Making Pizza, Melting Cactus, and Breastfeeding

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Runtime: 16:17


Just SingN'Things
Just SingN'Things - 12 timer siden
The way Flynn grabbed that handful of cheese in the bag was hilarious 😂😂😂
Help Me, my spaghetti is trying to eat me
Flynn looks like little Bailey from the side
Pandora Plain
Pandora Plain - 29 dager siden
Sarah Oaten
Sarah Oaten - Måned siden
You mite be Allergic to mosquitoes
Aka Hoke
Aka Hoke - Måned siden
Ok so my grandpa is OBSESSED with growing cacti and before he even started his cacti farm he learn everything abt them and he passed that knowledge on to me the oldest, so i think the reason ur cacti are melTiNg is most likely because over watering, because cacti dont need to be watered everyday because they are originated in the dessert and it doesnt rain a lot, so u just need to water them every other day because they were built for the heat and they can handle it but not to much moisture 😌👌✨
Audrey Lawrence
Audrey Lawrence - Måned siden
it kinda looks like a white sock or a horse fly but idk since i live in Alaska we have thoose things here so yeah bye
Lidia deetz
Lidia deetz - Måned siden
Colleen maybe the ghost followed you home
Debra Greig
Debra Greig - Måned siden
Hi I'm so a fen
Melissa Rehmeier
Melissa Rehmeier - Måned siden
Like you said yourself, it’s your choice not anyone else’s! 👍🏼 it’s your body ♥️
Faith Mckenzie
Faith Mckenzie - Måned siden
Yes Queeennn✨✨ It's your choice to breastfeed or do formula Etc. 👏
Kelsey Isbill
Kelsey Isbill - Måned siden
I love you Colleen you’re doing great! I feel like with how much emotion and attention your putting into the negative comments. Maybe and it is up to you but I feel like maybe it would be better to turn the comments on YouTube off until you feel better about them and not get bothered by them. I hope your day is going great! ❤️❤️❤️
Pascuala Yates Saavedra
Pascuala Yates Saavedra - Måned siden
my sister is 2 and a half and she's still breast feeding , not as often as before, just when she goes down for a nap and when she goes to bed and sometimes she doesn't even have any when she goes down for a nap , my mum wants to stop but she doesn't want to pressure my sister into not having any more breast milk , me and my brother stopped when we were ready , i was 1 and my brother was 3 or 4 , flynn will stop when he is ready because some babies still drink breast milk for different reasons , they may like the feeling of protection when you two are alone or it calms him when he is scared, so what you're doing is completely fine , if flynn is still breastfeeding again that is normal nobody's business except for you and flynn , lots of love xx
Cameron Morton
Cameron Morton - Måned siden
2:25 I relate to Flynn so much 😂😂 eating a fistful of cheese
hannah chapman
hannah chapman - Måned siden
do you
Rosalina Robin
Rosalina Robin - Måned siden
That’s bug bite is a hornet bite and soooooo you can die from that sorry for the bad News
Heidi Richards
Heidi Richards - Måned siden
Flynns double chin is my favorite thing on planet earth! He’s just such a cutie patootie.
v. palani
v. palani - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute
natalia lucio
natalia lucio - 2 måneder siden
you do you girl!
Natalie Robinson
Natalie Robinson - 2 måneder siden
Wait do people not feel mosquito bites? Like am I not normal?
Megan Rone
Megan Rone - 2 måneder siden
I nursed my first two children to 1 year, and now, on my 3rd, I am at 14 months and I really don't have any intentions of stopping any time soon. I was always that person who knew I would work hard to get to 1 year, but then I would be DONE! But for some reason- I just don't feel like stopping yet. Maybe because he may be my last baby? More power to you, mama!
