I Got Clinically Diagnosed

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Runtime: 13:11


Emunah Sacks
Emunah Sacks - 2 dager siden
Omg my little sibling also called water that🤣
Krackin S
Krackin S - 3 dager siden
You feel this way because people with adhd get shitted on constantly. My mother in law, who owns a daycare, makes jokes about adhd all the time, and me, who got diagnosed at 7 have been struggling with it my whole life. Teachers, family, friends, everyone gives shit and think that adhd isn’t real. It’s a very difficult.
Bayley Taylor
Bayley Taylor - 3 dager siden
ive done a lot of research and i think i may have ADD but my mum said no so idk what to do
Caitlyn - 3 dager siden
I’ve been in therapy for 10 years. I’ve bounced from maybe 5-6 therapist in that time. None of whom I liked. Last year I went to see a new therapist in my town and after one session, like you, I just felt so understood and I had opened up to her about things I hadn’t opened up to any of my other therapist, some who I saw for a few years. So I’ve been seeing her since and my mental health and my grasp on my mental illnesses has changed tremendously. It’s night and day how I handle situations. Which comes in very handy in a pandemic!
C - 3 dager siden
I felt like this this year as well. I was having trouble breathing all the time, kept getting infections etc.. was told I just had anxiety to start with. Finally found a great Dr and went through all these different tests to find that I had chronic asthma and was suffering from asthma attacks. It’s finally being treated. But it was the best feeling just knowing where all of my problems were coming from, like you said, i had all these different symptoms and no idea how to fix them. Then bam. Simple series of tests to find all those symptoms and problems were a result of this one thing.
I’m so happy you got a diagnosis 😊👍 that’s amazing.
Gabbi Gurule
Gabbi Gurule - 3 dager siden
I feel like you should try some cbd or even thc if you havent.
Ana Marie Falk
Ana Marie Falk - 3 dager siden
I got diagnosed with ADHD when I was 15 and it perfectly summed up my entire life and childhood and it's really sucking now
Zoey Garcia
Zoey Garcia - 3 dager siden
Wa-ter I love the way he said” ter “ and when he said water!!!! It was the best!!!!
Tricia R
Tricia R - 3 dager siden
I remember here a while back you had mentioned the skin picking disorder that you have and I thought "thats cool i have the same problem" i just didnt know what it was. After watching you explain your adhd diagnosis I really felt like you were describing me. You have opened my eyes to a possibility I would have never thought of. Thank you so much for sharing your story!
Rebecca Blair
Rebecca Blair - 5 dager siden
I have adult ADHD. I feel ya, girl! Tackle it with pride. Promise it gets better 💗💗
Rebecca Blair
Rebecca Blair - 5 dager siden
I'm crying while you are talking. Im 35 & I know!!
Makenna Christensen
Makenna Christensen - 6 dager siden
I just found this video! thank you so much for opening up about your ADHD! I had the same feeling of clarity when I was diagnosed. So many people don't understand that ADHD is so much more than just "extra energy"
Emma St John
Emma St John - 6 dager siden
Realizing “The tree” of ADHD was one of the most wild moments for me when I was diagnosed. I was diagnosed at 24 and suddenly everything made sense and I just cried for like half an hour
Amelia Chambers
Amelia Chambers - 7 dager siden
Congrats on getting a diagnosis, it's so freeing. Did the therapist tell you about RSD? I had an ADHD diagnosis for a decade before I heard about RSD, 80% of folks with ADHD have it. It was a huge piece of the puzzle for me and explained some really disabling symptoms I had been dealing with my whole life. It felt like how you describe your ADHD diagnosis.
Making Limonade
Making Limonade - 7 dager siden
I was wondering if that’s what your diagnosis was going to be. I was diagnosed with ADHD when I was in my late 20s. For women, the more things we have to balance like marriage, children, work etc, the more our adhd symptoms get exasperated
stevepd1 - 7 dager siden
Lunar System
Lunar System - 7 dager siden
As someone with clincally diagnosed severe ADD I understand so much
Paige Holdridge
Paige Holdridge - 8 dager siden
Therapy is a journey, it can be a hard process but getting to this turning point makes everything worth it and it makes everything so much clearer.
cindr Bellbear
cindr Bellbear - 8 dager siden
I am sorry. But it annoys me that Flynn had no mask even if no one was there.
