty 💀💀
Regina Rojas
Regina Rojas - 27 dager siden
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - 27 dager siden
Congratulations Colleen on getting such an amazing part in Rocky Horror Picture Show! You will rock it! 😁
fashiongirl101 Love
fashiongirl101 Love - 27 dager siden
You should have another baby so Flinn to have a baby brother or baby sister
Celeste Leedahl
Celeste Leedahl - 27 dager siden
also free taco day!!!
Rojina alm
Rojina alm - 27 dager siden
The not relax fart 😂😂😂😂😂😂
millie - 27 dager siden
Maureen Cassidy
Maureen Cassidy - 27 dager siden
Yay! We in WI thank you!!
Richard Hirviniemi
Richard Hirviniemi - 27 dager siden
Mää otan sen.
Claudia leal
Claudia leal - 27 dager siden
I literally cant find anywhere on where to watch the Rocky Horror Picture Show? Literally where?
Betsy trog
Betsy trog - 27 dager siden
I'm a Cubs fan but I'm happy for your dad!!
🍪meh cookies🍪
🍪meh cookies🍪 - 27 dager siden
Hi colleen I'm a huge fan!💗
Katie Clare
Katie Clare - 27 dager siden
Ugh your dad was so happy my heart!
Abbys Journey To Life
Abbys Journey To Life - 28 dager siden
I wish it would support something worth while and not a political party.. I won’t be watching :/
nhbkel - 28 dager siden
love your vlogs. sending love to all!
Andie Saitta
Andie Saitta - 28 dager siden
Where do you watch it?
SMY12 - 28 dager siden
Gus looks gigantisaur compared to Flynn 😂
hewlew - 28 dager siden
I personally like baseball in person way better than on tv... I cannot even watch 5 min on tv... snoozeville 😂
Kaitlyn Mapp
Kaitlyn Mapp - 28 dager siden
Sarcastically_me - 28 dager siden
Here’s a reminder. You don’t have to vote for who every celebrity/youtuber wants you to vote for. Also, if it’s okay for you to go through a drive through and pick up your food, it’s okay for kids to go trick or treating.
J McCoy
J McCoy - 26 dager siden
Elena Pérez
Elena Pérez - 28 dager siden
What is rocky horror picture show?
Elena Pérez
Elena Pérez - 28 dager siden
Woah seeing colleen go full on miranda with not a miranda look freaked me out
Retsi Carlos
Retsi Carlos - 28 dager siden
You should have called this vlogtober HAHAHAHHAHA
Mammy Jenny
Mammy Jenny - 28 dager siden
I would love to see you as Janet but I'm in Europe but you will be brilliant so don't doubt your abilities. I would love to hear you sing 'touch me' it's such a fun song.. 🤣🤣🤣 break a leg Hun... Xxxx
J McCoy
J McCoy - 26 dager siden
They had other musicians and actors do the songs. 💚
Christina Unander
Christina Unander - 28 dager siden
I was gonna watch Saturday since your in it but I can’t now because I can’t pay to support the Democratic Party
Airwind Vlog
Airwind Vlog - 28 dager siden
Hi idol please support my vlog.Thanks Godbless
Felicia Medina
Felicia Medina - 28 dager siden
Dodgers were my Uncles fav team of all time and he just recently passed away. He’s celebrating in heaven 💙⚾️🏅
Vidah - 28 dager siden
Flynn is adorable✨
Micaela Johnson
Micaela Johnson - 28 dager siden
Micah Woodard
Micah Woodard - 28 dager siden
I'm happy for your dad that the Dodgers won, but I'm a die hard Braves fan and they would've been in the world series if they beat the Dodgers. However I'm totally used to Georgia teams choking at the very end🙄
Shandi Tilley
Shandi Tilley - 28 dager siden
I will never ever support the demarcates EVER but I enjoy watching you
Sabrina Marie
Sabrina Marie - 28 dager siden
Why do I forget she was Miranda sings😂😂
Owen Clayton
Owen Clayton - 28 dager siden
I was so wired to see her without the makeup and see her talk like Miranda
Miranda Miller
Miranda Miller - 28 dager siden
I love that Colleen's dad high fived the camera
Lizz B
Lizz B - 28 dager siden
I don't know why but I like seeing Colleen speaking Miranda and Miranda speaking Colleen.
