My Body Before and After Quarantine

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Camryn Connolly
Camryn Connolly - 6 dager siden
I love you colleen. You are truly beautiful inside and out, and I think the same way as you. It's so sad that society has taught women that being bigger than a size 2 is bad. Everyone is beautiful.
My name Is
My name Is - 9 dager siden
thank you for being real I lovee that you talk about this
Laura Due
Laura Due - 9 dager siden
EVERYONE is allowed to feel insecure. Not only big or small girls. Remember your feelings are valid no matter what
Shelby Dougherty
Shelby Dougherty - 9 dager siden
dont go on a diet you are perfect girl work it
Talitha Cook
Talitha Cook - 12 dager siden
I relate to this so much. Because I've always been on the smaller size so in my head I've built up the pressure on myself to stay skinny. So the slightest weight gain effects me so much
Morgan Beavers
Morgan Beavers - 12 dager siden
every morsel of food you eat is worth it, colleen. your beautiful body deserves nutrition and deserves to be taken care of, i promise. that goes for everyone reading this as well. :)
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 12 dager siden
do not, and I repeat not, be ashamed that you have put on a little weight. I have put on a lot of weight during lockdown, and I love my body, as it’s the body that keeps me alive. You are beautiful the way you are. Don’t let society or anyone else tell you otherwise girl. 💜
Inaya Babar
Inaya Babar - 14 dager siden
Omg 😮 I felt the same way thankyouuuu love 💓 you
Kandace Watkins
Kandace Watkins - 14 dager siden
You’re stunning either way! Role model! 🤩
Simon Klein
Simon Klein - 14 dager siden
My aunt was babysitting a dog named moose and he was so tiny he was the size of Flint's head
Chloe Cheslock
Chloe Cheslock - 14 dager siden
Look Colleen think of it is a good thing that is awesome that you eat more I wish was eating more
Kira Lennon
Kira Lennon - 14 dager siden
I agree none should
Judge their bodies be who you are and live it the way you are
Nicole Brown
Nicole Brown - 16 dager siden
Don't beat yourself up! You are coping the best you can in an unprecedented time. I am sure you will get yourself back to a place where you are comfortable in your body again.
Nisha Paharia
Nisha Paharia - 18 dager siden
Colleen you're perfect ❤
Dadriona Anderson
Dadriona Anderson - 18 dager siden
Ik I'm late😂😂 but
Sierra Toro
Sierra Toro - 18 dager siden
I’m in my second month of pregnancy and as someone who recovered and is recovering from an eating disorder I am triggered by my weight gain it’s a lot of change. ☹️💔
Delilah Levy
Delilah Levy - 19 dager siden
Colleen babe, don't feel insecure you are absolutely BEAUTFUL and so is every other different sized woman seeing this. remember what you said in a video while you where pregnant and trying on all your pre pregnancy clothes? you said that you never wanted to be as skinny as you was and that it looked like you were dangerously skinny . you are beautiful in al the sizes hun, dont feel any other way. and for all the other sexy mother truckers reading this, you are practically perfect in every single way ✨😘😘😘😘
Ava Rodriguez
Ava Rodriguez - 20 dager siden
That good
Ava Rodriguez
Ava Rodriguez - 20 dager siden
I always wanted to hear u sing
Alyssa Achey
Alyssa Achey - 20 dager siden
I absolutely love that you are aware of how hard it is for big girls but you have every right to feel the way you do even if you’re still on the smaller scale. You look so amazing!!!!!! Beautiful inside and out ☺️ you brighten my day
Shaleefa Juma
Shaleefa Juma - 20 dager siden
First of all you have to stop apologizing for having your own thought and feelings and you need to stop worrying so much about suffering olympics. Gurl it does not exist.... we use our empathy to know how much another person feels or hurts - but you can’t know. For sure so if someone’s ran up to and said omg it hurts so much and you panic but it end being a paper cut which people truly believe that the worst pain in world, meanwhile you think of your pregnancy not the birth but the pregnancy where being congested all day and a broken pelvic bone..The real people who watch you go through hell and back for motet than a decade with you, they know you and they get it to.: why would you even give them the voice by apologizing you make the big ball of doubt and all the crappy people who said awful things to you in your past want you to give them the opportunity to say you’re right you should apologize. Blah blah yada yea mean mean guess what the rest of us who empathize will help a bit but we all just think about that negative thought. I think you’re brave but don’t apologize for being you, because YOU are awesome and unfortunately many girls have body dysmorphia and like you said That’s okay!