Katie Riales
Katie Riales - 8 dager siden
I was diagnosed ADHD as an adult too. I never knew but once I was diagnosed, it was like all the puzzle pieces fit.
Marina Abreu
Marina Abreu - 11 dager siden
I totallllllyyyy getcha! I was diagnosed as an adult as well and it was quite literally the most life changing, mind blowing thing to hear. Having it explained to you like that is WILD. I felt like it was a psychic reading or something hahaha!!
Elizabeth Cormier
Elizabeth Cormier - 13 dager siden
Welcome to the club of people with clinically diagnosed ADH Colleen!!! WHOOOO I got diagnosed in 8th grade, now I'm a senior in hs
Mikalah Rudd
Mikalah Rudd - 15 dager siden
Coleen your not alone I have ADHD ADD Tourette’s and COD I have a lot of problems but I am still just a normal human being i love you so much
Jeff Sipes
Jeff Sipes - 15 dager siden
Erin Small
Erin Small - 15 dager siden
wait- i thought you already had a ADHD diagnosis. Like when you talked about all your anxiety and all that, i was like why arnt they just explaining that this probably has a lot to do with ADHD.
also sorry if it sounds like im being a know it all. I have ADHD GAD mild OCD Autism and depression so i do a lot of research about this stuff.
Faith Parisi
Faith Parisi - 15 dager siden
The fighting in the video is funny
Alexandra Thomas
Alexandra Thomas - 15 dager siden
When I was little my parents aunt, uncle,and grandparents tried to get me to say my aunt's name which was Heather and every time they said say heather I said yaya so they said:
"Say hea"
"Say Heather"
TheLifeOfZyia - 16 dager siden
Hi I’m Zyia and I have adhd and I was wondering if you could give me any information about your Therapist like a email or website anything I really need help and I don’t know how to control it I need a therapist and I know you have a baby but if you could respond when ever you have time all hours are fine also I love the vlogs everyday
Liz T
Liz T - 16 dager siden
I just got diagnosed today and this video really helped me. The way you explained about it being like a pyramid where these therapists or psychiatrists point out so many things you deal with, but they all contribute to this big category that is ADHD is exactly how I feel. Thank you for being so open and honest about your journey!!
Jaxyn Betts
Jaxyn Betts - 19 dager siden
Colleen you should try cookie breathing
Carla Torres
Carla Torres - 19 dager siden
Thank you for giving information about this!! ADHD is very hard to diagnosed because people only see the tip of the ice berg but never the other side of it!! 💕 Also, as an educator, I love how you respected Flynn’s decision. Just a tip!! Maybe you can help him learn the sounds of the letters, so when you teach him, he’d know how to sound them and eventually blend the words together 😊
Bunbun Forever
Bunbun Forever - 21 dag siden
u gotta slow down
Danielle - 21 dag siden
I missed some of your videos so I was going back to get caught up so you may not see this comment since it's been a while since you posted it. When you were talking about your therapy appointment it brought to my mind Meghan Rienks. She also has talked about having anxiety, skin picking, and ADHD plus she is also a YouTuber. I don't know if you know her or heard of her before, she is more in the beauty/lifestyle/podcast side of YT. She may be someone you could talk to who sounds like you may have somethings in common with. I know it's hard to relate to people but I just thought I would mention it since it came to mind.
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 21 dag siden
That miranda pillow behind her tho
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 21 dag siden
Yasss Colleen and Erik's early quarantine Bob Ross paintings!!
jessyca swonger
jessyca swonger - 21 dag siden
Hey Colleen! I know I’m a few weeks behind butttt I did want to say that I understand your feelings at the end when you’re talking about a therapist being like “hey this is a thing and how it impacts people” I had the same exact experience but with PTSD. I never realized that I could have ptsd because I didn’t realize a lot of things I experienced were actually considered traumas.
