OUR EPIC CAMPING TRIP! (We Forgot Toilet Paper)

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Camping in the RV was so fun! This is one of my favorite vlogs of all time!
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Runtime: 21:30


Gracie Star
Gracie Star - 14 timer siden
i lived in an R.V. for 2 years
Lilly B
Lilly B - 3 dager siden
Lucy DeBoer
Lucy DeBoer - 6 dager siden
Colleen: I have never been caamping before well like we aren't really camping cause we aren't in a tent.
Me: Your still camping but its just more luxurious
josh D
josh D - 7 dager siden
I keeps fly away from there eyes
Cheyenne Wadle
Cheyenne Wadle - 7 dager siden
The thing on the horses face is to keep the flies off their eyes so that I don’t get messed with the by the flies
Marisa Dvornik
Marisa Dvornik - 10 dager siden
not me being really sad that you guys cant watch twilight
Alison Hembling
Alison Hembling - 12 dager siden
The eye boll shealds are for to bugs not to bother there face and eyes
E E - 16 dager siden
Colleen! I know you probably will not see this, but the face masks the horses are wearing are fly shields, some particular horses get a lot of flies around their face and it bothers them. Glad to help if you see this!
Haviland Steele
Haviland Steele - 16 dager siden
Fly mask if you have any more questions about horses watch it esme it is a you tube channel
Mia D'Agostino
Mia D'Agostino - 19 dager siden
its for flys so the flys leve there eyes alone
Book Nerd98
Book Nerd98 - 20 dager siden
Anyone else watching them experiencing their first time in a RV (US)/Campervan (UK) and just laughing? Like this is coming from someone whose done camping in a tent, Campervan, Glamping and cabins. I've experienced the not having a can opener, no toilet paper and the bugs 😂
All I can say Colleen is that when you do it a couple of times then you'll get into a habit of making sure you have EVERYTHING you need, even stuff you might not need but take just in case.
Stephanie Gough
Stephanie Gough - 23 dager siden
11:35 Eric in the back 🤣
Andy Foster
Andy Foster - 23 dager siden
Hi I wanna know something...
Why does Flynn have blonde hair and you both have brunette hair and why does he have blue eyes and you both have brown eyes?
It is just a question I am a girl on my dads phone I love you guys so much I am your biggest fan please like this comment or maby you can write a comment back 😀
Andy Foster
Andy Foster - 23 dager siden
Sos sent it bye accident
Andy Foster
Andy Foster - 23 dager siden
Louise Cole
Louise Cole - 29 dager siden
It is called a fly mask the oners will put it on them to protek there eyes becuse some horses get biten more then most. Sorry for the bad spellings
brooklyn sue
brooklyn sue - Måned siden
im a ravencalw
aubrey rosa
aubrey rosa - Måned siden
The masks on the horses face our fly masks its too keep out the fly out of there eyes because flys come to things that smell bad like poop and horses role in there poop all day so thats what it is
Kayla Hansen
Kayla Hansen - Måned siden
Ravenclaw friends where you at
Brylee Malloy
Brylee Malloy - Måned siden
it ceps flys away
Pug Queen
Pug Queen - Måned siden
The shield for their eyes are so flies don’t fly into their eyes it’s like meds just over it so the flies or gnats don’t go in and then they can get their eyes can get infected if they if the flies or gnats go in there
That's So Stevee
That's So Stevee - Måned siden
I’m hufelpuff
Alexia McCarty
Alexia McCarty - Måned siden
im hufflepuff
Alexia McCarty
Alexia McCarty - Måned siden
its a fly mask
Kristen - yayaaks ca
Kristen - yayaaks ca - Måned siden
Oh damn! I wanted to see Eric’s commentary about twilight lol.
Please colleen you guys have to watch it once you are back home
Heather Tillman
Heather Tillman - Måned siden
How do you get the kids to add a new one to add the two of the kids in
Daphne Tzavaras
Daphne Tzavaras - Måned siden
the thing on there head is a fly sheald
The Machine
The Machine - Måned siden
Skillful demonstration You have inspired me to work on my channel, thanks. 🐼
Kamdyn Cashin
Kamdyn Cashin - Måned siden
It’s for flys they can see through the mask! I know it looks a little bi funny!!!!!