Riley Rocha
Riley Rocha - 28 dager siden
Omg this is so exciting! Congratulations Colleen!!
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - 28 dager siden
Deirdre Twomey
Deirdre Twomey - 28 dager siden
Hey colleen!! did you ever receive my letter?? Look at my name and hopefully you remember what it was about haha
Deirdre Twomey
Deirdre Twomey - 28 dager siden
Hey colleen!! did you ever receive my letter?? Look at my name and hopefully you remember what it was about haha
a arguellez
a arguellez - 28 dager siden
Colleens dad hi-fived me 🥺
Sydney Facio
Sydney Facio - 28 dager siden
How do we watch it ?
Nicole Giacoletti
Nicole Giacoletti - 28 dager siden
Fun Fact: My great grandpa was a huge Dodger fan and when the dodgers won the World Series this year, it was the day he died 19 years before (if that makes any sense)
Amber lynn
Amber lynn - 28 dager siden
I watch colleen all day like netlfix first 5 vlogs then 7 of her miranda videos then 10 videos to catch up on her 3rd channel lol.😂❤
Carolyn Gracyalny
Carolyn Gracyalny - 28 dager siden
OMG I GET TO WATCH IIIIT. since I live in Wisconsin we have watched all of them and they are so goooood. I'm so exciteeeeed!!!!
bethaney hanlon
bethaney hanlon - 28 dager siden
I’m from the UK!!!! I can’t watch 😩😩😩😩😩😭😭😭😭😭😭
Megan Joe
Megan Joe - 28 dager siden
I love that Major is being Miranda! So good! Anddd, so exciting about Rocky Horror Picture Show!!! Congrats- I hope I get to watch.
Alysa Evereth
Alysa Evereth - 28 dager siden
Me crying because I’m from tampa and the rays lost lol
Effie Nicole
Effie Nicole - 28 dager siden
🌺VIDEO IDEA 🌺 you should do the last video you did on your main, like the critiquing singing voice just with your followers instead
Billie’s Eyelash
Billie’s Eyelash - 28 dager siden
Gus was so done with Flynn and that cactus lmao
Nathalie - 28 dager siden
I wanted to watch the show so bad BUT ITS JUST FOR US PASSPORT OWNERS, i'm sad now
Jocelyn Briggs
Jocelyn Briggs - 28 dager siden
Colleen you are famous, Over three million people watch your videos
Floortje Doomen
Floortje Doomen - 28 dager siden
So amazing🤩
Mayby i'm weird but i had a Dream that me and my brother saw you idk were😂 and we talked and laught. but i woke up a little sad that it was just a Dream . (I can't even speek english normal so I think I will bever be able to make my dream be real😪😅
(Sorry if my grammar is wrong,i'm Dutch)
Caprica Desrosiers
Caprica Desrosiers - 28 dager siden
hI!! im cap i am SUCH a huge fan u have the best humor i love you so much i have been having a rough time at school and when i get home i watch ur videos i really wanted to see u on tour but it all got canclled! ;( ;) I LOVE Flynn he is soooo super adorable and so cute!! and Erik is so funny and Kory is amazing aswesomell! i am ur number 1 biggest fan love youuuu!!!!!
Marie Thabault
Marie Thabault - 28 dager siden
i’m so happy for you!!!!
Eoghan Mullan
Eoghan Mullan - 28 dager siden
Me watching colleen/miranda the last 8 years:
Also me in this video seeing colleen act like miranda whilst looking like colleen: 👁👄👁
Anam Sohail
Anam Sohail - 28 dager siden
Avery Littman
Avery Littman - 28 dager siden
Omg I was Miranda last Halloween and I was so committed that I answered a math question in Miranda’s voice and the teacher was like:ecscuse me? And then I said: “WAyT?!”
