Miranda Gave Me A Receding Hairline

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Runtime: 14:06


Lyssa-Marie Ramirez
Lyssa-Marie Ramirez - 4 dager siden
I have a dog that knows the words bath, dress, brush, and groomers and she hides in her house and rolls her eyes at us and will not let us grab her. She literally knows English. And gets mad at us for days if we bathe her.
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 17 dager siden
Healthier food digests quicker. That’s how you feel hungrier faster.
Sydney Noe
Sydney Noe - 25 dager siden
Maybe ask your vet about medication to super calm him down
Payton Totten
Payton Totten - 28 dager siden
Icrad PJ
Icrad PJ - Måned siden
Is that Gus?
Icrad PJ
Icrad PJ - Måned siden
Alejandra Estrada
Alejandra Estrada - Måned siden
Aubree Vickery
Aubree Vickery - Måned siden
Daddy cat can help your cat. He has a YouTube channel that you can watch too.
Aubree Vickery
Aubree Vickery - Måned siden
Then after that you can go get him groomed
Jodi Baker
Jodi Baker - Måned siden
becuasa you are yost to eting jace food
Tia Sweet
Tia Sweet - Måned siden
it stresses me out so much that she puts her bobby pins in upside down
Olivia C
Olivia C - Måned siden
I can totally relate to you Colleen in terms of how junky food makes me feel more full instead of healthy foods.
Jake Furness
Jake Furness - 2 måneder siden
You aren't really feeling starving. Your brain is wanting the sugar rush and dopamine from the yummy treat again. Rather than being satisfied with something that is filling and nutritious, but doesn't have the same affects as your 'yay sugary buttery cookie' on your brain. So I think you are feeling dissatisfaction opposed to real hunger
Cristy And Mia
Cristy And Mia - 2 måneder siden
Can continue care
Emdog’s Piggy pales
Emdog’s Piggy pales - 2 måneder siden
I would get a cat muzzle and cat booties and see if that works
kinsley neal
kinsley neal - 2 måneder siden
Get rid of the aggressive cat
•ΣRIΠ• - 2 måneder siden
Jackson Galaxy, meet Colleen. Colleen, meet Jackson Galaxy
Gus: "Ha I think tf not 😼"
Corinna Toime
Corinna Toime - 2 måneder siden
I’ve been rewatching Hater Back Off recently and I forgot how amazing it is!
• _Dxddy._.Alex_ •
• _Dxddy._.Alex_ • - 2 måneder siden
*trigger warning*
So I have been having really bad Panic attacks , I normally get them the same time each year , but these ones are days at a time but normally they are just one day, and you and rachel are the only people that I feel safe watching, and it just calms me down, and I just wanted to say thank you. 😊
JustAGirlx - 2 måneder siden
Flynn: “whoowoo weehweh?”
Colleen: “Moose isn’t having anything”
How I- 😂😂
Emma Hoffert
Emma Hoffert - 2 måneder siden
Cat nip
Raissa Aqila
Raissa Aqila - 2 måneder siden
Z - 2 måneder siden
Call Jackson Galaxay. He’d put Gus in his place.
Joseph Borukhov
Joseph Borukhov - 2 måneder siden
When cats misbehave I hold him by the neck skin or spray him with water if that makes sense. Im sorry idk how to explain it
katofrie - 2 måneder siden
Colleen, don't be negative about your cats, you have to give them good energy to get it back ♥ Also they need Jackson Galaxy! YOU need Jackson Galaxy :) He's also in LA. And btw I totally get the same thing, cookies and chips fill me up. But when I eat veggies or something healthy, it's never enough LOL
Unicorn Sparklepants
Unicorn Sparklepants - 2 måneder siden
Have you heard of my cat from hell he can help you
•ΣRIΠ• - 2 måneder siden
Jackson Galaxy, yea
.nikiftw. - 2 måneder siden
Used to have a big Maine Coon that was also the devil with strangers, she had a bunch of knots and NEEDED to get it fixed. I went to the actual vet and they put her under anesthesia and gave her a lion cut. Call your vet and see if they can do that.