Anne-So lifestyle
Anne-So lifestyle - 2 måneder siden
You really don't deserve to be mom shamed you look like the best mom ever! Don't listen to other people! ❤️
Nadia B
Nadia B - 2 måneder siden
Sis u do you u don’t need to listen to anyone it’s ur choice to Brest feed or not no one has the right to tell u what to do
Shanna Lorenz
Shanna Lorenz - 2 måneder siden
That’s a spider bite and it looks infected
LizzyPlays 123
LizzyPlays 123 - 2 måneder siden
You do you
Katie Wright
Katie Wright - 2 måneder siden
I know someone who had a baby in August and I saw a picture of him the day he went home and he literally looked bigger than Flynn! 😂
Shyloh Elizabeth Gomez
Shyloh Elizabeth Gomez - 2 måneder siden
the bugs are from house plants
Zainab Raza
Zainab Raza - 2 måneder siden
Any Pakistani watching this '4:42' its funny
Amanda Wilson
Amanda Wilson - 2 måneder siden
Colleen you do what's best for you and your family! I get shamed all the time because my son is a little over 3 and still nurses before bed and when he's upset. I will continue until I decide is the right time to stop for me and my family. Don't feel like you have to justify what is best for you and your family. ❤️
Krista W
Krista W - 2 måneder siden
my son is 3 weeks younger than Flynn and is still breastfed too! ❤️
•BlueMoonWolf• - 2 måneder siden
This actually happened to my mom with her a fluffy cactus. She decided to put sticks to hold It up. I'm not sure if it will work because yours is much bigger.If it doesn't work then cut it. My mom said it is called prune
FndngHufflepuff - 2 måneder siden
My daughter will be 2 in 1 month and she’s still breastfeeding! I saw my midwife today for my annual Pap smear and she applauded me for still breastfeeding her!
Brennica H.
Brennica H. - 2 måneder siden
Girl my mom breastfed me until I was 2 1/2 and the only reason she stopped is because my grandma made her so I think whatever you do is great! ❤️❤️
Piper Phillips
Piper Phillips - 2 måneder siden
I have a tip try not to get water on the cactus because if it has water on it the plant will boil
Felicity Ann Agpalasin
Felicity Ann Agpalasin - 2 måneder siden
Here in the Philippines, those "spider bites" are normal. But usually, it comes from ants, not spiders. And don't worry, I think it will eventually go away
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Save the cactus
Karen’s Kid
Karen’s Kid - 2 måneder siden
Colleen you can breastfeed if you want as long as you want too like nobody can tell you what to do and you shouldn’t take there opinions they can leave you alone for real
Terri Fenwick
Terri Fenwick - 2 måneder siden
I LOVE your hair parted down the middle and waved. Soooo cute.
Molly Le
Molly Le - 2 måneder siden
You feed your baby however you want! 21 months on a huge feat 🥰 do what’s best for you and Flynn! 😍
Carolina Vargas
Carolina Vargas - 2 måneder siden
Love you Colleen
Isabella Eggers
Isabella Eggers - 2 måneder siden
I want to know what songs they were listening to during their dance party.
The Fern Show!
The Fern Show! - 2 måneder siden
Like you said, we have breasts to feed our children! It's NOT shameful, if you want to breastfeed, then you go girl! You know what's best for flynn. I can't believe there's still a 'taboo' in breastfeeding it's ridiculous! It's natural, healthy and great for babies of all ages! GO GIRL!! Xxx
Ashley Compadre
Ashley Compadre - 2 måneder siden
We need to see more of stockland
Olivia Rios
Olivia Rios - 2 måneder siden
Girl you need this spray I got off Amazon for bugs. A friend who’s a exterminator told me and it works amazing
Rebekah Bell
Rebekah Bell - 2 måneder siden
I think the bite is a spider bite. Spider bites itch and burn at the same time and they usually are larger than mosquito bites.
Rebekah Bell
Rebekah Bell - 2 måneder siden
Bugs during the heat try to find moisture so thats probably why you keep experiencing large groups of insects entering your home. Especially since your experiencing 115 degree days
Kimberly Alonzo
Kimberly Alonzo - 2 måneder siden
You can cut the cactus, cut the spikes, then rince them, and eat them. They are really good for you!
