Let's Talk Pregnancy...

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Runtime: 17:53


Lucy O'Connor
Lucy O'Connor - Dag siden
Love how Flynn wants a bulldozer for dinner
Colleen makes that happen
best mom of the year award
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - 2 dager siden
Also, Flynn pretending to drink his juice? Adorable xD
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - 2 dager siden
You should be able to talk about whatever you want without any judgement. Whether it's presidential debates or pregnancies, you do you. I myself can't get pregnant (well, technically i can, but I have heart issues so it's super risky for me? If that makes sense) and I'm not going to be upset if you talk about how difficult it is.
Jenny Grisso
Jenny Grisso - 3 dager siden
Colleen should go on the Baby Steps podcast to talk about her pregnancy and motherhood experience!
Simsations Gold
Simsations Gold - 4 dager siden
Caitlin Baltazar
Caitlin Baltazar - 4 dager siden
Were trying to get pregnant now and I’m really hoping we do soon! 🤞🏼
ii_Axria - 5 dager siden
Your bulldozer is amazing sooo creative
eyesofivy - 6 dager siden
You can blame the GOP for the wait on PA they wouldn’t let ballots be counted til nov 3 and we had until the 6th to accept mail in ballots sent in on or before the 3rd
Alyssa Wetzel
Alyssa Wetzel - 6 dager siden
Colleen: eats Dino nugget “yum!”
Flynn: mmhhhhh
Colleen: looks at camera 🤢
weirdo river
weirdo river - 6 dager siden
14:26 yes girl make a speech about food!I do all the time🖤✨😅I mean it’s 2020...go ahead...
Antonia H.
Antonia H. - 7 dager siden
This moment when two weeks later, the votes still aren't counted.. 😂✌🏽
Makayla Hemphill
Makayla Hemphill - 7 dager siden
Flynn has gorgeous eyes 👁👁
Fior Sandell
Fior Sandell - 7 dager siden
love the bulldozer food, you could always put the other food inside the bulldozer hahahah but i love the music with the straw & juice its the best - your videos make me actually laugh out loud
followme2forever - 8 dager siden
You are an incredible mom! Love you, your content and your family!
Janine S.
Janine S. - 8 dager siden
I love your editing 😭😂
Natalie_NiceTouch - 8 dager siden
Girl get yourself an AIR FRYER!!! It turns soggy anything into delicious crispynessss 😁😁 good on that Chinese restaurant though
Taylor Lewis
Taylor Lewis - 9 dager siden
He is the smartest ever
Arianna Santina
Arianna Santina - 9 dager siden
our chinese place ALWAYS wraps the eggrolls and stuff like that in the little foil baggies so they stay warm and crispy ! loves it!
Julia Weiland
Julia Weiland - 9 dager siden
Great term for what to mean: people with uteruses or people who own a uterus
Joshua Burke
Joshua Burke - 9 dager siden
I want Colleen to do other things then talk about just her baby Flynn but he’s really cute and I do like her talking about him I just want her to talk about other things too I still want him to be in the videos and all but just more new stuff maybe
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - 10 dager siden
can we go back in time and have colleen as a mother
Arianna Calderon
Arianna Calderon - 10 dager siden
Colleen you are the cutest mom ever for making Flynn a bulldozer for dinner
starlyn - 10 dager siden
I don't think women should hide their pain just because other people can't have kids. The people that get triggered are just jealous.
Sara Marie W
Sara Marie W - 10 dager siden
Kory is amazing ♥️♥️♥️
Outback - 10 dager siden
Did Colleen say "I think anybody, womens bodies, and trans mens bodies, any bodies that can produce a baby" ?
Outback - 10 dager siden
This is totally the .... BEST! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbXfeIBAdjE
Shiv - 10 dager siden
Omg! Why did I hear CollQueens at 2:57. That’s the new fandom name 💀😂
Charly Zarry
Charly Zarry - 11 dager siden
Your just lucky that you didn’t have any other kids at the time my mom had two other ones when she had my brother
Charly Zarry
Charly Zarry - 11 dager siden
My mom was told she couldn’t have kids sand then she went and tried some weird teas and pop one two the of us came out in under three years
Emmanuel Quezada
Emmanuel Quezada - 11 dager siden
I'm going to pick all my skin off as well over the president
Willow Roberts
Willow Roberts - 11 dager siden
I love his laugh😂😂😂😂😂😂
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - 11 dager siden
I was honestly laughing so hard at Flynn licking that straw. What was happening?!😂
Cali sky
Cali sky - 12 dager siden
I love his laugh ❤️
Big fish Lil fish
Big fish Lil fish - 12 dager siden
Dr. Jones is my mom Kelley’s cousin we are related!!