Aurora Peden
Aurora Peden - 2 måneder siden
Great toddler activity, the little girl I watch, I put her into a box she can get in and out of by herself, give her markers and stickers and she will sit the for up to an hour and a half just in this lil box, totally content! I figured it would be an idea since Flynn likes stickers and painting/drawing. Similar to box painting, but he could do it by himself😊
Katebug 1609
Katebug 1609 - 2 måneder siden
Ask the groomers if they will sedate him. Some groomers will do that with aggressive animals
addyventures - 2 måneder siden
okay but those cookies looked so GOOD
Kelsey Rose
Kelsey Rose - 2 måneder siden
Just eat a LOT of veggies to fill you up more, cut back on dressings and butters and oils on the veggies in larger quantities!
Sydney Chow Too Point O
Sydney Chow Too Point O - 2 måneder siden
I would like to know your recipe for your cookies!!!😭😍😍
Emily smith Beauty blog
Emily smith Beauty blog - 2 måneder siden
Abela Rai
Abela Rai - 2 måneder siden
Guses faceeeeee
Toshani AM
Toshani AM - 2 måneder siden
actually guys this is not colleen this is Miranda sings
Elated - 2 måneder siden
I remember when she got Gus as a kitten 😭 🥺
Getonthepeacetrain - 2 måneder siden
Dear Colleen, you are addicted to sugar and that's why you feel like starving when you eat real food. Regulate with more GOOD fats. Good luck and don't eat mc donalds.
Anisa Greene
Anisa Greene - 2 måneder siden
again Colleen can you please give us the recipes
like so we can have nuggets
CHLOE-LEE - 2 måneder siden
you sound like you need a professional organiser lol
Hanna Nicole
Hanna Nicole - 2 måneder siden
To me sounds like you need more carbs when eating “healthy”....Potato’s are my best friend.
Natalie Ann Lewellen
Natalie Ann Lewellen - 2 måneder siden
Jackson galaxy from my cat from hell he is incredible!! 100000000 out of 10 recommended!!!
Cray Noodles
Cray Noodles - 2 måneder siden
Get them the lion cut it keeps the poop out of her but and she will be clean
Fatima Boundy
Fatima Boundy - 2 måneder siden
Krista Smith
Krista Smith - 2 måneder siden
For Gus, get a vet to prescribe some gabapentin. It’s meant for pain control but has a calming effect on cats
Amy Jones vlog
Amy Jones vlog - 2 måneder siden
Your the bestest YouTube everrr
Selvi Prasanna
Selvi Prasanna - 2 måneder siden
OMG Colleen is so nice to make that car for Flynn
PixyStixx - 2 måneder siden
does anyone else feel like its really weird when colleen is in miranda costume but shes not doing the miranda voice
K Beverly
K Beverly - 2 måneder siden
Who else didn’t know Colleen could cook until she had a baby
Jenn Cort
Jenn Cort - 2 måneder siden
There are groomers that specialize in older disabled aggressive or just very scared pets since they're not really advertise. You could probably ask your vet if they suggest any groomers who do aggressive animals and they could probably point you to a few cuz I know they're out there I just don't know any of this in the area.
Nico Fan
Nico Fan - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is so cute
Addy Lawal
Addy Lawal - 2 måneder siden
But why was it so hard the watch miranda talk like colleen😭😭😭
lauren - 2 måneder siden
Some cats can be put to sleep while being cleaned
Samantha Asselin
Samantha Asselin - 2 måneder siden
It’s really weird that you feel full after eating 1 cookie because I like eating vegan 1 or 2 times a week and those are the days that I feel the most full. And when you eat sugar it makes you feel more hungry and not full
Kairav Moodley
Kairav Moodley - 2 måneder siden
I think he is aggressive because how Miranda would abuse him and drop him. I feel that how you mad Miranda treat him he has lost all trust in you. Flynn and Eric were probably the most gentle with him so that’s why he trusts them.