I’m rambling, my point is, there are people out here who understand you. Take it easy and sending you guys love ❤️
Chanty Ledesma
Chanty Ledesma - 21 dag siden
My brother got diagnosed with ADD and he was on medication for a while
nittoburn4 - 21 dag siden
Colleen, I am so glad that you've finally found a therapist, that you 'like'. I am so happy/excited to see how things go from here, whether you decide to share it or not. *
Rylee Rainone
Rylee Rainone - 22 dager siden
Alayna Mcphee
Alayna Mcphee - 22 dager siden
I have adhd :D
Elise Xuereb
Elise Xuereb - 22 dager siden
I feel like my boyfriend and I would have the same arguments like Erik and Colleen when we start living together 😂😂😂 their arguments are so cute 😍😍
JulieGaga - 22 dager siden
Yeaaa me and my boyfriend are the same way when it comes to food 🙃
Marley JONES
Marley JONES - 23 dager siden
Colleen, I have had ADHD my whole life. All my siblings have it. It helps to know how your brain works and how it is different than other people. I want you to know that you can do this. I have all those things that you described. You can overcome this. And by the way, this is the first video I have watched of yours and I just thought I should share.
artificial - 23 dager siden
Sundancekat - 23 dager siden
We went to this exact same pumpkin patch! I think about a week after y'all? I wanted to pet the goats, but it was much too crowded...you were smart to go first thing in the morn! Normally we do Live Oak Canyon, but with the pandemic, we stayed in the valley/Encino area. Hope you guys had fun, and that your son enjoyed seeing all the pumpkins. Fall was a fav part of my childhood.
I also recently learned about myself actually having ADHD as well. It felt comforting to feel seen by the diagnosis, but also pretty frustrating to only just now be figuring this out at 29. Take care, and hang in there! You're clearly a loving mom, wife, person in general, and I think you've managed to achieve tons despite the ADHD setbacks. Love to you
tess ludka
tess ludka - 23 dager siden
I got diagnosed with ADHD for the first time 3 months ago at 24 and I totally get what you're saying. It's like all the individual puzzle pieces were suddenly one big picture that actual made sense
Kristunn - 23 dager siden
Being properly diagnosed is the same feeling of relief that I had when I came out. It gave me unmeasurable bliss, comfort and confidence. I’m so beyond happy for you MamaC ❤️ STAY UP
Fruitcup94 - 23 dager siden
i really appreciated you talking about adhd. i have adhd and it literally affects every single aspect of my life. i hope you are open about your adhd journey in the future, and if you need any sources please reach out to us because there are sooo many great people and artists and life coaches that put out books and things that might be relatable to you and help you to work with your adhd! :)
Natalie Horyczun
Natalie Horyczun - 24 dager siden
greg Lott
greg Lott - 24 dager siden
I have ADHD
Laura BoraBee
Laura BoraBee - 24 dager siden
I have ADHD too! It’s super difficult sometimes! I find that exercise helps a lot and coffee helps me focus 😊
Mariana Gómez
Mariana Gómez - 24 dager siden
Is anyone else stressing about Flynn not wearing a mask at the pumpkin patch? :O
Sophie Richardson
Sophie Richardson - 23 dager siden
Im not sure about US but in UK kids under 11 are exempt from mask wearing
jules - 25 dager siden
I have ADHD and I resonate so much with all my mental issues stemming from ADHD. I've been doing so much research about it over the last few years and it's really a poorly named disorder because it deals with way more than hyperactivity and inattention.
Emily Duff
Emily Duff - 25 dager siden
I absolutely love that feeling of finding a perfect diagnostic fit. It's the best feeling ever
kendall star
kendall star - 25 dager siden
kendall star
kendall star - 25 dager siden
Deseree Herman
Deseree Herman - 25 dager siden
Hey I have ADHD, please ask questions we are here to help!
