My Halloween Outfit!

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Runtime: 19:19


Ayla Thompson
Ayla Thompson - 2 dager siden
This curling method is VERY helpful for cheerleaders! Thank you!
Ana Rubero
Ana Rubero - 5 dager siden
Im watching this on her b-day! happy b-day gurlllll! 5 yrs going strong watching you. :3
Jackie Roach
Jackie Roach - 7 dager siden
Try the robe tie hair curling trick
Shavon V
Shavon V - 9 dager siden
Not y’all just learning about flexi rods 💀💀💀
Sarah Ellis
Sarah Ellis - 10 dager siden
My family moved back in April to a neighborhood where we have sidewalks and can actually trick or treat and hand out candy. I was hoping that 6 months later, the pandemic would be gone gone. I was super disappointed and went back and forth on what we would do. We've spent the past most of the year social distancing, wearing masks, going out when necessary, etc. We ended up prepping bags of candy for trick or treaters and placing them out on the sidewalk (I really wished I could have handed it out in the traditional manner). We took our kids around the neighborhood and they wore masks. I will say a majority of the people handing out candy did so safely - they prepped bags and put them out by the road. Some were out in costumes closer to their homes and waved at the trick or treaters. When we got home, our kids were allowed to eat the candy that were in bags (we got it out for them). The rest of the candy was set aside for 4 days and then they could eat it. Now that it's been 2+ weeks, I'm certain we are all in the clear for COVID as it relates to Halloween. I was happy that we were able to trick or treat and our neighborhood did a great job with doing social distancing handing out of candy for the most part. My kids were the only kids wearing masks and that was a bummer imo, but they would not have gone if they didn't wear masks.
Carter rose
Carter rose - 10 dager siden
8:40 I care and I did it
lizgachalife 101
lizgachalife 101 - 12 dager siden
collen: 2020 is wired
ME: 2020 is not wired :/

RebeccAlbrecht - 13 dager siden
iScarly - 13 dager siden
I have the same birthdays as Cory
Audrey Kimberlin
Audrey Kimberlin - 13 dager siden
I saw the Live stream event, Did you have fun?
Also, you did amazing, everyone did.
bloemundude - 13 dager siden
How many people on Earth can say that they've acted with both Tim Curry and Flavor Flav?
Malachy M
Malachy M - 14 dager siden
Sara Marie W
Sara Marie W - 15 dager siden
I LOVE KORY ♥️♥️♥️
Kimi Smith
Kimi Smith - 15 dager siden
My birthday was November 4th and it sucked. =-/
K C - 16 dager siden
Please take a break/hiatus and work on self love/care. Parenthood changes you and you have to deal with your personal struggles first before being able to manage regular day to day stressor(s) successfully. Even then, finding a balance is tough but all parents find a way. Sending you well wishes
Emily Gauthier
Emily Gauthier - 16 dager siden
Girl!!! Please know that you are worthy of all your success and love the world shows you. Never let the haters take your self worth and feeling of belonging. You make me see my power and worthiness, I hope you see yours cause you are so deserving :)
Ada Cruz
Ada Cruz - 16 dager siden
I swear Kory is bff goals!! 🙌🏻❤️
Marty bass
Marty bass - 16 dager siden
I touched my. Pickle to this
Rebecca Gao
Rebecca Gao - 17 dager siden
"will this fry your hair? AbSoLUtLy." PLZ-
R N - 17 dager siden
Love you
Mark Davis
Mark Davis - 18 dager siden
Joe biden is not present people are just saying that. There going to go to the supreme Court
Liz B
Liz B - 18 dager siden
Samantha Hartmann
Samantha Hartmann - 18 dager siden
For trick or treating this year my family bought different types of candy for spiders, sculls, etc. We walked around our hood all masked up and took notes of all the decorations we found. Then we came home and gathered the candy!!
