I'M NOT PREGNANT but I took a pregnancy test

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Kyanna Hagen
Kyanna Hagen - 2 dager siden
I used to watch you all through quarantine🙌 and then I kinda stopped so right now I’m going back and watching all the videos I missed😂it’s going to take all day
Caithlin O Brien Sheehan
Caithlin O Brien Sheehan - 9 dager siden
Me and my brother both suffer from migraines I get them from lights and screens my brother gets them from chocolate cheese and red wine the only thing that helps us is sitting in a dark room with no noise and then eventually it goes away. I wish I could help you more.
Emily Duff
Emily Duff - 11 dager siden
Hey I know I'm super late to this party but I have an autoimmune disease that causes migraines and the three things that have helped the most are aspirin instead of ibuprofen or paracetamol, LOOOOTS of water and a heat pack over my eyes- big love to the heat pack- it blocks all the light out and it helps reduce pain
Bails B
Bails B - 12 dager siden
OMG! I just watched a criminal minds episode and Erik was in it whattatatatattattattatat
Jess in king
Jess in king - 14 dager siden
Jess in king
Jess in king - 14 dager siden
i stilllll love the daisy and gus gus paintings
callie marie
callie marie - 14 dager siden
i get migraines frequently, normally i try to take Excedrin Migraine within 10-20 of the migraine starting (the excedrin is in most gas stations and grocery stores, and you can tell a migraine from a headache based on your eyesight pain) if that doesn’t do anything within an hour i either take a shower or a nap (do either of these until u feel slightly better) and then i take Motrin to try and get rid of the rest of the migraine. for me they never fully go away, they just linger as head aches at the end of the day.
Mackenzie Miller
Mackenzie Miller - 25 dager siden
Colleen is seriously such a good mom
Kenzie Kelso
Kenzie Kelso - 26 dager siden
I know you'll never see this but cbd hot freeze salve by inessents salvation works amazing for migraines. It's like an ice pack on your head
Jay Perry
Jay Perry - 27 dager siden
Hi i love you i have work to do i want to try Starbucks 💗 i have never had it but i want to try it 😋 😩 but my mom will not let me eat or drink it I am so thirsty I have nothing to do in covid 19 this has happened at the wrong year i was so exited for 2020 so sad man I am going to cry 😢 sorry if this dos not make sense to you I am a artist and a singer and dancer I love gymnastics
Ava P.
Ava P. - 29 dager siden
ik this is random but does anyone else want her to bring back Sam and Labia with Kory?
Ace - 29 dager siden
I love the beauty of a woman. Follow for follow?
Milly Jane
Milly Jane - Måned siden
I get them very often and all that helps me is sleeping it off. It's the fkn worst!!!
Emma& lexi Gaming
Emma& lexi Gaming - Måned siden
When you get migraines just drink a lot of practice and I should go away
Hannah Little
Hannah Little - Måned siden
Aren’t all pregnancy tests disposable? 😂
Whitney V V
Whitney V V - Måned siden
Eat a salty food like tortilla chips or something like that because if you do end up puking it up it won't hurt as bad also if you are getting migraines like 1 to 2 times a week talk to your doctor so they can start you on medication to help decrease your migraines and hopefully get rid of them also invest in a sleep mask because its light enough and sometimes if you tighten the band it sometimes helps the eye pressure not be that bad. I used to struggle with migraines like all the time but my doctor started me on a med and now I only get headaches like 1 time a week if not like 1 every 2 weeks and only a migraine like 1 every other month I use to get migraines every week and it made me lose a ton of weight because I would always get the vomiting now I'm able to gain some of the weight back hope this helps. 😁
Angela Dianne
Angela Dianne - Måned siden
Be Koool head wraps save me when migraines hit!
Sophie Ghaffari
Sophie Ghaffari - Måned siden
Watching this as l have an AWFUL migraine! Nice to have someone who’s going through thee a too!