Spencer Bailey
Spencer Bailey - 28 dager siden
EEE I JUST SIGNED UP FOR THE ROCKY HORROR SHOW!! i saw it for the first time on hulu a few days ago lmaooo
Dogsgowoof Catsgomeow
Dogsgowoof Catsgomeow - 28 dager siden
Love you
Sunflower_bb - 28 dager siden
it was trippy seeing Colleen act like Miranda😂😂
Brooke Gibson
Brooke Gibson - 28 dager siden
Go Blue 💙
missrememdy 082012
missrememdy 082012 - 28 dager siden
I saw that you apologized about your Halloween statements. While you were so humble in your apology no need to apologize ... Satan is pulling the strings of this world the Bible says the whole world is lying in the hands of the wicked one 1 John 5:19.... so of course most people will say he’s not real .. the Bible also says that entire nations will be mislead by the devil Revelation 20:8 .. but it says that one day god will step in and the world as we know will get better. Revelation 21:3& 4 .. and this is not unfathomable to believe … just think about we are living on planet suspended by nothing we are surrounded by planets in a galaxy we know very little and in a middle of a universe we clearly know nothing about we are pretty much the only intelligent beings that we know about . Yet we struggle , we have hatred here and no government has been able to make anything better generations after generation and that due to the Satanic influence. Don’t be ashamed of you heritage and your Bible knowledge because it is no popular or favorable. Proverbs 27:11 says: Be wise, my son, and make my heart rejoice,So that I can make a reply to him who taunts me. Your past belief reflected some Bible wisdom... it’s okay to believe and stand you ground in faith you will make God heart rejoice. Now not all places of worship are pure either Matthew 24:5- for many will come on the basis of my name, saying, ‘I am the Christ,’ and will mislead many………… I don’t know where you worshipped being that you shifted your view but Halloween does have pagan origin and God did frown upon those practices so the origin is connected to false worship which is why it is considered satanic .
Sadie H.
Sadie H. - 28 dager siden
Wasn't Gwen and Tim at their house with Chris and the kids for the dodgers winning the world series? Does he have a clone?
upfrontbear74 - 28 dager siden
OMG Miss Peppermint is in it as well gagged.
Katherine Scarboro
Katherine Scarboro - 28 dager siden
ugh i want to watch the halloween thing, but I don't have any money lol
Olly Bean
Olly Bean - 28 dager siden
Where do I need to pay because I wanna watch it xx
Izabella Graham
Izabella Graham - 28 dager siden
I watch your vlogs everyday and they make me so happy. 🙂
Lottie’s Weird life
Lottie’s Weird life - 28 dager siden
Me:when Colleens dad high fives the camera I go back and high five the screen at the same time as him
La Lia
La Lia - 28 dager siden
3:24 girl you were on frickin BRODWAY you are “one of the famous people” you completely deserv it!
Amit Surendre Carsane
Amit Surendre Carsane - 28 dager siden
Loved how colleens dad just high fived the camera
MonVargas - 28 dager siden
Rachel: they have scoreboards!!! !!!!
Desi Marie
Desi Marie - 28 dager siden
I’m so excited for you !! I grew up LOVING that movie I can’t wait 😭✨
Mimi - 28 dager siden
I really want to pet your cats so bad😭😍❤️
Nathan Stone
Nathan Stone - 28 dager siden
Where can you watch it?
Elmeraine Martin
Elmeraine Martin - 28 dager siden
Its collen vlogging hollowen
Angela Blum
Angela Blum - 28 dager siden
What channel is the livestream on YouTube
Kylie Vlog
Kylie Vlog - 28 dager siden
Rita Basgall
Rita Basgall - 28 dager siden
Monty basgall, a cousin was dodgers pitching coach back in the day
shannon h
shannon h - 28 dager siden
COLLEEN!! if i buy a ticket to the show but can't watch on halloween can i watch the stream later ???