I Was Wrong And I'm Sorry

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Runtime: 15:56


Kyanna Hagen
Kyanna Hagen - 2 dager siden
I think that “church” you went to was like a cult.
Harper Bayer
Harper Bayer - 3 dager siden
Destiny Rae
Destiny Rae - 6 dager siden
Halloween is based on satanic traditions? There’s literally Satan worshipers that say they are happy people let there kids worship Satan at least one night a year. Participating in Halloween is bad.
Hanna Rose
Hanna Rose - 6 dager siden
flynn’s vlogging is the cutest thing ever ❤️
chris l
chris l - 8 dager siden
kids are cool.
Mayra M
Mayra M - 9 dager siden
Colleen I totally understand, my uncle is a minister and raised his kids with those same beliefs about Halloween. A lot of strict conservative Christians totally believe that.
Julie Hyland
Julie Hyland - 9 dager siden
So basically because your point of view changed and you want to view things in a worldly point of view you will discount your viewers that believe in God and see Halloween as a satanic day.
Julie Hyland
Julie Hyland - 9 dager siden
You had it right Colleen there are no such things as ghosts they are demons.
Ashley Mo
Ashley Mo - 9 dager siden
Colleen. You don't need to apologize. Also turn those sorrys into thank yous. "I'm sorry for..." To "thank you for being patient" "thank you for understanding as best you can." It feels so much better. Love u babe. 💜💜💜
Edit: colleen! I am so proud of you! You wanting to learn and be even more open minded is super touching. As someone who is a wiccan based omnist it felt really good for you to say you think our practices can be beautiful. I am SO proud of you for learning and correcting yourself. It takes bravery and strength. 💜💜💜
Kristen Bennett
Kristen Bennett - 10 dager siden
You were just talking about ur life so whatever to anybody who would get mad about that or get their feathers ruffled over it. It’s ridiculous, some people just can’t listen to a story and leave it at that 🙄
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 10 dager siden
Molly Ney
Molly Ney - 10 dager siden
flynn’s reaction to a big truck is literally me
Saima Hina
Saima Hina - 11 dager siden
In our religion Islam,it's is known as the devil's holiday.Soooooo...yea!
delegate zero
delegate zero - 12 dager siden
I got a bit emotional when Flynn had the camera and pointed back at his parents, something about that moment made me think about my parents and how they must have looked at me when I was a baby
Taryn Rose
Taryn Rose - 14 dager siden
why are you wearing a mask at the park??
Didi Oparaocha
Didi Oparaocha - 16 dager siden
Yeahhhh I was taught that Halloween is "satanic" but like I understand why because anything like witches and ghost etc are the complete opposite of God and if God is good how can those be good to so, I was taught anything that had to do with ghosts etc was baaaad so yeah I still kinda think that but not in a 'anyone else that celebrates Halloween is bad or whatever ' way
So yeah😅
Katiebell - 16 dager siden
giiiirllll I was raised the same way!! My mom convinced my dad to let my little and sister be angels for Halloween, so for like 4 or 5 years, we were always angels. We were finally allowed to move on to other costumes, but nothing evil, like witches and devils and ghosts, ect. I was finally allowed to read/watch the Harry Potter series in high school. I totally get it. I grew up and discovered my own beliefs, but yeah, I was raised with the same views.
Drew Kemp
Drew Kemp - 16 dager siden
Seeing Flynn vlogging is soo cute! I love it.
addison halberg
addison halberg - 17 dager siden
You already clarified that you weren't frustrated with the flame when you didn't get enough sleep You don't need to repeat yourself so many times when it's obvious you're doing this cuz you're a narcissist and frankly I think that the people pleasing narcissistic side of you can't stop worrying about things that people don't care about
daniela - 17 dager siden
I agree with u colleen. but I still celebrate Halloween cuz I love that spooky chiz.
Shiv - 18 dager siden
In general, when something is labelled as "satanic", it's usually just because it is a concept outside of Christianity
Shiv - 18 dager siden
You should hire another editor, especially since you have three massive channels
Carol's Chaos
Carol's Chaos - 18 dager siden
Girl I grew up that way too!! All these people need to shut up. Get out your feelings people get over yourselves already. Always getting butthurt.
heather Searcy
heather Searcy - 19 dager siden
you grew up a christian..... a religion that believes in the trinity... the father the son and the HOLY GHOST....... um that by pure ethics means not all ghosts are bad. otherwise there would not be a holy GHOSTS. you sit here on your vlog and have psychics read cards for you.... and you call Halloween satanic? you do realize that by its essence, reading cards was seen as satanic right? thank you for educating yourself but think about what is fed to you and do the research first. if Halloween was seen as satanic, do was Christmas because putting up a Christmas tree was a pagan tradition brought into the Christian faith. history is everything..... and this is coming from the daughter of a Baptist music director and a grand daughter of a pastor.
