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Runtime: 09:55


Kyanna Hagen
Kyanna Hagen - 3 dager siden
I live in Ohio and every thing is open we’re safe and have to we’re mask and my numbers are so high and we still go to school🙌
Soccer Girl 9698
Soccer Girl 9698 - 6 dager siden
Canada British Columbia: schools in but wearing masks and social distancing now no gatherings don’t do anything except mandatory stuff and school
Alli Howe
Alli Howe - 6 dager siden
I live in New Hampshire and things were opening back up, but now more restrictions at being put in place. We can dine inside, but they're collecting contact information. The governor just put in a mask mandate as of Friday. So everywhere we go if we can't be 6 ft apart we have to wear mask inside and outside. Some schools are open, but my school was just remote for 1.5 weeks due to rising cases.
Rude4Daze - 12 dager siden
Texas 😑 almost back to normal like people still getting sick and dying before lockdown 😔
_a_l_a_n_n_a_h _k_a_t_
_a_l_a_n_n_a_h _k_a_t_ - 12 dager siden
Why does everyone live in Colorado in the comment section i- also i love Colorado I went there when I was 11 and it was amazing😭💜
katofrie - 13 dager siden
BACK TO NORMAL? Whoever says that is delusional! It's worse than ever, more people are dying every day. I wouldn't call that normal in the US wtf... I live in Europe and we're all in lockdown! Only allowed to touch 1 person outside or family, getting fined if we don't wear masks, seeing people we love and our friends die :( So y'all better take this seriously or the world is never getting better.... -_-
Bridget Miller
Bridget Miller - 14 dager siden
In Minnesota cases are skyrocketing and we are going to have to start closing things down again. Schools are all virtual and you can only meet in groups of 10 but somehow sports are still allowed?
Susan Cleaton
Susan Cleaton - 15 dager siden
i live in egypt and we still have to wear masks everywhere
Amaiah Baez
Amaiah Baez - 15 dager siden
did anyone notice that kory popped up with the fruits?? 😂😂
Jaja - 17 dager siden
I live in Oregon and we are SHUT DOWN like SHUT DOWN and we live in Portland
Danielle L
Danielle L - 18 dager siden
NY(not NYC though)-masks requires everywhere still, most restaurants open but must wear mask when not at table. Some gyms open but need a mask. Colleges are only allowing students in who need labs and hands on experience, all other classes are held online. Things are still pretty strict here.
JOLLY GAMING - 19 dager siden
I live in Kentucky and we are being SOOO cautious and about half of the things are still shut down
Allison Morrison
Allison Morrison - 19 dager siden
I'm in a suburb of Cleveland, Ohio and things are open but masks are mandatory
Sophia Strom
Sophia Strom - 19 dager siden
I live in Florida and everything is back to normal except masks are required in the majority of places. In my school district, you have the choice of either going back to school in person or online.
Jood Abdulrahman
Jood Abdulrahman - 20 dager siden
Very late but
Saudi Arabia: school is online
Everyone is wearing masks and you’re not allowed inside public places without wearing one (mandatory)
Temperature is taken before getting in a public place
Everyone’s taking it pretty seriously
Cases have gone down (at least a bit)
People are social distancing
Major events are canceled
People who get into the country (which is not many at all) have to quarantine by themselves for 2 weeks (this is also mandatory)
Carolina Pica
Carolina Pica - 20 dager siden
Vancouver B.C-we just got put into a 2 week lockdown to help stop the spread of COVID
Joey Holloway
Joey Holloway - 22 dager siden
harlan IOWA not back to normal she is ling
Sophia Grange
Sophia Grange - 22 dager siden
I live in Central NY and nothing is really closed anymore but masks are still very much implemented. No one I know is quarantined which is frustrating but I guess everything is kind of back to normal in a way.
Julia Solis
Julia Solis - 22 dager siden
Columbia, Missouri. Masks are required but restaurants and such are opening up. I work at a grocery store and there’s quite a few people that just don’t care about wearing a mask so they don’t.
