I'm sad.

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Runtime: 10:27


Ali Died
Ali Died - Dag siden
Hi Colleen why your you sad what happened tell us
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - 2 dager siden
Wow. Your sister Rachel is so pretty (like you). I can't believe we've never seen her before @_@ (I'm totally kidding. Love Rachel. I miss her "Know what pisses me off" segments. xD)
Bri San
Bri San - 2 dager siden
I despised Trump until the beginning of the year. He has the right idea about this fabricated pandemic and doesn't trust the corrupt WHO. The democratic candidates will slowly turn this country into Wuhan China. I stand behind everything you said, and Trump is a poor choice, but given the times, Biden is worse.
Ismail Moufid
Ismail Moufid - 3 dager siden
yeaaah im tooooo
My loaf of bread Scalia
My loaf of bread Scalia - 4 dager siden
Biden also said that he rigged votes
Vanjolka - 5 dager siden
Colleen for presedent!!!
Ruby Gruber
Ruby Gruber - 8 dager siden
watching this after biden won :)
Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis - 8 dager siden
Decided to engage in a few political conversations in these comments. I'm neither Democrat or Republican, but I will say that I feel that there is no conversation to be had with a great majority of the right because they are so far gone and brainwashed by what Trump and the republican party has said. I especially feel bad for those who believe voting red will stop abortions, when in fact, access to healthcare and comprehensive sex education (not abstinence) and funding places like Planned Parenthood reduces the amount of abortions. Also the fact that the amount of white women that voted for Trump increased makes me so embarrassed.
Jackie Barker
Jackie Barker - 9 dager siden
I couldn’t care less who is president. I don’t care what people say either, it’s what they actually do. It’s Congress that needs attention. They need term limits! On a random note, Trump was involved last year in an international group that has been trying to decriminalize being gay. I happened to see the article while looking for something else.
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 10 dager siden
Don’t you block people who disagree with you though?
Nicollette Dono
Nicollette Dono - 10 dager siden
trump has done more for the LGBTQ+ community than any other president.
Maya Paloma
Maya Paloma - 10 dager siden
lmaooooooo sure jan
Elle King
Elle King - 11 dager siden
It’s the future. You think you’re sad now , just wait.
I completely agree. I cannot believe this man has taken this country hostage.
Chloe Conder
Chloe Conder - 11 dager siden
One of my teachers has a story where she and her daughter were out buying a car. They were standing they waiting, the place they were at Wass not busy at all. Usually the person will come up to you, but because they were girls nobody came up to them. The next her husband went with them, and almost as soon as they stepped foot in the building!
gizochu - 11 dager siden
I think that all voices should be heard if you vote for biden or trump. we should respect everyone no matter what. we're humans and we have opinions but just because you have an opinion doesnt mean we cant respect each other. i have a different opinion than colleen, but i respect colleens opinion and you should too.
Makenzie Criswell
Makenzie Criswell - 12 dager siden
This video aged well 💙💙
Lifeofamna Khan
Lifeofamna Khan - 12 dager siden
I love Colleen 🥺
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
Gehrig Burnett Jr. - 12 dager siden
There’s no excuse for being a Trump supporter. NONE. I’m sick
Nour Al Ashhab
Nour Al Ashhab - 13 dager siden
I respect Colleen so much because of this. She cares about the world so much and respects everyone. Colleen respects everyone’s opinion and shares hers in the kindest way ever
I have been watching Miranda since I was 7 I think then started watching Colleen too and I’m so happy I started to watch this Queen.
I love you so much Colleen ❤️❤️🦋🦋🥺🥺
Mary Webb
Mary Webb - 13 dager siden
I am a trump supporter I am a Christian I think abortion is murder I understand why you are upset about and women's body but 50%of those woman are inside the womb also I am Christian I stand for the flag and keel to the cross
Natalie Lape
Natalie Lape - 14 dager siden
Joe biden is a women sniffer
Pelagiussss - 14 dager siden
You are vlogging and it's definitely boring so pretty sad people have to watch this to live through someone else vicariously
Lana Kruger
Lana Kruger - 14 dager siden
Colleen ilysm these vids are so great... I'm a bit late on This video but I wanted to let you know that powdered sugar is actually icing sugar just a different name for it that other countries use :)
Abby Reaume
Abby Reaume - 14 dager siden
Colleen for president 2024
Mark Herrera
Mark Herrera - 15 dager siden
Your descriptions of President Trump demonstrate who you rely on for information. If he was who you describe him to be, I wouldn't like him either. But he is not. I believe he is a very personable guy who loves America. He's not a bully, he's a counter puncher. This means if you punch him, he will punch you back (metaphorically speaking). Right or wrong it's how he's wired. Half of us in America believe this is necessary given the extremely nasty American culture of politics we live in. The elite career politicians of both the Republican and Democratic Parties have created this political fighter. As a Mexican American I support him.