Pineapple - 2 måneder siden
hEnLo U-U
Julia O
Julia O - 2 måneder siden
It’s because those foods are made to do that and they give off a lot of unnatural sugar and that fills you up faster. But natural sugar it just takes longer because your not used to it. I am not 100% sure on this though
Laurie P
Laurie P - 2 måneder siden
Just watching this now to catch up & not sure if anyone mentioned in comments that you’re using the bobby-pins upside down! If you turn them so that the flat part is closest to the scalp, they will hold in place! Good luck 🍀💓
WellieSong - 2 måneder siden
That crunch tho, that a good cookie
Sam Pak
Sam Pak - 2 måneder siden
Why is Miranda eating so satisfying wth 😂
RoseStream - 2 måneder siden
you would be better off trying to shave him
Michelle Chambers
Michelle Chambers - 2 måneder siden
I work at a vet hospital and it sounds like Mr. Gus just needs a little sedative/tranquilizer to relax him. That way a registered vet tech and veterinarian can be there and monitor him and he can get cut/shaved safely. We do matted cats all the time! Poor Gus, I’m sure you’ll do whatever you have to and he will look amazing!
r@munya - 2 måneder siden
I think it takes 2 weeks to get rid of the strong cravings for sugar - you gut bacteria control you and they are used to sugar!
Ninjin Khosbayar
Ninjin Khosbayar - 2 måneder siden
when you're fully miranda the voice the face, I can't see a glimpse of colleen you're so good at the character and at acting, and when you're colleen and are just in costume, I can't see miranda which is so weird my brain cells die because of it.
Patricia Carter
Patricia Carter - 2 måneder siden
Nakia Sutton
Nakia Sutton - 2 måneder siden
Your body is 🤥 to you....
Erika Grape
Erika Grape - 2 måneder siden
Just because it's vegan doesn't necessarily mean it's good for the environment. Unless the vegetables are local and organic it's pretty much just as bad.
Maggie Hughes
Maggie Hughes - 2 måneder siden
Is NOBODY going to talk about how AMAZING that cookie looked at the end?? Like that bite, you could just tell it was soft and warm😛😍 cookie recipe?🤷🏼‍♀️
Megan Smith
Megan Smith - 2 måneder siden
It’s because cookies has a lot of carbs in it but chicken and veggies have like no carbs at all. Carbs make you full.
Ong Yiyi
Ong Yiyi - 2 måneder siden
Maybe distract gus with cat treats and than bathe him while his distracted ?
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 2 måneder siden
That cookie crunch at the end tho
Ahimzy22 - 2 måneder siden
Colleen, can you please show us how you make your chocolate chip cookies!
Isabella Miles
Isabella Miles - 2 måneder siden
He Colleen, when will he start wearing diapers
Tarja Illmann-Walker
Tarja Illmann-Walker - 2 måneder siden
Who is this 'he' you speak of
Sophia Sangster
Sophia Sangster - 2 måneder siden
Watch the reality tv show my cats from hell and get there number and he can help
IsabelleGrace - 2 måneder siden
Go to your vet to get him cleaned. They do angry cats and are used to it
Sincerely Alyssa
Sincerely Alyssa - 2 måneder siden
Colleeeeeeeeeeen!!!! You’re putting the Bobby pins upside down in ur hair!!! The rigid part of the pin goes on the bottom and the flat part is shown on the top!
zia tea
zia tea - 2 måneder siden
Hi miranda
J K - 2 måneder siden
I’d say the hairline is genetic, respectively.
Daniel Broadway addiction
Daniel Broadway addiction - 3 måneder siden
Carol baskin
Lilly Penistone
Lilly Penistone - 3 måneder siden
To stop him scratching and biting when he does either spray him with water and it help my vet said i doesn’t harm him
Mirabel Harrison
Mirabel Harrison - 3 måneder siden
Who else thinks that it is weird when she is dressed up as Miranda but she is talking like herself
Anna Tomlinson
Anna Tomlinson - 2 måneder siden
✨c o p i e d✨
Thomas Smith
Thomas Smith - 3 måneder siden
OH MY GOODNESS!! Cuteness factor 1000000000000000 when Flynn Colleen and Erik were just all eating together and Flynn looked so grown up!! 😍😍
Charlotte Berg
Charlotte Berg - 3 måneder siden
Anyone else triggered when she kept taking the Bobby pins out lol?.