Freya Evans
Freya Evans - 18 dager siden
I'm crying :( youre so so so worthy of being on Rocky Horror and i have a tear stain on my face, when you started crying i did too and especially at the end on the video D: i was saying to my screen how you deserve this more than you realise
Bailey - 19 dager siden
Does anyone remember the song Colleen sang, “Worthy.” It’s about being worthy that is what Colleen is she is worthy of her success!!!
Beth Mitchell-McCoy
Beth Mitchell-McCoy - 19 dager siden
YOU are worthy and deserve everything that comes your way 🤩
Penelope - 19 dager siden
Faith Remington
Faith Remington - 20 dager siden
You look so pretty😍😍😍🥰❤️🖤❤️🖤
CRVC HomeServices
CRVC HomeServices - 20 dager siden
Happy anniversary it's november 7!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
fooking_avacods spoons
fooking_avacods spoons - 20 dager siden
I was in theater in middle school and I miss it so much
Ashloumaly - 20 dager siden
Seriously gutted that I couldn't watch it because I don't live in the USA 😔
Jack the cat Lolo the dog
Jack the cat Lolo the dog - 20 dager siden
I went trick or treating
Amberlee Perfetto
Amberlee Perfetto - 20 dager siden
My birthday is also the 9th! Go team Scorpio 🙌
Kristen E
Kristen E - 20 dager siden
Your comments about Tim were nasty!! I would be so ashamed to have said what you did. You admitted that he has trouble saying things yet your nasty self couldn't be patient and wanted to say his lines for him? Nasty. You will NEVER even come close to being the legend he is. You will ALWAYS be known as a youtube person. Not even an actress. Lazy youtube.
Ava DeRuvo
Ava DeRuvo - 20 dager siden
Watching Colleen cry every time on camera makes me cry because shes worked so hard for everything and we as her fans know how hard she has worked for all of this :')
Jade Bola
Jade Bola - 20 dager siden
Mine's the 16th! 😊 also rocky horror was amazing! You did so good!! 😍
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 20 dager siden
Colleen, you are an incredible celebrity!!!
Marisol Bloomfield
Marisol Bloomfield - 20 dager siden
This may come across as rude, but i dont mean it like that. Colleen's forehead makes me feel so better about mine seeing that such a beautiful woman has a larger forehead. It tells me that it can be beautiful
-Lime-Love- - 20 dager siden
Story plot I wished was a Netflix show and that I wished Colleen would act for:
Colleen and Miranda are 2 people in the same body. Colleen is the main controller of the body until Miranda gets jealous of Colleens life so Miranda starts trying to overcome the body and suppressing Colleen. They go threw the challenges of Colleens family having to deal with Miranda and they try to get Colleen to come back into main control of the body.
Precious Derico
Precious Derico - 20 dager siden
Everytime you cry I tear up🥺omg🥺🥺🥺
Ashlyn Mae
Ashlyn Mae - 20 dager siden
becky tucker
becky tucker - 20 dager siden
colleen is the most worthy and awesome person ever. i dont want colleen to feel like she is not worthy because look how far she has come and how hard she has worked. she should feel so proud of herself for what she has accomplished. i look up to her more than she will ever know. she is unbelievably talented and amazing, and she should feel so worthy of being on that show! love you colleen!!
Kate Brackett
Kate Brackett - 21 dag siden
Where do you buy those foam sticks to curl your hair??
Kate Brackett
Kate Brackett - 21 dag siden
I know you don’t consider yourself a beauty guru but your makeup always looks so much better than mine
Kate Brackett
Kate Brackett - 21 dag siden
Hey Colleen what do you use for your foundation ??
Melon lol ari gamer
Melon lol ari gamer - 21 dag siden
Happy birthday Bailey
Sara Riofrio Garcia
Sara Riofrio Garcia - 21 dag siden
Literally I live the Uk and like no one came for candy in my neighborhood
Vale Mansi
Vale Mansi - 21 dag siden
I saw the livestream... it was great, so fun and fantastic, and you always beautiful
Baylynn Videtich
Baylynn Videtich - 21 dag siden
Colleen:It took me by surprise

Me:The hatred in your eyes
yang zhiwei
yang zhiwei - 21 dag siden
onion got currry shade. oh, boy maybe it is a diy.
headass steph
headass steph - 21 dag siden
I wasn’t be able to watch the Rocky Horror livestream, but I’m sure you did absolutely fantastic! you totally deserved to be there, I hope you get to do more big projects!