Elliott Higgins
Elliott Higgins - 15 dager siden
I like how she says she’s scared for this country because I would be to if Biden gets in office
My loaf of bread Scalia
My loaf of bread Scalia - 4 dager siden
Elliott Higgins
Elliott Higgins - 15 dager siden
TRUMP 2020
Elliott Higgins
Elliott Higgins - 15 dager siden
What a idiot
Elliott Higgins
Elliott Higgins - 3 dager siden
I was never subscribed
My loaf of bread Scalia
My loaf of bread Scalia - 4 dager siden
This made me un subscribe
RaniaB88n88 - 15 dager siden
I have watched most of your vlogs over the last several months. I saw one where there were Trump supporters creating a lot of noise on your neighborhood or around your neighborhood. You were complaining about it which I totally get. Especially with sleeping children, etc.
I just wanted to know (and this is a question not an attack or an assumption):
Did you comment about any of the craziness that occurred involving destruction, looting and violence after the George Floyd death and the situations that happened around Portland?
I’m not talking about the peaceful protests.
Eileen Reilly
Eileen Reilly - 15 dager siden
Girl luv u and those treats look 😲😲😲😲😮😮
Wren Covendecker
Wren Covendecker - 16 dager siden
Biden won!!
Wren Covendecker
Wren Covendecker - 16 dager siden
Freckles - 16 dager siden
Amen 🙏 god bless you Colleen your word are inspiring
Nayleen Duchesne
Nayleen Duchesne - 16 dager siden
I wish I had as much support as her she’s beautiful and funny and every word
Katrina Phan
Katrina Phan - 16 dager siden
Dang today is my bday and I didn’t even get an actual cake I’m still grateful too.
Sarah Haughn
Sarah Haughn - 16 dager siden
I’ve been feeling really bad lately. This made me at least feel less alone ❤️
Chloe Kennedy
Chloe Kennedy - 16 dager siden
I live in the UK and I was watching the US polls come in because it was really exciting. I knew it would be Biden so I wasn’t worried about Trump winning. I knew everything would be okay and it is!
Lydia Olwell
Lydia Olwell - 16 dager siden
Kass Hernandez
Kass Hernandez - 16 dager siden
I'm with you, Colleen. It's so hard to be a patriot anymore with the leadership we've had the last 4 years. I cannot fathom how half of the country supported him. :(
But now, I have hope. The baseless lies about the president-elect that the supporters of Trump spout just because they can't stand losing? Ridiculous.
Im Just Doug
Im Just Doug - 17 dager siden
People vote because some of the stuff that bothers you might not be such a big idea in there eyes. Maybe they haven’t lived through it or have to deal with it on a day to day basis.
Amber 374
Amber 374 - 17 dager siden
You are so against Trump, are you saying that Joe biden is a Saint? 🤦‍♀️ look up all the videos on YouTube of Joe biden inappropriately touching woman and children!!! They got rid of one sick man and replaced him with a new one. I guess thats America for you 🤷‍♀️
Sylvie F
Sylvie F - 17 dager siden
You have to understand we are not all built the same. For some people the issues that you think are important for you may not be as important for someone else. For example the lies, ok but for me I don't care because at the end of the day the president put more money in my pocket by me paying less taxes on my paycheck and for me that is more important and I could elaborate on many other thing that I prioritize. Some people voted on the person character and I can understand that but personally for me it is not important, job, less taxes, better opportunity for everybody including minority, he did a lot for minority, what he doesn't want is illegal immigrant and I don't want that neither because I am an immigrant who did everything needed to do to come in the country legally. Coming illegally shows that you can break the law and it is not good. Anyhow at the end of the day everybody is entitled to think and believe what they want and it is the beauty of Liberty.