George Lehl
George Lehl - Måned siden
I think colleen should take a clear blue pregnant test maby there expired like if u think so to i would be so happy if she was pregnant
Cooking for kids Cooking for kids
Flynn is so cute
Nicole Viramontes
Nicole Viramontes - Måned siden
If your ever have that bad have a migraine again, get some soda like coke or Pepsi and drink some and I swear to god that it will help it go away, trust me I get them all the time
Olivia Pinter
Olivia Pinter - Måned siden
Where did you buy that pack of 100 pregnancy tests ? I love your channels btw
Madison Clarke
Madison Clarke - Måned siden
Is no one gonna mention she only put foundation on half her face 😂
Faith Catoe
Faith Catoe - Måned siden
gus just casually climbing into the sink
LIANNA NOLL - Måned siden
I get migraines a lot and they make me nauseous and my suggestion for you is to go to a neurologist. By the way I love u so, so, so much!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Taylor Schultz
Taylor Schultz - Måned siden
i usually get migraines about 5 days out of the week and most of the time after the throbbing goes down and i can somewhat function i still have a slight headache and the smallest amount of pressure will cause it to start throbbing again. and i kind of figured out to what causes it but i not why it is happening. and the only meds that i can take that get rid of it for me to be able to function is advil gel capsules. i take two, then lay on my back with either an ice pack or a cold wet wash cloth on my forhead and i sleep for about an hour like that and it seems to help it. but everyone is different, and get migraines for different reasons.
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
Gehrig Burnett Jr. - Måned siden
Women are incredible.
Amberlee Perfetto
Amberlee Perfetto - Måned siden
Are you sure it wasn't pus and not colostrum?
Rachael Layton
Rachael Layton - Måned siden
I could still squeeze milk out of my boobs for moooonths after I stopped breastfeeding. It was yellow and colostrum looking too. Don’t worry about it. ❤️
Ruby Lol
Ruby Lol - Måned siden
Emelia O'Brien
Emelia O'Brien - Måned siden
My migraines can be related to blood sugar, atmospheric pressure changes, lack of water, being around someone who smokes, hormones and menstrual cycle, stress....
Emelia O'Brien
Emelia O'Brien - Måned siden
I want to know why Chris went to High School but Coleen was homeschooled
The Nosey Picker
The Nosey Picker - Måned siden
I could still get milk out of my boobs for years after I stopped nursing 🤷🏼‍♀️
Megan C
Megan C - Måned siden
Hey Colleen! I have Migraines 3 times a week the only thing that helps me is Excedrine Extra strength. Excedrin Migraine helps but not as fast. I hope this helps. Much love!
Katelyn Morley
Katelyn Morley - Måned siden
I think zoella used patches for her face to help with migraines and it rly helps her x
Darby cross
Darby cross - Måned siden
For migraines I usually take Advil as soon as I feel one coming on, then i find it helps to take a wet cloth and lay down and put the cloth on my forehead. Also sit in the dark and try sleep it off if you have the time! And avoid loud noises!
Qwerty U
Qwerty U - Måned siden
She has my blanket! That I have had since birth.
Alexandra Carvalho
Alexandra Carvalho - Måned siden
Look up the migraine stick on amazon! It’s a peppermint essential oil roller stick that helps when I get migraines!! I also use aleve💕
The Gaming Bro’s
The Gaming Bro’s - Måned siden
Colleen I know how mindgrains feel I get mindgains 3 days a week and throw up a lot try tea sleep also there are some hypnoses vids that actually work! You will probably throw up and that’s when it goes away
Celeste Samuel
Celeste Samuel - Måned siden
How many pregnancy test has Collen taken this year ? 4 ? 5 ? i think one day she is going to be surprise when its positive .
