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Runtime: 11:19


Gacha Cha
Gacha Cha - 3 dager siden
i have done the oreo cake thing it works
Kitty - 5 dager siden
2:00 *lOs aNgelEs*
lazarene justin
lazarene justin - 9 dager siden
Linnea Kay
Linnea Kay - 9 dager siden
Lier I tried it and it dident work
Aretha Ware
Aretha Ware - 10 dager siden
I already knew rthqt and I agree I recamend the Oreo cake
flxral - 10 dager siden
Omg I tried it and it’s so good
Togarashii - 11 dager siden
Did anyone see a manikin thing when she was going down the stairs at 28 seconds??
katofrie - 12 dager siden
I love mugcakes! ♥♥♥ They're the best. If you want more recipes for mugcakes or healthy ones, check out BiggerBolderBaking youtube channel or site! :)
Eve Taylor
Eve Taylor - 14 dager siden
the dance move is called the dougie and you basically have to body roll half way. if you cant body roll there is lots of tutorials :)
Angelika Jimenez
Angelika Jimenez - 16 dager siden
Hi Colleen 😊 I think your talking about @joeyreed on tiktok and I think they were the one who did it first it's called wrap me in plastic 💕
Angelika Jimenez
Angelika Jimenez - 16 dager siden
Hi Colleen 😊 I think your talking about @joeyreed on tiktok and I think they were the one who did it first it's called wrap me in plastic 💕
Angelika Jimenez
Angelika Jimenez - 16 dager siden
Hi Colleen 😊 I think your talking about @joeyreed on tiktok and I think they were the one who did it first it's called wrap me in plastic 💕
Angelika Jimenez
Angelika Jimenez - 16 dager siden
Hi Colleen 😊 I think your talking about @joeyreed on tiktok and I think they were the one who did it first it's called wrap me in plastic 💕
Angelika Jimenez
Angelika Jimenez - 16 dager siden
Hi Colleen 😊 I think your talking about @joeyreed on tiktok and I think they were the one who did it first it's called wrap me in plastic 💕
Midnight Sky
Midnight Sky - 21 dag siden
For that dance move, you basically want to move one shoulder back at a time. So if I’m doing that move with my right arm, I’m moving my right shoulder back and leaving my left shoulder alone. I’m not sure if that made sense, haha.
Karlee Taylor
Karlee Taylor - 21 dag siden
i love your outro music
Neesie L
Neesie L - 23 dager siden
I miss the sassy dances with Kory.
Priscilla Perfeito
Priscilla Perfeito - 23 dager siden
i did the covid test but i need to do it AGAIN because next wekk im going to alberta to see my friend
Sophie Kalatzis
Sophie Kalatzis - 24 dager siden
Hi Colleen, I tried the 2 ingredient chocolate cake in a cup and let me tell you it was AMAZING! Also your son Flynn is the cutest little boy I’ve ever seen!
Ps I’m a big fan of you can you please give me a shoutout? If you can’t that’s ok but if you have time can you please give me a shoutout? Thanks ☺️
Destiny Rios
Destiny Rios - 25 dager siden
I know exactly what video you are referring to
Chantelle Lea D
Chantelle Lea D - 25 dager siden
Oreo truffles are the best! Bke.d a pack of oreos, mix with a package of softened cream cheese, roll into balls, dip into melted chocolate and refrigerate for an hour!
Offir Benhaill
Offir Benhaill - 26 dager siden
Try learn the canibal dance or hey boy, they so easyyyy.,m
Can youbtrybit next ?
Marvin Castro
Marvin Castro - 27 dager siden
LosIngliss haha
B Ramirez
B Ramirez - 29 dager siden
I love how people pay millions of dollars to live in LA and raise the price of homes in the area then turn around and talk bad about it. Please, by all means, move away.
Devin Casamayor
Devin Casamayor - Måned siden
Flynn scream sounds like one of those rubber chickens when you push on them
Grace _heritage
Grace _heritage - Måned siden
Colleen that dance move is called the doggy
Abigail Stilwell
Abigail Stilwell - Måned siden
I made my ghost print pumkin and used a small pumkin it turned out cute! Thanks, Colleen!
Ngay Luong
Ngay Luong - Måned siden
Hey Colleen! Ive tried the oreo mircowave cake, and it worked and my sister and dad were very happy about it, and ive tried it with chips ahoy cookies, and leftover chocolate safeway cookies and it worked too! So i think you should try the cake recipe with different cookies and homemade cookies too! Thanks alot, Youre an awesome youtuber and mom!