Talah Al-Madani
Talah Al-Madani - 23 dager siden
I live in Saudi Arabia 🇸🇦✌🏻🤓
Ashley D
Ashley D - 23 dager siden
Def not that way in Illinois. Depending on what county you live in some places do not allow indoor dining, in Chicago restaurants have to close by 10pm. You must wear a mask everywhere. Probably the red states trying to go back to normal.... 🤦🏽‍♀️
Braylee Christie
Braylee Christie - 23 dager siden
In San Antonio TX honestly there’s still a mandate for masks and are required in most stores but basically almost everything is open. Even restaurants and gyms
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 23 dager siden
Portland, Oregon: Most things are open, but masks are required everywhere. People are out and about, but my family is not. I have many high-risk people in my family so we are COVID safe!!
The Ambracer
The Ambracer - 24 dager siden
I know Kentucky (where I live) and Tennessee isn't shut down. I myself don't go to a lot of places because I have heart issues and what not, but I've been to a bar (dined outside) and to a restaurant (dined inside) So *shrugs* I think it just depends.
Chantelle Lea D
Chantelle Lea D - 25 dager siden
I read that the UK is doing a month long shutdown.
Abby B
Abby B - 26 dager siden
I live in Connecticut and we still have to wear masks, but ik gyms are open I do gymnastics and dance and they are open. Also, schools are split into two groups and we wear masks and have half days. But it’s definitely not opened up.
Clare Dallen
Clare Dallen - 27 dager siden
I live in Melbourne, Australia. We are in Stage 4 lockdown, restaurants, gyms and all other recreational activities are closed and have been for months. We are not allowed to be more than 5km’s out from our homes and we aren’t allowed to see other people other than who we live with. Shops are closed. The only things open are grocery stores, chemists and doctors clinics. The roads are bare. Masks are mandatory and we are only allowed to exercise for 2 hours a day with a curfew at 9pm to 5am. Life is weird.
Rainbow Queen Megan
Rainbow Queen Megan - 27 dager siden
We are still masked in North Carolina. Some, not many, places are still togo or pickup only. Doctors are masked and you cant go for a test or operation without a negative covid test first.
Chloe Mae
Chloe Mae - 29 dager siden
So in Kentucky, basically everything is open But we still have to wear a mask… I go to school and we just have to wear mask but that’s pretty much it.
Jewel the potato
Jewel the potato - 29 dager siden
Alberta: everyone wears masks and on every public door it says " face mask required", its good but know one really social distances and don't really follow the covid floor markers which is upsetting because people act like we don't have to stay away. Restaurants and all physical activities places are closed. But big malls and shops are open and people flood outside. Its worse in other places but alberta has there flaws
Boo Twins
Boo Twins - 29 dager siden
Oklahoma:kids have a choice do online or in person school most places masks are just recommended 80% percent of my near mall is shut down most of our stores have opened up
Connie Martinez
Connie Martinez - 29 dager siden
I live in El Paso Texas and we are one of the worst cities hit by COVID-19. It's awful.
Sissy Brown
Sissy Brown - 29 dager siden
I live in Oklahoma and sadly people stole give a shit even though we have well over 100,000 cases. Most people are still wearing masks not lots are super selfish and refuse.
Julia Marzorati
Julia Marzorati - 29 dager siden
I live in Denver Colorado and we are actually moving back down to a level III safer at home… We have to wear masks everywhere
Elijah Bartee
Elijah Bartee - 29 dager siden
In Nebraska there’s a mask mandate but restaurants are open and gyms and uhh basically everything. I’m pretty sure restaurants are back to full capacity too. I like in Omaha and in Omaha it’s where most of Nebraska’s population is.
Shelbie - Måned siden
I live in Buffalo NY. Everything is basically back to normal. We all wear masks still inside stores but restaurants, gyms, schools are all open
Amy Thompson
Amy Thompson - Måned siden
I live in rural Oregon and everything is pretty normal except we wear masks
Joshua Perry
Joshua Perry - Måned siden
Colorado- Every thing is open but you do have to were a mask
Dominique Davis
Dominique Davis - Måned siden
I live in Regina and schools are open so yea we're still wearing masks and all
Eliana Perez
Eliana Perez - Måned siden
8:40 OMG!!! nooo I am in Chicago and we are not 80% back to normal!!! most school here are not open, everyone has to wear masks, numbers are rising, stores have a number limit, and many people are still being socially distant at home. But we might have a few more things open than LA like gyms are open and you can eat inside a restaurant... I wonder what that girl was saying... but I think most places are not even close to 80% open
Hailey Wenz
Hailey Wenz - Måned siden
I live in Montana and we just have to wear a mask and social distance but it’s still not getting better
cara bosco
cara bosco - Måned siden
Delaware: We wear masks everywhere, unless you are playing a sport. I play a travel sport and we have to wear them on the side lines but not while we’re playing. Restaurants are only open with drive thru and outside.
