Let's Talk About This Cult...

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Runtime: 11:53


Soccer Girl 9698
Soccer Girl 9698 - 8 dager siden
Omg my sister just made this and now you are
Maddie Knight
Maddie Knight - 15 dager siden
So I have ADHD and every time she says that she can’t focus and watch a movie and she gets motivated to do something she has to do it immediately or else she’ll never do it. Ya that’s me. I can’t sit still and a watch a movie ESPECIALLY in my house. I know this vlog was a while ago but I have been watching them from the ones I missed to the ones I still need to watch. Anyways I was just saying I have ADHD. Wow it took me a long time to write this comment. See ADHD! I’ve had it for as long as I can remember.
ghostie boii
ghostie boii - 17 dager siden
wait why can you not show matts face is it because hes just never in anything
katofrie - 21 dag siden
Yes Colleen same. I got ADD and whatever you say is always very relatable! So yes I'd say you also have ADD... It's NOT just hyper ADHD!!!! Lol :(
There's 3 types: HD that's only the hyper part, AD the concentration part, and those 2 types combined is type 3 ADHD. I'm not hyper either, but there's lots of other symtyoms that come with ADD. Like losing stuff, not being able to concentrate for long, being disorganized, postponing and hyperfocus. Not being able to stop when you started working on a project you like and working until hours in the night... Yep that's us
Linda Jones
Linda Jones - 24 dager siden
Girl get on wellbutrin!!
Jessica T
Jessica T - 25 dager siden
My family makes a very similar version of those Hello Dolly's that you made! I've never heard them called that though, in my family we call them Magic Bars or Aunt Jennie's Cookies. But they are a favorite around here too!
Rachel Rodriguez
Rachel Rodriguez - 27 dager siden
I hope everyone had/ is having a good day and if you didn't/aren't, I hope you have a better day tomorrow.
Mariane Rizzuto
Mariane Rizzuto - 27 dager siden
Losing stuff can be related to ADHD so
If you start getting treatment for that it could maybe help you not lose things so much.
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - Måned siden
Everyone who watches this are beautiful/handsome and just amazing human beings. Continue being you!
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - Måned siden
Wait. Is this Cult something to do with Allison Mack (from Smallville) among other celebrities getting in trouble for?
RanDumBlonde - Måned siden
The podcast “Escaping Nxivm” covers the story of a woman that escaped the cult that The Vow is focused on. It’s way more fascinating than the docuseries IMO.
Daz Brown
Daz Brown - Måned siden
As someone with ADHD, this sounds a LOT like you have ADHD, I have the same problems and then some, ADHD has a lot of layers to it, I'm still constantly learning about it, and doing research etc
Allie Rawlings
Allie Rawlings - Måned siden
Honestly I've felt for years, watching you, that you might have ADHD.
sammysamala09 - Måned siden
Maybe the document doesn’t talk about it because it’s an open court case and they don’t want to jeopardize anyone getting their justice? Idk only thing I can think of
Nichole Frank
Nichole Frank - Måned siden
Is it The Vow??
Kael Correll
Kael Correll - Måned siden
I have ADD, and it sounds like you have it too. I remember one time back in high school, I was standing with a group of friends, who I was talking to. And then, suddenly one of the friends asked why I was staring at her. I had apparently zoned out and was just full on, without blinking staring at her. I didnt even realize she was there. I also would be sitting in class, taking notes, and suddenly I would be three pages behind everyone else and not realize I had zoned out. I used to take medicine for it, but it didnt do much but help me sleep.
Yashil Somah
Yashil Somah - Måned siden
Just imagine flynn growing up and end up looking just like Eric😅😅
Viviana Martinez
Viviana Martinez - Måned siden
Call lean I think you should watch the Paris Hilton documentary that’s on YouTube
aesthetic stranger
aesthetic stranger - Måned siden
Never heard of holly dollys but apparently they are Magic Cookie Bars!!! I made those constantly in high school ❤
Ariane Meredith
Ariane Meredith - Måned siden
Omg COLLEEN! Please tell me you follow My Favourite Murder with Karen and Georgia!
Josaphah - Måned siden
I feel like everybody is ADD nowadays, adults especially!???
Faith Catoe
Faith Catoe - Måned siden
i’ve always been so curious what matt looks like!!!!!!