Maya Franciski
Maya Franciski - Måned siden
I made the mug cake, it wasn't bad but it wasn't good
JAKEY PERRY - Måned siden
I'm not trying to be rude colleen you didn't show flyns pumpkin with yours but you did show his while u were painting but still it would be cuter if yours and his pumpkins together
Leeah Brackenridge
Leeah Brackenridge - Måned siden
it’s tosha__ptp
Freya Evans
Freya Evans - Måned siden
UK: at 6pm tonight, most of the countrys going into full lockdown, shops cant sell clothes/non essential items and we can't meet up with anyone not in our family inside or out. its ruined my birthday :(
G Dsouza
G Dsouza - Måned siden
10:00 just lift your arms a little and just kinda shimmy ? Oop no
zoe kucera
zoe kucera - Måned siden
can you pls give me your cookie recipe
Aurelia Garner
Aurelia Garner - Måned siden
Lol collen it doesnt matter if its hanging out all girls where them
strawberry milk squad
strawberry milk squad - Måned siden
teach me how to dougie, and im a hugefan
Burnt Chicken Nugget
Burnt Chicken Nugget - Måned siden
I'm your biggest fan
Charlotte Berg
Charlotte Berg - Måned siden
Flynn’s painted pumpkin looks like it rotting (based on the colors) lol
Tiffany Huang
Tiffany Huang - Måned siden
girl u think u cant dance man i wish i could be half as good as u mannnnn
Isabel Winter
Isabel Winter - Måned siden
Bring back sam and labia!!!!!!
Gacha Is Life
Gacha Is Life - Måned siden
The song she was talking about was wrap me in plastic right ?
Quirkie One
Quirkie One - Måned siden
when the dance was the dougie 😭😭
Froggy - Måned siden
2:00 “los angles” lol
Dominique Alexis
Dominique Alexis - Måned siden
Its in the shoulder colleen!! Gotten loosen up and do it with your shoulders
Dash STW
Dash STW - Måned siden
Is it just me or is Colleens face looking different not bad but if u think about it she could be pregnant at this very moment and she just has not told us yet!?!? 🤭🤔
Bilal Aslam
Bilal Aslam - Måned siden
2:00 Los Angleis
Jade Corteville
Jade Corteville - Måned siden
oreos are made of dough so I actually think that because you add the milk you get a kind of dough back but then something different or a bit more fluffy so when you heat it up again it becomes a kind of cake. I think it works with every cookie and I thought it would be fun to share with you, and if you want you can give it a try with flynn :))
Precious Derico
Precious Derico - Måned siden
The duggie collen. Omg😂 literally this dance has been a dance since like ion know 2016😂😂
Caro Garcia
Caro Garcia - Måned siden
Colleen I recommend u do a chips a hoy cake
Lily Gray
Lily Gray - Måned siden
I will be 100% trying that oreo cake
1D LOVER - Måned siden
on tiktok shes talking about imjoeyreed and he does those dances
Analeeze Delarosa
Analeeze Delarosa - Måned siden
I went to a pumpkin patch yesterday it was so fun!!!♥️
Melanie Rogers
Melanie Rogers - Måned siden
Ooooh that "cake", I'm gonna have to try it but with Nutter Butter cookies... I LOOVE peanut butter cake. 😋
Baddie Tik Tok TV
Baddie Tik Tok TV - Måned siden
I tried the Oreos cake thing and lets just say I'll be doing that a lot it taste so good ❤
mikeysrose - Måned siden
My dad always opened his Oreo bags from the end too, and clipped them shut. They didn't get stale any faster than using the flap to open them, and the Oreos were easier to pull out. Plus, I prefer stale Oreos anyway.
Laiba Moeen
Laiba Moeen - Måned siden
Colleen: Da Vinci taking his time
Flynn: goin all picasso and getting down loooooow
Lacey Fisher
Lacey Fisher - Måned siden
This kinda looks good! 🥰
Rainbow Queen Megan
Rainbow Queen Megan - Måned siden
Was that my imagination or when she showed her finished pumpkin there was a playstation controller on the ground under the table?
