I'm having a really hard time with this.

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Cristina - 15 timer siden
You know, I think your fainting could have been vertigo. You should’ve seen an ent. Sorry that happened to you.
countryborncitygirl - Dag siden
Your baby looks like half Corey and half Erik. Are you sure you were involved in the making of him? 🤔
Natalie Read
Natalie Read - Dag siden
When Flynn went to touch that tumbleweed I was like NOOOO because the ones around here are always covered in painful thorns.
Felicia Friedman
Felicia Friedman - Dag siden
I make them by heart also! I use half Crisco and half butter and light brown sugar. I sift my flour so it’s not so “packed”,
konopopi - Dag siden
I’m from the UK and use grams for baking, etc so here is the recipe interpreted:
Colleen’s choc chip cookie recipe:
- 2 sticks butter, softened (226.8g)
- 3/4 cup white granulated sugar (overfilled) / 180g
- 3/4 cup brown sugar / 180g (firmly packed and a bit overflowing)
Mix until very very blended.
- add 1 tsp vanilla extract (add while it’s mixing)
- Add 2 large eggs
Blend for a while
- 2 1/4 cups plain flour / 540g (but put 1 cup first, then rest after other dry ingredient to mix it up a bit)
- 1 tsp baking soda (bicarbonate of soda)
- 1 tsp salt
Mix until nicely blended
- 2 cups semi-sweet choc chips / 480g total (47% cocoa solids) (and a little extra)
Use an ice cream scoop to makes balls from the mixture. Put in Tupperware and put in the fridge.
Cook 375 degrees (190 degrees Celsius) for 10-11 mins
Kenzee Bellamy
Kenzee Bellamy - 2 dager siden
i never knew tumbleweed was a real thing omg
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
Gehrig Burnett Jr. - 2 dager siden
15:59 I live for when she naturally channels Miranda in the face lol🥰
Gia Playzzz
Gia Playzzz - 2 dager siden
Flyn: baba!
Colleen: yea airplane!
Flyn: boo boo!
Colleen: yea bulldozer!
Lisa Camacho
Lisa Camacho - 2 dager siden
In the Texas panhandle people spray paint tumbleweeds and use them as Christmas trees.
Ella Wren
Ella Wren - 2 dager siden
When Flynn grows up he is going to be so educated and respectful. He will be brought up to know that every human counts no matter their gender, sexuality,religion or pronouns. I love it
Circus Baby
Circus Baby - 3 dager siden
I marked my calendar for the Christmas concert and childhood cancer fundraiser! Bought a ticket for the concert today!😛
Shyamoli Pathak
Shyamoli Pathak - 3 dager siden
Colleen - "I feel like usually I'm much more prepared"
Me - "No you're not"
Colleen - "No I'm never prepared, let's be honest"
Addie Cannon
Addie Cannon - 3 dager siden
KentuckyChickRK - 3 dager siden
This vlog made me so incredibly mad for you 😞 As a woman who will never give birth to a baby, I cannot stand when anyone uses there own pain to negate the pain of another... and it happens all the time. When I had my hysterectomy I would’ve been so incredibly angry if a woman walked up to me and said, “well at least you didn’t have to go through childbirth!” This is no different. If a woman is discussing something that makes you uncomfortable, tune out.
Josh Olson
Josh Olson - 4 dager siden
❤colleens vlogs help me cope
kombewcha - 4 dager siden
The second will be much better
Elise Rogers
Elise Rogers - 4 dager siden
This is why we need to talk about the struggles women go through during pregnancy. E.V.E.R.Y.T.H.I.N.G that women go through and that happen in women's bodies is downplayed, not talked about, brushed aside. When do we give ourselves permission to stop apologising and making out like our pain and struggles aren't valid? Enough is enough.
The Kuarbas
The Kuarbas - 4 dager siden
Colleen!! you make me want to make a pregnancy story video to share my story so others may see, Pregnancy and yes even Delivery does not always go the way we fantasize our whole lives and THATS OK!!!!
jaydin houston
jaydin houston - 4 dager siden
flynn is a nugget
Ashleigh Ray
Ashleigh Ray - 4 dager siden
My sister is the same way. She was miserable her entire pregnancy. She had wanted a big family. Now she getting pregnant one more time and she is done and dreading being pregnant again.
