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Runtime: 13:25


Vibez - 8 timer siden
Babe you need to react to 34 35 IMAGINE HOW FUNNY
Helena Yoder
Helena Yoder - 17 timer siden
This was n my birthday omg
VanillaCreamRoses - Dag siden
Aawww his little laughs🥰
Tatiana Argeiro
Tatiana Argeiro - Dag siden
Flynn is ✨Thic✨
Hamid Capal
Hamid Capal - Dag siden
OMGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yesssssss i have been looking for this channel for like a phew days now and finallly!!!!!btw your baby is so freaking cute!!!!
Lill I
Lill I - 2 dager siden
Flyns laugh is everything 😭
Isabel Guerrero
Isabel Guerrero - 2 dager siden
wow i never seen miranda whitout the lipstick
JustBein’Ian - 2 dager siden
whoa there with the knife
DaniActionTV 1
DaniActionTV 1 - 3 dager siden
NOOOOOOO WHERES HER ACCENT 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😢😢😢😢😢😢😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭😢😭
Dylan Leonard
Dylan Leonard - 3 dager siden
I Love you CoLLeen
Amaya Johnson
Amaya Johnson - 3 dager siden
Flynn is adorable with that cute laugh. I happy Flynn thinks that Miranda is hilarious.
Pre̸sle̸y - 3 dager siden
OmmgG ADORABLE!!! 💞🥺
Gem Garcia
Gem Garcia - 3 dager siden
Colleen explaining how Ari is so perfect but so is she🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺
NARAYANI AGARWAL - 3 dager siden
yas it was my bd on 24th oct when this was made ^^ YAS MADE MY BD
Grishma Gulati
Grishma Gulati - 4 dager siden
I feel no no no no I know Colleen is just AMAZING like tell me I'm wrong I dare u
Modern Warfare God
Modern Warfare God - 4 dager siden
Tribute to Mac Miller that's why I love this song..
Lauren Brown
Lauren Brown - 4 dager siden
colleen saying ari is so sweet me never going to meet her
lily marie
lily marie - 5 dager siden
are there new miranda episeodes
Elli Lee
Elli Lee - 5 dager siden
It’s so cute how Flynn thinks Miranda is funny😆
Elli Lee
Elli Lee - 5 dager siden
Flynn is the BEST vlogger ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!
iline liona
iline liona - 6 dager siden
The reaction is in 10:54
Welcome ×_×
Lily Spor
Lily Spor - 6 dager siden
Why is nobody talking about how much Flynn looks like his mama
The nose, and the eyes. JUST LOOK AT THE EYES
Frank Dukes
Frank Dukes - 6 dager siden
Abby Smith
Abby Smith - 6 dager siden
Flynn’s smile!! Soooooooooo cute!! 😊
Aaliyah - 7 dager siden
Flinn is going to start spiting out his food now since he seen his do it
good luck
•• n4dzj4mz ••
•• n4dzj4mz •• - 7 dager siden
Colleen- *Your face on the thumbnail, just made my day* 😌✨
Erin Benites
Erin Benites - 7 dager siden
I think I could listen to Flynn talk and laugh all day.
Isabella H
Isabella H - 7 dager siden
We loveeee Ariana grande
Isabella H
Isabella H - 7 dager siden
Awwww Flynn is growing up so fast😭😭
ariana krass
ariana krass - 7 dager siden
react to 34+35
brandontaylor14 - 8 dager siden
Flynn is such a freakin' BEAN, dude!
Shannon Wandtke
Shannon Wandtke - 8 dager siden
I wanna hug Flynn. He's so cute.
Molly Couture
Molly Couture - 8 dager siden
Flynn was like "Why are you doing this to yourself mom? I mean it's really funny to see you try and fail to eat food!"
Adriane Orzechowski
Adriane Orzechowski - 8 dager siden
I constantly think about how ariana grande is adorable, hot, cute and perfect at the same time.
Gabriel_8712 YT-
Gabriel_8712 YT- - 8 dager siden
So, it's a reaction video, but it's everything but reacting until the 11th minute mark pretty much... trash
Mackenzie D
Mackenzie D - 9 dager siden
Can you please react to “everyday” by Ariana grande as Miranda sings!!! 😂😂
Nicholas Wilson
Nicholas Wilson - 10 dager siden
Has Ariana met Flynn
Mia Magee
Mia Magee - 11 dager siden
aren’t u cousins?
Trilce Novoa
Trilce Novoa - 11 dager siden
He is so cute!!