Michele M
Michele M - 17 dager siden
Colleen a lot of us feel the same way, and more! We voted him out. He should never have been in office.
Tabatha Rodriguez
Tabatha Rodriguez - 17 dager siden
Karsyn L
Karsyn L - 17 dager siden
I would give anything to have a conversation with her about this. She is so respectful of others opinions!
Karsyn L
Karsyn L - 17 dager siden
I might not agree with anything she says but I have never met anyone like her who wants to have an actual conversation. And for that she has earned so much respect.
K&A MUSIC - 17 dager siden
I agree with you because everyone should have the same rights and no one should be discriminated and I am here after the election and honestly for your sake Colleen I am so happy that Biden won because I burst out in tears when you started talking about how you want Flynn to have the same rights as you 😭💕
Emma DuBois
Emma DuBois - 17 dager siden
Omg I luv u Colleen and u say whatever u think ❤️🥰
GIANNA ACEVEDO - 17 dager siden
Biden wonnnnnnn
Rach inAz
Rach inAz - 17 dager siden
I am glad that Biden won, but I will admit I had to vote for Trump even though I don't like him because voting for Biden was a vote to shut down my husband's small business which is our main source of income. Biden's new green deal, raised taxes, and raised minimum wage, will force him to lose to his small diesel performance and repair shop. It is what it is, adapt or die, I get it. We will figure it out, but that's just one perspective of someone who doesn't like Trump but had to vote for him because Biden's economic plans are scary. I am hopeful he was honest in his speech when he said he will try to find solutions that work for both parties. I hope he proves all the people who are afraid of his policies wrong and we never have to elect someone as messed up as Donald Trump ever again.
Carter rose
Carter rose - 18 dager siden
Carter rose
Carter rose - 17 dager siden
@Josephine Lane um no honey I'm not ten I were ten a long time ago and also did you stalk my channel
Josephine Lane
Josephine Lane - 17 dager siden
why would you say that? your literally like 10 😭💀😂
Izzie Jaronik
Izzie Jaronik - 18 dager siden
preach hunny preach. Colleen you have all my respect ✊🏽. For real tho. You are the bomb 💣. Love you soooo much Colleen you are the best. ❤️ all my love to you gurl
Ruby Lynn
Ruby Lynn - 18 dager siden
Hey Colleen! When you have time do some research on what Biden has done. Yea trump has a bad mouth but Biden actually went through with it.
Stephanie Henry
Stephanie Henry - 18 dager siden
Stop complaining about your perfect life
Stephanie Henry
Stephanie Henry - 3 dager siden
@My loaf of bread Scalia np
My loaf of bread Scalia
My loaf of bread Scalia - 3 dager siden
Yes thank u
Julia Brown
Julia Brown - 18 dager siden
People that like trump are people that only think about themselves, but people that are liberals care about OTHER people. People say they vote for Trump because he "helps the economy" which is not true, but even if he were to help the economy I just don't understand how that outweighs all of the horrible things he says and believes and does. I am with you colleen. I don't get how anyone can support him.
SusanScrapPassion - 18 dager siden
I have always believed in giving a person a chance to prove themselves. The president is far from perfect. He did some good things for this country. But, I am a nurse, and his handling of the Coronavirus has been tragic. Biden’s ability to serve is questionable being in politics for so many years. It is a choice of the lesser of two evils. I wish there was a third option because I do not feel hopeful with either of them.
ava barretto
ava barretto - 18 dager siden
I love u Colleen
Jilliann Johnson
Jilliann Johnson - 18 dager siden
Why does it upset you to see people support trump when Biden literally supports abortion like that is so sad
My loaf of bread Scalia
My loaf of bread Scalia - 3 dager siden
Yes abortion is murder
Ava Harris
Ava Harris - 18 dager siden
Don’t be sad Colleen we love you just ignore the haters and pretend they are not even there I love you and you are doing an amazing job raising your son Flynn so just be happy and do r be sad we LOVE you and also tell Miranda she needs to ease up on the sass
Ava Harris
Ava Harris - 18 dager siden
Don’t be sad sorry I did a few typos
Crystal Phillips
Crystal Phillips - 18 dager siden
Here's what I don't understand your here almost crying not understanding why people are voting for Trump because of him saying things about women but here you are wanting to vote for a man who likes to sniff and touch children you know me being a victim of Bad Touch I would really like for you to explain why in the hell you want to vote for this man and not Trump sure Trump has done a lot of things I don't think either of them should become president but the fact that you want to vote for a man who likes to sniff and touch children and you being a mom yourself that's kind of messed up
Jennifer Tilling
Jennifer Tilling - 18 dager siden
As a non American I cannot understand how your politics work. I may be wrong to think what I do but I am glad that you will have a new government.