Big fish Lil fish
Big fish Lil fish - 12 dager siden
Danielle Jones is my mom Kelley’s cousin we are related!!
_a_l_a_n_n_a_h _k_a_t_
_a_l_a_n_n_a_h _k_a_t_ - 12 dager siden
When Flynn was getting his dinner I thought he was saying,"Bring me a little water now, bring me a little water nowwwww (sylvie?!)” but apparenlty he was saying Na Na nA nA Na Na nA Na nA”
Shelby Teitelbaum
Shelby Teitelbaum - 12 dager siden
Okay I actually teared up when you made him a bulldozer for dinner... I truly aspire to be the type of mom you are one day and I pray for a family like yours 💘🥺
Kenmon Evans
Kenmon Evans - 13 dager siden
soulja boy
Mary Brewster
Mary Brewster - 13 dager siden
Gyexis Romero
Gyexis Romero - 13 dager siden
Ahh yes I’m due April 30th !! And definitely not roses and peaches haha
Natalie L
Natalie L - 13 dager siden
Flynn sounded like he was singing in a rhythmic tone at 6:26, lol
Natalie L
Natalie L - 13 dager siden
6:26 Yes, Flynn. Noted.😂
Maci - 13 dager siden
The way you talk about soggy egg rolls is the way I feel about soggy fries
Jillian Anderson
Jillian Anderson - 13 dager siden
Haha we got Chinese food that nigh too. 😂 election exhaustion
chachaluv7 - 13 dager siden
How do y’all have the most adorable, funniest and sweetest bb ever?? 💖
Macy Shah
Macy Shah - 14 dager siden
HAHA colleen "im not gonna have any skin left!!" love you queen you made me snort
Danica B
Danica B - 14 dager siden
I'm impressed by that bulldozer dinner
Danica B
Danica B - 14 dager siden
I can't believe you got shamed for saying you hated pregnancy. My mom was pregnant 6 times and she told me she HATED it.
Colleen Cullen
Colleen Cullen - 14 dager siden
I’m pregnant now, and watching all your videos of when you were pregnant, giving birth, and after is super helpful. Thank you for sharing your journey!!!!
Kenzie-Anne Grant
Kenzie-Anne Grant - 14 dager siden
im sorry but every time ur little one licked the straw and u played that music i just about died laughing.. like i cry laughed that was so funny.. thank u for that!
Savannah Pham
Savannah Pham - 14 dager siden
Maria Gonzalez
Maria Gonzalez - 14 dager siden
Colleen is literally the best mom EVER
Alanya Yanmaz
Alanya Yanmaz - 14 dager siden
Omg I just ate Chinese food before watching this vid!!!! 😱
Yes ik it’s not a big deep but still
Lis Graves
Lis Graves - 14 dager siden
Could not stop laughing at flynn wth🤣😂
Marissa Edwards
Marissa Edwards - 14 dager siden
when he grabbed the camera he said "fanessed"
abbey - 14 dager siden
High school with Kim
High school with Kim - 14 dager siden
Flynn is literally so CUTE
Jessica Millar
Jessica Millar - 15 dager siden
You literally made Flynn a bulldozer for dinner - your amazing 🤩
Jessi Schwenk
Jessi Schwenk - 15 dager siden
flynn is literally mimicking eric's laugh! that's so cute!
EmAyeDurkxl3 - 15 dager siden
lmaooo your reaction to not knowing the results yet is me x2656768708766543
Alexxis Acudo
Alexxis Acudo - 15 dager siden
I think what he is doing is acting like Moose drinking water but out of the straw if that makes any sense 😂. He is so cute I love him ❤️. You are the best mom and VERY VERY creative love you so much ❤️ ❤️.
Alanya Yanmaz
Alanya Yanmaz - 15 dager siden
Flynn’s new laugh is the cutest thing I’ve ever seen I love Flynn soo much!!
The potato
The potato - 15 dager siden
Wait it’s been 2 years......what......god......I can’t believe it..............
Rosie Jayne
Rosie Jayne - 15 dager siden
Here in England we call 'egg rolls' spring rolls haha
Seren Turnbull
Seren Turnbull - 16 dager siden
Are you sure you and Miranda Sings swapped kids ??
