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Runtime: 10:45


daliyah Mac
daliyah Mac - 10 dager siden
Sorry I’m late
Frankie Xx
Frankie Xx - 12 dager siden
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 18 dager siden
Plus you should be teaching him the proper words, that’s how kids become dyslexic. Not judging, but yeah. I understand you are teaching him the right words, he will start learning them in time. As long as you’re not encouraging him to say his made up words too much.
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 18 dager siden
Your face and chest skin don’t match. It’s annoying me more than the rant. 😂
haylie green
haylie green - Måned siden
I just wanted to say (even though this was posted 2 months ago haha) for YEARS I called certain things stuff;for example my dad’s tobacco= Shooie, pillows= Lillows, blankets= Nakkies, and so many more. And my parents would actually say “I’m gonna be sad the day you stop calling stuff those things” or “please never stop saying that” and I absolutely loved it!! It was something special that I had for just my family to know and understand (like an inside joke) and it was so special to me and my family, also my family and I STILL to this day use those words cause it’s almost like a special langue between us all haha!! It’s a very special thing and it’s something that y’all will always remember and have a cute little story behind certain words!! You are such and amazing mom and I am so happy that you don’t let “the haters” cloud what you want to do with your family!! :) love ya!
evie somanya
evie somanya - Måned siden
I see a mechanic in the future.
Jocie Alaniz
Jocie Alaniz - Måned siden
I love when she says "relax" it so funny to me😅.
Santiago Reyes
Santiago Reyes - Måned siden
Colleen thank u for posting! But change that intro song plsssss😩
Tayla Hill
Tayla Hill - Måned siden
What's wrong with her intro?
kailyn k
kailyn k - Måned siden
i used to say tacticipicker for Caterpillar i cant now say it 100% im 15 my mom says she misses it so sometimes shell just call them that. she knew that id grow out of it so she didnt care. some people just dont know kids i guess
Ashley Azer
Ashley Azer - Måned siden
Don’t correct him until 4 so he will now what to say forever correct
Aliya! Imanxoxo
Aliya! Imanxoxo - Måned siden
I didn’t ask
Colleen Ballinger 2020-
Giselle Torres
Giselle Torres - 2 måneder siden
Flin is cute and Dar Dar is cute every word he says is cute
Karliee Arrowood
Karliee Arrowood - 2 måneder siden
Sarah Lomas
Sarah Lomas - 2 måneder siden
He is so cute ❤️ her little boy 😍❤️
Holly Stibbs
Holly Stibbs - 2 måneder siden
I love his words there adorable
Eisa Bjerklie
Eisa Bjerklie - 2 måneder siden
I love her parenting style it's so amazing and such a breath of fresh air that's how my mom raised us too
Henry T
Henry T - 2 måneder siden
When Trent waved hi I waved back lol 🥰😅
S Love
S Love - 2 måneder siden
Good for you colleen for say "I didn't ask." You are AMAZING
Jessica Sturgill
Jessica Sturgill - 2 måneder siden
I am such a good a big fan of you
Jazz Dowse
Jazz Dowse - 2 måneder siden
We did the same thing with our son (who is 7 in a week 😭) he used to have so many cute little words and let me tell you, I MISS THEM
CJLees - 2 måneder siden
.we love you to😘
CJLees - 2 måneder siden
Dardar I love that
leo - 2 måneder siden
Baby: *born*
Baby: ah.
Entitled shits: no baby it’s “I am confused, where am I” silly
leo - 2 måneder siden
“And i didnt ask”
Honestly, go off girl
Fk everyone who questions her parenting, if she ain’t drowning, poisoning, torturing, bully, him etc then she’s doing fine
Cassie Pannowitz
Cassie Pannowitz - 2 måneder siden
Love you
•TofeeTiggy22• - 2 måneder siden
hes not gonna be an adlu and say dar dar lol
Griselda De La Torre
Griselda De La Torre - 2 måneder siden
U too funny
Maya Franciski
Maya Franciski - 2 måneder siden
No one:
Me when someone says anything to me: 2:31
Penny Sue Aikey
Penny Sue Aikey - 2 måneder siden
Dar dar is so cute
Angela Marie
Angela Marie - 2 måneder siden
The kids all have blonde hair, I wonder if Colleen and her siblings had blonde hair too when they were children and just grew out of it?