Greg Baker
Greg Baker - Måned siden
You are so cute... 😉
Suri Elise 27
Suri Elise 27 - Måned siden
Whoever is reading this is beautiful and you are an amazing person! Shine Bright 🌟
Alexia Cooper
Alexia Cooper - Måned siden
Can you get the other recipe and remake them?! asking for a friend hehehe
Dearest Fandoms
Dearest Fandoms - Måned siden
How funny was it that I thought, “sounds ADHD to me, wonder if she might be and not know it” and then YOU TALK ABOUT EXACTLY THAT. I was late diagnosed at 31 earlier this year, myself.
Joshua Rosenthal
Joshua Rosenthal - Måned siden
You could get a thumb keypad lock for your house, as all you need is a 4 digit code and/or your fingerprint to get in. There also is a physical key option in case the battery runs iut
Rebecca Jacqueline
Rebecca Jacqueline - Måned siden
Every single symptom you listed...I also have....maybe I should get an assessment o_o
Isabelle Perez
Isabelle Perez - Måned siden
Omg I used to make those holly dolly all the time!! But I never knew what they were called lol
araAbmommy - Måned siden
It moved ahh
Gryffindor girl
Gryffindor girl - Måned siden
Amazing!!!I see amazing people in the comments!
Tori Tornado
Tori Tornado - Måned siden
omg when you were explaining how you might think you have ADD I related to EVERY single thing you were saying- like the EXACT same things
Puk van der Zanden
Puk van der Zanden - Måned siden
ADD and ADHD don’t share 100% of the same symptoms! People with ADD don’t show signs of excessive hyperactivity.
WhitneyNicole Leonard620
WhitneyNicole Leonard620 - Måned siden
I have ADD along with other mental illnesses and it definitely effects on how much you get done I can never get anything done because I have to do like five different things at a time and only get half the jobs done
PotterFreak22 - Måned siden
0:14 I made my first batch of homemade pretzels today! They turned out okay but I don't understand how stores get them so fluffy & chewy and delicious. I baked mine a bit too long & you had a hard time tasting the filling. I think they must use an injector or something bc trying to fill a pretzel, re-roll it, make sure no filling comes, try & get it in the baking soda bath without anything terrible happening is a lot harder than I anticipated. I took loads of notes for next time and I might actually look for a pretzel filling injector if they even make such items.
1:04 I used to lose things like nobody's business until I learned to put the thing I kept losing in the same spot every time so I would remember where it was. Or wrote yourself notes, make a list of where stuff is so you can look at that if you forget something, get a keyring or one of those carabiner hooks and hook it on your pants, your shirt, your coat, somewhere so you can keep track of things you keep losing. Hope this helps.
julswed - Måned siden
I have ADD! Just want to point out that ADD and ADHD are different. :)
Rachel Ann Walker
Rachel Ann Walker - Måned siden
I used to think that my lack of focus and my inability to listen/pay attention for long periods of time was just ADD/ADHD too, but when I started with my current therapist, he told me that those symptoms all stem from my OCD! Knowing that has been really helpful, and has allowed me to be more forgiving of myself in those moments when I stop paying attention to a conversation or whatever the situation is. Obviously, every person's case is different, but I figured I'd share my own experience to offer some insight!
Thank you for sharing your journey with OCD! This pandemic has been rough mental health-wise, and watching your videos has made me feel so much less alone!
Nadia Lakshmipathi
Nadia Lakshmipathi - Måned siden
I have adult adhd and I definitely think you have it 😘
Riley Elisabeth
Riley Elisabeth - Måned siden
what’s the documentary she’s watching???? like what’s it called??
Ellie Rhodes
Ellie Rhodes - Måned siden
I had the same thoughts around ADD/ADHD, i grew up being told it was hyper kids that can't focus, but it is so much more than that, I myself have a lot of things that could suggest I have ADD and I want an assessment but I don't know where to start and Covid makes going to a GP difficult.
Lily Basting
Lily Basting - Måned siden
I am in no way qualified to diagnose ADHD but my dad and brother both have it and both have a lot of similarities to you (can’t watch movies, can’t listen to answers to there questions, etc).
Liam Swinney
Liam Swinney - Måned siden
You described exactly how I experience my ADD
Luna Steele
Luna Steele - Måned siden
"hankrin for a dessert treat" "grandmanida"
mrrandomman_84 - Måned siden
Flynn will become a master chef one day! His eyes never leave what you're doing when putting you were putting that dish together! Feed that flame!
