I Pooped In My Kid's Diaper (I Wish This was Clickbait.)

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Freak factory Studio's
Freak factory Studio's - 21 time siden
You like like miranda sings your like her mini me
Cathy Delgado
Cathy Delgado - 7 dager siden
Can I have a link to the printer? Pleaseee!
Cristle Jarvis
Cristle Jarvis - 7 dager siden
I'm just saying I have to go to the bathroom once and I was in public and I must murder someone or I guess one murdered the whole freaking Mall cuz it smells so bad cuz it smells so bad
Soccer Girl 9698
Soccer Girl 9698 - 9 dager siden
Well from the future Biden won yay
Rosa Perez
Rosa Perez - 10 dager siden
11:21 eric starts walking to the music!
Lee Taylor
Lee Taylor - 11 dager siden
Are you maranda
Brielle Farris
Brielle Farris - 12 dager siden
Ok STORY TIME FOR ME 0_0. So ounce I was on a plain and I HATED I mean I HATED those dang plane toilets and I said I ain't using it no matter how much water I drink so my mom said "Then wear a diaper" And i said "NO?!?" and she said "I'll just change u every time that easy" I said "Fine" Then I rolled my eyes and then a few hours onto the plane (We were on for 5 hours sooo...) I pooped and my mom was SLEEPING and said if u make a accident ask the flight attendent and I didn't want to so I asked nobody and sat there in poop (luckily she woke up and changed me)
Brielle Farris
Brielle Farris - 12 dager siden
Btw and I acually also had to wear won on the ride back and I acually wear diapers on long road trips and airplanes for now on!
Kayelynn Freeman
Kayelynn Freeman - 13 dager siden
And by the way I'm unsubscribed 😁
Mugeeth Khzai
Mugeeth Khzai - 14 dager siden
i vote for joe byden
Rayven Amarosa
Rayven Amarosa - 14 dager siden
like i dont get this xD :')
Rosie ahmed
Rosie ahmed - 19 dager siden
Chris Webber
Chris Webber - 22 dager siden
I've done this a few times as well but he was still wearing the diaper when I pooped in it
snorp flurry
snorp flurry - 22 dager siden
Happy pamper.
Nola Vucurovich
Nola Vucurovich - 23 dager siden
Who else thinks Colleen is like the best person on Earth? Like she openly talks about politics knowing it could cost her some subscribers. She should run for president. We all would be at peace and racism would be a lot less easy to come across.
Heidi Kerley
Heidi Kerley - 27 dager siden
Lol did she really do this
IZZY E - 29 dager siden
Are you the one who played Miranda
Jessica Avila
Jessica Avila - 29 dager siden
Where can I buy that Polaroid device?
Mentour Leffie
Mentour Leffie - 29 dager siden
Erik: Your going to have no subscribers
Me: *loving how Colleen is so weird*
• P e a c h y B a b x •
You could just threw the poop out in the beach and buried it with sand
• P e a c h y B a b x •
Girl stop with your weirdness nobody's gonna be your friend anymore
Dustin Rice
Dustin Rice - Måned siden
Erik: your going to get 0 subscribers
Us: were kinda used to this miranda is exactly like this but she literally miranda so-
The ultimate review channel
I wear diapers all the time. I get mine online from Bambinodiapers and from ABUniverce and rearz
Julia Griffin
Julia Griffin - Måned siden
Thank you for saying that you are voting for Joe and why. I hope more people with a platform use it! VOTE!
JustAGirlx - Måned siden
Flynn stopped saying ‘Babaaaa’ & ‘Babyyyy’ when he’s holding the camera 🥺
Alexa Monroy
Alexa Monroy - Måned siden
Dont worry we got to do what we got to do 😄😄😄😂
Chabeystowt B
Chabeystowt B - Måned siden
Actually i love it when Collen is being honest and at the same time being funny
Maddie Gallagher
Maddie Gallagher - Måned siden
you are literally such a leader and i’m so proud of you for sharing stuff like the text your friend sent. it’s so important and i’m so happy you’re encouraging people to vote. i have so much love for you!!
simcha aavigdor
simcha aavigdor - Måned siden
I love you
Mabel Omorogieva
Mabel Omorogieva - Måned siden
Why am I not surprised you did this 😂😂😂
Nora Willey
Nora Willey - Måned siden
joe biden votes were u at ?
jojobaba13 - Måned siden
So cute !!! flynn chasing the birds 😍😍😍
Bayden Lanning
Bayden Lanning - Måned siden
I unsubcribed
Sonia Veve
Sonia Veve - 25 dager siden
you think she needs your follow she has 3.15M subscribers
Bayden Lanning
Bayden Lanning - Måned siden
Bayden Lanning
Bayden Lanning - Måned siden
No Joe Biden will not be able to handle the us he has demcha. Trump 2020
Bayden Lanning
Bayden Lanning - 29 dager siden
Trump all the way
I'm Sad TM
I'm Sad TM - Måned siden
Dementia* and thats not proven.