Jett! At The Disco
Jett! At The Disco - 4 dager siden
Little blond Erik.
Cynthia Perez
Cynthia Perez - 4 dager siden
As she's trying to blow the dandelion...."It doesn't work, because I'm wearing a mask, because masks work." I love her!
clarep06 - 4 dager siden
3:58 yes. a queen 😌
Nessie Rey
Nessie Rey - 5 dager siden
I feel for you Colleen. It’s not something to be ashamed of because so many women feel like that either with pregnancy or birth. I feel like maybe you should go to doctor jones if you do decide to have another baby... Love you and am here for you
fat sajak
fat sajak - 5 dager siden
my pregnancy was horrible. the entire time. i would say it wasn't as bad as yours, but i did have twins, so we had a very different set of issues, as most pregnant people do, i guess. my trauma came from the way i was treated in my hospital stay, the way my (now) ex treated me then and my twins' NICU stay and how we were treated there. if i talk about it, i cry. i don't know if it's possible to really resolve our traumas around our pregnancies and births, but i beg you to try your hardest to not feel any shame or guilt. this is unfortunately so common. creating humans is inherently a traumatic experience in one way or the other. we are so not alone and opening a dialogue about it is so beneficial to all of us who've had a traumatic experience around our births.
headass steph
headass steph - 5 dager siden
now you’re making me anxious if I ever get pregnant hahah i know it’s different for everyone but aaaa!!!
Evest - 5 dager siden
Eric wearing the Miranda Sings mask is such a mood. 😂
Spenser davis
Spenser davis - 5 dager siden
Ur not alone with having a hard pregnancy. I was there too sweetie. I know how it is. It can b hard. I went thru alot of tough times with my second one too. Ur will never b alone
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 5 dager siden
It's seems like you have same fear still of how you and lot ppl feel of the pain of pregnancy. I'm so sorry it was so tramic for you
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 5 dager siden
I'm sure you can become strong enough to again if you want to/feel you can I hope you can figure out how to do without causing you so much pain again
John Appleseed
John Appleseed - 6 dager siden
When my mum was having my brother, I was only 3 and thought she was away because she was angry at me, but she was just having trouble in hospital
Abby Burke
Abby Burke - 6 dager siden
Omg Coleen don’t cry 😭 Ur gonna make me cry! I love ur channel! Follow your heart, U can give it time and u can decide whenever u want! ❤️
Amy Morgan
Amy Morgan - 6 dager siden
The way your body reacts during pregnancy has nothing to do with how perfect Flynn is Colleen. And that goes for anyone. You, Erik & even Kory are perfect parents for Flynn so don’t listen to the haters. Only happy thoughts and good vibes.
Lana Hardie
Lana Hardie - 6 dager siden
How come Erik doesn't like being in ur vlog
Lana Hardie
Lana Hardie - 6 dager siden
Every pregnancy is different even in the same person
Lesley Fay
Lesley Fay - 6 dager siden
No tumble weed here
Victoria Rodriguez
Victoria Rodriguez - 6 dager siden
Women supporting other women ❤
Destin J
Destin J - 6 dager siden
My pregnancy was soooo horrible but the guilt I have for not giving my son siblings is so hard! Thank you for sharing please know there are so may women like us
Sydney 14
Sydney 14 - 6 dager siden
i hope and pray that if and when colleen wants or gets pregnant again that she has the best pregnancy
Sarah Thompson
Sarah Thompson - 6 dager siden
GURL!!!!! I have two daughters (now 15 and 19, both a surprise gift of the best kind) however..my pregnancies were HORRIBLE. Actual HELL..All day sickness throughout, constant pain I was in labor for over 48 hours with both of them... all these years later the thought of my experience with pregnancy are fresh in my mind. My girls are very aware of my experience. It was reality for me. It’s totally ok to feel the way you feel about pregnancy. Whoever says otherwise.. hasn’t lived it. Which makes their opinions irrelevant 🤷🏻‍♀️
Angel - 6 dager siden
Becca Morrall
Becca Morrall - 6 dager siden
Ahh Colleen! I have had six babies and I am so bad at being pregnant ! I feel so lucky to have such a gorgeous family but man I found it tough to be pregnant x
Celtia Glover
Celtia Glover - 6 dager siden
Heeeeyyy can you PLEASEE tell me if you use salted or unsalted butter?? Girls got an urgent craving for these cookies!! Hope you're all well, love from Scotland xo
LKD - 6 dager siden
Thank you for always posting , watching your vlogs truly help me heal. Thank you Colleen x
Jaire G
Jaire G - 6 dager siden