Edit is it just me or does anyone else like there own comment or is just me?? 🤔🤔😂😂😹😹
Kyliee - 16 dager siden
“ omg.. it’s a truck” I dieeeeed
K C - 16 dager siden
Please take a break/hiatus and work on self love/care. Parenthood changes you and you have to deal with your personal struggles first before being able to manage regular day to day stressor(s) successfully. Even then, finding a balance is tough but all parents find a way. Sending you well wishes
Liv Loves hedgehogs
Liv Loves hedgehogs - 16 dager siden
People are sooo rude Colleen is aloud to talk about what she wants and people can’t stop her she can talk about her childhood her baby’s birth if she wants to talk about it leave her and let her talk. I love u Colleen and all the people watching. Flynn is adorable 😍 . Have a good day
Halia Marie
Halia Marie - 16 dager siden
Women are blessed with the miraculous gift of being able to GROW human BEINGS! “Human” bodies can’t carry babies, FEMALE bodies can. By trying to be inclusive you’re contributing to the erasure of the miracle of womanhood.
Dania Inani Shamsir Adlan
Dania Inani Shamsir Adlan - 16 dager siden
I like how she said she was gonna take a break from vlogging then didn’t post for a day but then continued to post everyday from then on
Eden Thompson
Eden Thompson - 16 dager siden
flynn,,,, on another plan of existence is everything i need in my life
Emma DuBois
Emma DuBois - 16 dager siden
Omg Colleen can u plz adopt me I mean u r like a big sister that I never had (but I do have a older sister but not at all like u lol) luv u ❤️❤️
Tiffany S
Tiffany S - 16 dager siden
My son totally laughs like that when he's being mischievous!
Kristle Falls
Kristle Falls - 16 dager siden
I love momma Doctor Jones!! It makes me so excited that y'all talked hahaha
Emerson Rosato
Emerson Rosato - 16 dager siden
We do care. Periodt. 💖💕✨
Julia Leigh
Julia Leigh - 17 dager siden
You literally took your kids ridiculous, nonsense request for dinner and somehow made it happen???
sapir Y
sapir Y - 17 dager siden
sounds like Flynn is copying Miranda lol
Jillian J
Jillian J - 17 dager siden
THANK YOU FOR TALKING ABOUT PREGNANCY...Specifically HARD pregnancies. I struggled with Hyperemesis my entire pregnancy and I feel like its not talked about enough. YOU are amazing! Women are amazing.. sending love!
Jillian J
Jillian J - 17 dager siden
gdoo mdoo
gdoo mdoo - 17 dager siden
inside the nba
Briana Chovancek
Briana Chovancek - 17 dager siden
Colleen makes me so happy !!!! She is a beyond incredible mom. I love her so much and have been watching for so many years!!!
Briana Chovancek
Briana Chovancek - 17 dager siden
Flynn made my day, why does he make me laugh so much. Colleen is so lucky!!!!!!
Rania J
Rania J - 17 dager siden
oml that bulldozer dinner was freaking adorable
rhea380 - 17 dager siden
I think this year will end in Supreme Court like in 2000
Dania Stephens
Dania Stephens - 17 dager siden
the eyerolls...the deep laugh...the mood swings. its official colleens raising a teanage boy 😶
Nata Rocha
Nata Rocha - 17 dager siden
Carolyn Schumacher
Carolyn Schumacher - 17 dager siden
Oreana Chacon
Oreana Chacon - 17 dager siden
I'm down for watching a looong video of you talking about pregnancy
Emily G
Emily G - 17 dager siden
I’m with you 100%. I went to 42 weeks with my daughter and it was 42 weeks of misery! All worth it, obviously, but never want to go through that again!
Ella Bella
Ella Bella - 17 dager siden
mom award for making Flynn an actual bulldozer for dinner
Lee Sa
Lee Sa - 17 dager siden
If Colleen is looking to adopt one day not sure these videos of her crying out of no where and the constant inner turmoil is going to help.
Jayla Turner
Jayla Turner - 17 dager siden
Idk if it’s just me but I swear every little boy or toddler boy laughs like how Flynn was
lilly Lilly
lilly Lilly - 17 dager siden
God bless this family amen
Diya Bhatt
Diya Bhatt - 17 dager siden
im in love with the sushi pants Colleen.
While We Wait
While We Wait - 18 dager siden
The closeness of the election tells me one thing. No matter how passionate a person feels... roughly half (if not more ) of the population feels differently... be kind!
Alex Bailey
Alex Bailey - 18 dager siden
Nina Pilar
Nina Pilar - 18 dager siden
I really felt that egg roll speech
Nicolekate D
Nicolekate D - 18 dager siden
Flynn is so funny, I can't
lauren mata
lauren mata - 18 dager siden
idk why i just got the notification for this. but i’m 10 weeks pregnant with my first baby and i’m so excited. My morning sickness is horrible but i know it’ll be worth it.
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 18 dager siden
Jill-Beans - 15 dager siden
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 18 dager siden