Mental Health Update

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Runtime: 17:31


Beatriz Pozos
Beatriz Pozos - 11 timer siden
where is the sweater you wear everyday from then?
eyesofivy - 12 timer siden
Wayfair has a construction truck bed for sale, it’s not cheap but it’s not insanely expensive!
heather hooten
heather hooten - 14 timer siden
Remember to wear your masks when you go on the trip
heather hooten
heather hooten - 14 timer siden
Yep almost Christmas time
Janelle Luna
Janelle Luna - 15 timer siden
I want that sweater! Where is it from?
Book Nerd98
Book Nerd98 - 2 dager siden
I found that doing Kneedle felting, knitting or cross stitch helps some people with ADHD, Anxiety, stress, etc. As it helps the mind focus and keeps your hands busy at the same time, it could be something to look into if its helpful for you but if not then you'll know that you at least tried.
Lindsay Wright
Lindsay Wright - 2 dager siden
If you need some reliable sites and HowToAdhd on YouTube is super helpful!
Princess Kale
Princess Kale - 3 dager siden
I neeeeed a link to the sweater/cardigan 😭😭 its so cute especially in the purple omg
Alison Koebrick
Alison Koebrick - 3 dager siden
I’m not sure if she’s said it before, but does anyone know where she got the infamous brown and white sweater?
Melanie G
Melanie G - 3 dager siden
Wait I really wanna know where the sweaters from! Does anyone know?
angie arcos
angie arcos - 3 dager siden
Wear did you get your purple sweater 😍😍😍💜💜
Natalia Karakosta
Natalia Karakosta - 4 dager siden
I have trichotillomania since I was 7 so it's been 11 years that I'm struggling with it
Tamsin Brenner
Tamsin Brenner - 4 dager siden
I really want to get the sweater that Colleen wears!! I agree it looks so comfy and it’s super cute! Anyone know where I can buy it online????
Jana - 5 dager siden
Now I want that sweater SO BADLY!
Alanya Yanmaz
Alanya Yanmaz - 5 dager siden
Flynn gave away the flower magic wand trick
The Gateway Productions
The Gateway Productions - 5 dager siden
Awesome upload! They should teach the importance of mental health in schools. Nice work!
Katie A
Katie A - 6 dager siden
I don’t care if Colleen sees this or someone else does, but if anyone here is curious about ADHD, I *highly* recommend watching How To ADHD on YouTube. She’s amazing and I love her. When I was diagnosed at 17, I was so glad to have found a channel where I finally understood all the parts of my life being affected by ADHD
Alesha Reeves
Alesha Reeves - 6 dager siden
I laugh with you, I cry with you, I’m 33 with 4 children from Australia, I feel your my best friend As I watch you almost everyday. I cannot find the video of where you ask your followers how long they have been watching you for, so this video was it, lol I’ve been watching you for 3 years straight now, my kids love watching Flynn, and I love watching you with your son, your a beautiful woman, mother/wife honey. Love you xxx
I am puzzleman
I am puzzleman - 6 dager siden
Make more vids
I am puzzleman
I am puzzleman - 6 dager siden
He don’t care about his room
Heather Fredenburg
Heather Fredenburg - 6 dager siden
I wish her shirt said HUMAN instead of FEMALE. First because men are also strong, confident, smart, creative, brave and incredible. But also because feminists and liberals spend so much time saying that male/female isn't even a thing and yet they want FEMALE empowerment. If we are all the same according to them, then why are we calling out ONE gender? Just some food for thought.
Stephanee Kammer
Stephanee Kammer - 7 dager siden
Thank you for being open and honest with mental health
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - 7 dager siden
It’s okay if your not ready to talk about the steps your taking, open up when you are comfortable.😊
Amy Morgan
Amy Morgan - 7 dager siden
Those pictures behind Colleen on the wall of her pregnant are adorable 🥰
Savannah Gonzales
Savannah Gonzales - 7 dager siden
You should definitely make that a main channel video!! You redoing Flynn’s room. Kinda like a documentary style doing start to finish. Like those shows on hgtv. Lol
Bethany Rodriguez
Bethany Rodriguez - 7 dager siden
I have ADD, Depression and Anxiety
Georgia Gayton
Georgia Gayton - 7 dager siden
We love a good vlog when Daisy gets brushed 😂😂
Brooklynn Coull
Brooklynn Coull - 7 dager siden
Anyone know where she got her favourite shirt from, I would love one!