Estelle Lauzon
Estelle Lauzon - Måned siden
If you're so terrified of getting pregnant, get a hysterectomy. Problem solved
Girlie 101
Girlie 101 - Måned siden
Zirtech causes cancer so don’t take it
Amanda Nicole
Amanda Nicole - Måned siden
Colleen, I get migraines too and one thing that works often for me for the really bad ones is drink some caffeine and a bunch of water and then lay down for a little nap. I usually wake up an hour later feeling muuuuuch better!
bubbleluver3000 - Måned siden
As a chronic migraine sufferer, whenever I get one, peppermint essential oil, i have it mixed with a carrier oil (I use apricot oil) and i mixed it in a little roller bottle i got on amazon, roll it onto the inside part of your wrists, the back of your neck, behind your ears, your temples the inside bend of your elbow and for extra measure i do behind my knees too, if its a bad migraine i'll also turn on my diffuser and put peppemint and chamomile in to blow into the room. I also got my daith pierced about 4 weeks ago, and it's helped tremendously. I havent had a serious like severe migraine since i got it. the occasional headache and like small migraine, but no where near as bad it they once were. Not sure if you'll see this, but to anyone else who has migraines, i hope this helps.
Persephone - Måned siden
I get migraines all the time, do not worry, I will tell you how to prevent, and get rid of migraines. First, to prevent them, make sure to drink a bunch of water, and to not look at a computer for a long amount of time, or you can even get blue blockers, which are glasses that block blue light emitted from a screen. Also make sure to get 8-10 hours of sleep each night. You can get rid of them by resting and drinking plenty of water. If you try resting, but you cannot fall asleep because it is that bad, then try taking some Advil, or ibuprofen, that is meant for sleeping. Another way you can stop them is using peppermint oil, putting them on your temples, and it might help your brain relax and the migraine might settle down. I hope this can help you with your migraines.
Debbie Chain
Debbie Chain - Måned siden
Why don't you just get pregnant your always taking the test. Weird
Anais Roach
Anais Roach - Måned siden
Also I have a friend has produced colostrum and she’s NEVER been pregnant or had children. It just happens 🤷🏼‍♀️
Anais Roach
Anais Roach - Måned siden
I still had small amounts of milk coming out up to about 6/7 months after stopping breast feeding, totally normal x
Izzy Christiansen
Izzy Christiansen - Måned siden
Chugging coffee helps migraines
Sarah GftWoodcraft
Sarah GftWoodcraft - Måned siden
my bday was on the day this was posted
Elle Cee Creates
Elle Cee Creates - Måned siden
I still produced a small amount of milk when I squeezed for a couple of years after my little weaned. I think it’s pretty normal
Emily Burch
Emily Burch - Måned siden
The only people that disliked this were people that were jealous
Sierra Boyke
Sierra Boyke - Måned siden
I take excedrin migraine and I usually lay down in a dark room or wear a sleep mask; cold room and then I usually doze off. And when I wake up it’s gone. I get them a lot since I got whiplash from a car accident a almost three years ago. I never got them before that. That’s what helps me.
Jamie Lees
Jamie Lees - Måned siden
30 year migraine sufferer here... the only thing that gets it gone (just discovered this last year) is Excedrin for Migraine taken with a full glass of water. This is the USA version. So if you move to Canada bring a boat load of that stuff with you cuz they don’t sell it here. It’s a miracle pill 💊!!
Melissa Sobey
Melissa Sobey - Måned siden
Migraine thing - consider seeing a doc about a possible heart condition. Not being an alarmist because I'm only sharing my experience, but I have a heart valve issue and my brain tries to help my heart by dilating my blood vessels to get the blood to flow better through the chambers, but it also causes me to have migraines like the one you had in this video. It starts with an aural disturbance where I literally can't see for about 30 min, then moves to a massive headache where I'm light, temp and motion sensitive. Often makes me nauseated. I can usually sleep for a while and it goes away enough to function.
brittruff - Måned siden
okay but showering in the dark hits extremely well for migraines when miss ibuprofen isn’t doin her job
Rebecca Foote
Rebecca Foote - Måned siden
My mom gets migraines all the time. I would suggest going into a really dark quiet room and if they continue my mom and brother have migraine medicine prescribed from their doctor specifically for them. You can also go to a Whole Foods and look for organic migraine medicine. Hope that helps !!