Lau Oneil
Lau Oneil - 21 dag siden
omg i'm november 7th and i'm scorpio lol i love fall🥰🥰🥰
Sarah R
Sarah R - 21 dag siden
We love you Colleen & Kory
Andrea Justis
Andrea Justis - 21 dag siden
It just registered for me that your birthday and my son’s birthday are the same day & that just made me so so so happy!!! He’ll be 4 this year & I hope he grows to be just is as kind and lovely as you are ❤️ Love you Colleen! Happy Scorpio(/Sagittarius cusp) season!!!
Dempsey Pell Jr
Dempsey Pell Jr - 21 dag siden
I was miranda sings for Halloween
Flynn’s Fashion Fantasies
Lindsey Erickson
Lindsey Erickson - 21 dag siden
Me watching the part where she does the hair tutorial and probably using it soon, because my hair doesn’t keep curls. Then her saying nobody cares.. I doooooo
matt v
matt v - 22 dager siden
Ali Meislin
Ali Meislin - 22 dager siden
Ali Meislin
Ali Meislin - 22 dager siden
You are worthy Colleen! ❤️
Shibby Louu
Shibby Louu - 22 dager siden
My birthday is November 7th! :D
Megan Hammond
Megan Hammond - 22 dager siden
Love you so much Colleen!!
Regina Perez
Regina Perez - 22 dager siden
I love you, QUEEN! You are so worthy!
Vega Campososnowska
Vega Campososnowska - 22 dager siden
girl do degrade urself, u r WORTHY!! u r COLLEEN!!!!!!!!!! they r soooooooooooo lucky to have had u on the show!!
Jill Dinius
Jill Dinius - 22 dager siden
Colleen you deserve all the success in the world. Never say you are not worthy! I love you ♥️
Amy Settle
Amy Settle - 22 dager siden
I loved you in the Rocky Horror Show it just made me so sad to see how the stroke affected him
Jessica Horne
Jessica Horne - 22 dager siden
Lucy P
Lucy P - 22 dager siden
Her birthday is on my BIRTHDAY OMG🥳❤️
T.J. Sortino
T.J. Sortino - 22 dager siden
Miranda - 22 dager siden
How do you watch it 👀 if you still can
Becca & Nora
Becca & Nora - 22 dager siden
Okay but that trick or treat sign is so cute
Juleann Houck
Juleann Houck - 22 dager siden
Your birthday is one day before mine
Sunshine Starchild
Sunshine Starchild - 22 dager siden
Aw I didn't know you wanted to go to cosmetology school! I went to cosmetology school it was so fun❤
Lauren - 22 dager siden
You are completely worthy and NOBODY would question why you were there
Mandi Rahman
Mandi Rahman - 22 dager siden
Anyone know if there's a link to the livestream recording?
KaYdEn MwAh
KaYdEn MwAh - 22 dager siden
Omg korys birthday is like mine!! I’m so happyyyyyy :DDD
eliana ?
eliana ? - 22 dager siden
me too i was born in nov 29 so i am a sag
Samantha Marquardt
Samantha Marquardt - 22 dager siden
I wish they gave tim more time to say his lines, other than that it was awesome!
Deepansh Vishvakarma
Deepansh Vishvakarma - 22 dager siden birthday is November 21st too....
Melissa Read
Melissa Read - 22 dager siden
Is Tim curry in clue?