Erika Nguyen
Erika Nguyen - 2 måneder siden
Don’t listen to people telling you how to raise YOUR baby. He is your baby and people can’t tell you how to raise him. He is perfect and so are you. Don’t listen to those Karen’s that think they know everything.
Ashley jones
Ashley jones - 2 måneder siden
You are a great mom and he will thank you for letting him be his wonderful creative self. As a mom of 5 I totally agree!
Olivia Sorrie
Olivia Sorrie - 2 måneder siden
hI i aM a RoBoT
zafera lol
zafera lol - 2 måneder siden
well now we know shes gettin him a car on his 16th birthday 😜
Sang Thio
Sang Thio - 2 måneder siden
I’m a bigger fan
Mads Janelle
Mads Janelle - 2 måneder siden
colleen : “i didn’t ask” me : *subscribes and likes the video*
Suxxiebloomz - 2 måneder siden

*"i have four kids at home Don't correct him, Because before you know it, He'll stop saying his cute little words and your really gonna miss it"* Also a...... *PERIDOT* ...i cried a little thank you man 😢🥺
Janvi - 2 måneder siden
i just wanna appreciate you and say that you’re an amazing mom and an amazing person🥺❤️ Flynn is so lucky to have you. i love flynn and you and your entire family SO MUCH!!! his “dardar” and “blahblah” give me life😭❤️
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC - 2 måneder siden
I absolutely can’t stand other moms/non parents telling other moms how to parent! MYOFB!!!! I love HIS words! Flynn is so lucky to have you both home. And other family, what a blessing! ♥️
Alli Fouch
Alli Fouch - 2 måneder siden
Colleen and Erik are such good parents, I love them so much 🥺❤
Sponge Bob
Sponge Bob - 2 måneder siden
I can’t even make up as much words as Flynn can
Maryam A
Maryam A - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is soooooo adorable
Mary Wood
Mary Wood - 2 måneder siden
“Hey I’m kinda thirsty do you have any bleehehbbehhe” 💀
Dana Zelenky
Dana Zelenky - 2 måneder siden
Hi can you do a nother baby video
Lilly Seminara
Lilly Seminara - 2 måneder siden
My mom had went on a camping trip with her girlfriends and my dad corrected my sisters way to say crayon and my mom was angry at him for months and yes I say cherish dardar and hsuwwbjehwh for as long as you can we all love you and support you.
Kyndall is a milkshake
Kyndall is a milkshake - 2 måneder siden
Lol the part when Eric says "y am I not surprised nesepjdbchdms" that was amazing. Legit 5 seconds later * van blows up from Colleen farts*
Emily smith Beauty blog
Emily smith Beauty blog - 2 måneder siden
b o b a a
b o b a a - 2 måneder siden
I was so sad when my nephew finally called me Zoey instead of zo-zo :`)
Manu Bertolotti
Manu Bertolotti - 2 måneder siden
I actually think dar dar is a better word😌
Noa Mandelbaum
Noa Mandelbaum - 2 måneder siden
“I didn’t ask” period love ❤️
Noa Mandelbaum
Noa Mandelbaum - 2 måneder siden
My mom got me a Dardar I’m dying
Noa Mandelbaum
Noa Mandelbaum - 2 måneder siden
I love the way Flynn speaks stop hating everyone
Tessa Eden
Tessa Eden - 2 måneder siden
Nobody worry, Flynn will not grow up thinking that a car is a dar dar. HE WILL BE FINE.