okay so i did the cookie recipe and it came out gooey and not chunky like hers, the dough not the cookie
Arden Mckenzie
Arden Mckenzie - 6 dager siden
Thank you for sharing your true feelings. I am in a similar situation as you. I had my son a couple months after you had your boy. I had a horrible pregnancy (complete with emergency appendectomy at 25 weeks) my delivery was the worst thing I could have imagined. I had terrible post partum depression. I did not enjoy ANY part of the whole ordeal. I do NOT want to have to go through any of it again. But I love my son so much and always wanted two kids. I’m in a constant battle with myself every day. Knowing other women can do it I should be able to also 😔
Cristina Hernandez
Cristina Hernandez - 6 dager siden
This girl is always crying in videos 😴
Samantha Fleming
Samantha Fleming - 7 dager siden
My first pregnancy i was sick the entire pregnancy barfing my guts out.w now I'm pregnant with my second and it's way different not sick still don't like meat . Not all pregnancy is the same
Samantha Fleming
Samantha Fleming - 7 dager siden
Colleen masks works maybe 50 % . I wore a mask along with my husband and guess what i got covid . So now it isn't a 100 cure all
m - 7 dager siden
we love you colleen :)) stay strong !!
Jennifer peddicord
Jennifer peddicord - 7 dager siden
this video meant a lot and your other ones my pregnancy was vert high risk and painful I love my daughter wouldn't change anything I did have to get a tubal ligation does bother me can't give her another sibling I'm on oxygen blood clot disorder was told how wrong I was for continue pregnancy and if she had any health conditions it be my fault and she is now 5 months and perfect and don't ever feel bad about your pregnancy I wish people could be more honest about pregnancy
Kerstin Neil
Kerstin Neil - 7 dager siden
I felt the same way when i was pregnant with my son.
Makena Tingle
Makena Tingle - 7 dager siden
Flynn is getting so big it’s unreal🥰
Aamir Brunner
Aamir Brunner - 7 dager siden
I am sorry but I am sure what ever u ever you decide will be the best for u and ur family so umm thats it
Bailey Wilson
Bailey Wilson - 7 dager siden
I wish more people talked about the stuff Colleen does in her vlogs like how many POPULAR youtubers talk about pregnancy and LTGBQ+ rights and so much more
The v Clan
The v Clan - 7 dager siden
Second pregnancy is never as bad as the first one
Kristina Sudac
Kristina Sudac - 7 dager siden
KillingMeSmalls J
KillingMeSmalls J - 7 dager siden
Omg I’ve actually fainted like that before too! I wasn’t pregnant but I would begin getting the symptoms like this quite often. I was usually able to come out of it before my vision went completely black but there was one time where I was unable to. I stood up from the couch, felt the symptoms coming but this time they didn’t go away. Next thing I remember I’m on the floor and I had fallen over the medal table that was in front of me and my mom was freaking out above me. I genuinely don’t think I even closed my eyes and I’m pretty sure I was awake the whole time, things were just kinda fuzzy. It was mostly like I just skipped from one moment to another. I couldn’t hear or see anything, everything was just disorienting, but it wasn’t like anyone even had to wake me up because I wasn’t unconscious. I wasn’t even sure if I could classify this as fainting because of how strange it was, but I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one that’s experienced this.
Great Family Adventures
Great Family Adventures - 7 dager siden
We share the same birthday
kitcxt - 7 dager siden
Ive been fan since i can remember! Your family is so cute! Also I have the same phobia as you ❤️🌈✨
crazyisme1 - 7 dager siden
That’s not a melon ball scoop, that’s a cookie scoop. Of course she uses it for cookies 😂
Alija Begum
Alija Begum - 7 dager siden
Girl just do you
I feel you should reaserch about pregnancy it helps sooo much💗💗💖
Maegan - 7 dager siden
I never new that when some women get pregnant they hurt so bad and faint and all of these negative thing until Colleen got pregnant. I love you guys so so much!❤️❤️
Kayla Snyder
Kayla Snyder - 7 dager siden
Hes SO smart and so stinking cute ❤
Dee Love
Dee Love - 7 dager siden
Colleen do not feel bad, i believe you, my sister had horrible pregnancies. I remember her crying in my arms, she was in horrible pain, had severe blood pressure and diabetes while pregnant. She had 3 kids and it got worse with every pregnancy finally the doctor told her she could not have anymore. My poor sister went though so much she says it was worth it but she is still traumatize by the pain and sickeness she went though.