Mary Beth Holland
Mary Beth Holland - Måned siden
Yes! Trump 2020
Emily Wilson
Emily Wilson - Måned siden
To skip to the best bit 9:13
Thank me later
Eva Wolfe
Eva Wolfe - Måned siden
I'm so mad at her and unsubscribeing it not for the poop thing ethir
It’s Sxphire
It’s Sxphire - Måned siden
Girl I don’t blame ya
Brystil Hembree
Brystil Hembree - Måned siden
Trump or Biden
the make up chair
the make up chair - Måned siden
yea ummm its called 1A we can protest sorry about it
Khiyana’s Songs and Covers
colleen is the calmest youtuber like ever . funny cams 9:40
It's Simply Lexi
It's Simply Lexi - Måned siden
Such a beautiful sunset
Kendra Baker
Kendra Baker - Måned siden
I love u colleen
Jimena Loyola
Jimena Loyola - Måned siden
Yess girl vote for Biden he’s the best shot we got IMO
Ligaya Maldecir
Ligaya Maldecir - Måned siden
Really you’re gonna vote for a person that farts on national television
Ligaya Maldecir
Ligaya Maldecir - 18 dager siden
OK Democratic
I'm Sad TM
I'm Sad TM - Måned siden
Biden's better than Trump on a moral standard. And saying the fact he farted on TV like its a bad thing is like saying when you or someone in your class/job accidentally let out a fart (or a celeb or something that accidentally farted on a live/TV/interview or something) is a bad thing. Its a bodily function, everyone has to do it at some point and sometimes it just slips out lmao
Ligaya Maldecir
Ligaya Maldecir - Måned siden
Why Joe Biden sucks
Annie Mahrdt
Annie Mahrdt - Måned siden
Talking politics now Colleen. You're out of your league here. You're voting for Joe Biden cause "he's less racist"? Get a clue. SMH. Stick to your juvenile comedy.
I'm Sad TM
I'm Sad TM - Måned siden
Lmao its not blues clues up in here, she knows what shes talking about, no clues needed.
Bird House
Bird House - Måned siden
LJ W - Måned siden
This made me love Colleen even more😂🖤
Seren Satsuke
Seren Satsuke - Måned siden
Desperate times calls for desperate measures
Shakira Burton
Shakira Burton - Måned siden
i'm loving Collen 100000% more now omg
Maurice Maurice Andre
Maurice Maurice Andre - Måned siden
Girl if I was you I would do that too😂😘
Jessica Knight
Jessica Knight - Måned siden
I won’t unsubscribe
Laurie Hand
Laurie Hand - Måned siden
“Protesting” or protesting? Cause protesting is protected by the constitution, rioting and vandalism isn’t. Biden is not a cure for racism, because he himself is a racist. You’re blindly voting for a party. Nothing will change as long as people buy into those labels.
the make up chair
the make up chair - Måned siden
@I'm Sad TM and some people dont know the caus of the protest and just came to smash stuff
I'm Sad TM
I'm Sad TM - Måned siden
The BLM protest isn't a riot. Yes some protesters take it out of hand by vandalizing and such but the other protesters always try to stop them. A majority of the time the most aggressive people during the protest are people who aren't even a part of the protest but decided to cause trouble for the hell of it and the police who are supposed to be keeping everyone civil.
the make up chair
the make up chair - Måned siden
Laurie Hand but ok they said protesters not rioting so the people just standing there will get in trouble
the make up chair
the make up chair - Måned siden
Laurie Hand it can be the only word I messed up on is they
Laurie Hand
Laurie Hand - Måned siden
the make up chair can you retype that to where it can actually be understood
Laurie Hand
Laurie Hand - Måned siden
Next time get a bucket toilet
m m
m m - Måned siden
* the seagulls here like really aggressive * GO GETUM FLINN !
Abby Stephens
Abby Stephens - Måned siden
I think peaceful protesting is good I think it’s crap how protesters are getting retaliation
Caitekat 101
Caitekat 101 - Måned siden
“All of them” *Colleen still at 3+m subscribers* 😂😂 yeah nah
Kyle Norman
Kyle Norman - Måned siden
You : how many sub will i lost
You say 0
Subs : *go up*
You: :O
Sophie Ghaffari
Sophie Ghaffari - Måned siden
Colleen: any form of defunding police will be illegal. This is terrifying.