Jaiden Mendez
Jaiden Mendez - 2 måneder siden
2:16 LMAO
Keira Hayton
Keira Hayton - 2 måneder siden
You are a good mom
Sophie Nelson
Sophie Nelson - 2 måneder siden
When I was 1 I said ham instead of Sam and said Apple huh instead of apple juice
Israel Swann
Israel Swann - 2 måneder siden
I do not comment on videos but, Colleen, you are a GREAT MOM! Keep it up! ignore any negative comments! keep rocking on!
mrs jeon
mrs jeon - 2 måneder siden
really this is where the world is, where people are wanting up to correct BABIES?!
Hamna Hafejee
Hamna Hafejee - 2 måneder siden
Miranda should do a thing where she vlogs everyday like colleen :)
Cassandra Wallace
Cassandra Wallace - 2 måneder siden
OMG you All are Karen's, let him say things the way he wants to say it like, dar dar. It is so cute
Nikaela Eve Tun
Nikaela Eve Tun - 2 måneder siden
i loveee your vid colleen and flynn is ssssssssoooooooo cuteeee
Hether Elzey
Hether Elzey - 2 måneder siden
I have an idea for a video and don’t worry you don’t actually have to do it I was thinking you could find like your camera or your phone to like record his very own YouTube video and see how good he does
Jenny Bronson
Jenny Bronson - 2 måneder siden
Missing them! So true!! My son had his own words for a lot of things and I MISS THEM! Also, he is in his 30’s and turned out wonderfully so...
Aiza Mazhar
Aiza Mazhar - 2 måneder siden
COLLEEN! Now you HAVE to get Flynn a huge dar dar that resembles an RV! It’ll be adorable to see his face glow up while playing with it!
bobmash25 - 2 måneder siden
My little brother had names for everything he is now in school and said everything properly
chrmdchild - 2 måneder siden
you are a great mom and are doing exactly what your baby needs!
Amazing Magical Sisters
Amazing Magical Sisters - 2 måneder siden
at least he knows how to talk
Maria Perez
Maria Perez - 2 måneder siden
she went full karen with her son hahaha
Selvi Prasanna
Selvi Prasanna - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is one he is beautiful and he can say whatever he wants people don’t need to be on Colleen. She is a good mom and people he is one. Please just let it be.
He is beautiful.
Colleen is beautiful
Just let her be she is a great parent and Flynn is so smart
Shannon Elaine
Shannon Elaine - 2 måneder siden
delegate zero
delegate zero - 2 måneder siden
did you guys do the "done done" in the rv bed? sorry for asking
Ellia Becker
Ellia Becker - 2 måneder siden
Baby Flynn: blablublablu
High school Flynn: Hey, can I have some blablublablu
Rachael J
Rachael J - 2 måneder siden
How did u get Flynn away from the Dar Dar Jacob made?? (SUPER COOL!!! I’m always blown away by Jacobs building skills-I wonder if he is going to be an architect/engineer (or similar) when he grows up?)
Julien Treize
Julien Treize - 2 måneder siden
About Flynn's invented words, it's a mark of intelligence. He's an incredible little boy!
jdubien123 - 2 måneder siden
Hahahahaha!!! Love that: « I didn’t ask » !!!!
Exactly! Your mom! You know best.
My daughter used to do the same, she used to have her own words for certain things! Don’t change him..... ! And you totally made me laugh when you said , «  he’s not gonna be going into high school and say my mom is gonna get me a dar dar » lmfao!!!!!!
Elise Xuereb
Elise Xuereb - 2 måneder siden
People are so annoying... This fuss of learning things perfectly is just annoying. I work in a Resource Centre and there's a boy who invents his own sign language to communicate. We understand what he is saying once we learn the language. The most important thing is that we communicate and not learn things by the book.