Amy Villarreal
Amy Villarreal - 2 måneder siden
I have a question and idk if anyone or you (colleen)will see but, did you ever gave flynn formula? Because I feel like my breastmilk isn't producing as much as before and my son is almost 1 in Nov. And I want to continue breastfeeding but idk. Maybe it's just me
Megan Stone
Megan Stone - 2 måneder siden
I swear colleen is literally gonna die when flynn has to go to school
Leah Hampton
Leah Hampton - 2 måneder siden
Hes so smart
Leah Hampton
Leah Hampton - 2 måneder siden
Hide cameras round the house yo see what flynn does
Emily Ruby
Emily Ruby - 2 måneder siden
Colleen who cares what people say about your boob feeding !we know it’s your choice! it’s none of our business
Femke - 2 måneder siden
I've never understood why people see breastfeeding as a taboo subject. Let's just all mind our own business and leave every mother alone thank you very much.
Kimma Grace
Kimma Grace - 2 måneder siden
If you don't have bed bugs... I would be shocked!
Lacey Rosenberg
Lacey Rosenberg - 2 måneder siden
preach about moming
The After Effect
The After Effect - 2 måneder siden
I think if you used a magnifying glass to put the sunlight directly on the egg then it probably would've cooked, but idk
Alisha W
Alisha W - 2 måneder siden
Still breastfeeding? Yassss! My son is 18 months and we'll keep doing it until he wants to stop. 😄😊
Emily Engle
Emily Engle - 2 måneder siden
Did he say Oompa Loompa
sassyangel8890 - 2 måneder siden
Spider bite maybe
elysa pineda
elysa pineda - 2 måneder siden
Omg this is so nice to hear that you still breastfeed my son just turned 1 and everyone’s asking me when am I gonna stop or why am I still doing it and it’s so helpful to hear your words so thank you so much Colleen you are an inspiration and great mommy (:
Katherine Acevedo
Katherine Acevedo - 2 måneder siden
I love cheese as much as Flynn does hahahaha
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 2 måneder siden
Colleen and Erik are such awesome parents!!
Peyton Preira
Peyton Preira - 2 måneder siden
You should have Miranda cancel her mom (Angela)
Sassy SAMMI - 2 måneder siden
Answer to question number 1: Colleen you just need to give your cactus a little bit of water an order for it to survive.
CoureyPie - 2 måneder siden
I wrote you and I hope you got it. ❤️ I think you're a wonderful mother, and your videos have helped me cope with my pregnancy losses I've had over the last year
Galaxy Phone
Galaxy Phone - 2 måneder siden
Galaxy Phone
Galaxy Phone - 2 måneder siden
Girl go for it
Jessica Millar
Jessica Millar - 2 måneder siden
Your body - your baby- your rules !
r@munya - 2 måneder siden
Why do people have a problem with breastfeeding past 1 year? If you want to and are able to, that’s amazing! 🙌
Mauricio Navarro
Mauricio Navarro - 2 måneder siden
To propagate those cacti I usually cut individual leaves either with a sharp knife or by twisting it. I then let the cacti wound dry before potting it because it’ll rot and once it’s dry you can pot it and it’ll root. But DON’T use a big pot.
Kristy Vestal
Kristy Vestal - 2 måneder siden
18m breastfeeding and still going strong. I plan to go as long as she and I want. But the longer I go the more anxious I become of what other will think. One plus of quarantine... no one can give you their unwanted advice 😂
Avery Coker
Avery Coker - 2 måneder siden
My dad is a exterminator and he said it is a spider bite and it scared me because he really know his bites
OS- Conner
OS- Conner - 2 måneder siden
My sisters son is 3 and she still breastfeeding and that's ok
Abrianna White
Abrianna White - 2 måneder siden
Colleen if there are bugs in your sink/bathtub that are small with big wings it could be termites I’ve had them not fun
carmela - 2 måneder siden
colleen is going to keep breastfeeding till hes 6, he will be getting homeschooled by colleen and she thinks shes smart.