Bailey Best
Bailey Best - Måned siden
Utah. Masks are required to go basically everywhere. We are able to go to school now but we have to wear masks and now Wednesdays are online. The only public place I have been to where you don't have to wear a mask is the gas station.
Douglas Sterry
Douglas Sterry - Måned siden
All so it was to cute Rachel playing ring around the pose with flint you posted
Douglas Sterry
Douglas Sterry - Måned siden
Colleen I live in buffalo we all wear masks move theaters just opened list week but no foot ball games yet bars get shut down if every one is not wearing a mask
Kate Malone
Kate Malone - Måned siden
Ireland: schools are open but gyms,shops(except pharmacies and essential businesses), restaurants,bars basically everything is closed but we are fine ❤️❤️
Holly Seddon
Holly Seddon - Måned siden
I live in South Australia.... and everything is completely back to normal no masks we actually never had to wear masks we still kind of social distance but not really it’s as if there was never any Covid here when it comes to the shop in the city and stuff like that. But the reason everything is back to normal is because we literally have no Covid here no cases no nothing borders are opening up to parts of Australia again and our borders are open to New Zealand as well.
sourdough toast
sourdough toast - Måned siden
I live in Arizona and it's pretty much the same as California except you can still dine inside some restaurants and at the target next to me they won't do anything if you're not wearing a mask because people were getting violent so they stopped asking people.
Lily Bea
Lily Bea - Måned siden
Georgia: (henry county) schools, gyms, movies, everything not everyone is wearing a mask though some like 20-30 year olds aren’t wearing there masks so....
Jaden Larsh
Jaden Larsh - Måned siden
I died when Colleen said that Flynn likes fruit and she put a bunch of fruit on the screen with Kory😂😂
hello gigi
hello gigi - Måned siden
i’m from NYC and things aren’t back to normal at all, but tourists are coming back so there’s a misconception that we’re open?.? but alas we have to go back to work because we’re the financial capital of america
Skylar B
Skylar B - Måned siden
I live in Oregon and schools are closed, there is a mask mandate but most things are open. But places are closed that social distancing can’t happen. But my family is going places such as restaurants, stores and I go to my friends house and we hang out. Earlier this month we went to Idaho for a couple days. We aren’t taking it to seriously we are just trying to live life as normal as we can. Also wanted to add even in places like the gym masks are required which in my opinion I think is really dangerous because you hot and sweaty then you have to wear something that lowers you oxygen levels. People have died in places like China because in school kids have to wear masks in PE and kids have died.
Emily Diehl
Emily Diehl - Måned siden
Ohio is like 90% normal to be honest. We reached 200,000 people infected today 10/26 wild
Kathryn Squires
Kathryn Squires - Måned siden
I live in Victoria Australia, and we're just coming out of lockdown now. Everythings starting to open up again, but we have really strong rules about venue capacities, group limits, how many visitors you can have over, as well as rules about social distancing. And we're also the only state in Australia with mandatory mask wearing, everywhere else was able to get through without having to do that. So since July August we were having 700ish cases a day in our state, to having 0 cases for 2 days running now. So lockdown has definitely done the job here ✌
tal refter
tal refter - Måned siden
I live in Israel.
the second wave came really bad but we're in lock down for like a month now and things are much better.
first it was full on no getting out except for work sports and essentials but now there's no distance limitation and you can kinda go outside but everything is still closed (schools gyms restaurants hair dressesrs).
events only 20 people tops but the hardcore religious people don't listen at all and do like 3,000 (!!) so hard work for police.
and obviously you have to wear masks.