Penelope Kruger
Penelope Kruger - 2 måneder siden
I love fins woads
Steph's Glam Channel
Steph's Glam Channel - 2 måneder siden
Your AMAZING PARENTS!!!! people need to mind there own!!
mitzi potter
mitzi potter - 3 måneder siden
that tank top is so cute
Brenna Hummel
Brenna Hummel - 3 måneder siden
That’s annoying that people are getting on you about Flynn saying his creative words. I was telling my mom about this and she said when I was little I had different words and she never had like corrected me. I don’t even remember saying other words so it will not affect him developmentally. So not that Colleen asked but it is perfectly normal and really cute
Rylie Stapleton
Rylie Stapleton - 3 måneder siden
I love when the kids and Colleen are just playing together and their like he’s over it when Flynn walks away 😂
Jessica Romagosa
Jessica Romagosa - 3 måneder siden
Wow I thought I was the only one who got comments like that. Keep being the most awesome mom! Flynn is going to be such an excellent talker and he really is already. These moments and his special words are so precious and my son, Max did exactly the same thing. You are doing awesome by talking with him and playing with him all the time and doing these amazing little adventures and themed days with him he’s learning so much! Sorry to rant but I felt YOUR rant in my bones because I went through the same thing! People in my family had the same comments when Max was learning words and I felt like a horrible mom. He is AHEAD in his speaking abilities now and makes full sentences and he’s so hilarious and wonderful and sweet and Flynn reminds me so much of him when he was smaller. I always relate so much to your videos and I appreciate you sharing everything you do it helps me feel better about those hard times ❤️ I know there’s so many comments but I hope you see this and know that you helped me so much ❤️
Jasmine Dayton
Jasmine Dayton - 3 måneder siden
Omg I cried at that part too 😭 "you're going to miss it."
Throw Back
Throw Back - 3 måneder siden
Krista Benson
Krista Benson - 3 måneder siden
I was about to say the EXACT thing the man at the airport said!! We so miss the adorable things our girls used to say. My husband and I still say them !
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - 3 måneder siden
Flynn is so cute
Hailey He
Hailey He - 3 måneder siden
Flynn=best baby ever 😍😍😍
Olivia Bennion
Olivia Bennion - 3 måneder siden
I called squirells squeakies, I called pepperoni pizza circle with dots, and I said beautiful as blufilo. I turned out just fine, my developmental process is not ruined.
Evest - 3 måneder siden
For the longest time, my youngest sister would call me Emmem instead of Evelyn and it sounded very odd when she started pronouncing it correctly. 😂💜
Evest - 3 måneder siden
For the longest time, my youngest sister would call me Emmem instead of Evelyn and it sounded very odd when she started pronouncing it correctly. 😂💜
Avery Setlock
Avery Setlock - 3 måneder siden
I love how great of a mom Colleen is
A Rose Slimes
A Rose Slimes - 3 måneder siden
And you didn’t ask 😂😂😂😂 love you
Zig Is cool
Zig Is cool - 3 måneder siden
Coleen , we love you . Those haters aren’t Flynn’s mother are they , no so they don’t have a say in how he gets taught . You are a great mum so keep being awesome 💓
Eleanor Waldock
Eleanor Waldock - 3 måneder siden
i mean also there are studies that say that kids who get corrected all the time for everything have slower developmental processes because theyre trying so hard to say things right all the time 🤷‍♀️
Jordan Rodriguez
Jordan Rodriguez - 3 måneder siden
Lol he said he’s over it lol 😂
DeAnna Hoover
DeAnna Hoover - 3 måneder siden
Colleen: U happy Flynn
Grandpa: He demanded we sat on either side of him
NAE Sqaud
NAE Sqaud - 3 måneder siden
I think it’s cute that he has his own language my baby brother does too and he is turning 1 on the 30th of August which today is in 4 days
Avery_dreams Nothing
Avery_dreams Nothing - 3 måneder siden
And you baby is so cute and nice
Avery_dreams Nothing
Avery_dreams Nothing - 3 måneder siden
I love you Colleen you are you beautiful and I subscribed and liked your vids bye love you
Avery_dreams Nothing
Avery_dreams Nothing - 3 måneder siden
emmiberg420 - 3 måneder siden
Oh you knowww what they’re doing in that RV all alone lmao