Tesss Galbraith
Tesss Galbraith - Måned siden
The eye shields are called fly mask to keep the flies out of there eyes
Serenity Eyler
Serenity Eyler - Måned siden
I am grifindor
Elena S
Elena S - Måned siden
i am griffandor my school is the griffens
Ruby Mariscal
Ruby Mariscal - Måned siden
The thing on there eyes is there because some horses q startled easily so they put that on so they don’t get startled but I don’t no the name of it (correct me if I’m wrong on my info )♥️
emma carter
emma carter - Måned siden
11:30 they are fly mask
MiaPlayz2468 - Måned siden
the horse have a thing on there face so the bugs do not go in there 👀👁
Cupcake Unicorn
Cupcake Unicorn - Måned siden
the thing on they eyes is a fly mask so the fly do bite they eyes
Scarlett Dell Jones
Scarlett Dell Jones - Måned siden
I'm a gryfindor! But I love Hufflepuffs!!
Hannah Collinge
Hannah Collinge - Måned siden
The eyeball shields are fly masks! They keep bugs from getting in their eyes and biting their face
GoOd TeA
GoOd TeA - Måned siden
I’m also a hufflepuff⚡️
Liv - Måned siden
Some horses freak out when flies go on their face and the fly mask blocks the flies!!💕
Tracey Hall
Tracey Hall - Måned siden
The mask is so flies don’t get all in there eyes 👀
Shaylynn Stanhope
Shaylynn Stanhope - 2 måneder siden
I'm so proud you talked to a stranger! Lol that's me to my husband too
Kat Potato
Kat Potato - 2 måneder siden
The things on the horses eyes are to keep flies away
Katrina Perry
Katrina Perry - 2 måneder siden
The "eyeball shields" are to keep the flies away.
Skarlet Williams
Skarlet Williams - 2 måneder siden
Hi Colleen but the things on the horses eyes are so bugs don’t get in there eyes😁
Giselle Torres
Giselle Torres - 2 måneder siden
Giselle Torres
Giselle Torres - 2 måneder siden
"Fins green car ... With a bop bop!"
That is cute
Alex Matheson
Alex Matheson - 2 måneder siden
Hi Colleen I’m Thats a great question they are called fly masks because horses get a lot of flys around there eyes! 😊😊😊
Mae Mcadow
Mae Mcadow - 2 måneder siden
Kiareilys Cruz
Kiareilys Cruz - 2 måneder siden
The mask on there eyes are on them so the flys and bugs wont give them a bite aroun there eyes ,so the won't get swolen
Lian Ahmed
Lian Ahmed - 2 måneder siden
That thing on the horses is a fly mask
Madison Ellis
Madison Ellis - 2 måneder siden
When Flynn gets bigger i think you should do the bike scene where Flynn gives you a frost toes
Anthony Petrone
Anthony Petrone - 2 måneder siden
Imstead of camping it’s glamping because you are in a rv
Sylveon The best eevlution
Sylveon The best eevlution - 2 måneder siden
Hufflepuff and ravenclaw
Ashley Azer
Ashley Azer - 2 måneder siden
Kimmy Sawyer
Kimmy Sawyer - 2 måneder siden
So they don't get bugs in their eyes but they can still see
Nicole Whitney
Nicole Whitney - 2 måneder siden
Oh I thought the mask on there eyes were so they didn’t get spooked😬
CounTessa - 2 måneder siden
I went camping in the black hills around this time it was amazing! We stayed in a Super Super small one person backpacking tent lol. At one point my husband threw his arm over my face in his sleep and woke me up lol. We were on the motorcycle so it was the only tent option that would fit lol. It was our first time seeing mountains (we are from North Dakota). We went to deadwood (the town with Wild Bill and Calamity Jane) everything was so beautiful I hope we can go back again sometime 😊.
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 2 måneder siden
Rman Nayr
Rman Nayr - 2 måneder siden
Melissa Zeledón Córdoba
Melissa Zeledón Córdoba - 2 måneder siden
Omg HAHAHAHA ERICK spying on Colleen
Sarah Liz
Sarah Liz - 2 måneder siden
You and Erik are so stinkin cuuuute!!