What! Giving the police money for their hard work is terrifying!
Sophie Ghaffari
Sophie Ghaffari - Måned siden
@I'm Sad TM police already don’t get paid enough. No defunding should happen whatsoever. All the police shouldn’t have to suffer for a couple officers’ actions.
I'm Sad TM
I'm Sad TM - Måned siden
About the Briana thing, the police didn't shoot first but they did bust in out of uniform and without a warrant and the suspect already detained. And about the defunding police thing the police will still get their paychecks, I don't know who told you they wouldn't. Defunding the police just means redirecting funding mostly used for acquiring more militarized equipment to other more helpful services like job training, counseling, and violence-prevention programs. State and local governments spend more than 100 billion dollars on the police, I'm not suggesting that we bump down their paychecks, they have lives and families too. I don't believe the police should be defunded entirely but I believe they should be funded enough for paychecks and *necessary* equipment. There's so much money that could easily be redirected to schools and other things that actually need it. You can't tell me that "I believe whatever the "corrupt media" tells" me, because I do my research. I do my research well enough to know its not just "a few" police officer's actions, there is plenty of discrimination towards not white people coming from police and there is plenty of brutality towards non white people and even white people. Not only have I researched it, I've seen it all with my own eyes countless times in videos and in person. Also if you believe the media is so corrupt (Which honestly I kind of do too, certain areas by different things) then you'd be surprised to know that literally where ever you got your information also counts as different forms of media.
Bird House
Bird House - Måned siden
Sophie Ghaffari you know what’s up girl! You are one of the intelligent people!
Sophie Ghaffari
Sophie Ghaffari - Måned siden
@Bird House l know! Honestly, which party do you want in control of America? The ones raising the flag and standing for the National anthem or the ones burning the flags and kneeling for the National anthem out of disrespect? Elect those who respect our country and WANT IT TO BE GREAT! 🇺🇸
Bird House
Bird House - Måned siden
Sophie Ghaffari It’s sad and sickening. They are dividing this country.
Ashlynn Cook
Ashlynn Cook - Måned siden
Colleen do you know that Biden stands for abortion. TRUMP 2020. Please watch the news.
Lydia Fleetwood
Lydia Fleetwood - Måned siden
Well she just lost my subscription when she said she was voting for Joe Biden and TRUMP 2020 baby!!!!❤️🤍💙
Ashlynn Cook
Ashlynn Cook - Måned siden
YES TRUMP 2020🥳❤️💙Make America Great Again
Jessi Schwenk
Jessi Schwenk - Måned siden
skipped over the perfect opportunity for a "Bye Bye Birdie" joke
Lindsay West
Lindsay West - Måned siden
Ummm I’m dying dead deceased 😂😂😂😂. This not only makes me want to NOT unsubscribe but double subscribe. I love that you share everything even the shity parts LoL
Dasia __
Dasia __ - Måned siden
im so desensitized to colleen saying this
Liz Masters
Liz Masters - Måned siden
2 layers of foil for the baked potato will help in the fire..and only set it on hot coals not open flame :)
Ashley Good
Ashley Good - Måned siden
Joe biden is a racist.. but okay. Lol
Desi Imes
Desi Imes - Måned siden
Hi beautiful have good day I have good day to I love you love you baby I love you husband I love you family miss you
Super Noodle
Super Noodle - Måned siden
Trump 2020
Do your research on creepy joe ☠️
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - Måned siden
beautiful life
Kaitlyn Somenek
Kaitlyn Somenek - Måned siden
I just sign the Petition
Courtney Dean
Courtney Dean - Måned siden
Just put a garbage bag under the toilet seat and tape it so you can use the toilet and it’s a easy clean
Shannon evenson
Shannon evenson - Måned siden
She’s SO LIBERAL omg
D. R.
D. R. - Måned siden
That has to be the most informative conversation on dropping a deuce I've ever listened too! Lol
Olivia H
Olivia H - Måned siden
he said you would lose subscribers but I subscribed to you lmao
Emma Mondello
Emma Mondello - Måned siden
Girl you need to get puppy pads 😂
Cici Skye
Cici Skye - Måned siden
Kelsi Heath
Kelsi Heath - Måned siden
I spell my 6 YO sons name Vynn, so cool to see similar unique spellings! Love you guys and love feeling like I’m on an adventure with you and your adorable fam!