Ellen McInnis
Ellen McInnis - 25 dager siden
Being diagnosed with ADHD was like a revelation to me, like pieces of this puzzle were being put together, finally. like everything my therapist said aligned with things I was experiencing
flashofquiksilver - 25 dager siden
I know exactly what you felt with that Colleen! I actually thought I was ADHD when I was like 16 (I'm 30 now) because I struggled with regulating my attention and occasionally had "outbursts" of energy that threw people off because I was often quite introverted or quieter (not quite reserved, but just not being exuberant all the time), but I couldn't quite line up the descriptions for ADHD in males with what I was feeling about myself. I and my family doctor kind of convinced me that I didn't have ADHD, for reasons like "i find it really hard to focus for long periods of time... except when I'm reading, then I can't put a book down.. so that must mean I just don't care about the tasks I'm struggling with, not that I have an attention deficit" or things like "I get really into a video game but then without fail, I just end up moving on to something else without finishing the game.. not that I don't like that game I played, but I just moved on to something else.. so I just need to stick with things to the end, and stop flaking out".. It also feels like I'm 2 people, the outgoing bubbly "involved in all the clubs at school/work" kind of girl, and the more intelligent and introspective, dark and nerdy girl. It's almost bi-polar but kind of not, like a very mild case of it. And I have little OCD things that only apply for certain situations, so they're not full fledged OCD. And some things I can be obsessed with for a time, and MUST engage / play / etc with that thing... but then when I'm obsessed about something else, I can't handle engaging with that first thing. It's definitely a case of not being able to regulate my attention evenly.. either I'm obsessing about something, or really struggling to engage at all with that thing/task/activity. I also have a bad case of executive functioning issues, where I want to do things (or I need to do things), but I fight internally to make myself do those things. Even something that I absolutely love or am dying to do, I struggle actually making it happen.
Also I have TERRIBLE time management, because I've learned I have a poor sense of time in general. When I pre-schedule everything, including pre-scheduling extra time for tasks, then I do really well. But if I don't give extra time for tasks, then I end up being really late. And then there's the anxiety (social, letting things get to me, over thinking things, imagining false situations/narratives because I keep thinking that people feel certain ways about me that aren't true, feeling stressed about completing easy tasks that I can do and have done before with no issues, etc). It's very draining to have ADHD, because there's just so much going on in your head, and before I figured out what was going on, it felt like I was just failing at life, like I can't even show enough severity of the issues I struggle with (like not being truly OCD, or Bipolar, or anything like that), they're all just such minor cases that I wondered if I actually had any of these disorders.
So I totally get your relief in knowing that what you were feeling or experiencing wasn't just you leaning into insignificant issues and making them bigger, or that you weren't experiencing anything at all. It was definitely a relief to figure out what was going wrong, because once you know what the actual problem is, you can at least start moving forward from it.
- Jill
arty 5
arty 5 - 26 dager siden
So do you mean ADD or ADHD because those are two different things. The H stands for hyper.
faustina finnerty
faustina finnerty - 8 dager siden
It's not different, it's the same diagnosis. ADHD is largely associated with children and ADD is largely associated with adults as hyperactivity isn't as common. It's still the same clinical diagnosis.
Karla Habbershaw
Karla Habbershaw - 26 dager siden
That video of you trying to teach him water is toooooo cuttteeeee
Yourimaginarygal - 26 dager siden
Im distracted with that pillow. Thats all
Kasey Skelly
Kasey Skelly - 27 dager siden
I also was diagnosed with ADHD and if you have questions from a normal person no a doctor or anything
Jenna - 27 dager siden
i wonder if shes seeing dr amen
Jen W
Jen W - 27 dager siden
My family doesn’t argue with me over dinner. I cook, you eat. You want something else; you cook! 🤣
Fabiola Herrera
Fabiola Herrera - 20 dager siden
lmao lol!
Kellie McHugh
Kellie McHugh - 27 dager siden
I love your courage in showing the world that mental health is a conversation we must have. There is no shame in it, yet fear often keeps us silent in spite of that truth. The world is full of beautiful, caring, capable human beings who bravely get up each day and face these struggles and it is time for us to embrace and support one another through it. Life is already hard enough without loneliness to make it worse. Thank you for leading the way.
Sarah Fox
Sarah Fox - 27 dager siden
That’s so interesting because Miranda is overtly ADHD
ryan reischl
ryan reischl - 27 dager siden
I love you and am so happy for you!
