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Runtime: 13:17


linda bentz
linda bentz - Time siden
Virgin though that was a different YouTube channel didn't know that that was a I didn't know that there was a new title on it
Jacquelyn DeLeon
Jacquelyn DeLeon - 4 timer siden
Flynn is like im running this channel now hahahahahah
Maddie and Addie Scott
Hase james charles seen flynn
LP - 04WS 868725 Great Lakes PS
flynn is sooooooooo! cute i love the way he picks up the camera
Rahim Rahumaniya
Rahim Rahumaniya - Dag siden
is this miranda sings
Alham Attaie
Alham Attaie - 2 dager siden
Kory and collen are suck good brothers and sisters like
adriana decker
adriana decker - 2 dager siden
u posted this on my bday lol
Aubree Hoffman
Aubree Hoffman - 2 dager siden
He is so good and Cute
Shealyn sullivan
Shealyn sullivan - 2 dager siden
Flynn is sooo cute!!!
Melody Davis
Melody Davis - 3 dager siden
Maliyah Long
Maliyah Long - 4 dager siden
i love him he is so cute !!!!!!!!
Basma Robloxian playz
Basma Robloxian playz - 4 dager siden
:( sad u didn't make that much Video because (Flynn why not put him to bed) then make a video then much more easy as a Mom so he doesn't make the video bad ant other stuff put him to bed and make a video! Who agrees
Basma Robloxian playz
Basma Robloxian playz - 4 dager siden
Coleen:say bye Flynn:bah bah bah bah Coleen:bye!
itslootgod - 4 dager siden
You film this on my birthday my birthday was the 3rd of September
Lilly Patterson
Lilly Patterson - 4 dager siden
i literally cannot handle how cute it is when he says coco asdfghjkl
Spicy & Mushroom
Spicy & Mushroom - 5 dager siden
Colleen: it's Thursday??
Colleen: I'm tired-
bessy ricafort
bessy ricafort - 5 dager siden
i love u so much u are so amazing
Just SingN'Things
Just SingN'Things - 6 dager siden
Me: Afraid of spiders

Also Me : Still watches Erik tells tells stories and shows pictures of Spiders
ariana krass
ariana krass - 6 dager siden
flynn is so cute
Tamara Ramirez
Tamara Ramirez - 7 dager siden
Hilda Ramirez
Hilda Ramirez - 8 dager siden
Colleen is such a great mom😻😻👶👶💑
Asher TIKTOK - 9 dager siden
Me When I See Her: She Looks Like Miranda
VVS. T.S0785
VVS. T.S0785 - 9 dager siden
Omg your son is adorable I love him he is soo cute
Glossy Strawberrys
Glossy Strawberrys - 10 dager siden
My Grandpa comes in and sees my watching this when they are making the shake and says "Back in My days, we didnt use thos do hickies we used a stick and a bit ol bucket" (didnt acrually say this but prob would XD)
Nickael Jacobs
Nickael Jacobs - 10 dager siden
Flynn is so adorable ❤️💗
Bea Gumbinner
Bea Gumbinner - 11 dager siden
0:41 - Colleen looks traumatized
2:53- Flynn looks traumatized
8:55 ish- Flynn looks traumatized again (as always)
10:31 - Daisy looks Traumatized
11:16 - Colleen IS traumatized
Emma Bronson
Emma Bronson - 11 dager siden
It was Thursday
Veronica Myers
Veronica Myers - 12 dager siden
He is so adorable 💖💖💖
Lora Liddell
Lora Liddell - 12 dager siden
He is so stinking cute
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson - 12 dager siden
what are drardar
Jessica Robinson
Jessica Robinson - 12 dager siden
flynn is a good cramra man!
Ray hines
Ray hines - 12 dager siden
am i the only one that is questioing how flynn is blond
The Real Deadpool
The Real Deadpool - 13 dager siden
Omg it's miranda Sings but she's Different
Ava - 15 dager siden
I can't even at 6:22 he's so cute!
Cookies and Cream
Cookies and Cream - 16 dager siden
When you said praying mantis I was done I do not like praying mantises
Elinor Jaycock
Elinor Jaycock - 17 dager siden
XD u look and sound like miranda XD
Joel Tatualla
Joel Tatualla - 18 dager siden
Flynn is the cutest baby ever he's so cute!!!😍😍😍😍
Raeghan Ross
Raeghan Ross - 19 dager siden
Flinn is so CUTE!!!!
Amiah V
Amiah V - 20 dager siden
When she was showing the spiders me hating spiders continued to watch that part I jumped when I saw the lays spider and I hid in my shirt
Unknown User •132 years ago
Emma Byrne
Emma Byrne - 25 dager siden
Aww Flynn at the start melted my heart he is so cute
Cara Hanna
Cara Hanna - 28 dager siden
He is such a mini Erik
Kiersten Sarazin
Kiersten Sarazin - 29 dager siden
Flynn’s face in the thumbnail: 👁👄👁
Mia Jarvis
Mia Jarvis - Måned siden
1:00 = Flynn ASMR
x Jade x
x Jade x - Måned siden
*Edit* shes litterally getting used to being Miranda now 🤣
Babyarielroblox R
Babyarielroblox R - Måned siden
When you’ve been sitting watching the video and in the middle of it part of your nail on your toe falls off
Alexa Rose
Alexa Rose - Måned siden
*Colleen stirring with a spoon Kory used*
Flynn: *grabs spoon from Colleen* KOKO!
Colleen: Oh, am I not allowed to use it?