LeonaEvans - 19 dager siden
Samhain is a Gaelic word and pronounced Sahwin just if you wanted to know :) xx
mac dazzle
mac dazzle - 20 dager siden
Halloween is a pagan holiday that’s probably what you got mixed up with.
Sarah Mann
Sarah Mann - 20 dager siden
Flynn’s camera skills are on point.
Katrina Bury
Katrina Bury - 20 dager siden
The subtitles said Patrick when Erik was speaking sometimes 🤣🤣
weirdo river
weirdo river - 21 dag siden
Everything u made for lunch made me so hungry I ✨LOVE✨ corn and broccoli 🥦

...I don’t know what that 3rd thing was but it looked good🤍✌🏼love u colleen
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 21 dag siden
I love when Flynn vlogged in the park! It's so cool to see life from his point of view!
Trevor wallace
Trevor wallace - 22 dager siden
Omg so you never got to watch Halloween town omg so sad I fell so bad for you
jessicadezanove - 22 dager siden
Samhain is pronounced SAH-win/SOW-in
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 22 dager siden
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 22 dager siden


Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 22 dager siden
Am I the only here who is Muslim😊😊😊
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 22 dager siden
الحمدلله على دين الإسلام ☪️🥺💜💜💜💜
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 22 dager siden
Oh my god the same exact thing goes on with me I put a bunch of things I want to get done and I say am going to do them and I don’t what and then at the end I don’t do any of these things and I feel so down and frustrated and omgggg😭😭😭😭💔💔💔
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 22 dager siden
Your hair is everything🥰🥰
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - 23 dager siden
Flynn is so cute
Bloodstone - 23 dager siden
John Ramirez Warning About Halloween
Bloodstone - 23 dager siden
Collen you are not wrong about Halloween. Watch videos from John Ramirez. He used to worship the devil and was very high ranking and he left and found Christ. He talks about Halloween. Dressing up and handing out candy is great but why can't we do it on a different day.
Evest - 24 dager siden
I can't believe how grown up Flynn is getting! 🥺💕
sofie f
sofie f - 24 dager siden
I have subtitles on..whenever eric says something he’s being called patrick :’)
nicol b
nicol b - 22 dager siden
I noticed this too haha
Iris Williamson
Iris Williamson - 24 dager siden
Colleen, you do not need to apologize. Coming from a Christian household, we didn't celebrate halloween as much either. On some years my parents would allow me to go out and trick- or-treat but it wasn't a holiday that we went all out for regarding decorations and parties. Not until I went to a Catholic school did I learn the origin of Halloween. It was so new and different to me
Cristina - 24 dager siden
Ugh, I’m sick of people saying “this is what I was taught.” You’re a freaking adult educate yourself! Ignorance is not bliss it laziness.
Jose Vega
Jose Vega - 25 dager siden
Expectations are the roadmap to disappointment!
Kelsey Isbill
Kelsey Isbill - 25 dager siden
In baptism no matter if you are good or bad you still go to heaven as long as you have faith in God as your savior he will forgive all still doesn’t mean to go do bad things but Christianity isn’t about if your bad you go to hell that is not true that’s why no matter what you are taught in church or at home only listen to what comes from the Bible because that is the word of truth. Love you Colleen you’re such an inspiration and are such a lovely wonderful person!
Camille Banowetz
Camille Banowetz - 25 dager siden
girl yyou dont have to be sorry you are so amazing I look up to I want to be like you if anyone says you are a bad mom or you were wrong its ok I am here for you and i hope you read this. I am your biggest fan and I love you
Rylee Cratty
Rylee Cratty - 25 dager siden
That is what my biological dad believes.
Stephen Frost
Stephen Frost - 25 dager siden
How is Flynn a better cameraman than Zane Hijazi?