Elliana Hollenbeck
Elliana Hollenbeck - 7 dager siden
We thought we was talking about the and she kind of sounded like a sister right now
Tammy Ann
Tammy Ann - 7 dager siden
joey unicorn baby kangaroo Camat
I have ADHD to
Nahomi Díaz
Nahomi Díaz - 7 dager siden
hi colleen! i'm an interior designer and if you'd like i can give you some tips for flynn's room
Miranda Mitchell
Miranda Mitchell - 7 dager siden
Colleen because of your video, I sought help and have also been diagnosed with ADHD! Thank you for sharing!
Shanuki Perera
Shanuki Perera - 8 dager siden
I’m glad to hear that your are doing better! 🤗❤️ Keep it up! 💪🏼
Evelyn Hall
Evelyn Hall - 8 dager siden
The sweaters reminded me of peanut butter and jelly :D
A .DiCam
A .DiCam - 8 dager siden
Keep the wood wall!
Elizabeth Bethard
Elizabeth Bethard - 8 dager siden
You should to a chalk wall in his room
Melissa Rehmeier
Melissa Rehmeier - 8 dager siden
Hey Colleen! There’s half a Daisy on the ground 😛😂
Katja Chasty
Katja Chasty - 8 dager siden
literally a zoom call with colleen is my dream😍 - 8 dager siden
i absolutely love how just open and honest Colleen is with us all about everything in her life, it's so refreshing to have an influencer do that
Micaela - 8 dager siden
A few days ago my sister looked at my fingers and said: 'ugh your fingers look deformed and gross, just stop picking on them'. I wish she understood that it's not that easy. There will always be people who don't understand, you just keep getting better at your own timing, you're doing great!
Aly Graham
Aly Graham - 8 dager siden
I would do anything to have zoom lunch with Colleen! She's the best friend I don't have.
Sarah R
Sarah R - 8 dager siden
Dany Morán
Dany Morán - 8 dager siden
Mr. Kate should come back and update flynn's room
Hair By Heather
Hair By Heather - 8 dager siden
That video with Alana was sooo cute!
Avery Crenshaw
Avery Crenshaw - 8 dager siden
Colleen: The dinosaur decals kinda peeled off the paint. So we’re going to have to repaint, which is such a big task.
Also Colleen: I want to get him some car decals.
Georgia Taylor
Georgia Taylor - 8 dager siden
Colleen I know it may be kind of weird but plz do a mcbang and talk about everything with Rachel
Tatum Lily
Tatum Lily - 8 dager siden
I found a fire truck bed for kids, if he doesnt like fire trucks i guess you could paint it
Stormi Nightz
Stormi Nightz - 8 dager siden
ok so i pick at my skin too. like a LOT. Most of the time i dont notice it until it starts to hurt/bleed or someone else tells me im picking at my skin. Does anyone know how to not do it or notice im doing it??
mikeysrose - 9 dager siden
Does anyone else think it's odd that when she talks about how Flynn's room is decorated, she doesn't mention Mr. Kate and Joey? I haven't heard her mention them since the very first time she talked about changing the aesthetic of Flynn's room, back when he was acting like the dinosaurs were scaring him.
mikeysrose - 9 dager siden
No matter how many times she repeated "This is not a bag of bows," my brain would say, "Oh, look, a bag of bows.
Dani Kensington
Dani Kensington - 9 dager siden
Use hydrogen peroxide on your sweater! It gets blood out without taking the color out of your clothes!
Without My Krystal Ball
Without My Krystal Ball - 9 dager siden
Put racecar decals on the bed
Without My Krystal Ball
Without My Krystal Ball - 9 dager siden
I wna paint!!🎨
Gabriela Isabel Keeton
Gabriela Isabel Keeton - 9 dager siden
Where is the sweater from!!!!!!?!!!! ❤️😍
Jessica Avila
Jessica Avila - 9 dager siden
Does anyone know how to search up her sweater on amazon
Alannah Favero
Alannah Favero - 9 dager siden
forever 21 i think
Madd - 9 dager siden
Colleen: He keeps GrOwInG I Dont know why he keeps doing that"
Me: THaTs hOw I FeEl aBoUt my CaT, She GrOwS Toooooooo FaSt AnD I dont like it
Rebecca Ruggles
Rebecca Ruggles - 9 dager siden
Hi Colleen! I love your vlogs and have been watching since March, and you are an amazing human being!