Sonia Veve
Sonia Veve - 22 dager siden
Kristel Pilataxi
Kristel Pilataxi - 22 dager siden
Kristel Pilataxi
Kristel Pilataxi - 22 dager siden
I know marandas gone but atleast ur not
Monique F
Monique F - 23 dager siden
But you were on Broadway, of course you're worthy of being with other stars
Madison - 23 dager siden
Colleen, you are so beyond worthy! You feelings are of course valid, but let’s think of everything you’ve done & accomplished. You’re one of the first big successful internet stars, so much so that you’ve been featured on countless late night shows, so successful that you created a Netflix series that you wrote and starred in, so successful that your dream come true of being on Broadway happened! I know those things must make you feel so grateful and lucky but you honestly deserve them and you inspire so many of us “weird kids” who see someone like us and normal, make it! We see you! Everyone sees you! And you’re such an inspiration truly! It’s like the universe (and your hard work) have given you these things in gratitude. If you weren’t so successful to come out with the Netflix show, you wouldn’t have met your true love and had your beautiful baby. YOU DESERVE THIS. YOU WORK SO HARD. Oh and I didn’t even mention your tours!! And you miss them so much and they were so successful too! I love you so much and I hope you can see what we all see in you. You are paving the way for more internet stars, this is a platform that has not been carved before like conventional acting. You are successful, you helped create this career, we love you and you are so worthy!!
Verity Faulds
Verity Faulds - 23 dager siden
Yesterday was my relay race for sports day, and I was a reserve. I felt like I wouldn’t be fast enough or I would slip up. But then it was time for me to go. I was so incredibly, nervous, I was handed the baton and I was running as fast as I could..I was in last place, but then I zoomed up to second and handed the baton to the next person.
So if you feel like you don’t belong or are extremely nervous or in any other situation if you want, try and look back at how I zoomed up and we came in first for my running relays. Please try to stay safe during this period of time and I believe you can do anything you can if you out your mind to it!❤️❤️
KiwiLuna O'Keefe
KiwiLuna O'Keefe - 23 dager siden
Anyone have a time machine so i can go back to when colleen was in highschool and join theater with her cause my theater class at my highschool is full of emo "actors" who give no shats about musicals or singing- to be somewhat fair tho I did join Theater and not Musical theater even though I wrote MUSICAL THEATER ON MY ELECTIVES PAPER, i thought they were the same thing at first but HOOHOOOO I WAS WRONG
Amber Hewitt
Amber Hewitt - 23 dager siden
Mine is this month too the 13th.
Miracle Stokes
Miracle Stokes - 23 dager siden
When you said that your birthday was this month I was like OMG!! my birthday is this month too.
Johanna Moore
Johanna Moore - 23 dager siden
And happy early birthday QUEENS! Love ya’ll and yas kory you go girlfriend!
Ella Bradley
Ella Bradley - 23 dager siden
Does kory still live with them??
Johanna Moore
Johanna Moore - 23 dager siden
Bruh I would have used this for my costume! Love you colleen
Chad Jones
Chad Jones - 23 dager siden
Omg I'm November 22 cusp baby here too soo cool, hey from Canada again
Lily Blanski
Lily Blanski - 23 dager siden
Why is she the most TALENTED human in EVERYTHING!!!! like, excuse me, that is not fair! She is also beautiful and so relatable! She's the best!
One.Direction.styles - 23 dager siden
She got the grav3yardgirl iron
Jackie Guerrero1315
Jackie Guerrero1315 - 23 dager siden
Im a scorpio!!! Turning 18 November 17!
Stella Cindrich
Stella Cindrich - 23 dager siden
Omg I am Nov.17!
Isa Gb
Isa Gb - 23 dager siden
We have the same birthday colleen!!🥰
Kim Knight
Kim Knight - 23 dager siden
I struggle with those thoughts around work all the time even though I do well.
Zoei O'Quinn-Nichols
Zoei O'Quinn-Nichols - 23 dager siden
My birthday is the 22nd
Katie Betts
Katie Betts - 22 dager siden
Me too
Eden Comstock
Eden Comstock - 23 dager siden
Mine is November 23 so close