Josaphah - 27 dager siden
Therapy is so U.S., it's like one on one then one on one. ADD and you are functioning at such a higher lever than most people as you are on camera and made a 2 season series. I mean come on. I self diagnosed myself to depression and Generalised Anxiety Disorder. I stick with it, especially in time of pandemic and isolation, and people behaving badly makes me more afraid than an actual virus.....Love.
Josaphah - 27 dager siden
Eric should be in your vlogs, he is cute and was in your show younger, but nice to see him as an adult behaving human. I dunnow if you ever told your love story, but I sure wanna hear it!?
Josaphah - 27 dager siden
In these times, I look at animals/pets and young children on the streets of Montreal, to see joy and non-conscious of the pandemic, they help me cope.
Gaming for Girlz
Gaming for Girlz - 28 dager siden
Colleen, don't feel like you have to fix every little thing about yourself that you don't like or find annoying! If nobody had those little things, then we wouldn't be unique. Everybody has one thing you're sensitive and insecure about; it could be anxiety, ADHD, picky-eater, phobia-controlled, height, weight, anything, but those things are what make you you and me me.
Kimi Smith
Kimi Smith - 28 dager siden
GIRL.....that is literally exactly what happened to me when I was finally diagnosed with adhd!!! I didn't get diagnosed until I was 30 and my life CHANGED when I got put on Adderall. Like omg....not perfect...but way better. I am an RN and I often wonder how much more I could have accomplished in my life if anyone had diagnosed me earlier. And looking back on my life, it is SO OBVIOUS! Lord lol. I was in therapy for years because I ODed when I was 17 and no one connected the dots. I actually figured it out from watching a how to adhd video about how women present differently!
Erin Benites
Erin Benites - 28 dager siden
Glad things are coming together for you in therapy. I wasn't diagnosed with ADHD until I was 32. I relate.
Heather Oquilluk
Heather Oquilluk - 28 dager siden
edward cullen
Ro-z Edelston
Ro-z Edelston - 28 dager siden
It can feel overwhelming to come to terms with a new thing like a diagnosis or identity. I was diagnosed with AD(H)D when I was 9, but only very recently have I discovered that it heavily affects my life as an adult too. I always thought it was about my inability to do homework and focus in school. Watching the YouTube channel How To ADHD has put a lot of things into perspective for me by explaining how we're wired and finding good coping mechanisms to function better. You're not alone, Colleen, and ADHD is super duper common! Thank you for speaking openly about it here :)
Sharreldine Bowers
Sharreldine Bowers - 28 dager siden
OMG, THIS IS EVERYTHING. My best friend just got diagnosed with ADHD and began telling me about it and her symptoms... And I just started crying because it explains so MUCH in my life. SO MANY ANSWERS... I'm now looking for a psychiatrist to help diagnos my scenarios, but...it just makes me want to scream and cry. I'm 36, and finally have something that explains all the things. 😭😭😭😭😭
Lakotajo2 - 28 dager siden
Why in the world would you teach him how to say it correctly?? You are messing with some super cuteness. I insist you stop. Let the cute happen!
aserocke - 28 dager siden
Yes!!! THANK YOU for sharing this! I was just diagnosed myself at 33! When I really looked into the definition of ADHD, I literally checked ALL THE BOXES! It was so validating to get my diagnosis. I have struggled with anxiety and depression and OCD most of my life! It all fit like a puzzle piece. Also, it can look different in males versus females. I am a perfectionist, so I never let anyone see my struggle. I just kept trying to work harder. I excelled in school due to people pleasing and not wanting to let anyone down! I have found the most amazing community on Instagram of ADHDers! Welcome! I totally understand you! It is not so isolating and lonely anymore! I have a passion to educate more people on ADHD and mental health in general!!! I love you and your family and content. I have been watching you for years, and I am so grateful you and I have both found answers!! You have my constant support!
Rachel Robus
Rachel Robus - 28 dager siden
I just got clinically diagnosed with ADHD a few weeks ago! Everything my therapist was telling me about checked a lot of boxes for me as well. It feels like a weight off of your shoulders when an answer is finally in front of you :) Good luck on your journey with it! I'll be going through the same thing right along with you lol
Luna Love
Luna Love - 28 dager siden
My brother has adhd
Lisa - 28 dager siden
Girl I feel you. Welcome to the life of ADHD.