ArtJourneyUK - Måned siden
Aloof....or ADHD? You decide!
(p.s. that’s why you lose everything 😉)
Jovan Nance
Jovan Nance - Måned siden
I love how you are so open
Shea Crowley
Shea Crowley - Måned siden
My roommate and I have been watching the vow every Sunday. It's totally dragged out but im liking it. A friend of ours was in this cult in the Vancouver area for a while. He never did any bad things but he for sure wasted a ton of money on their workshops
Ella Webster
Ella Webster - Måned siden
Yass Colleen 2 in one dayyy
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - Måned siden
lov eu
Jocelyn Erika
Jocelyn Erika - Måned siden
I'm ADHD inattentive, and I forget to listen, I'm VERY messy, cant focus on anything that I'm not super invested in. I can become hyper focused on something I love, I'll get distracted in the middle of a task, and move to another one. I loose everything. Idk why I dumped this here but there it is. I also never thought I had an attention disorder because I assumed the same thing about hyper kids.
Bryanne Bossert
Bryanne Bossert - Måned siden
I have ADD and ADHD and from what you were saying it literally sounds like what I do no joke
Marce line
Marce line - Måned siden
Colleen your vlogs make me feel so calm and your voice is so soothing to me my life is chaotic and i live in an abusive household and it helps me alot so thank you:)
Megan Dolan
Megan Dolan - Måned siden
You are a great person colleen and just think that you are because you are colleen by the way
I love you❤
Fowler Bullock
Fowler Bullock - Måned siden
Colleen: explaining what she’s doing
Flynn: comes out of nowhere
Wheelz Haskell
Wheelz Haskell - Måned siden
The democratic party is americas biggest cult.
Kirsty O
Kirsty O - Måned siden
Wheels Haskell, amen brother!
Sela Acapella
Sela Acapella - Måned siden
Does anyone know what cult she is talking about?
potterpopsuwu - Måned siden
4:06 - flynn probably got that from miranda!😂
Alysa Manning
Alysa Manning - Måned siden
Oooo my grandma makes those too but we call them Christmas magic bars🤩
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - Måned siden
Flynn’s apron is so cute and so perfect! 😊
Caitlyn Mathenia
Caitlyn Mathenia - Måned siden
ADD is an attention disorder it’s are to pay attention and ADHD is the hyper
Just Alil {LOL}
Just Alil {LOL} - Måned siden
My grandma joined a cult and it divided my family... 😑
Monica - Måned siden
Oh this recipe I can’t wait to make!!! Yummmm
Sarah Blade
Sarah Blade - Måned siden
Colleen you should get tested! I have the same OCD you have and I was diagnosed with ADD a month ago, I never knew I had it before now. Managing them together is difficult because my ADD makes the OCD worse, but knowing you have both can help so much.
Adineysi Herrera
Adineysi Herrera - Måned siden
Colleen the camera did move when you said it at 7:50 in the video
Lauren Mullery
Lauren Mullery - Måned siden
no I 100% agree. PERIOD
Kory - Måned siden
Flynn eating 3 without hesitation 😂😂
tacotown - Måned siden
Hi Colleen! I was diagnosed with ADD in 3rd grade and as I have grown up, the struggles I have are very similar to what you are describing. I am no doctor, so take what I say with a grain of salt, but some people say that ADD would be better named as Executive Function Disorder. For me, if I enjoy something I could sit down and do it for 15 hours without stopping but if something doesn't interest me, I struggle a lot to get it done. I also lose everything lol. You should talk to someone about it! It's definitely worth looking at!
jana djokic
jana djokic - Måned siden
4:18 Flynn was like oh I am here too
A Parker
A Parker - Måned siden
Can we get Erick moms recipe 😊👍
Musfirah Playz
Musfirah Playz - Måned siden
Who else noticed he was wearing his shirt from Hawaii! :D

Btw I’m not stalking her lol, I just have a good visual memory.
Dlejah Alyse
Dlejah Alyse - Måned siden
Wait two vlogs in one day? Not complaining. Collen could you please explain in the next vlog.