Carson Guzowski
Carson Guzowski - 2 måneder siden
You can propagate a cactus by simply sticking them in the ground & forgetting about them for a couple months.
Rojina alm
Rojina alm - 2 måneder siden
Your hair looks cute
Milla Ofelia
Milla Ofelia - 2 måneder siden
Flynn wearing a JoJo Siwa shirt is a mood
Kay D
Kay D - 2 måneder siden
Get Home Defense (from Home Depot). It kills everything!
Charlotte Wong
Charlotte Wong - 2 måneder siden
my mom breastfed me until she couldn't produce milk, I think it is super cool that she breastfed me as much as I needed and wanted her to, and you will definitely miss that bonding feeling with flynn when he doesn't need your milk anymore so breastfeed him as much as he needs u too rn!!!!
Megan Dolan
Megan Dolan - 2 måneder siden
No colleen you are such a good mom and during quarentine
Andrea Vasquez Velázquez
Andrea Vasquez Velázquez - 2 måneder siden
Colleen, eat the cactus, here in Mexico we call it nopal and it's delicious, I love to eat it roasted with lemon, salt, pepper and garlic powder, you have to take the spines out by cutting them with a knife, I mean, you could watch a video about it, but it's truly delicious, it's how we made it at home
bella celeste
bella celeste - 2 måneder siden
Honestly 🙌🏼do what you want to do🙌🏼 where are the haters. frickin fight me 😤
Hazrd Rose NYC
Hazrd Rose NYC - 2 måneder siden
Girl do what’s best for you x Flynn! I support all choices a mom makes pertaining to breast/formula !!!! Period! ♥️
DogLover 09
DogLover 09 - 2 måneder siden
you can put an ice cube in the cactus if it gets to ho again
Mendoza Leonor
Mendoza Leonor - 2 måneder siden
me trying to catch up on the vlogs because online school is trash: 👁👄👁
Maryum imam
Maryum imam - 2 måneder siden
I had the same bite I put on after bite on it stinged but helped
Shayla Storm
Shayla Storm - 2 måneder siden
Spider bites hurt they don't itch and that's coming from what my doctor said. . girlfriend I feel ur pain trust me :/
Hoping it gets better for ya tho xo
Natalie Read
Natalie Read - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is my spirit animal 😂
Becca & Nora
Becca & Nora - 2 måneder siden
I was an exclusive pumper for 2 years and a few weeks for my daughter, NURSE ON COLLEEN! Its amazing for him and you, it doesn't stop becoming nutritional after a year or any amount of time
Laura Cercone
Laura Cercone - 2 måneder siden
Just want to say make sure it’s not a black widow bite
Maddie Milligan
Maddie Milligan - 2 måneder siden
15:52 kory deffo forgot to edit her singing like he normally does 😂
Gail Lurie
Gail Lurie - 2 måneder siden
You really need an exterminator and to stop opening those huge patio doors all the time. Also god forbid they start biting Flynn. After that huge kitchen infestation you had I’m surprised you haven’t called one yet! Especially with the black widows, brown widows...whatever they are!
Tiffany Lauria
Tiffany Lauria - 2 måneder siden
My opinion you do you
Kelley Smith
Kelley Smith - 2 måneder siden
Fed is best. It doesn’t matter as long as mom and baby are happy
merideth roseman
merideth roseman - 2 måneder siden
i connected with flynn on a spiritual level with the handfuls of cheese.
Kayla Henderson
Kayla Henderson - 2 måneder siden
They definitely could be spider bites or ticks. I'd be very careful!
Andrea Goldstein
Andrea Goldstein - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is going to be a cooking pro just like his momma lol
Kate McGracker
Kate McGracker - 2 måneder siden
Get the plant doctor app will help you lots in the future :) and now
loop loop
loop loop - 2 måneder siden
Flynn will become a chef👨‍🍳👨‍🍳
krissjay - 2 måneder siden
Many cultures breastfeeding is "normal" until 24 months and upwards. It's an excellent source of nutrition and continues building the bond between mom and baby. It's amazing you were able to breastfeed and continue to do so!