Lydia Olwell
Lydia Olwell - Måned siden
I live in Virginia. A month before Covid, we bought a house. We're currently renovating it, because it needs a LOT to of work before we can move in. My parents work there every day, and I stay with my grandparents, who are retired and homeschooling me. We are VERY careful, because some people in our family are immune compromised. My grandfather has bad asthma. My uncle has autism and epilepsy. He's 29 and lives with my grandparents. If either of them gets Covid, it would be terrible. We are very careful. We only go to the grocery store, because my grandparents live with in a rural area, and we can't get anything delivered. When we go out, we wear masks, gloves, and use lots of hand sanitizer.
It is INCREDIBLE how many people flagrantly disregard wearing masks and social distancing!
I love you and I think you are amazing! What you always say: do it for other people, not yourself, is SO SO TRUE!
Yesterday, I told all of my family about Tia. My grandparent and my mom are very religious, and we all prayed for her. My dad isn't, but he sent her good vibes.
Whatever happens, keep being awesome! WE LOVE YOU!
Halia Marie
Halia Marie - Måned siden
Yes gurl I live in Georgia and we are back to normal! Some stores require masks but other than that, everything is normal!
a arguellez
a arguellez - Måned siden
El paso, Texas: school still closed wearing masks are mandatory and social distancing is still a thing gyms are open now though and fast food places like mcdonald's, burger king don't let u eat in there pick up only
Eliot Bowie
Eliot Bowie - Måned siden
Rural Oregon. We are still taking COVID-19 precautions. Masks are required at all indoor public places, and outdoor events where social distancing isn't possible. Restaurants are open but are operating with limited tables to provide space, or have installed plexiglass barriers. Schools are closed and are all online. Most work from home when possible still. Different counties are in different phases depending on case #s. Stay safe out there!
Danika2266 - Måned siden
Maine: most schools are open for hybrid learning (masks required at school), businesses are back open, public places are back open, masks are suggested in stores but not required in most, big gatherings are still frowned upon
she's nadeleine
she's nadeleine - Måned siden
4:57 SO CUTEEE!!!!!
Lisa Green
Lisa Green - Måned siden
In Colorado masks are required, gyms are closed, no gatherings of over 6 people or two families, stores and most restaurants close by 8, even previously 24 hour things. Everywhere has tape at 6 feet for distancing.
Jada Jean pierre
Jada Jean pierre - Måned siden
I live in connecticut and that isnt true
Origami 101
Origami 101 - Måned siden
I live in Colorado and everything is NOT back together!! Especially with my college, we are not doin ok
caroline - Måned siden
Washington, DC (the worst place to be right now, lol): Most things are open, but pretty much every store or business I've been to has a mask requirement. I pretty much never see someone not wearing a mask, unless there is no one within about 100 feet of them. There are restrictions on what you can do, such as the fact that we really aren't supposed to go trick or treating this year, but it's up to you. My school hasn't opened back up yet, and we are finishing up our 7th month of distanced learning (counting summer break). Only the private schools have opened back up, but they wear masks. People are following rules, things are mostly under control (at least in my part of DC, I'm not sure about other parts). I'd say it's pretty much the same here as it is in LA.
jordan combs
jordan combs - Måned siden
i live in a small town in tennessee, i’m in high school and basically we have all gone back to school face to face. this past week our cases have spiked so now we go two days a week half the school. but pretty much everything is open and continuing in life, masks are worn everywhere though.
ReiRei TheRedPanda
ReiRei TheRedPanda - Måned siden
FL and I'm a face to face student and I practice with my team everyday
Krypto Cats
Krypto Cats - Måned siden
I live in a Michigan and it is not back to normal there is still masks. Like at school you have to wear masks and social distance. On the bus you can't even blow your nose without the bus pulling over and you getting out and blowing your nose outside. Yes we are going to school but there is still precautions.
KAITLYN MARIE!!! - Måned siden
I live in Minnesota and we all wear a mask and it’s 50/50 half of things are closed and the other half is things that are open
Grace Barnes
Grace Barnes - Måned siden
I live in England, probably going back into lockdown
Emery Oudshoorn
Emery Oudshoorn - Måned siden
I live in Canada, and we were in stage 3, but we’re heading back to stage 2
Brianna Moffitt
Brianna Moffitt - Måned siden
In Seattle Washington : masks are required everywhere except outside. Most Schools are back in session. Grocery stores, malls, salons, and most restaurants are open.