I think you should check out Lard Dog and the Band of Shy for’s musical theater and I think he (and maybe you too) would enjoy it!
Judid Hernandez
Judid Hernandez - 9 dager siden
I just really want to know where Colleen bought the sweater from!! The brown and white one is so pretty
Brandi Michelle
Brandi Michelle - 9 dager siden
Girl where did you get that sweater? I need it my life!
JoJo Siwa Fan
JoJo Siwa Fan - 9 dager siden
Hay Colleen i just wanted to tell you i watch EVERYDAY from the start (begging of the year) and you are SO amazing and EXTREMELY kind(which I LOVE) and your are such a GREAT mom❤️❤️❤️❤️💗💗💗
Soccer_26 Hi
Soccer_26 Hi - 9 dager siden
I saw construction truck beds on Etsy and eBay if you were still considering getting a construction truck bed
Emerson Proceviat
Emerson Proceviat - 9 dager siden
Etsy has a bulldozer bed that's not super expensive that Flynn might love!!!!!
Dylan Shane
Dylan Shane - 9 dager siden
You make quarantine livable🖤
Stephanie Vo
Stephanie Vo - 9 dager siden
Colleen, thank you for being you. It's really nice to have someone talk about what they are feeling when so many people are afraid to do so. I also think I have ADHD and I feel the same way. I don't feel educated about the topic either. We need to get that information to be more widespread and easier to access. Being stuck at home made me think about myself more and have been the symptoms become stronger as we are not busy focusing on other things. Thank you again and keep being you :) I love watching your videos!!
katiesee123 - 9 dager siden
Use peroxide to get the blood out! I work in surgery and have to use that trick a lot to get blood out of my shoes and scrubs. I’ve done it on blankets and sheets(bc I’m a female). I’ve used it on carpet. It works really well!
brenda wilkinson
brenda wilkinson - 9 dager siden
Can you leave a link to your sweater please
Breaking Taboo
Breaking Taboo - 9 dager siden
love that you opened up about your mental health! check out our channel for more content on mental health :)
Taylor Lynell
Taylor Lynell - 9 dager siden
If I had a zoom call with Colleen and Flynn got on I would literally cry 😭
Zoe's Stuff & Things
Zoe's Stuff & Things - 9 dager siden
Collen: I am going to a ranch in the middle of nowhere and I am so excited

Anabelle Espiritusanto
Anabelle Espiritusanto - 9 dager siden
Step2 Corvette Z06 Toddler Bed to Twin Bed, Red

Another bed
By the way there all from amazon
Anabelle Espiritusanto
Anabelle Espiritusanto - 9 dager siden
Delta Children Grand Prix Race Car Toddler & Twin Bed - Made in USA, Black

Another bed
Ruthie Sawyers
Ruthie Sawyers - 9 dager siden
Colleen we have SO much in common and I hope when I’m older (I’m 20 but you know... older than 20) I’m like you 💕 I have anxiety and ADD and I pick at my skin too. You’re awesome and inspiring and I love you!
My name Is
My name Is - 9 dager siden
Why do you have two different channels?
Arwensdorf - 9 dager siden
Love you girl! And No, you DID give us an update on your mental health so don’t worry that you misled us or something. Hoping you are totally loving your family and birthday time right now!
Keira Zigs
Keira Zigs - 9 dager siden
its so nice to see you sharing about this i am taking psychology for one of my gcse subjects (in england) and its just so nice to see you talking about mental health because i feel like people need to hear these kind of things i love you so much xxx😘
Brittany Allen
Brittany Allen - 9 dager siden
Also you helped me realize that I probably have it, so I am trying to get in to get tested at the moment (my physician said I probably had it based on my symptoms or antics)
Brittany Allen
Brittany Allen - 9 dager siden
Why don’t you ask Mr. Kate to redo it for you or help you!!!