Faith Fischer
Faith Fischer - Måned siden
I’m 9 and I love this video And I watched the whole video
Jordan Woodley
Jordan Woodley - Måned siden
for migraines: use ice as soon as the headache comes on, SLEEP, tylenol extra strength really helps too
Michelle Cross
Michelle Cross - Måned siden
Use lavender I get at least two migraines a week and I use lavender essential oils
Rachel McCarter
Rachel McCarter - Måned siden
You should check out Jordan Page about productivity! Also I know this isn’t always an ability for mommas but I always take 20 min nap and it usually goes away. You should also take a look at the ingredients in your products and how they can effect your health. Love you!
Alyssa Briner
Alyssa Briner - Måned siden
ellooellooo - Måned siden
Excedrin for migraines is the only thing that relieves my migraines. Tylenol is like a sugar pill for me when they get really bad. Maybe it'd be more helpful?
ellooellooo - Måned siden
oh, and sinus strips are great for a bit of instant relief if the migraine is allergy-related! you can use both :)
Taylor Hig
Taylor Hig - Måned siden
I personally find taking Tylenol, then having a cup of coffee right after helps my headaches. I sit out in the fresh air too which I find helps!
Elsya Anya Adventures
Elsya Anya Adventures - Måned siden
Why did Maranda quit you tube!😩
Alexandra Parks
Alexandra Parks - Måned siden
did anyone else notice Gus when Flynn was eating a popsicle and talking at the same time?
Gracie Booker
Gracie Booker - Måned siden
My mom gets a lot of migraines an she always takes a nap and that usually helps.
Sabrina Husby
Sabrina Husby - Måned siden
Gusgus in the sink, lol
Molly Bennett
Molly Bennett - Måned siden
you need to eat more protein and get off your phone it not good to on it because of the blue light
Jordyn Council
Jordyn Council - Måned siden
2020 is weird 😨 and scary
Emily C
Emily C - Måned siden
I’ve been having migraines since I was like 8 and i it’s try and have a shower, sleep and have a a bag of ice on your head
Colleen, i think ur pregnant. .
mikeysrose - Måned siden
I used to get migraines ALL. THE TIME. in middle and high school and my first couple years of college. I had no golden cure for them all those years, so I basically took whatever headache medicine I had, plus of course resting in the darkness, and hoped for the best. These days the only thing that consistently works for me is Excedrin Migraine.
Daisy Sonnevijlle
Daisy Sonnevijlle - Måned siden
The thing you are talking about was happening to me when I was pregnant with my second son and I didn't know yet. I didn't have milk for over 6 months. And then there was milk suddenly. About one and a half week later I had a positive pregnancy test. Sorry my english is bad I'm Dutch
Queen Lilah
Queen Lilah - Måned siden
Vicks and a bandanna and some coffee is the cure to a headache
Haylie Ivey
Haylie Ivey - Måned siden
I usually take medicine, go in a dark room, put the fan on, and go to sleep. Also put a pillow over my face or a warm rag.
Haylie Ivey
Haylie Ivey - Måned siden
I feel u, I have migraines all the time and I have to go to the doctor and take medicine for them
Melissa Hall
Melissa Hall - Måned siden
Ugh yes! My baby is almost 4 and ever since I had him I get the worst migraines right before my period starts. Like crippling, can’t do anything, want to die.
Joelle Davis
Joelle Davis - Måned siden
you wanna be pregnant so bad, am i right or am i right? you do these pregnancy test videos every two weeks....
Veronica Middleton
Veronica Middleton - Måned siden
I’ve been here since right before Flynn was born and it has been magical to experience growing up with you and with Flynn. In the way that I’ve had the chance to mature with you and celebrate the milestones (Flynn!). It really is an awesome feeling. You guys feel like family and I haven’t had a very inclusive or big family for a long time. I also listen studiously to All Things Internet (when I have time) with you and Rachel and your mom and Flynn. it has amazed me to walk through life with y’all. Thank you so much for all the time I’ve had with y’all as family because I treasure it so, so deeply. I have so much love for all y’all.
Veronica Middleton
Veronica Middleton - Måned siden
Also, random thought train, are there programs to help women who produce an excess of colostrum and help give it to women who might benefit from some for their own babies?