And please tell Tia all of us have her in our prayer and that we are dancing with her! 🤟🏽❤️
Karissa Stiles
Karissa Stiles - 21 dag siden
I didn’t know that I needed to hear this until I watched it.... Thank you Colleen ♥️
Chanty Ledesma
Chanty Ledesma - 21 dag siden
I’m a big girl and trust me when i say I’ve cried during quarantine cause I’ve had
KrisWilliams - 22 dager siden
Need to worry less about triggering people. You being naturally thin doesnt mean you arent allowed to have your own problems and arent allowed to have your feelings or feel what you feel. Youre human. For others to dismiss your feelings because theyve decided what your allowed to feel is a problem.
Rosie Miller
Rosie Miller - 22 dager siden
I’ve been struggling so hard since quarantine started because i’ve always ate through my feelings. I’ve gained a lot of weight in my stomach area and do not fit into any of my jeans. It’s been so hard, has made me cry a lot throughout the days, and has just set my mindset back so much. I just want to thank you for sharing this, for sharing your body & experiences. It truly makes a difference, and makes me feel less alone in this world :)
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 23 dager siden
Colleen: I cried because I couldn't put my shorts on
COLLEEN 👏we👏have👏all👏been👏 there 👏
Jood Abdulrahman
Jood Abdulrahman - 23 dager siden
WE (your followers and friends and family and subscribers) love you for who you are!!! Your feelings are always valid and important!!! Your body and every body in the whole world is incredible!!! I’m also kinda insecure and that’s okay. EVERYONE IS INCREDIBLE!!!!! 🥳🥳
Brianna Lehane
Brianna Lehane - 23 dager siden
oh man I feel this! maybe try adding more exercise into your routine, but focusing on the health benefits of it, not weight loss
Leah H
Leah H - 23 dager siden
Thank you for talking about weight from a thinner persons point of view. I really appreciate this cause a lot of the time i fell like the only one.
Kimma Grace
Kimma Grace - 24 dager siden
Thank you for posting this! It’s a great reminder at any weight or shape or size to love our bodies where we are at.
I’m 5’10” and my post-pregnancy body seems permanently stuck at 293lbs. I’ve always been plus sized, but now when I order plus size clothes, even they don’t fit. I’ve also cried. Your feelings are just as valid. We are all on our own journey. As far as I’m concerned, our bodies are perfect so long as they are doing their job and keeping us alive. ❤️
Ellie Thouless
Ellie Thouless - 25 dager siden
I have so much respect for you. You are so strong Colleen!❤️❤️❤️
Rose Fulker
Rose Fulker - 25 dager siden
I have been getting body shamed since I was 7 and this is so uplifting and an amazing message
Thanks Colleen!
Valeria Esteves
Valeria Esteves - 25 dager siden
Go girll you look amazing tho! 🤗
Mackenzie Ducksworth
Mackenzie Ducksworth - 26 dager siden
Colleen your are beautiful and I know a lot of people can relate we are here for you 😍
Beauty In The Eyes
Beauty In The Eyes - 26 dager siden
If something bothers you, it's because it's something that matters to you. Try to not downgrade those emotions because it's normal to feel that way. Chin up queen!
Beauty In The Eyes
Beauty In The Eyes - 26 dager siden
I appreciate you talking about this
madehdeh - 26 dager siden
i love you so much thank you for this video. it actually made me cry. the exact same thing happened to my body, and I'm not even sad about it. but I just cried cuz I realized there must be SO many people having body changes, especially right now. don't know why this made me emotional LOL I guess I'm just glad you're open with us, LOVE YOU COLLEEN :)
Brooke Ngo-Phan
Brooke Ngo-Phan - 26 dager siden
this genuinely made me cry. it’s really nice to hear it out loud, so thank you colleen.
Brooke Ngo-Phan
Brooke Ngo-Phan - 26 dager siden
i’m so appreciative and happy that she talked about this openly knowing and stating that it’s controversial. it makes it feel normal and less tip-toed around.
noa weinstock
noa weinstock - 26 dager siden
made me cry.. thank you for sharing. you are beautiful. we all are
Allison J.