Mercedes Grimaldi
Mercedes Grimaldi - 9 dager siden
Hydrogen peroxide gets blood out!
Kalena Elliott
Kalena Elliott - 9 dager siden
Flynn: Hea
Colleen:*sigh* (Keeps talking)
Ainsley Folken
Ainsley Folken - 9 dager siden
Omg I was just watching the intro and my whole body was in chill like I had chills running through me !! I was think about how a while ago I was watching “Hatters Back Off” and now after watching that I feel like I know Coleen on a whole different level love her sm! 💖💖 btw I have that sweatshirt but just white love it!! 💖
Lesley Plowman
Lesley Plowman - 9 dager siden
Check out the youtube channel "How to ADHD" great stuff
Lesley Plowman
Lesley Plowman - 9 dager siden
I love the wood wall please keep it!
Jeff&Kate Amond
Jeff&Kate Amond - 9 dager siden
oh also i love Colleens hair today lol 7:53
Camila F. Miner
Camila F. Miner - 9 dager siden
I wanna know the brand of that sweater!
Claire H
Claire H - 9 dager siden
the tag looked like it said forever 21!
Phoebs S.
Phoebs S. - 9 dager siden
If you or someone you know is struggling with ADD, I'd recommend checking out! They have some great resources for adults and children alike.
Jeff&Kate Amond
Jeff&Kate Amond - 9 dager siden
COLLEEN!!!!!! you need to put a bull dozer on Flynn's wall!!!!!!!!!!!!
Amina Mohamad
Amina Mohamad - 10 dager siden
You should go on omegle as miranda or colleen for ur main channel
Amina Mohamad
Amina Mohamad - 10 dager siden
Or trying “shein” stuff
E Lawless
E Lawless - 10 dager siden
Well done on doing better with your derma! I also have had great progress, one heal is completely healed and the other just has a little patch and I'm so much better at catching myself and using coping strategies to help stop or distract long enough to let the impulse pass
hellob0x - 10 dager siden
I’d love to have lunch with colleen
Jenna Osborn
Jenna Osborn - 10 dager siden
Are you going to potty train Flynn
Lauren Werts
Lauren Werts - 10 dager siden
But Colleen we want the sweater!!! You gotta be a lifestyle influencer and give us a link!! (Though I think I spotted a forever 21 tag on it so now I know where to look)
Olivia Donald
Olivia Donald - 10 dager siden
Hi colleen my name is olivia your probly not going to read this but im 14 and i just found out i have adhd and and recently developed bad anxiety to the point of not being able to go to school being judged on my grades and i have moved school and i have always forever have two bestfrieds there like sisters and i hope that you figer out all of your adhd as i know know why i listen to my teacher in class but have no idea what there saying but i hope that you can improve on your mental heath i love you soooo much and i watch all of you videos by the way flynn is born on the same day as my brother and my mum say there look so similar but the only difference is now my brother is 16 anyway love u
Lillie Ainsworth
Lillie Ainsworth - 10 dager siden
My dad had adhd
Monster Mash.91
Monster Mash.91 - 10 dager siden
The mental health issues you talk about ate exactly like mine!!! I have had major anxiety, OCD and obsessive thoughts, i pull my hair out. I have had mild tremors my doctor thinks i have essential tremors. And most recently I honestly believe I had/have ADHD. I have gotten horrible headaches and stomach issues when I have my bad anxiety days. I have always said mental health matters and I try so hard every day to not care essentially. Like if I obsess over things I get very overwhelmed very fast.
Adrienn Ormai
Adrienn Ormai - 10 dager siden
keep the wooden wall in Flynn's room :) it's beautiful and it doens't specify his style
Nicoli Campbell
Nicoli Campbell - 10 dager siden
Have fun at Hilltop Retreat
1010garrettriley - 10 dager siden
Leave the wall
Reagan Norton
Reagan Norton - 10 dager siden
COLLEEENNNNNN!!!! Target has such a cute construction truck car!!! It’s those little cars for little kids to ride in and it’s electrical!!! It’s so cute! Flynn would love it!
P Verse
P Verse - 10 dager siden
Colleen: You wanna go poopoo in the potty?
Flynn: No, no all done.
😂😂😂 alright