Meet Our New Roommate!

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Runtime: 17:33


Hannah Huesser
Hannah Huesser - 11 timer siden
i got up and made a quesadilla while i was watching her make one....🤦‍♀️
Melisa Garcia
Melisa Garcia - 2 dager siden
Halloween was actually called saints day and it was a Christian holiday but people started cursing it and doing satanic things on that day that’s why a lot of Christians stopped celebrating it. But it’s your decision if you want to celebrate it. God bless 🤍
Rae Peronneau
Rae Peronneau - 4 dager siden
Colleen, Halloween was the Druid New Year. When things went from Light (summer) to Dark (winter) Not even kind of demonic. As a matter of fact, the Druid's predate Christianity. lol. You might want to do some further reading. lol
Madilyn Engelhardt
Madilyn Engelhardt - 7 dager siden
Hey Colleen, just a suggestion... something that helps me regarding to-do lists is keeping two lists: the first is an everything I ever need to do list. Basically I constantly add to this list with anything and everything that I need to do. It’s in no particular order either. It’s just a long overwhelming to-do list. However the second list is rarely ever stressful. It’s my daily to-do list, but the only thing on it is the things that I have to do that particular day and things that are due that day. Then i don’t have to worry about prioritizing as much and I don’t get as distracted by the things I’d rather do. Then if I get all of my daily to-do list done I can refer to my long to-do list for something to work on with the extra time.
Maren Blaser
Maren Blaser - 9 dager siden
Colleen: talks about how lazy she is then makes tortillas form scratch
Me: oh we're out of tortillas I'll just have something else
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 10 dager siden
I agree with Erik it should be a show
Jackie Roach
Jackie Roach - 10 dager siden
Lol the entire time she was talking to us after the tortillas all I could think about was “shut your fridge!”
E Dee
E Dee - 13 dager siden
Who’s been here since Vlarch?
Katarina Pelkey
Katarina Pelkey - 14 dager siden
Flynn is the cutest little nugget what a blessing
Jenna Steele-Bernard
Jenna Steele-Bernard - 15 dager siden
I need that sweater link 😭😭😭😍
Heart llama
Heart llama - 15 dager siden
Does NOBODY else think this is scary as hell hahahahaha
Sarah Bila
Sarah Bila - 17 dager siden
Flynn's "hey momma" MELTED ME
Jewel the potato
Jewel the potato - 17 dager siden
Rachel is such a good aunt, she always makes Flynn laugh and makes Flynn so happy! I'm not saying that colleen doesn't, she is an amazing mom, im just saying that Rachel is always asking a good time for Flynn!
Ani The Star
Ani The Star - 19 dager siden
you filmed part of your video on my birthday lol
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - 19 dager siden
Javier Lanz
Javier Lanz - 20 dager siden
Tip put the tortillas in a container in the fridge and write the expiration date on the top
Rylie Alley
Rylie Alley - 21 dag siden
I love how Kory practically lives with them!!
Heather M
Heather M - 21 dag siden
That creepy scary thing is amazing!!!!
Rashad Layla
Rashad Layla - 22 dager siden
Honestly for me cramps are a first-day-of-period thing
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 22 dager siden
Are you from California?
Rebecca’s Vlogs
Rebecca’s Vlogs - 23 dager siden
😂😂😂😂😂😂 “ok, let’s just put the expired ones back.” 😂😂😂😂😂😂 who says that?
Jimena Loyola
Jimena Loyola - 24 dager siden
Yes the second day of my period is the heaviest 😖
Tony Lamar
Tony Lamar - 26 dager siden
Emma Thomas
Emma Thomas - 26 dager siden
It’s refreshing to see a normal comment section with out comments like who was here before- and things like that hah
Jonny Wing
Jonny Wing - 26 dager siden
Do more ghost hunting videos there great 👍 🎃👻
Rylan Syring
Rylan Syring - 26 dager siden
When she said “are you frickin kidding me” in her Miranda voice
StellaStar - 27 dager siden
Halloween is a Holliday celebrating the one day of the year people would wear masks and costumes to scare away the undead and demons \ spirits. I'm not trying to be rude just a friendly correction.
Rylee Buckel
Rylee Buckel - 27 dager siden
colleen and i had horrible periods on the same week. i feel for you girl. mine was the worst ive ever had and i had to pop midol like candy. ugh
TheExtratoastie94 - 27 dager siden
Colleen pelvic steaming does wonders for my cramps and it's so easy and free! @thesteamychick kellie garza on Instagram is a walking encyclopedia about it
Salmon Fam
Salmon Fam - 27 dager siden
Whos the room mate
Salmon Fam
Salmon Fam - 27 dager siden
Rachel is getting cramps to
Miri Mousee
Miri Mousee - 27 dager siden
You just reminded me to put tortillas on my grocery list. Thank you!
