I'm So Stressed :(

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Runtime: 09:21


Charlotte Worth
Charlotte Worth - 13 dager siden
How many ounces are in your big cup there
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 15 dager siden
If you’re feeling stressed, put a banana in a bulldozer.
girl with the voice of ariana grande
My cousin literally has that exact same garbage truck
Those yucky bananas make the yummiest milkshakes though, try it, I promise you won't regret it. Take 2 very ripe bananas peeled, and broken into chunks, put into a mixer with 1 pint of vanilla ice cream, 4tblsps of chocolate syrup, 1 cup of milk, and 1tblsp of sugar. Mix in the mixer for about a minute, serve and drink, you're welcome mommy🥰👨‍👩‍👧‍👧🇺🇸🇯🇵🗾🌏🗻🙌😁😁😁💖‼️
Adriana’s World-life
Adriana’s World-life - Måned siden
Colleen: “Is this wine?! 😳Oh that’s a grape.”😅
Adriana’s World-life
Adriana’s World-life - Måned siden
I remember when me and my little brother had a garbage truck like that when we were little. We used to ride on it and sit on it and go down the hall. Like it was like a scooter or skateboard but instead of standing we sat on it.😂😆
Madelyn Herteen
Madelyn Herteen - Måned siden
That zoom in at the end! I CAN’T
Madelyn Herteen
Madelyn Herteen - Måned siden
The bottom of her brows is so satisfying to look at
anyone else agree?
just me?
Eve Christensen
Eve Christensen - Måned siden
Am I the only one who constantly has whatever song she’s playing at the end in my head all the time? Like when it was the jazzy one that’d be in my head all the time and now it’s the becoming Colleen one
Amina Selma
Amina Selma - Måned siden
try growing out your eyebrows during quarantine
Salma Pachicano
Salma Pachicano - Måned siden
Thumbs down for supporting James stolen design
Kayla and Shelly
Kayla and Shelly - Måned siden
Go to Disney
peyton prest
peyton prest - Måned siden
i ghast know that you eat them
green tea
green tea - Måned siden
If you're a headache or migraine sufferer, olives can make it worse. They can literally bring on headaches and migraines.
Lucas Lopez
Lucas Lopez - Måned siden
Katrina Phan
Katrina Phan - Måned siden
What it says this was posted 7 mins ago but I already watch dis...
Richard Hirviniemi
Richard Hirviniemi - Måned siden
You are?
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - Måned siden
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - Måned siden
Lmao why is something id say about the olives
Raeflower - Måned siden
I'm calling it right now Flynn is going to have perfect pitch
Hunter Hood
Hunter Hood - Måned siden
Go to Georgia
EowM YGbugb
EowM YGbugb - 2 måneder siden
I fucking love her vlogs
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - 2 måneder siden
I'm sorry, but I can't help ya
LunarStar Eclipse
LunarStar Eclipse - 2 måneder siden
Most amazing part of the intro
“Flynn I’m stressed”
Tim Howarth
Tim Howarth - 2 måneder siden
That Banana is fine
Mimi Cakes
Mimi Cakes - 2 måneder siden
you are great dont break down, as well, you pick the olives and pickle them, basically you put them in jars and you put iodized salt aswell in a jar with vinegar, and you wait at least 6 month for it to pickle... yw
Sonika Arya
Sonika Arya - 2 måneder siden
Please try indian food someday
Sarah R
Sarah R - 2 måneder siden
Lauren Alexandra
Lauren Alexandra - 2 måneder siden
Lmao I’m allergic to olive trees so I wouldn’t know 🤣🤣 but yet I can eat olives lmao I just can’t be near the tree or I’d probably die 🤣🤣🤣
BluesChanteuse - 2 måneder siden
yanna engleton
yanna engleton - 2 måneder siden
Olives..hmmmm 7 yeah that what I know 7
J Benedict
J Benedict - 2 måneder siden
Colleen can you and Rosanna do an opera song?
Joseph Seo
Joseph Seo - 2 måneder siden
I’m still a little disgusted with the people who told Eric Colleen’s surprise birthday present. I meannnnn, if it’s a surprise, she doesn’t want Eric to know right? It’s common sense y’all 😂.
Patricia Ramirez
Patricia Ramirez - 2 måneder siden
Colleen:”oh is this whine”
Colleen:”wait that’s a grape
Talia Musicer
Talia Musicer - 2 måneder siden
How is Flynn literally so cute!?