Baba - Måned siden
My sisters, mum and I are experiencing a lot of headaches/migraines a lot lately especially when the weather is bad and I’ve noticed my sinuses are playing up too which doesn’t help the headaches/migraines I use a ice cold wet face cloth over my forehead and eyes (still haven’t found anything to help the nausea yet unfortunately because that’s what makes doing anything a huge task) and I use Sudafed blocked nose spray when I can’t breathe through my nose, seems to be the only thing that helps.
Brandylee Wagner
Brandylee Wagner - Måned siden
When I get migraines I take a couple excedrin tension headache (green label), sit in a hot shower, and then grab an ice pack and go lay in a dark room for a lil bit.. usually does the trick. Migraines DEFINITELY make me nauseous, oooh it’s so bad when you got a bad headache and you get sick 😣🤭 hope you feel better love💜
Lori Patterson
Lori Patterson - Måned siden
You should take a test first thing in the morning to make dure
Lori Patterson
Lori Patterson - Måned siden
Eloise Jackson
Eloise Jackson - Måned siden
I’ve been having TERRIBLE migraines recently too, and I’m pretty sure they’re allergy induced. And it’s so bad, but I completely have no clue how to make them go away
Jennifer Ciambriello
Jennifer Ciambriello - Måned siden
Makeup artis whatching her doing her makeup be like *ToT*
Christina Belmares
Christina Belmares - Måned siden
Post partum nursing staff: Hey Colleen I listen to you sitch w breast milk n I believe it might be mild mild mastitis. Maybe because unused milk was hanging out n your body was still feeding on the other side it got clogged n the thick liquid might be bacterial perhaps.
Ive treated pt w it and seen it, make sure your not experiencing pain or fevers. N if ur very curious go ahead n call you OB doc(:
Joanna Wilson
Joanna Wilson - Måned siden
Who wants a season three of haters back off cause I do!!
Ada Aguilar
Ada Aguilar - Måned siden
My son breastfed for 3 years😬 and even after a year I can sometimes feel breastmilk go down my boobs, soo wierd lol
Julia H.
Julia H. - Måned siden
Ibuprofen, coke, and a nap is like the only thing I can do to fix my migraines, although thankfully mine are never super bad.
Yesli Bliss
Yesli Bliss - Måned siden
Omg I have a different problem I stopped breastfeeding since she was 3months cuz my baby just wanted more & I wasn't producing enough anyways milk still comes out 😒😒
Jaisa Black
Jaisa Black - Måned siden
in your last pregnancy reveal video you said oh! i’m not pregnant! of course i’m not! but then...
Elizabeth Fuss
Elizabeth Fuss - Måned siden
I get migraines all the time. I went to a neurologist and he said ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil) is generally more effective than Tylenol, which is acetaminophen
408 - Måned siden
Cannabis or CBD help alooot for migraines, in my opinion.
Allison Glithero
Allison Glithero - Måned siden
Ok so I know she’s more experienced then me, but sometimes like a week or few days before you get your period you can feel horrible.
Eoghan Mullan
Eoghan Mullan - Måned siden
Anyone notice usually when colleen really laughs at something she throws her head back? And now flynn does the same thing, its so cute🥺
Kylie Sammons
Kylie Sammons - Måned siden
I live in Ohio and kids are in school. I don't think that is safe.
Camryn Murakami
Camryn Murakami - Måned siden
She could have COVID.
Courtney W
Courtney W - Måned siden
If ur not feeling right then go to the hospital
Brandon & Cheyenne
Brandon & Cheyenne - Måned siden
You should never feel like you have to explain why you're taking a pregnancy test, even if you think that you for sure aren't pregnant. I recently found out I was pregnant by testing when I felt symptoms but thought for sure I wasn't pregnant. Sadly i'm currently going through a miscarriage and it's been really rough on me. 💔😔 But if you feel like you're having symptoms, you should take a test just to be safe.
Maddison Hadfield
Maddison Hadfield - Måned siden
I’m a BF’ing mum, and I read somewhere that once you stop breastfeeding it can take upto a year for your body to completely stop making milk, so that could explain what happened to you 😊😆
Love you vlogs 💕💕💕