Kristan Makl
Kristan Makl - 27 dager siden
My husband also always leaves the tortilla bag open. Nothing worse than a crusty stale tortilla
Mikayla Le Roux
Mikayla Le Roux - 27 dager siden
Ok wait, who is your new roommate?
rudegirl2219 - 28 dager siden
That’s not how you make a tortilla lol
Stephanee Kammer
Stephanee Kammer - 28 dager siden
My husband usually cleans out the fridge (usually) prior to me grocery shopping. I always ask, "did you check the bottom drawer?" and he always says he did. WELL I went to put groceries this morning and found rotten freaking peppers! Mold everywhere and I think I fainted LOL! Trusting my husband to clean the bottom drawer is like trusting my son to do his chores YIKES
Juan Espinoza
Juan Espinoza - 28 dager siden
Halloween is actually the day of the harvest the only day all grounds become hallow giving it the name halloween and the trick or treating falls back to the greek myth of persephone her mother would use her magic to make her self to look like a young girl dressed in rags asking trick or treat if they said trick then they knew something of persephone's capture and would gladly tell her but they said treat then they knew nothing and would give her a gift of food to give her energy to keep looking for her beloved daughter persephone.
Kylie Cowan
Kylie Cowan - 28 dager siden
i forgot cocos name lol
Montana McInerney
Montana McInerney - 28 dager siden
Me:sees title and thanks "wait! Colleen got a roommate and it wasn't me?"
Haley Hargis
Haley Hargis - 28 dager siden
Where did you get your sweater colleen? 🖤🧡
Toni Kildey
Toni Kildey - 28 dager siden
Halloween was once known as Samhain and it was a Celtic pagan celebration to welcome the Harvest time of year and a time to celebrate the dead as the 'veil between living and dead is thinnest' on the 31st of October.
Mia Vasquez
Mia Vasquez - 28 dager siden
Where your sweater from I love it , it's so cute
JoSalvador - 28 dager siden
Dirty pan and paper plates is more American than being born in the USA
Grace Raznick
Grace Raznick - 28 dager siden
0.47 she starts talking as Miranda.
Gabriela Olivares
Gabriela Olivares - 28 dager siden
who else yawned at 16:50
Hello It’s me
Hello It’s me - 28 dager siden
JNERDX YouTube - 28 dager siden
Like, she said that in a previous video even before she was married to Erik. And I was like, really though? And now that I see her with Flynn and doing all these projects for Halloween… I’m like, yeah. She was born to be a mom.
JNERDX YouTube - 28 dager siden
Colleen was born to be a mom.
OceanBreeze - 28 dager siden
It's a freaking celtic holiday colleen!!!!
OceanBreeze - 28 dager siden
Shelby Muniz
Shelby Muniz - 28 dager siden
C: Coffee to stain his white shirt
Erik thinking: I was on VD I got this 😂😂😂
Luma Barhoumeh
Luma Barhoumeh - 28 dager siden
Joseph Early
Joseph Early - 28 dager siden
When Miranda slips out of Colleen's mouth. Very jekyll/Hyde vibes 🤣 "Freakin' kiddin' me!?"
Jess Jackson
Jess Jackson - 29 dager siden
So cool I need to do my pumpkin.
Rafia Zafar
Rafia Zafar - 29 dager siden
Flynn: aaaow! aaaow! aaaow!
Colleen: what?
This was the cutest thing in this vlog. Flynn is so beautiful inside out. Like look he's caring for his Mama and this is the cutest thing ever i've seen between them.
rachel knoch
rachel knoch - 29 dager siden
I love you collen
rachel knoch
rachel knoch - 29 dager siden
You should go through your fridge and then you can get out all the expired stuff and all the non-expired stuff leave
Erica S
Erica S - 29 dager siden
Funny with the period vs. pregnancy, proves how different we can be. I felt SO good when I was pregnant and hope I can be pregnant again soon, while my period and the cramps are just from hell and cripple me for days.
Lexi Black
Lexi Black - 29 dager siden
Welcome to the house!
searlena flesher
searlena flesher - 29 dager siden
make a full batch then freeze them
rebecca p
rebecca p - 29 dager siden
As a christian i’ve learned that halloween is ok as long as you’re not celebrating death. So no ghosts, skeletons, witches etc.
Frida Garcia
Frida Garcia - 29 dager siden
The pumpkin scarecrow is so cool!!!