Kayla Mcevoy
Kayla Mcevoy - Måned siden
I live in New Jersey and everything’s basically back to normal. Hair and nail salons, spas, some schools, college campus’, some movie theaters, gyms, halloween attractions, indoor dining and even food court dining. Cases are spiking though so I wouldn’t be surprised if I closed again
Karley D
Karley D - Måned siden
Michigan: schools, movie theaters, gyms, literally everything open. We must wear masks and social distancing is a thing.
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - Måned siden
I live in Northern Ireland and coved used one the best and now it one the worst in the world I think we are in a 2 week lock down rn
Meagan Copeland
Meagan Copeland - Måned siden
I’m from Central Florida and they literally act like COVID isn’t existent anymore. Nobody wears masks unless it’s mandatory in said store.
Tahnee Vivian
Tahnee Vivian - Måned siden
I live in Canberra, Australia and everything is basically normal. I believe in the past 100 days in Canberra we've only had 1 case. So not many people wear masks, everything is opened. In school the only thing that is different is that we can not have whole school assemblies because the gathering is too large. Other than that though we are really lucky and thankfully most people have done the right thing so we have very few cases in Australia. I really hope things begin to improve for everyone else around the world
Chloey Page
Chloey Page - Måned siden
We have to wear mask everywhere in Michigan but everything is pretty much open
JNERDX YouTube - Måned siden
Also, as one of Jehovah’s Witness, our head quarters encourage us to take extra precaution.
JNERDX YouTube - Måned siden
I live in Colorado Springs, CO. Specifically, El Paso county. And there has been an uptick in cases of COVID19. 700 new cases in one day. However, people have stopped caring. Business have been refusing to allow people into their business without a mask.
Amanda Brickner
Amanda Brickner - Måned siden
In Michigan we were protested against and our govenor got in trouble. So she was forced to open things up. We still have things closed and mask on and stay safe. But our govenor has to be careful.
Danielle andy
Danielle andy - Måned siden
I'm in nj and everything is fully open we were masks but life is pretty normal and for a while now too
Emily Witt
Emily Witt - Måned siden
I live in Indiana and everything is back open, wear a mask mandate is a thing in Indianapolis, but many people choose to ignore it, schools are opening back up to be fully in person
ruby barny
ruby barny - Måned siden
I live in england everything is mainly back to normal schools are open now and we dont have to social distance with our year group but we do have to social distance from the others bars and things and open but u have to social distance and u can only be in a group of six and when u go to shops and things u have to wear a maks
Ana Clara
Ana Clara - Måned siden
I live in Brazil and the situation here is terrible, the numbers are very high, and our president does not let the vaccine from China come in "because its efficiency has not been scientifically proven", in fact I think he just wants people to die
Ashley Danielle
Ashley Danielle - Måned siden
I live in mission, TX (Deep South Texas) and we had COVID hit really hard here but our county has been reopening slowly. Restaurants are open at limited capacity, we still have to wear masks everywhere we go (which is good) and I think some bars are open if they serve food but limited capacity. Our county has also banned trick or treating for Halloween
Ashley Danielle
Ashley Danielle - Måned siden
Oh also, schools aren’t open yet but they do have football! Which is wild to me because that seems so unsafe
Taylor Schultz
Taylor Schultz - Måned siden
i live in texas, and stuff is starting to slowly open back up, weith some restrictions, and we are required to wear a mask still where i work at (Kroger), and at most places they wont let you in unless you are wearing one.
Artistic Bookworm
Artistic Bookworm - Måned siden
Kids are going to public school
No social distancing is able to be done at school
Masks and social distancing is recommended but not required except for some stores
Not many people wearing masks
Social gatherings are occurring
Most stores are open
My church however, requires social distancing and face masks. They have certain enter and exit doors. Everything gets sanitized. Hand sanitizer is out in the open to use when entering and is recommended. We have different sessions so there are less people.