Allison J. - 26 dager siden
Society has ingrained in all people how our bodies are "wrong". Diet culture sucks. The diet industry is a billion dollar industry for a reason. How gross is it that companies prey on our insecurities to sell us things they know won't work?
Blessed Beauty
Blessed Beauty - 27 dager siden
I feel like she looks healthier honestly
summerwillows - 27 dager siden
I think what I've come to understand about weight and size is that we all have insecurities, many brought on by societal pressure, but also just our own self doubt. We don't all face discrimination becuase of our size --that is a different form and a different layer of pain. But we all experience pain and anxiety becuase of our's not better or worse pain. We've all cried when our jeans don't fit or looked in a dressing room mirror (which can there be a less flattering mirror!?) and felt awful. As someone that used to be a very skinny girl and has since put on 30+ pounds, I understand Colleen entirely. For me, it was less even about how I physically looked, but more about the anxiety associated with why am I gaining weight?, what if it doesn't stop? As someone that never really had to worry about my weight to suddenly feel out if control of your body is terrifying. So Colleen it's totally fine to feel sad, try not to let it consume you and recognize there is so much more to you than a size, but don't feel bad about experiencing those emotions either.
AllyJJ98 - 27 dager siden
Currently going through this same struggle, and I have always felt bad saying anything about myself gaining weight because I’ve always been the “skinny” one in the family and now I’ve gained weight from quarantine and I am not as confident and I have been really struggling and this video was very comforting and seeing all the comments saying our feelings are valid. This is the message I needed tonight 💕
Haley Wells
Haley Wells - 27 dager siden
colleen you are beautiful and a wonderful human. i love you
Miri Mousee
Miri Mousee - 27 dager siden
You just have to think that your body goes through different seasons. Right now, you're in a different season than you were pre quarantine season. It helps to think that your body is constantly changing and will never be the same as the past. We just have to learn to love the new body and appreciate it for what it is doing now. Everyone's body goes through seasons. Everyone's thoughts about their bodies are valid. There is no such thing as a perfect body. ^_^
sophie vega
sophie vega - 28 dager siden
thank you so much for sharing this 🥺
Raquel Ponce
Raquel Ponce - 28 dager siden
I have also been pretty skinny my entire life and I have insecurity issues too. Thank you for speaking up about your insecurities. It helps my feelings feel valid
Becky Dalton
Becky Dalton - 28 dager siden
I really appreciate you talking about the body shaming. I am considered a plus size woman I'm 41 184 lbs. I have had 2 kiddos both csections. They are 20/15 now. So I've always had the pooch. I'm a type1diabetic as well so its always been a struggle for me to lose weight. I am glad that other woman have the same insecurities as I do. I wish more women would talk about it. Love your videos Colleen and you did an amazing job with Tias cover song "Glorious "
Matilda Loughmiller
Matilda Loughmiller - 28 dager siden
Thank you for being so transparent about your body struggles (in this video and always!) As a plus size woman, I appreciate you being so careful with your words, but you are so so so valid to feel how you feel!!! Thank you for always being so kind and mindful.
Noodle Roblox
Noodle Roblox - 28 dager siden
Aww I’m so sorry
IamjustSerenity - 28 dager siden
Am I the only one who thinks Colleen looks better with more weight on her?? She’s BEAUTIFUL regardless, but I thought she was glowing when pregnant with Flynn 🥰
Barney_Mclovin12 Soup
Barney_Mclovin12 Soup - 29 dager siden
Your struggles are your struggles. Everyone is different you feel that pain and work through it colleen! Don’t let other people shame you for how you feel dont sucumb to that.
JerichaG92 - 29 dager siden
After quarantine?? Who said it’s over?
Robyn Collip
Robyn Collip - 29 dager siden
wow that comment about crying cause something doesn't fit hit home
Sierra Lyons
Sierra Lyons - Måned siden
Omg this is EXACTLY what I’ve been going through in the past year. I’ve been naturally slim my whole life so gaining weight in a short amount of time mostly in my stomach and thighs has been REALLY hard for me to accept especially when I don’t feel motivated to workout. Thank you for being open and honest and please keep sharing your story. 💓
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - Måned siden
Haters need to back off (heh, see what I did there?) You're gorgeous and I know you know that you are. Everyone's different whether it be body shape, birth defects and all that. It's hard to admit to ourselves that we are all beautiful women or men are handsome. I know I'm gorgeous, but that doesn't mean that I don't look at myself in the mirror and wonder sometimes. Thing is? We're allowed to have those thoughts. They suck, yes, but we are only human. We can feel bad for ourselves for a bit and then pick ourselves up and rock who we are. You are an amazing woman and I respect you for being such a cool and laid back woman. :) I hope you're doing ok and I know that I'm a stranger, but I'll always be around to listen to you vent if you need to.