Melissa Florencé
Melissa Florencé - 2 måneder siden
Thats a great *GRAPE*
Helen G
Helen G - 2 måneder siden
Unsolicited advice: but being tired makes anxiety so much worse. I would really prioritize trying to get a night time routine so you can try to go to bed at 11. I know that sounds ridiculous but if you look up the connection between being sleep deprived and anxiety, it makes a huge impact! I know mine is always so much worse when I have an exhausting week and then it gets worse and worse. Just wanted to give you some food for thought
Abby Hawkins
Abby Hawkins - 2 måneder siden
day 42 of me commenting on colleens vlogs in till she notices me
Janel Gomes
Janel Gomes - 2 måneder siden
Emmyradrad - 2 måneder siden
Hey :) generally with olives you put them/get them in brine. You can also add garlic which are so nice. Good luck, the spots do look suspicious though. I'm assuming bugs did that but I am no expert, just love olives.
headass steph
headass steph - 2 måneder siden
wow Flynn wakes up pretty early. which means Colleen doesn’t get a lot of sleep :/
Jasmine - 2 måneder siden
1:19 to 1:21 was so funny to me 😂
LauraDora - 2 måneder siden
Oops; looks like James sent you a Teddy Fresh hoodie by mistake! 😂😂
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - 2 måneder siden
Flynn was singing! We’ve been waiting for him to show off his talent! With Erik and Colleen as your parents, how can you not be the most talented person ever!😁
Sophia_Noodles 8
Sophia_Noodles 8 - 2 måneder siden
The only thing I know about olives is that they’re yummy.
Elisabeth Andreassen
Elisabeth Andreassen - 2 måneder siden
Everything I know about olives:
1. I don't like them
2. That's it
Rim Deeb
Rim Deeb - 2 måneder siden
Dont you have to like marinate them?
Thomas M
Thomas M - 2 måneder siden
Ok ok Colleen the green olives are needed to be soaked in a Brine salt solution for about 4 weeks with you changing the water and re brining every week until the olives are tender but firm then jar them up with olive oil and whatever you desire them to be! Now the Black olives need to be dried in a oven on a very low temp for about a week until they shrivaled up with salt the salt dries the olives then they are Jared up with olive oil oregano hot pepper garlic powder remember this you need an a italian to do this correctly💘💋😇🐿🐿🐿
Charlie Coyle
Charlie Coyle - 2 måneder siden
This is a fact about olives .... THEY ARE DISGUSTING :)
Indigo Ravi
Indigo Ravi - 2 måneder siden
You pick them when they are green and if you want you can pip it and stuff. We have 200 ovile trees and my nonna tells me tips!
Grace Shaffer
Grace Shaffer - 2 måneder siden
Ness Blister
Ness Blister - 2 måneder siden
Everyone who is talking about "James stealing someone's merch idea"......
*Okay, Relax*
Ellie Hoenes
Ellie Hoenes - 2 måneder siden
I think Flynn is right if you are stressed put a banana in a bulldozer
Josaphah - 2 måneder siden
RVing? Yeah!
Molly B
Molly B - 2 måneder siden
Ohhhh it legitimately hurts me inside to hear Colleen normally falls asleep around 3am and wakes up at 5:30😭 the feeling of being so tired in the morning when I get 8-9hours of sleep, I feel like crying. I can just feel the physical pain of Less than 3 hours of sleep!! Ugh I hope Colleen figures out a healthier sleeping routine.
Mélissa Voyage
Mélissa Voyage - 2 måneder siden
Why do I think that olive wine would be good? I'm I ok?
Maggie Lee
Maggie Lee - 2 måneder siden
Happyyy birthday Erik I wish you and colleen and flyn the better than the best I don't see Erik a lot in the blogs but what I know is he seems like a cool guy and a great sense if humor
Oscar Lee
Oscar Lee - 2 måneder siden
Happy birthday Eric
Talia Roybal
Talia Roybal - 2 måneder siden
you should go to cochite
valerie aranguren
valerie aranguren - 2 måneder siden
Me talking to the wall : Flynn i'm stressed
Also me : I need my own Flynn in MY life
sdelp07 - 2 måneder siden
Love Colleen but CRINGED SO HARD when she showed that stolen hoodie design. Gotta show love for the H3 and Teddy Fresh💕 #hilakleiners
Melak Ottallah
Melak Ottallah - 2 måneder siden
The spots on the olives are totally normal andddd 1) in order to get the olives you normally eat you need to pickle them. 2) the “gunk” you found is actually an indicator that you could press your olives and make olive oil! 3) you could use the branches of your olive tree and make soappppp :)
Hope this was helpful
Ameerah Muhammad
Ameerah Muhammad - 2 måneder siden
Jessica Simpson: Is this tuna or is this chicken?
Colleen Ballinger: Is this wine?