*Colleen uses the spoon again*
Flynn: Give me that *grabs spoon* KOKO!
Katie Custard
Katie Custard - Måned siden
Lmao Flynn looks so confused on the thumbnail
mary doucette
mary doucette - Måned siden
why is he so cute i cant help it hes adorble
DixiePlaysRoblox - YT
DixiePlaysRoblox - YT - Måned siden
he is the cutest thing 🥺
Stop it R3EE3EE3
Stop it R3EE3EE3 - Måned siden
This is the only good family vlogging channel
Niah and Grace
Niah and Grace - Måned siden
The best mom ever
Kristel Pilataxi
Kristel Pilataxi - Måned siden
Bring back maranda
Jewels Fern
Jewels Fern - Måned siden
Lyndzi Brown
Lyndzi Brown - Måned siden
You made this the day before my birthday
Taylor Roberson
Taylor Roberson - Måned siden
he sounds like gus gus from cinderella 🥺
Viv Kilfeather
Viv Kilfeather - Måned siden
When she says ‘you want some apple’Flynn:oooh yeahhh!!
Ruby - Måned siden
Flyn: *”uh uh uh oh uh”* ... *”moma?”*
hes too cute 🥺🥺❤️❤️❤️
Paula Fernandez Grossi
Paula Fernandez Grossi - Måned siden
Zhxnxe - Måned siden
7:13 is when they start the play - doh!
Thank me later.
SabeenaJayaMillie Singh
SabeenaJayaMillie Singh - Måned siden
I like how Flynn can say “BABODODOD” and Colleen knows exactly what he’s saying (1:09)
Olivia Pinter
Olivia Pinter - Måned siden
so unbelievably adorable Colleen.
mimi playz
mimi playz - Måned siden
Colline: Flynn only sleeps an hour. me when I was a baby: 1 hour I did not sleep 1 min!
Honey Gacha
Honey Gacha - Måned siden
Colleen Flynn was mad when you got your spoon next to his
S Aultz
S Aultz - Måned siden
Flynn’s teacher: Flynn what does your mom do
Flynn: oh she talks to a camera all day
Charlize Martin
Charlize Martin - Måned siden
Someone please tell me where Flynn got those cute blue eyes!!!
Darcie Woodblack
Darcie Woodblack - Måned siden
Flin is
Alice Francis
Alice Francis - Måned siden
You look so good
Josie Webb
Josie Webb - Måned siden
Emily Caddick
Emily Caddick - Måned siden
Flynn playing with dardars is a mood(a good one)
AVACADOOO GIRL Gaming - Måned siden
Flynn the next Gordon Ramsay lol
chloe debose
chloe debose - Måned siden
bybybybyby lol
KATIE Thomas
KATIE Thomas - Måned siden
Flin is Amazing wonderful human being Good job raising him 😊😊😊😊
Lily-Anne Kilford
Lily-Anne Kilford - Måned siden
If its edible then why can't Flynn eat it
Kirsty Brown
Kirsty Brown - Måned siden
8:20 hahahahahahah
Millie Lindahl
Millie Lindahl - Måned siden
Me :dnxyfdbxhchidnndjehxbh
asianboy_ yt
asianboy_ yt - Måned siden
Adds adds
Tori Vine
Tori Vine - Måned siden
Annarose Peralta
Annarose Peralta - Måned siden
I love you🤗😻👌👧 😌😊☺️😉🙃🙂😍🥰😙😗😘🥰😍
BroppyFan !!
BroppyFan !! - Måned siden
"Im vlogging its Boring im coleen!" Omg i love the intro 😂
ItsNinja Boy
ItsNinja Boy - Måned siden
That’s tons of bugs
ItsNinja Boy
ItsNinja Boy - Måned siden
he is the cutest thing ever
K T - Måned siden
Hands down my favourite vlog of Flynn! There are so many cute moments 😭🥰
関谷祐子 - Måned siden
He sounds like he's cursing in Japanese lol
Chelsea Singh
Chelsea Singh - Måned siden
Isla - Måned siden
"oh, oh, oh, OH NO!.....Uh oh
o k
o k - Måned siden
Reem Alshehhi
Reem Alshehhi - Måned siden
I think collyen wil be a good mom
Kylie Stevenson
Kylie Stevenson - Måned siden
Is this Miranda sings
Addi Irwin
Addi Irwin - Måned siden
Trump 2020
Cool stuff With jasmine
Cool stuff With jasmine - Måned siden
He is soooo cute
Erin R
Erin R - Måned siden
i should not have continued watching to see the spiders 😖
RS Vlogs
RS Vlogs - Måned siden
Flynn sounding like he said “oh yea” at 3.20 !!
Brooke Fowler
Brooke Fowler - Måned siden
I know no one will see this but you are beautiful and love yourself 💕
Sandra Chaney
Sandra Chaney - Måned siden
Your baby is so cuteeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻👶🏻ahhhhhh!!!!! Dies from cutenus 😵😵😵😵😵
Adrienne Crockton
Adrienne Crockton - Måned siden
Ñ the
Jillian Kauffman
Jillian Kauffman - Måned siden
In case you don't have cream of tar tar it comes out the same
Robin Black
Robin Black - Måned siden
I think that Flynn is soooo cute you are such a good mom
Jackie D
Jackie D - Måned siden
flynn is so cute smh :3😊
Brianna giraldo
Brianna giraldo - Måned siden
Colleen u are Miranda bc that looks like Miranda’s room u are acting like miranda