grace erin
grace erin - 18 dager siden
You know Obama and slow joe think marriage should be between a women and a man
Micaela Johnson
Micaela Johnson - 18 dager siden
You did and said everything right. You’re amazing
Micaela Johnson
Micaela Johnson - 18 dager siden
I agree with you. I love you so much.
alina jakobson
alina jakobson - 18 dager siden
you said this perfectly colleen❤️
peyton crawford
peyton crawford - 18 dager siden
relax you got the president you wanted
grace erin
grace erin - 19 dager siden
What about the things Slow Joe said?
Yoeli Valdez
Yoeli Valdez - 19 dager siden
I feel the same way..
kdkpt - 19 dager siden
Trump was DEFEATED!!!
shaygymnast123 - 19 dager siden
I don’t think anyone who’s young is still supporting trump.. I think the new generation to come isn’t racist or homophobic. Change is coming! I’m not American, I live in israel.. of course trump is good for my country but I don’t believe he’s good for the Americans
G M - 19 dager siden
We'll, here's the thing, you will excuse everyone else for making mistakes, saying things that are inappropriate or hurtful, lying,.. you admit everyone does that, and yet, just like all the other Democrats, you cannot see your way to excuse Trump nor forgive him. This is what Trump supporters don't understand about the other half of the country. Are you expecting him to be super-human or a saint? You just said Biden even has done and said disgusting things, but you will excuse him over and over again! Why not Trump? You say you want to have the conversation with a Trump supporter. So have it! Come out of your tiny liberal universe and make friends with some Trump supporters (I assume you have not included Trump supporters in your circle because otherwise your questions would be answered by now). You need to sit down with an actual person with different view points, standards, and ideals than your own to ever be able to understand! That's what being open-minded really means! You have not reached out enough, despite your frequent claims of accepting everyone. You have not truly been inclusive (a thing liberals preach and aspire to) until you actually hear the other side in person, not just over your phone or TV. You, of all people, should know how different it can be from screen to real life! Things are not always what they seem.
You can say all you want about rights and inequality and feel sorry for yourself that we have it so bad as women. Generally, we don't. I have never felt unequal to a man in all of my 35 years, but maybe that's because I have always been treated with the utmost respect and care by the men in my life. Okay, maybe in truth there are laws over our bodies. Whether there are or not, I have never personally felt the effects of them. I have not been limited. I will not be a victim. I don't have time to be crying and feeling sorry for myself all day!
Finally, as you would encourage others to find the good in people (everyone has some), take on the challenge of looking for the good in President Trump. You might just find something.
Karen Davidson
Karen Davidson - 18 dager siden
Agree with you.
Elisa Murillo
Elisa Murillo - 19 dager siden
I love you and feel the exact same way. Thank you for being an amazing ally to SOO many, including this Pansexual, ADHD having, Latina ✊🏽💜
Lillian Black
Lillian Black - 19 dager siden
You make me embarrassed that I'm a girl.
Raven Higgins
Raven Higgins - 19 dager siden
Anyone else see that title and think "same"? I did.
Matt Hang
Matt Hang - 19 dager siden
Shut up
Ultimate Vixxen
Ultimate Vixxen - 19 dager siden
I share the same frustrations for the same reasons. Watching from the UK has been emotional. This household has been scared for so many people the last 4 years.
Seeing how happy people are right now has had me in tears. Knowing people I care about are safer makes my heart swell
Lucy Fur
Lucy Fur - 19 dager siden
Trump lost. LOL!
Bilily L.