Melissa Bullaro
Melissa Bullaro - 25 dager siden
Don't punish your self u r amazeing!!:)
jess parker
jess parker - 25 dager siden
Colleen I wuv you and your amazing human being, you have such a beautiful family❤❤
Eliza T
Eliza T - 25 dager siden
Omg Flynn’s vlogging is SO cute! He’s so smart he knows he’s showing everything!
Kara Khan
Kara Khan - 25 dager siden
I had no idea u voiced a character in angry birds 2 until my brother made me watch it
Lillian Brumbaugh
Lillian Brumbaugh - 25 dager siden
aww, its fine!! people are so dramatic these days, you dont have to be sorry for giving ur opinion
605alicat - 26 dager siden
would you ever feel comfortable filming with your parents on why they instilled these beliefs in you guys or if they still think those things now?
That Murphy
That Murphy - 26 dager siden
Girl, it is OKKKKKKKK to be frustrated with your kids. Dont feel guilt about that. Dont try to explain your frustrations. Kids are frustrating. so fucking frustrating!
LeAnn Percivill
LeAnn Percivill - 26 dager siden
sometimes I watch Flynn do things and can't help but think he's like a tiny drunk person
Ims - 26 dager siden
Colleen, you know you're allowed to believe in what you want right?
Not everything people say is true. Believe what you want and be strong about it. Believe in yourSELF
Kendall T
Kendall T - 26 dager siden
How is Flynn so good at keeping the camera still?!
Nico Fan
Nico Fan - 26 dager siden
Flynn is so cute
Autumn Bolmer
Autumn Bolmer - 26 dager siden
You have literally kept me sane this entire quaritine
Momma Wilson
Momma Wilson - 26 dager siden
Just curious about how your parents feel about you not believing or following what they taught you or how they brought you up? Does it cause any bad feelings with them?
Luke Bergett
Luke Bergett - 26 dager siden
Satanism isn’t what you think it is. Most Satanists don’t believe in God or Satan and view Satan not as an evil being but as a symbol of independence and individuality. Also, the beliefs are based off love and logic so there are no beliefs of ghosts, Heaven, or hell.
Josaphah - 26 dager siden
Josaphah - 26 dager siden
It's fun to hear Flynn developping his language! He is so cute!!
c h e s k a
c h e s k a - 26 dager siden
flynns angles are getting sooo much more better and i was so proud when he filmed colleen and erik,also i loveeee that erik's getting more used and not as shy in camera now and i just wanna hug colleen and tell her it's ok :( i love this little family
Shawnessy Coffee
Shawnessy Coffee - 26 dager siden
Actually peasants would knock on doors and people would give them treats for praying for dead loved ones to go to heaven. That is what trick or treat came from.
Amanda Ellis
Amanda Ellis - 26 dager siden
Flynn’s vlogging was amazing though! 🥰
Kristina Wiedenhoeft
Kristina Wiedenhoeft - 27 dager siden
Churches. Ugh.
leslie.kennedy - 27 dager siden
Flynn’s huge eyes seeing the big truck roar by, and say, “whoaaaa!” is the cutest thing!
Pretty much, EVERYTHING Flynn does is the cutest thing!!! 🥰☺️
Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels
Lady Lovely Lox & Bagels - 27 dager siden
I kind of suspected Colleen grew up ultra Christian. Some of the things she’s said over the years or tendencies struck me as coming from a very sheltered place. That said, I am glad she is open to learning and expanding her awareness.
MizzRivera86 - 27 dager siden
Look at him pointing that camera, good job Flynn.. Wow hes a vlogger !
Amy Settle
Amy Settle - 27 dager siden
They are Satan speaking as ppl we know that's what I was taught. Not what I believe now. Same here.
Hannah Avidon
Hannah Avidon - 27 dager siden
Colleen, it's so impressive how good you are about making things better when you think you've made a mistake. But I also hope you don't feel like every word you say has to be perfect. Yes, you have a big audience and that comes with some responsibility, but you also are just as human as the rest of us and it's normal to not know the perfect way to say EVERYTHING. What matters, and what your real supporters see, is how kind and caring and thoughtful you are and how hard you work to spread love. Thank you for the work you do and for sharing your words and your family with us!
Original Schlarf
Original Schlarf - 27 dager siden
when watching this vlog, I noticed when you talked about Flynn the camera wouldn’t focus on you, but when you talked about ghosts, the camera did and your background was shaking the whole time 😩😩
Christine S
Christine S - 27 dager siden
God your little man is so stinkin cute!