Brooklynn B
Brooklynn B - Måned siden
South Dakota: only like 40% of people wear masks. I live in a town with less than 1000 people and absolutely nobody in my town wears masks. Just about every store is open now in the bigger city closest to me. Nobody really seems to acknowledge it. Schools are all open too.
Anna - Måned siden
I live in Seattle WA: I'm doing online school, I don't go anywhere or do anything, I wear a mask everywhere I go (only to the orthodontist and to pick up groceries (we order from the store)). A few of my friends go around to small stores with masks, but in general most of the people that I know are taking it very seriously. I do know that there are a lot of people where I live who don't wear a mask and aren't as cautious as they could be, however. It makes me frustrated when even my friends go places like target or costco, because I am being responsible and doing everything I can to be safe and keep others safe. for me, it's just as isolated as it was when it started.
Isabel Hernandez
Isabel Hernandez - Måned siden
Florida: mainly back to normal, schools are open but masks are mandatory, we are “social distanced”, restaurants are full capacity and masks are not mandatory there, masks are mandatory anywhere that is inside but outside is optional
Charlotte Berg
Charlotte Berg - Måned siden
I live in Wisconsin and we are literally the worst state in the country right now in terms of cases and positivity rates... Green Bay doesn’t wear masks. Milwaukee kind of. Elementary schools near me are virtual except for a private catholic school ( but they got a bunch of cases a month ago due to increase in enrollment) we also had pretty dangerous riots happen in Waukesha and Kenosha in the last couple of months (=more cases)
Emily Matzdorf
Emily Matzdorf - Måned siden
I live on the boarder of Minnesota and North Dakota and it's really weird here. In MN, there's a mask mandate and everyone is wearing one. In ND, there's no mandate and no one wears one. It's a really weird place to be 😂
Abigail Elizabeth
Abigail Elizabeth - Måned siden
I live in Northeast Ohio, and people are giving less and less of a crap. Restaurants and stores are still open. You can go in restaurants and bars, and you have to wear a mask until you get to your table. There are still limits on how many people can be in a building. Mike DeWine (our governor) has issued a mask mandate, but nobody really follows it, and there is no penalty if you are in a public place without one. The only place that I've been (in my small town anyway) that actually kicks people out for not wearing a mask is Starbucks, and we haven't had any instances yet.
Abcdefg Hijklmnop
Abcdefg Hijklmnop - Måned siden
Louisiana: back to normal, restaurants are open and all
Janelle G
Janelle G - Måned siden
I Live in Phiilippines we are safe and the numbers here are high so we are not shutdown but 90% o it is shut down
Christine Harper
Christine Harper - Måned siden
I'm in north Alabama. Most places are requiring masks, things are open though, like restaurants, bars, etc just with restrictions. As far as I know most of the schools have gone back to fully face to face.
Madi Lu
Madi Lu - Måned siden
New Jersey: I work in a restaurant so i know a lot about those rules. Masks are a must no matter where you go. Its kinda like the no shirt no shoes no service policy. Dining is opened outside as well as inside but at 25% capacity and every table is 6ft apart from each other. Schools are mostly hybrid from people I’ve talked to. Cases are rising again here and are probably going to go up more bc of the holidays. Stay safe everyone!
Alyssa Griffith
Alyssa Griffith - Måned siden
Florida: The governor (who i, personally, think is a nitwit) is about to put us into phase 3 even though numbers haven't gotten better. This would mean things like restaurants, etc. would be back to full capacity. Most places require masks just due to their store/personal policy, but there is no mask mandate here. People don't really watch for social distancing all that much either. whoooo :(
Katherine J
Katherine J - Måned siden
In Canada, Toronto specifically, we’re in what is being called Stage 2 - indoor communal spaces require masks, grocery stores (and i assume all other open stores) limit #s inside, i wear a mask pretty much if I’m not at home or at my parents’ but not everyone is that stringent since a lot of people don’t wear them when they’re just out for a walk. It’s hard when people don’t notice how close they are to you, or creep into your personal space bubble... and goddamn joggers who don’t wear masks!!! Ugh. The provincial govt here is a bit trumpian so there’s lots of talk about the economy and opening up for business rather than helping keep people safe...