Megan O.
Megan O. - 7 dager siden
Would you ever have a surrogate? That might be a good option too!
Alayssia - 7 dager siden
I think Flynn should drive “budozers” when he grows up🤣
Alli Hards
Alli Hards - 7 dager siden
Colleen... you may never read this comment but I can whole heartedly say that I 100% understand where you are coming from. My pregnancy, although not horrific, wasn’t pleasurable. I didn’t enjoy it! I had awful pain in my right hip to the point I almost wheelchaired my last couple of months. Morning sickness was constant the whole way through to the point where I was put on anti sickness tablets and then I would only go 1 or 2 days between cluster headaches which I still suffer from now.
And then my birth was traumatic (I ended up in intensive care because of blood loss and sepsis) and I’m currently in therapy to deal with my PTSD after the birth. To top it all off, I’ve just been told that the birth that I’d always wanted and hoped for I can never have because of the complications of the birth (a homebirth).
I’ve always wanted 3 kids... and I still do. But I’m PETRIFIED of having another. Im not afraid of pain... but I’m afraid of the situation reoccurring... and that’s what I’m in therapy for now. 😔
You and I aren’t alone! I promise you xxx
amazing danielle
amazing danielle - 7 dager siden
the way ive had the recipe for the same cookies memerized for so long hrbfhebhe
Lindsy Wheaton
Lindsy Wheaton - 8 dager siden
You crying is making me cry, stop it! T_T I feel the same way, love. My first pregnancy was so damn easy, it was absurd. My second pregnancy was an absolute nightmare of pain and sickness. I was so happy to be pregnant but I was so miserable. It was the longest 9 months of my whole life. It's okay to not enjoy pregnancy. I also hope you know that every pregnancy is so different, and there is a chance your next one may not be as bad! And even if it is, at least you know that you've done it before. We're trying for another because I really want another baby, but Im really scared to be sick again.
Cassidy Pittman
Cassidy Pittman - 8 dager siden
Like you honestly inspire me so much. I aspire to just be half the parent that you are one day.🥺
Mackenzie Gyson
Mackenzie Gyson - 8 dager siden
1:47 Eriks mask has me dying 😂😂😂😂😂💜
Alicia Birkinbine
Alicia Birkinbine - 8 dager siden
Let's pray that if you decide to get pregnant again, your second pregnancy will be completely different:) it's YOUR decision babe and NOBODY can judge you unless they walk in your shoes
Stephanie Henry
Stephanie Henry - 8 dager siden
Colleen this is like your thousand video of just crying
Quinn Ballard
Quinn Ballard - 8 dager siden
Instead of a Tupperware you can roll the cookie dough into a cylinder with glad wrap and then you can just slice off a cookie every night (or like 5 let's be real 😜)
Thomas M
Thomas M - 8 dager siden
Ok you win! And why not I will go watch Miranda because she’s nice to me and I just love her SO MUCH I just can’t believe how you two are so opposite but so alike! Blows me away🍩🍩🍩🍩🍩☕️☕️☕️☕️☕️🥰🥰🎁🎁🎁
Elliecatify - 8 dager siden
I had a three day labour which ended in an emergency caesarian section. I had awful morning sickness for the first six months. I never want to be pregnant again, it's really tough but I'm very happy with my one baby 😊
Lacey Fisher
Lacey Fisher - 8 dager siden
You are such a great mom!
mblabezza - 8 dager siden
Dude I loath pregnancy, I had three kids and it was awful all times. I still want one more but I’m like omg can I do that again? :( we are so blessed and grateful to be able to have babies but it’s still awfffs
Maram A
Maram A - 8 dager siden
Maybe it would be helpful to see if you can find other mothers who went through a first pregnancy such as yours and had a second pregnancy.