Tiki Reid
Tiki Reid - Måned siden
Just because your thinner doesn’t mean you can’t be insecure
Sadaharu - Måned siden
Hi Colleen, don't know if you'll ever see this but I had to unsubscribe from you for a while because you were so thin and so miserable and didn't like how you looked and I'm a medium sized girl who would've wanted to keep starving herself to look a little bit more like you. When I saw this video was posted I had to take days off to think about when I could finally view this. You have no idea how beautiful you are but now I see you eat so much more and cook more and raise a son and enjoy life with your family and your body now is so wonderfully relateable and strong and human and overall so much more healthy for me to witness. That's heroic and I don't mean to say "brave" in a cheeky way but we all need to be more like you.
Jacqueline DeWolf
Jacqueline DeWolf - Måned siden
I have changed my profilepicture on TikTok as all body’s are beutiful. You can see on my account @dewolf_girl8614. I want to show that.
Andrea Tapp
Andrea Tapp - Måned siden
Girl. You were looking too thin there for a min. I remember.. You look better with some weight on. Go up a size. You'll be ok..
TheCraftEGal - Måned siden
Your. Feelings. Are. Valid.
Irene Amelunge
Irene Amelunge - Måned siden
You have all rights to feel that way because your body is changing but girl every body is beautiful including yours😍😍 this video👏🏼👏🏼
Rainy Brown
Rainy Brown - Måned siden
This is literally how I feel, people act like I can’t talk about weight because I’m not big
Maria Luiza Barbosa
Maria Luiza Barbosa - Måned siden
first of all YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL no matter what. Second, you shouldn’t apologize for feeling like this just because you’ve been skinny. We understand the pressure and your emotions are completely valid
Anonymous !
Anonymous ! - Måned siden
Colleen I relate w what u are saying. Just know that ily and thx for letting me know I’m not the only one feeling like this. Ur feelings are valid 🤍
Stac777 ***
Stac777 *** - Måned siden
I'm small. And I have had fluctuations not used to dealing with past couple years. And it was hard at times. I get this very much. It's good to talk about it. Love you. I understand XOXO.. your cover of that song is BEAUTIFUL !!!!! Your voice is so pretty XOXOXOXO
N Nicol
N Nicol - Måned siden
Treat your body as if it belongs to someone you love.
Lucero Espinoza
Lucero Espinoza - Måned siden
Girl don’t stress you have the power and money to change it if that’s what you desire
Cheyla Daverman
Cheyla Daverman - Måned siden
You are so inspiring!!! Thank you for your vulnerability
Imaaunicorn love
Imaaunicorn love - Måned siden
I feel that so hard ❤️❤️❤️ you are not alone 😭❤️
Sophia Porter
Sophia Porter - Måned siden
i’m so happy this is being normalized. loving yourself at every stage is so hard that’s what i’m currently working through, but it is so worth it 🥰
Anna P.
Anna P. - Måned siden
Anna P.
Anna P. - Måned siden
You got so skin then I think your cool any way.🙂
JNERDX YouTube - Måned siden
I was grateful to have grown up with a mom who didn’t shame me. As an adult now, I’m not so bothered by gaining weight. It’s when you feel unhealthy that you should be motivated to do something. I feel unhealthy at the weight I’m at right now. So I’m doing what I can to change my body for me. And that is okay too.
M. A.
M. A. - Måned siden
Your my idol Colleen, thank you for being you!
Heidi Clayden
Heidi Clayden - Måned siden
Everyone beautiful you're beautiful don't worry
Ditya Vakati
Ditya Vakati - Måned siden
The comments on this video is like everyone is a therapist or something-
Amy - Måned siden
Body dysmorphia doesn't discriminate against size Colleen, skinny or big you can still have issues with the way your body looks. Don't ever think that you aren't allowed or that it's wrong to feel the way you do, it's completely normal, and definitely don't think people who tell you that you shouldn't be talking about it because you're thin are in any way in the right. They're wrong. Stop saying your struggle is nothing compared to others. Your struggles are your struggles and are completely valid, regardless of how other people are feeling.