Jakaila Rooks
Jakaila Rooks - Måned siden
I feel so bad for you guys my little sister went to jail just because you’re drinking water out of the fountain stop I don’t want to go stop you don’t want to go
Amiah Lynn
Amiah Lynn - Måned siden
Screw Joe Biden, he's the racist one. Trump has done more for the black community than any other president. smh.
Also, did yall know that Democrats were the ones that wanted to keep slaves and conservative Republicans wanted to get rid of them.
First Last
First Last - Måned siden
Bird House
Bird House - Måned siden
lab lab
lab lab - Måned siden
I don't get why didn't she just used the RV toilets...just put a garbage bag into it if you don't want to clean it
Sarah Ss
Sarah Ss - Måned siden
Wow how blind can you be to vote for JB
leo - Måned siden
DeniseHMusic - Måned siden
Hi, i am really enjoying you vlogs 😀
Just something about the bill, because I couldnt believe such a bill was actually legal: HB 330 protects people tat accidentally injure someone protesting only if the person driving was driving carefully. It doesnt protect people that just run over protesters. Many people Arena protesting on streets at the moment.. if you happen to have to drive for a reason (sick family member for example) and someone jumps in front of your car while protesting or you get stuck in a crowd or something, if someone gets injured while you are careful, this bill protects you from bring sued. Just to clarify.. it is Not protecting people running over protesters.
Haylee Nutter
Haylee Nutter - Måned siden
damn flynns a better drawer then me lmao
Erin Guerrero
Erin Guerrero - Måned siden
You have a full bathroom, girl, use it; that's what it's there for. Dumping the rv isn't bad.
Anna Villanova
Anna Villanova - Måned siden
colleen: this is a terrible idea i regret this already
eric: just don’t post it-
colleen: no i’m posting it
Redneck Girl
Redneck Girl - Måned siden
2:56 is why I subbed 3 years ago
Madi Snyder
Madi Snyder - Måned siden
I love Colleen for being open about her opinion with politics, I personally don’t like Biden but that’s my opinion but trump isn’t perfect either so I try not say which one I’m for because to be honest it’s neither.
Madi Snyder
Madi Snyder - Måned siden
Natasha that’s true but honestly neither are fit for office
Natasha - Måned siden
Honestly, I don’t think anyone voting for Biden loves him, they’re just going for the lesser evil.
When Flynn had the camara it sounded like he was saying, “Mama? Bruh. Bruh. Bro.” 😂
SmilingKelly - Måned siden
Flynn’s dance to scare away the birds is my new favorite!
ATA - Måned siden
you are carzy# love you flin is cute
Julia M
Julia M - Måned siden
I've never wanted to rent an RV less. XD
Lindsay Borrelli
Lindsay Borrelli - Måned siden
Bye bye! Not voting for who your voting for! Unsubscribed. I don’t mean this in a rude way by the way. I loved your videos but sorry.
Esme Juliette
Esme Juliette - Måned siden
I love you so much Colleen!!! Biden,That’s a the best choice! Keep on making vlogs and having fun! Love you!
Nicole O'Dell
Nicole O'Dell - Måned siden
4:08 LMBO🤣🤣
Taylor Lynell
Taylor Lynell - Måned siden
Maiya Watson
Maiya Watson - Måned siden
Yes joe Biden thank you ☺️
Emily Cottle
Emily Cottle - Måned siden
Joe Biden can’t form a sentence, you think he’ll be able to run a country? what a joke 😅😂
Sonia Veve
Sonia Veve - 25 dager siden
he has a stutter which is something that he can't control
Emily Cottle
Emily Cottle - Måned siden
Alison FN has trump being president effected your day to day life negatively?
Emily Cottle
Emily Cottle - Måned siden
Alison FN ok but why is he an improvement? what will he do better?
Ali FN
Ali FN - Måned siden
@Emily Cottle i just think that what he’s done these past few years in office has impacted the country very negatively. bidens not a saint or anything either but he’s certainly an improvement in my opinion.
Emily Cottle
Emily Cottle - Måned siden
Alison FN why do you think biden would make a better president
Preslie Terry
Preslie Terry - Måned siden
I go yo Jalama beach every year
Madisyn Pursel
Madisyn Pursel - Måned siden
Rachael Weis
Rachael Weis - Måned siden
Just a little tip to help with your dinners on the fire, if you put aluminum foil over your cast iron it keeps the ash from falling onto the nachos ie the “poison” you tasted haha don’t give up on fire food it can be soooo yummy!!