Ask what their second pregnancy was like and see if that helps you determine your family’s future.
I wish you peace of mind, health, and happiness.
Erika xox
Erika xox - 8 dager siden
Is no one going to talk about Eric's fabulous mask lol
mathquest - 8 dager siden
I just want you to know that my first pregnancy was terrible. I had the worst pain and sickness the whole pregnancy. I had severe depression and a long, painful, and unmedicated labor. I struggled with the birth after. I got pregnant a second time and it has been a miracle. Virtually no symptoms. If you never want to take the risk and get pregnant again that is very understandable. If you do get pregnant again though, I just want you to know you might not have the same experience.
Tamtingles - 8 dager siden
I’m convinced she will literally never stop bitching about her pregnancy
Kylee McMurray
Kylee McMurray - 8 dager siden
You are so amazing hope you find what is best for you and makes you feel good you deserve so much more amazing comments than what I see going through them really you make my day 10 hundreds times mom injoyable cry wirghting this because you are such a powerful influence and are so amazing wish you the best of luck with your hard time and find what make you most happy love you so much
Bop - 8 dager siden
Colleen: "Say bye-bye to your bulldozer for the rest of your life!"
Flynn: "Bye-bye!"
Colleen: "What!?"
Flynn: *Smacks face"
Lisa Tompkins
Lisa Tompkins - 8 dager siden
My baby cousin has cancer
thewinterizzy - 8 dager siden
It’s so gross how much pressure we put on women to have children, and if it’s anything less than “””perfect””” (or those that don’t want kids at all) it’s embedded in us to feel bad about it.
Nayah Ferrer
Nayah Ferrer - 8 dager siden
As Flynn gets older and older he looks more and more like Erik. It’s adorable, he’s a dada’s and Mama’s boy.
M Hill
M Hill - 8 dager siden
This is how many people love her vlogs and her fam
Lenna's Life!
Lenna's Life! - 7 dager siden
I love her vlogs, she's such and amazing person.
M Hill
M Hill - 8 dager siden
Y'all comment
yypBobbie Cheaney
yypBobbie Cheaney - 8 dager siden
No MASKS don't work !
Andrea Suavita
Andrea Suavita - 7 dager siden
Girl gtfo
Kathleen B
Kathleen B - 8 dager siden
Oh believe me girl I get it my pregnancy was sickness every single day I think I got like 2 weeks of peace but it was my last pregnancy and it’s hard, hyperemesis is when your sick everyday I didn’t get that but I got close don’t worry your not the only one. Every pregnancy is different and everyone’s body reacts differently.
Marlissa Cunningham
Marlissa Cunningham - 8 dager siden
I am so with you. I didn’t enjoy my pregnancies. I looked forward MY WHOLE LIFE to being pregnant. And even when I fell pregnant a second time, I was sad. And upset. Not because I didn’t want another baby, but because I didn’t want to be pregnant again. Pregnancy isn’t beautiful for everyone, and that sucks. I wish it was. I was in constant pain. Constant nausea. Misery. Exhaustion. And my second ended up being an emergency c section.
I feel your pain. And I don’t wish it on anyone
Genesis Rojas
Genesis Rojas - 8 dager siden
Nov 29 is my birthday!!!🥺
Lily M.
Lily M. - 8 dager siden
Flynn is ADORABLEEE 🥰🥰🥰
Pat Thompson
Pat Thompson - 8 dager siden
I'm about to make the cookies that you showed in the video!! I'm so excited to try them 🍪
zozofrench - 8 dager siden
(15:00) she goes “😃😃mixk it up” *reaches over to camera* 😐 which is such a mood i do that all the time when replying to people on snapchat 😂😂 love you colleen
Marissa King
Marissa King - 8 dager siden
you are a woman warrior, colleen.
Laura Elise
Laura Elise - 8 dager siden
Definitely no tumbleweed here in PA. Arizona was the first place I ever saw one 😂
Arianna_playzRoblox ;3
Arianna_playzRoblox ;3 - 8 dager siden
Ur a hero ur a strong woman u agent through a rough pregnancy and or a fighter
Alannah Crowley
Alannah Crowley - 8 dager siden
The amount Flynn’s grown since the start of the vlogs is mad