Carrota p
Carrota p - Måned siden
Young women don't believe when she says it's embedded in us. No it's not. Maybe for her.. not necessarily for you.
Carrota p
Carrota p - Måned siden
You sound so conflicted
brochellelamb - Måned siden
As a woman who is borderline "morbidly obese" it is extremely difficult living in today's society. The pressure to lose weight is astounding. Especially since I gave birth 10 months ago, and I'm heavier now than at 9.5 months pregnant. It's ridiculous. HOWEVER, that does not make your feelings invalid. You are a HUMAN BEING, who is allowed feelings, and thoughts, and opinions. You shouldn't have to apologize for how YOU are feeling.
Angela Dianne
Angela Dianne - Måned siden
You have the right to react to your body changing. No matter how thick or how thin you are. You are the only one who knows what it feels like to be in your skin. I hope that anyone struggling with this and reading this right now knows that they are beautiful and worthy and lovable no matter what!!
Kait Llewellyn
Kait Llewellyn - Måned siden
I am plus size and always have been, but your feelings are so incredibly valid. Anyone can struggle with weight, and someone else's struggles doesn't negate yours. Thank you for talking about this and using your platform to normalize talking about these issues
Maria Moller
Maria Moller - Måned siden
take a leaf out of eat pray love, have some pizza and buy bigger shorts 💜 dont get youself down because your beautiful and healthy
Autumn Hebert
Autumn Hebert - Måned siden
Thank you for posting this video ❤️ I’m also skinny like you and often got criticized for how small I was and how I should be eating more and it’s hard to gain weight and see yourself differently no matter what size you are. I’ve gained a lot of weight over quarantine and have felt really bad about my body lately but I feel like I can’t feel that way or I’m not allowed to feel that way... thanks for talking about it all
Miss b
Miss b - Måned siden
Am i the only one that think that she looks good with little weight gain, she was too skinny before
TheSophie198511 - Måned siden
I personally think that you look better now 🤷‍♀️ However, I do realise that its how we feel about ourselves....but honestly I think you're current size looks alot healthier
J G - Måned siden
8 million in poverty due to covid, no money, no jobs, missing rent, low on food, Over 200,000 dead. You are OK, I promise.
Finflix Family
Finflix Family - Måned siden
Emily Matzdorf
Emily Matzdorf - Måned siden
Girl this is your channel and you're allowed to feel your feelings. You don't need to justify and overly explain every feeling you have just because we live in a messed up world. You are beautiful, but your feelings are valid and you're allowed to feel them. Thank you for feeling comfortable enough to share them with us
Chloe Cook
Chloe Cook - Måned siden
U r such an inspiration, thank u for being so open I just know it’s helping so many people including myself❤️
Eva Ellis
Eva Ellis - Måned siden
u have no idea :(
Roxanna Seay
Roxanna Seay - Måned siden
Everyone has insecurities about their bodies. Everyone has the right to talk about struggles they feel. It's hard to talk about and people can be so judgmental. Talk about your insecurities, voice them. It could help someone who is struggling with the same things. I guarantee there is someone who is thinking the exact same thing as you. Stay strong, Colleen. ❤️ Keep your head up. ❤️
Laura Didic
Laura Didic - Måned siden
I don't keep clothes that I know that I don't fit in like I used to and that is completely normal. Our bodies change everyday, just change the size of an item and you can still rock it. It doesn't matter if you have a little bit of tummy, I personally have wider legs but you know what? I don't care. As long as my body is healthy and functional I'm fine with it and grateful for it. Love your body, it's the only one that you'll ever have ❤️
Ashlyn Kay
Ashlyn Kay - Måned siden
Thank you ♥️
Sandra Milner
Sandra Milner - Måned siden
Olivia Ramirez
Olivia Ramirez - Måned siden
There is no such thing as fatter and skinnier body’s at least in my brain💕💕💕💕
Cooking for kids Cooking for kids
Your body is amazing and so are you
Lisa McDermott
Lisa McDermott - Måned siden
You're so pretty Colleen!