Molly Rey
Molly Rey - Måned siden
Hey Colleen.I also love crime documentaries one of the best docuseries cold case files which is on prime video and cold case files classic is on Netflix and a channel that has many documentaries ID investigation discovery and they are all so interesting
Love your videos and wash your hands
Katelyn Strong
Katelyn Strong - Måned siden
SHES JUST NOTICING THIS NOW?!? It’s been doing that since she got the new camera and my hyper-aware self has been waiting for her to say something 😂
Cyndi Clinton
Cyndi Clinton - Måned siden
Um, I just learned I'm ADD
Haylee's art
Haylee's art - Måned siden
O my god I got to see Matt awwwww
Mary Delro
Mary Delro - Måned siden
Chloe Turner
Chloe Turner - Måned siden
Colleen- *stacks cups*
Also Colleen to Flynn- stack the cups.
Flynn- *taps the top of the stacks*
Emily Gingerich
Emily Gingerich - Måned siden
Is it just me or does Erik and Matt look a like
Blossom Lam
Blossom Lam - Måned siden
The white noice in Flynn’s room🤣🤣 I thought it’s only for his colic
Megan Emily
Megan Emily - Måned siden
There’s actually a difference between ADD and ADHD. ADHD is attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and ADD is attention deficit disorder
Me Noname
Me Noname - Måned siden
We call those grandpas favorite cookies. The only thing we do different is but toffee chips in it.
ItsSarah - Måned siden
100 percent agree about the vow and them stretching it out!! Have you seen don’t f- with cats?? It’s soooo good!!!
Micaela Johnson
Micaela Johnson - Måned siden
I’d say you’re ADD. I’m going into psychology. I do this exact same thing!!!!!
Ashlenn Cree
Ashlenn Cree - Måned siden
You should try brain balance! My friend did it and he feels so much more in control and focused! It’s like brain games to help improve all things add and adhd related!
Maddy Angell
Maddy Angell - Måned siden
Yass I have adhd and you have similar symptoms to meee, hyper focus , losing things and forgetting 😂 nail/ skin picking xxx I love having ahdh though hyper focus and other sides can be such a positive 🥰
Mia Hannah
Mia Hannah - Måned siden
4:19 the way Flynn just rises😂😂😂😂😂
Samantha - Måned siden
Obsessed with how you talk to him like an adult I just find it so funny
Samantha - Måned siden
“He put doodoo in there!” Well I sure hope not 🥴
Thomas M
Thomas M - Måned siden
Colleen is someone who you could miss if you go a day without, like she is kind of addicting in a good way 🌹🌹🌹💋💋❤️🍾🍾💘💘
TommyC.76 - Måned siden
Who else was shocked that we saw Matt after like 6 years
Galaxy Giraffe
Galaxy Giraffe - Måned siden
WHAT CULT?!?!?!?
Grace Boyd
Grace Boyd - Måned siden
im wondering too!!
Noelle H
Noelle H - Måned siden
I have ADHD and I experience all the symptoms you mentioned. I cannot keep track of things for shit, I have next to no attention span (including with movies) unless it’s something I’m really passionate about, and I’m really impulsive and tend to not really think before I act, among other symptoms. I actually did the most ADHD thing ever which was purchase an Apple Watch on the fly for the sole purpose of being able to push a button that makes my phone make a noise so that I can more easily find it when I lose it for the 15th time today. and a lot of people with ADHD suffer from other mental illnesses. I also have various anxiety disorders and I have a bad skin picking and hair pulling habit, though I’ve never been formally diagnosed with dermatillomania or trichotillomania.
Caitlin Keating
Caitlin Keating - Måned siden
I love getting my head rubbed and I taught my daughter to do it when she was 2 and now every might before she goes to sleep she rubs my head cause it calms her down and calms me down, win-win!
MutatedKamiii - Måned siden
Colleeeeennn you and Erik should watch Euphoria
Kayla Johnson
Kayla Johnson - Måned siden
Whoever reading this have a great day and know you are loved heart ♥️ ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊☺️
Gian Heyres
Gian Heyres - Måned siden
colleen its ok to mess up beloved ❤️
Alissa Yenglin
Alissa Yenglin - Måned siden
Me being like hello dolly bars sound so interesting, I wanna make them! Then me deathly allergic to pecans and coconut like ohhhh maybe not.
Cata Adventures
Cata Adventures - Måned siden
that sounds like ADHD
Rosina Halverson Studer
Rosina Halverson Studer - Måned siden
Thank you so much for sharing, I’ve been having similar issues during quarantine and have noticed patterns that make me think I might have ADHD. You’re not alone, sending love and light!
Kate et
Kate et - Måned siden