ZOE EH. - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is literally growing so fast, like how is he a freaking tolder already
Olivia Whaley
Olivia Whaley - 2 måneder siden
Erik saying “I just told you 8 times not to eat that” sent me 😂 dad mode for sure.
Secret Admirer
Secret Admirer - 2 måneder siden
LOL 😂 you should not eat olives straight from the tree... you should bottle it in salty water for months so it gets riped
nasreen Khan
nasreen Khan - 2 måneder siden
i think when they are green please dont die
Autumn Casebeer
Autumn Casebeer - 2 måneder siden
Me and Erik almost have the same birthday his is the 24th and mine is the 25th 😂
Hannah Soule
Hannah Soule - 2 måneder siden
Mels F
Mels F - 2 måneder siden
Happy birthday. Are they black olives
abigail wilson-law
abigail wilson-law - 2 måneder siden
Fox38 Asmr
Fox38 Asmr - 2 måneder siden
country kids
country kids - 2 måneder siden
Your husband has the same birthday as me
alejandra gonzalez
alejandra gonzalez - 2 måneder siden
the spots ear good
alejandra gonzalez
alejandra gonzalez - 2 måneder siden
Sarah Mah
Sarah Mah - 2 måneder siden
Hey colleen, this is hpw we preserve olives: https://youtu.be/ZaY6Pmq8awI
We also have a farm full of olive trees back home and we do this every olive season and preserve them for a year
Triple Trouble
Triple Trouble - 2 måneder siden
colleen every vid u eat like that like in that tik tok lmao
Ariana Beet
Ariana Beet - 2 måneder siden
Happy birthday Eric!
ocularnervosa - 2 måneder siden
"Do you see people eating things off trees?" Umm...like apples and oranges and lemons and limes and.....
Isobel Bennett
Isobel Bennett - 2 måneder siden
When she said BUGS i literally saw a moth starring right at meeeeee 🙊🙈🙊🙈🙉🙈🙊🤢🤢🤢🤢🤢
Amber Parker
Amber Parker - 2 måneder siden
After colleen lickes the "olive".
Erik " WHY, WHY, WHY, WHY?! I literally told you not to like 8 times!"
Vera theBanana
Vera theBanana - 2 måneder siden
Yo I had couscous and veggies for dinner last night, for the first time in like 3 years 😳
Ksalh Geiger
Ksalh Geiger - 2 måneder siden
I have the same birthday to!!! September 24!!!!!
Cherie Robidoux
Cherie Robidoux - 2 måneder siden
Why does she say her name wrong in the song at the end...? Because everyone else does?
Clara Crow
Clara Crow - 2 måneder siden
She needs a pick and peal stone bc she picks her skin
mia mikel
mia mikel - 2 måneder siden
Finn singing honestly made day💖🥺
TIA's & LILA's SHOW - 2 måneder siden
You can it it if thry are black and green
Steve steve
Steve steve - 2 måneder siden
Idea... a video with you or miranda with Mr. Matt! Unbeknownst to Rachel....like miranda try’s to steal matt from rachel. Then rachel can do a reaction video. Epicness! I know matt is shy but you can convince him 👍🥑
I hope everyone has had a great day!
Who else can relate to the tik ton in the beginning?!
Btw I’m not asking for likes just for ppl to comment
aiden moore
aiden moore - 2 måneder siden
happy bday erik
Mia - 2 måneder siden
the vegetable and couscous is reaaaaaally good if u add a jogurt sauce with a little salt and garlic!!!
Varnika Upadhyaya
Varnika Upadhyaya - 2 måneder siden
colleen no offence but it doesnt seem like you make thumbnails
or i dont think thats a good title like im stressed ?
think more colleen you got this
Bella is a Singing Potato
Bella is a Singing Potato - 2 måneder siden
This is adorable cuz my little sister used to call it bargage
Izzi Aguilar
Izzi Aguilar - 2 måneder siden
Colleen if you really like sisters apparel you should look into teddy fresh LMAO
Sara Sanburg
Sara Sanburg - 2 måneder siden
If you reeled stressed colleen try this game called antistress
Aiden Lazu-Rodriguez
Aiden Lazu-Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
happy b-day Eric
Lindsay Christian
Lindsay Christian - 2 måneder siden
She called the olives poison, after she just drank a Coke 🤣🤣🤣
Caroline travers
Caroline travers - 2 måneder siden
Flynn’s yupps gives me so much joy
Claudia Cabrera
Claudia Cabrera - 2 måneder siden
Ok I've been spending too much time with Flynn I totally understood what he said in this video 😂😂😂
Ashley Gaming
Ashley Gaming - 2 måneder siden
got jesus in this house