Toochie - 3 måneder siden
Talk to your Vet about something to help him calm down...also, I suggest getting BOTH cats shaved (not down to the skin)..it will help them so much with the weather and the matts...PLUS...it will help with all the hair around the house and when he goes to the bathroom, and poor Daisy won't have to keep ingesting her own fur. So many positive things with shaving them. Gus might be mean because he's uncomfortable.
Sophie - 3 måneder siden
I’m no expert but I’m going to assume that because sugar is carbs that fills you up more and veggies etc are full of water which passes down quicker?? This is a guess x
L A - 3 måneder siden
I am a persian
Skyler Jarman
Skyler Jarman - 3 måneder siden
Jackson Galaxy has a bunch of videos on cats and some great advice I've gotten on there for how to interact with cats, body language, ect.
Ruby And Isabella
Ruby And Isabella - 3 måneder siden
I wanted to whatch haters back off but I can't bc it's not on Netflix is there no other way to whatch it...?
Feyd Rautha
Feyd Rautha - 3 måneder siden
Is he neutered/spayed? Dogs/cats become more docile after the procedure.
Sarah Poyck
Sarah Poyck - 3 måneder siden
Theres options to help calm your cat! Definitely talk to a vet. There's even things to plug into the wall to help him while hes at home.
CHAAA CHA - 3 måneder siden
Paulina Dackiw
Paulina Dackiw - 3 måneder siden
Talking about the environment, please, please, please check out “what the health” on Netflix, if you can. It is so informative, and really important!
Also if you’d like to, check out these links to a woman that does research about these things here on YouTube. Warning, they are a bit graphical, so if you have problems with that just listen to the audio instead of watching the footage:
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=utPkDP3T7R4 - The truth about eggs and the egg industry
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UcN7SGGoCNI - The truth about dairy and the industry. This one is only 5 mins long so please, if you can, watch it.
Lisa Bill
Lisa Bill - 3 måneder siden
Tell us why they cancelled haters back off!.
I still miss it
Rachael J
Rachael J - 3 måneder siden
I think ur probably not getting enough carbs-u still need some while “eating healthy” or u feel sluggish, tired & hungry. Everything u mentioned that “satisfies u” has LOTS of carbs (cookies, fries, cake, cheeseburger etc)-all the healthy stuff u said ur eating doesn’t have carbs (or very little). Most veggies have no carbs, (except potatoes/sweet potatoes). Carbs make u feel fuller for longer, & give u longer lasting energy. (BTW-carbs=Carbohydrates. Includes starches (like potatoes), rice, flour, grains, wheat, bread etc.)
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu - 3 måneder siden
Universal By Design
Universal By Design - 3 måneder siden
If you say that he was friendly as a kitten then became like that older, it could be teeth or other pain problems he's having.
Kendra Mazzu
Kendra Mazzu - 3 måneder siden
Aw Gus was happy to cuddle with you guys awww 😍
Universal By Design
Universal By Design - 3 måneder siden
If he is that grump it's not normal, he's trying to tell you that something is wrong. Cats have an incredibly high pain tolerance and can be in very high levels of pain or something else and will show only very slight signs of it. But being that aggressive all the time could be a health problem, teeth can be very painful when they get infected on cats. Get him checked out by the vet. And if they have trouble examining him, do the black towel method, where they cover the whole cat gently in a black towel, and remove him gently from the cat carrier, so he can't see out.
Then move the towel only away from each part of him as it's examined. You can hold him by the scruff of the neck in case he tries to bolt or run, but over your hand and him, drape the black towel.
I had a cat who was almost impossible to handle and that worked wonders. It also stops their fear.
fontyess - 3 måneder siden
Gus be like "don't believe what Colleen said about me she's trying to CANCEL ME, I'm sweet... see?'
Aila Ong
Aila Ong - 3 måneder siden
I love how you understand what he’s saying! I feel like every mama should!!
Kelsie Benware
Kelsie Benware - 3 måneder siden
Macaroni Malika
Macaroni Malika - 3 måneder siden
you could call your vet to get some medicine to give him to make him calm down and be less aggressive and give it to him before he gets groomed. one of my cats is grumpy and violent with anyone who isn’t me and when we have to take her to the vet we have to give her this medicine to chill her out so she doesn’t attack the vet and the vet tech because she’s strong and violent. anyways, hope this helps!