Bilily L. - 19 dager siden
preach queen
Katie a
Katie a - 19 dager siden
Good day 🙌🙌🙌🙌❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
ballerina59 fass
ballerina59 fass - 19 dager siden
You are an absolute angellll
Lini Lin
Lini Lin - 19 dager siden
Omg Colleen I was wachting the news and saw Biden winning!!!! I was thinking about you and this Video immidiatly. I dont live in the USA but I think this is a big moment and i can only imagine how happy you all must be.
Macy Gottschalk
Macy Gottschalk - 19 dager siden
You go girl
Macy Gottschalk
Macy Gottschalk - 19 dager siden
I have been a subscribed to you for 5 years I love your opinion I might agree with someone elas I love that you share your opinion.
Karen Fisher
Karen Fisher - 19 dager siden
she just lost a sub
V STAN - 19 dager siden
tell me why you unsubscribed she is saying her opinion and BIDEN won there for why unsubscribe
Brooklyn Kirsch
Brooklyn Kirsch - 19 dager siden
Honestly I dont believe either options are good as presidential candidates. I mean I am all for womens rights obviously. I believe all races matter. I support the LGBT community. However I am a hunter and what I have heard is Biden is against gun rights and the 2and amendment. I dont want to loose my gun rights...
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 19 dager siden
Can we just take a moment to appreciate how amazing Colleen is!
Erica Pearce
Erica Pearce - 19 dager siden
You should do colleens corner!!?💜 pls
Rafaela Gameiro
Rafaela Gameiro - 19 dager siden
You cannot have an educated, respectable mature conversation with a trump supporter...or with most of them at least
headass steph
headass steph - 19 dager siden
thank god Biden won phew we’re getting the orange man out of office!
Jovi Navarro
Jovi Navarro - 19 dager siden
she's literally saying
i'm democrat
i voted for biden
BlazinBritBrat - 17 dager siden
She is a democrat. However, it is so much deeper than that.
Ebony lilly
Ebony lilly - 17 dager siden
What she was saying really went over Ur head huh
Lizzy N
Lizzy N - 18 dager siden
but she respects ither ppl
Anais Antich
Anais Antich - 19 dager siden
I know but everything is okay now, BIDEN won
My loaf of bread Scalia
My loaf of bread Scalia - 3 dager siden
Nope I live in the d.c area and it’s scary Biden supporters dragged the American flag and honking their horns
Riley McFadden
Riley McFadden - 19 dager siden
Biden won and I don’t know why
Rachel Andrawes
Rachel Andrawes - 19 dager siden
Hey Colleen! I totally understand how you feel but there are bad things about trump and Biden! Biden has said that poor kids are just as smart as WHITE kids.. what about black kids that’s not right either and yes trump has bad words but his actions are NOT as bad as for example Biden, I love everyone sharing there opinions so we can be a community filled with support so I support you!
Cassandra Mendes
Cassandra Mendes - 20 dager siden
“I’m back, I peed, I’m much better.”
-Colleen Ballinger 2020
Shweta Mehta
Shweta Mehta - 20 dager siden
Why is everyone so amused with powdered sugar? I thought it was obvious 😂😂
Bernd Mehrtens
Bernd Mehrtens - 20 dager siden
CNN just projects Joe Biden as elected 46th POTUS.
puppyMonkeybaby_Hi - 20 dager siden
Riley McFadden
Riley McFadden - 20 dager siden
Are you doing your cancer fundraiser this year?
Taylor Chandler
Taylor Chandler - 20 dager siden
I’m sad too Colleen.
Robbie Sharp
Robbie Sharp - 20 dager siden
If you really researched on the history of Joe Biden, you would NEVER vote for him.
Khloe Wall
Khloe Wall - 20 dager siden
me *unsubscribed* no no no no no no no no no
puppyMonkeybaby_Hi - 16 dager siden
@Khloe Wall stay mad 😌
puppyMonkeybaby_Hi - 16 dager siden
@Khloe Wall you didn’t need to, I got you 😌
Khloe Wall
Khloe Wall - 16 dager siden
@puppyMonkeybaby_Hi did I ask
puppyMonkeybaby_Hi - 20 dager siden
Antonina Petkovic
Antonina Petkovic - 20 dager siden
Your new president want to destroy our country
Antonina Petkovic
Antonina Petkovic - 20 dager siden