Wolfie Rose demon
Wolfie Rose demon - 2 måneder siden
those cloths that are covered those horses eyes is for if the horses are scared of people when people come in their stalls to feed them and some might not be scared of them and might some be calm and stuff
Taylor P
Taylor P - 2 måneder siden
It is a fly mask
Kayleigh Green
Kayleigh Green - 2 måneder siden
Fly masks
Ashlynn Bryant
Ashlynn Bryant - 2 måneder siden
Fly mask
Alexandra Parks
Alexandra Parks - 2 måneder siden
fly masks if u need anything about horses i am a big equestrian
H & A awesome supreme
H & A awesome supreme - 2 måneder siden
It’s to keep the flies away
Kelley Widell
Kelley Widell - 2 måneder siden
The thing on the horses face is called a Fly Mask and its to keep flys from the face and to keep the horses from getting infections
Lakeshia Gaines
Lakeshia Gaines - 2 måneder siden
You should go to Ozark Alabama
Bitch Feliz navidad
Bitch Feliz navidad - 2 måneder siden
I love how Erik was mimicking the horse
Todorokis Sister
Todorokis Sister - 2 måneder siden
These are to make the horse not so startled when it meets new people
Shauna Quigley
Shauna Quigley - 2 måneder siden
the horses have those to protect them from bugs
Bailey Robichaud
Bailey Robichaud - 2 måneder siden
I love Harry Potter too!! I'm a Gryffindor
jjj yy
jjj yy - 2 måneder siden
where did you find that camp
Julia Jochims
Julia Jochims - 2 måneder siden
Your parents are so adorable!!!
Billy T
Billy T - 2 måneder siden
We love you😄
JOURNEY THECAT - 2 måneder siden
The horse has it on so flys won’t get in there eyes
Ariya Murray
Ariya Murray - 2 måneder siden
its great to stay up late?
XxMia_ SquishxX
XxMia_ SquishxX - 2 måneder siden
Omg I love Twilight 💖 Kinda sad there actually relationship didn’t work in person.
Hannah Melissa
Hannah Melissa - 2 måneder siden
I love they call each other love
Hannah Melissa
Hannah Melissa - 2 måneder siden
I’ve never seen baked beans on hot dogs... I’m so doing that for tea 😂✌️
Alyvia And Linnea
Alyvia And Linnea - 2 måneder siden
To help the flys not bother them on there eyes as much
RunLikeSheeka - 2 måneder siden
Yeah like others have said, the thing the horse was wearing is a fly mask :)
Lucas Vargas-Holley
Lucas Vargas-Holley - 2 måneder siden
i love you coleen
kinsley neal
kinsley neal - 2 måneder siden
Colleen is convincing herself she’s having fun
Jenna Bylone
Jenna Bylone - 2 måneder siden
It is for The flies do not get them in the eyes.
• _Dxddy._.Alex_ •
• _Dxddy._.Alex_ • - 2 måneder siden
The fires are so bad that I am getting smoke where I live and I live in Pennsylvania, I feel bad for all of you. Stay Safe!! And evacuate if needed!!
Sophia’s life
Sophia’s life - 2 måneder siden
The mask on the Horse is a fly mask and it just keeps the flies and bugs out of their eyes but they can still see through it. Love your videos ❤️❤️❤️
Addica Mavis
Addica Mavis - 2 måneder siden
Colleen, I'm Hufflepuff too! And I also love twilight!!
G Kingdom
G Kingdom - 2 måneder siden
Horses wear that so flys don’t bother them
Brylin Fenstermacher
Brylin Fenstermacher - 2 måneder siden
fly masks
Jazmin Gonzalez
Jazmin Gonzalez - 2 måneder siden
I live right in front of San Marcos High school and I go there omg!
Eisa Bjerklie
Eisa Bjerklie - 2 måneder siden
Hufflepuff squad ❤️🧡💛💚💙💜
Olivia Sorrie
Olivia Sorrie - 2 måneder siden
I'm a huffelpuff and a scorpio too🤣🤣
Horse Gaming
Horse Gaming - 2 måneder siden
It is a fly mask it protects them from flys
-Arts and crafts-
-Arts and crafts- - 2 måneder siden
Hi colleen aka best person ever those eye shields are fly masks because flies eat there eyes and they get infected
I Animate Stuff
I Animate Stuff - 2 måneder siden
It’s so that the flies don’t get in their eyes
Gracie Marshall
Gracie Marshall - 2 måneder siden
The eye ball mask is for flies and when horses have blue eyes and they can win bern
lane t
lane t - 2 måneder siden
the masks are to keep flys out of three horses eyes!! i have two horses and only one really really needs it but they both use it a lot
Emma Ru
Emma Ru - 2 måneder siden
Colleen the shields are for flys so flys don’t get in there eyes
Daineli cruz
Daineli cruz - 2 måneder siden
A fly mask is a piece of gear used on horses heads to cover the eyes, jaw, and sometimes the ears and muzzle to protect them from flies and other biting insects. ... Fly masks are semi-transparent and made from a mesh allowing a horse to see and hear while wearing it. shh i got this from google