Lyndsay Cooledge
Lyndsay Cooledge - Måned siden
Oh my God I tried the oreo mug “cake” vegan and gluten free style. And it was naaaasty! It didn’t work. I used Glutino sandwich cookies, and almond milk. Gross... the cookies didn’t taste like much anymore, and the consistency was like, curdled pudding, if that’s even a thing. 🤢
Jennifer Murdock
Jennifer Murdock - Måned siden
Someone needs to teach her how to dougie 😅
Ruby Mostoller
Ruby Mostoller - Måned siden
for that dance if you have your right hand up then you move to the right and same thing for the left side. You're moving to the right when you have your left hand up which isnt right and I think thats why you cant do it
Ruby Mostoller
Ruby Mostoller - Måned siden
I tried that Oreo recipe and it didnt work for me and I was sad cause it kind of wasted my Oreos but now I want to try it again lol
Chaz g
Chaz g - Måned siden
colleen: Using presition to male her finger ghosts and their faces
Flynn: Doing whatever and not really caring where the brush goes or what it does
I couldnt stop laughing😂😂😂😂
Chaz g
Chaz g - Måned siden
rosario mendoza
rosario mendoza - Måned siden
I think I have the one a couple months ago it was really good
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - Måned siden
cupcake Adventures
cupcake Adventures - Måned siden
Flynn is the cutest
Warning sign
Warning sign - Måned siden
Flynn probably think's he's Pacaso.😂
chanan edwards
chanan edwards - Måned siden
It’s called a dogie
Andrea Lozano
Andrea Lozano - Måned siden
If you think about it, it´s not that weird because coolie batter is made with butter, eggs and flour; if you add milk tho... you get cake batter. I never really thought about it hahaha
Shultz Girls
Shultz Girls - Måned siden
Im doing the oreo cake thing right now wish me luck
Keaton Curtis
Keaton Curtis - Måned siden
Cory is so gay
Braylin Ludlow
Braylin Ludlow - Måned siden
Have you did the torque one
Emily Brown
Emily Brown - Måned siden
It literally just the dougie
Lizzie Maxey
Lizzie Maxey - Måned siden
it’s called the dougie love you!!!!!
Ariel Elizabeth
Ariel Elizabeth - Måned siden
I think its @imjoeyreed that does the original dances!
zozofrench - Måned siden
my boyfriend just goes “that’s miranda” and i was like “omg yeah it’s colleen how did you know” and he was like “i recognized her voice but is her name not miranda” and i was like “no” and now he’s shook because he’s always thought your name was miranda 😂❤️
Just Chloe
Just Chloe - Måned siden
the “ I poop rainbows” mug is amazing 😂😂😂😂😂
mikai quilingking
mikai quilingking - Måned siden
Bc i bont know
mikai quilingking
mikai quilingking - Måned siden
Is your sister marada
Aurora Zambonini
Aurora Zambonini - Måned siden
It’s called the dougie and I’m wondering how to explain it 🤔
Amelia Adlington
Amelia Adlington - Måned siden
And I LOVE your outdo song it reminds me of your touring days before covid :'(
Amelia Adlington
Amelia Adlington - Måned siden
Its "wrap me in plastic" colloeen that's the dance name
Thomas M
Thomas M - Måned siden
I will miss you when your gone😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
BribriG1 1
BribriG1 1 - Måned siden
the only reason why it's a weird texture is because you but to much milk
Orea Ali
Orea Ali - Måned siden
3:20 I guess I can say I understand. Because in Texas specifically Houston area, we have pumpkin patches on farmland or the country side. Not close to the city.
Amber White
Amber White - Måned siden
Hasti Sanghani
Hasti Sanghani - Måned siden
7:03, I nearly died! Colleen is da best! 😋🤪
Pretty Pistachios
Pretty Pistachios - Måned siden
Learn the I think I’m falling in love Tik tok and maybe you will learn that move
Emma Funk
Emma Funk - Måned siden
Should be renamed Flynn made his first jackolantern
sassyangel8890 - Måned siden
Omg you need to make a video of getting all the flavours of the Oreo cookies and making it into cake too and see what one taste better and then a big finale in one cup with mix all the cookie in one and see how it taste lol.
Chloe Lake
Chloe Lake - Måned siden
It's called the dougie
Irritated Gamer
Irritated Gamer - Måned siden
No! I can’t get an ad when I’m watching a Colleen video!
headass steph
headass steph - Måned siden
I’m sorry but Colleen trying to do the dance move is so funny
Super Sushi
Super Sushi - Måned siden
1:27 daisy in the background
Lol 😂
Dana Anaya
Dana Anaya - Måned siden
Loll are you talking about the dougie??? If so search up the song “teach me how to dougie” that’s the original dance from 10 years ago
efia sullivan
efia sullivan - Måned siden
Your son is soooo cute and smart
Amy Rodley
Amy Rodley - Måned siden
I got déjà vu watching this lol
Sarah McDonnell
Sarah McDonnell - Måned siden
Have you guess ever tried it
Coco McElroy
Coco McElroy - Måned siden
the dance move is the dougie 😆 you can search up a tutorial, it was invented in 2016 😁
Rylie Alley
Rylie Alley - Måned siden
omg, Kory is amazing! I love his dance moves!