Frida Garcia
Frida Garcia - 29 dager siden
Love watching your vlogs!! I look forward to it everyday after I get off work :)
Ong Yiyi
Ong Yiyi - 29 dager siden
It took me 3 FULL DAYS to realise that her new roommate is that scary pumpkin scarecrow that she and erik made, quarrentine has made me dumber 😭
Gillian s
Gillian s - 29 dager siden
but where is the sweater from?!?!?!?! ;,(
Hannah Corrigan
Hannah Corrigan - 29 dager siden
Same here with only doing things I’m passionate about
a arguellez
a arguellez - 29 dager siden
PATCHES!!!!!! The scarecrow definitely needs some sewn patches
Paige Dinsdale
Paige Dinsdale - 29 dager siden
I thought the jack-o-lantern kind of looked like Dwight Shrute's pumpkin head...😁
T.J. Sortino
T.J. Sortino - 29 dager siden
Stale tortillas are a no go big time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Eleanor P
Eleanor P - 29 dager siden
I wanna know where colleen got that jumper cause I want it 🥺
Breanna Hopkins
Breanna Hopkins - 29 dager siden
Colleen should get a bread maker machine thing... I have one, its the best
headass steph
headass steph - 29 dager siden
Flynn does got big feet 😭😭 lmaoo but that pumpkin doll that you guys made is so cool! I love the moment with Rachel and Flynn running around too
Marieke Schellekens
Marieke Schellekens - Måned siden
Damn queen looks good 😛👑
Kileys World
Kileys World - Måned siden
Can you make a video compilation of all the times Flynn was snuggly and lovey to you ? I love seeing him love on his mama ❤
mikeysrose - Måned siden
Halloween does not have roots in Satanism or devil-worshipping, Colleen. Definitely do some research on the actual history. (Perhaps there are people in the comments who have already explained it, especially since I'm coming to this a few days late.)
Sarah Mitchell
Sarah Mitchell - Måned siden
Can you link your sweater! I love it! The cream one please!!!
Amrita K
Amrita K - Måned siden
Dont tell me the thumbnail was annabelle
Pikarem 1
Pikarem 1 - Måned siden
Colleen:her wants a scary face
Me in my head: so he wants may facse fist thing in the morning
Chloe Benbow
Chloe Benbow - Måned siden
I love you colleen
Mykie Bailey'
Mykie Bailey' - Måned siden
Great job guys! Love the pumpkin guy!
Adeine Held
Adeine Held - Måned siden
Colleen: I have so many issues but nobody cares so I don’t have to ask
Me: I CARE!!!!!!!!
Ju Ju Knarrly
Ju Ju Knarrly - Måned siden
First baking bread now it's carving pumpkins lol
Helena Hernández
Helena Hernández - Måned siden
Y una metiendo la mano al comal para las tortillas y quesadillas. I loooove you Coleen
Debra Phillips
Debra Phillips - Måned siden
Miranda @ :47 “Are you freaking kidding me!”
Travis Ouellette
Travis Ouellette - Måned siden
Who was the new roommate?
Olivia Dombrosky
Olivia Dombrosky - Måned siden
i know girl period cramps are the worst ever
SusanScrapPassion - Måned siden
You are not a “new mom”, and have not been one for quite a long time now.
Marie Potter
Marie Potter - Måned siden
Omg I love those trick or treat smell my feet things with flin
Claudia Trammell
Claudia Trammell - Måned siden
Looks great
Fun Reborns
Fun Reborns - Måned siden
Your son is amazing he’s so flipping cute and nice and sweet
Parker Frank
Parker Frank - Måned siden
Colleen: nobody cares
Everyone : wha ? Wha ? Crchrchfcfjnvnffdh
Everyone : we care more then you know !
Octobris - Måned siden
Honey, eat those tortillas :D :D they've been frozen for a few months so nothing should be wrong with them... right? Am I alone in this? XD
Octobris - Måned siden
October 23rd was my birthday ;)
Presley Huffman
Presley Huffman - Måned siden
colleen your right period cramps are the worst
kateri starr
kateri starr - Måned siden
Halloween was originally a Christion Holladay
Grey Out
Grey Out - Måned siden
Colleen apologising for wearing the same sweater every single day... Meanwhile I see it everyday and think "Where did she get this sweater??!!!" PLEASE LINK
Slim Louis
Slim Louis - Måned siden
Play with your hair more in the kitchen. Nasty, like that tortilla.
Cheeky - Måned siden
24 is my birthday
KatieSparkles - Måned siden
I loooove the Pumpkin Mannequin!! It turned out so well! 🎃
Victoria Lopez
Victoria Lopez - Måned siden
No it not
Isla Logan
Isla Logan - Måned siden
I am really sad because this year was going to be my last year trick or treating but where i live in the uk they have just made it (basically) illegal :(