Colleen: are you going to be red or yellow?
Me, then Flynn: both
Mari J
Mari J - 27 dager siden
2:24 in the cc Erik is speaking and it says Patrick 😭❤
Natasha Moppert
Natasha Moppert - 27 dager siden
Your parents seem different now, do they no longer believe the things they did when you were young?
Jazmine Robbins
Jazmine Robbins - 27 dager siden
You beat yourself up a lot I feel you do a better job making time for your family than I do. Anytime I watch your videos I remember to take time for myself and my family. ❤️
Gabriella James
Gabriella James - 27 dager siden
Honestly everyone makes a list of things they say there gonna do and they don't it happens to all of us Colleen it is ok and everything will work out
rudegirl2219 - 28 dager siden
Erik is such a good dad
Erin Benites
Erin Benites - 28 dager siden
Samhain = SOW-en or sow-WEEN.
Joanne Sabourin
Joanne Sabourin - 28 dager siden
OMG, Flynn vlogging is amazing :)
Veronica Houck
Veronica Houck - 28 dager siden
I’m sure someone has already said this but, Samhain is pronounced “sow-win.”
Alexandra Lania
Alexandra Lania - 28 dager siden
Sometimes I have subtitles on just so I focus more on the video. And for some reason when Eric was talking in the park it said patrick 😂
dynamofan25 - 28 dager siden
I just watched someone have to apologize about Halloween...WHAT HAS THIS WORLD COME TO. SMH
Dobin Lee Vlog
Dobin Lee Vlog - 28 dager siden
Cute baby
Valentina M.O.
Valentina M.O. - 28 dager siden
I was taught that Halloween is from the devil.... es del diablo!
Christina Vazquez
Christina Vazquez - 28 dager siden
Bless you, you poor girl. The way you feel that you have to keep explaining yourself because people think that social media gives them permission to be nasty/judgemental/trolls/karens/a**holes!!!!
Just you keep bring you because YOU are Fabulous xx
Jordyn Council
Jordyn Council - 28 dager siden
Isn't flynn the cutest little vlogger ever! OMG SO CUTE AND ALSO I LOVE MYSELF SOME CORN ON THE COB!😝❤💕❤💕❤
Tricia Mitchell
Tricia Mitchell - 28 dager siden
Flynn is soooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!😆😆😆😆😆😆😆
Emma Johnson
Emma Johnson - 28 dager siden
Coleen we love you so much please don't stress over what we're going to think or feel like you nee to apologize. You're an amazing human being and we're here to
support you. ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Krista hathaway
Krista hathaway - 28 dager siden
So cute the way he was talking and showing us everything so darn cute
PotterFreak22 - 28 dager siden
I find that if I just make a smaller list like 3 things to do each day then I don't feel so bad if I don't get to all of them. If I have extra time then I might do 1 or 2 more things on the list for tomorrow. Lots of small steps are easier to take than only a few giant steps and might save you a lot of headaches in the future.
15:10 No need to apologize. The brain is a super sponge when you're very young and kids are very impressionable. That's kind of why I'm not a big fan of church - they always try to tell you what to do, what to think, what to believe and sometimes you gotta figure that out for yourself. My dad's side is super religious like that but we always celebrated Halloween. All depends on what you do with the information you're given bc the same piece of info can be taken a million different ways.
Aurigrill 420
Aurigrill 420 - 28 dager siden
My little boy is almost one and he gets so excited when he sees Flynn
Yourthe1iknwyour - 28 dager siden
Everytime you talk about how you were raised I’m like.... yas me too!!! But I was raised jehovah witness. I thought for a while you probably were raised jehovah witness too until you just said “heaven and hell” we did not believe you go to heaven and hell but SAME on everything else lol every spirit was demonic It was spoken from the platforms that we are not to read or watch Harry Potter so many similarities.
Bex Barrett
Bex Barrett - 28 dager siden
Im happy you evolved from your churches dark and closed minded ways. I always feel sad for children that are raised with those beliefs because sometimes they never escape and only learn to condemn
Ondrea Rodriguez
Ondrea Rodriguez - 28 dager siden
Flynn’s vlogging is so cute!!
Enya BadIndieGamer
Enya BadIndieGamer - 28 dager siden
Thank you Flynn for showing us the big dar dars