Kerry - 29 dager siden
Thank you for sharing your diagnosis. I also have ADHD and I relate to so much of what you said.
86 chickennuggets
86 chickennuggets - 29 dager siden
Watch the channel How to ADHD... its helped me a lot since my diagnosis
Crystal Lefebvr
Crystal Lefebvr - 29 dager siden
I was diagnosed with adhd at 19. Diagnosis and treatment changed my life ❤️ we are all here to support you, however that may be,
Eve N
Eve N - 29 dager siden
Your depiction of your problems and how they affect you hit me hard because that's exactly what I'm going through right now. I'm also trying to get a diagnosis for adhd and my therapist fully supports me in that. Where I live tho he can't diagnose me and the person who's like in charge of my treatment and if I can get moved forward in the process of getting diagnosed doesn't believe that I could have it. Like he literally said it isn't probable because I've been good at school and getting good grades. It's very frustrating, and I'm so glad for you!
Grace Heller
Grace Heller - 29 dager siden
Girl- I can’t express how true this is especially if you have multiple mental diagnoses. I have ptsd, ocd, anxiety, depression, and adhd so I can’t express how much it feels like trying to grasp one thing is so difficult when there is multiple things going on. Sending you so much love and positivity! You should look up the health nut on YouTube. She’s an incredible therapist who talks about issues and helps with advice. Love you ❤️
Renee R
Renee R - 25 dager siden
@LL Francis wondering the same thing
LL Francis
LL Francis - 27 dager siden
Hi...Do you mean HealthNut Nutrition? I just went looking and there’s that one and CertifiedHealthNut, but that’s a guy. Thanks in advance. 😊
Lydia Rutkowski
Lydia Rutkowski - 29 dager siden
Yes!! I just got diagnosed this summer and honestly changed my life
Anime_Ryleigh Lol
Anime_Ryleigh Lol - 29 dager siden
Yooo i feel the ADHD. My whole family has it, including me. My brother has it the worst.
Grace Goldsworthy
Grace Goldsworthy - 29 dager siden
My face literally lit up and I smiled so wide when Flynn said water! It seriously feels like I know you guys and you guys are my family, so I was so happy for him! Great job Flynn I'm so proud
Annika Bergstrom
Annika Bergstrom - 29 dager siden
Getting a diagnosis as an adult is such a weird and wonderful experience! It both feels like an answer and a question mark. I got diagnosed with autism as an older teen girl and suddenly everything made sense and nothing did. Knowing what’s happening in your brain is so empowering and I’m so glad you have an answer!
Lydia Olwell
Lydia Olwell - Måned siden
OMG! Yes, the Bob Ross tutorial paintings! They are SO good!
Aquaaack - Måned siden
You're amazing and I love you
Amina - Måned siden
I think I commented about looking into this a few months ago. I connected the dots with all your things, mostly because we’re in the same boat. Its such a BIG FEELING. And its a process to look back into your past and see how much time spent trying to fit in, and trying to pull through what other consider no issues at all. I was 25 when I got my adhd disgnosis. It is such a shame that women are overlooked in this diagnosis.
Lauren Burdick
Lauren Burdick - Måned siden
Hes so dang cute
Water blublubkublub LOL love him
Avery Jasken
Avery Jasken - Måned siden
I like when u just sit down and talk its soothing u should do more sitdowns
Itz Peaxchy peaches :3
Itz Peaxchy peaches :3 - Måned siden
Coleen I LOVE that jumper ur wearing
Greer Rikki
Greer Rikki - Måned siden
I remember those paintings!!! x
Ellie G.
Ellie G. - Måned siden
Congrats on your diagnosis!! I found out in a similar way and had the same light bulb moment of realizing that a lot of the "problems" I had in my life stemmed from having undiagnosed ADHD.
Lucero Espinoza
Lucero Espinoza - Måned siden
Call you a mental patient while on actual therapy is horrible
SquishyFishy12 - Måned siden
thank you so much for this - i feel so much less alone