Davina Estrada Gonzalez
Davina Estrada Gonzalez - 11 dager siden
Mizzentop - 11 dager siden
I ship ari and Colleen of Eric was mia
Milly Lilly
Milly Lilly - 12 dager siden
Love how Flynn grew so much but in real life he grew a lot in only a MONTH you were lucky with that baby
Areeg Elhassan
Areeg Elhassan - 13 dager siden
she is amazibg
lindi khumalo
lindi khumalo - 13 dager siden
She act like Miranda
Ike haines
Ike haines - 13 dager siden
flinn: its the moon dababa
Ike haines
Ike haines - 13 dager siden
ok but did she spit out that lol lol lol
Emily Smith
Emily Smith - 14 dager siden
Jade Carroll
Jade Carroll - 14 dager siden
I want a zoom reunion party with Ari, Frankie, Liz, Glozell, and Colleen
Jocelyn Quintanilla
Jocelyn Quintanilla - 16 dager siden
Oooo love cotija cheese 😭
ALAYA CEMONE - 16 dager siden
The fact that ariana grande is friends wit collenn
Glenda Rosa
Glenda Rosa - 16 dager siden
Alexandra Thomas
Alexandra Thomas - 16 dager siden
No one:
Colleen: he needs shoes like almost everyday.
Me: no way
Also me: sees pile of Flynn's shoes by the door
Alexandra Thomas
Alexandra Thomas - 16 dager siden
Can we just recognize the fact that when Flynn was laughing at colleen that he had been carrying the same lunchable pizza around and just completely forgot it was in his hand
leni - 17 dager siden
You cook the spam😂
man Chhu
man Chhu - 19 dager siden
Dhanibel Reyes
Dhanibel Reyes - 19 dager siden
I follow you bc you love ariana, if you support ariana, i stand you
Erika Kruk
Erika Kruk - 19 dager siden
she says :OH joan!.. queen of the land"
yeah pretty much
Roman Ruiz
Roman Ruiz - 19 dager siden
LOL imagine your aunt being THE Ariana Grande 😭❤️
audrey lillycrop
audrey lillycrop - 19 dager siden
I just watched like 3 of colleens videos and shes wearing the same sweater #respect
Victoria Thiel
Victoria Thiel - 19 dager siden
She should do a vid with the Labrant fam
sparris85 - 19 dager siden
Is it just a necessary for YouTubers to be absolutely bass akwards with politics? LOL
Aleena Wix
Aleena Wix - 19 dager siden
please do a video of flynn reacting to miranda videos
Aravind Kumar
Aravind Kumar - 20 dager siden
Who watches Ariana's videos just to see how adorable she is?
Liam Richen
Liam Richen - 20 dager siden
I loved the song, and the video 😀
Aliyanna Perez
Aliyanna Perez - 20 dager siden
That baby is too cute I can’t
JulieGaga - 20 dager siden
Mozzarella. My favorite cheese is mozzarella
Liv Plays Roblox
Liv Plays Roblox - 21 dag siden
Are you and Ariana grande still friends?
Justin Antonio
Justin Antonio - 21 dag siden
wait you filmed this on my birthday
lizzie j
lizzie j - 22 dager siden
is it just me or is flynn so big and adorable?! i literally remember the birth video
Elmi Farlina
Elmi Farlina - 22 dager siden
Are u merenda sigis
Simone Taylor
Simone Taylor - 22 dager siden
cheryl reilly
cheryl reilly - 22 dager siden
tell ariana i hi my name brella
Sadie Rivera
Sadie Rivera - 23 dager siden
Flin is so cute
Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande - 23 dager siden
We all want colleen to reunite with Ariana Grande
Raquel Ponce
Raquel Ponce - 23 dager siden
My favorite parts of the vlogs are when Flynn takes over LOL
Ethan Nance
Ethan Nance - 24 dager siden
A little professional YouTuber
Shashwita Choudhary
Shashwita Choudhary - 24 dager siden
How is she wearing headphones on her hair
Aubrey Marie
Aubrey Marie - 24 dager siden
I’m literally the same when i watched the video :)
Addi Yates
Addi Yates - 24 dager siden
Can you teach him The Miranda
Cambria Roberson
Cambria Roberson - 24 dager siden
I want to punch flynn
Luiz Yoshida
Luiz Yoshida - 24 dager siden
Ok I keep coming back to this video just to see Flynn laughing on repeat. It’s sooooo cute and soooo funny! If I’m having a bad day, be 100% sure I’ll be coming back here just to watch this!
Sophia Simpson
Sophia Simpson - 24 dager siden
Also I looooooooooove u
Sophia Simpson
Sophia Simpson - 24 dager siden
Flynn’s laugh is the most adorable laugh
Moon Light
Moon Light - 25 dager siden
Me trying to find Ari's comment
Cloud Princess
Cloud Princess - 26 dager siden
Who wants Colleen to do a reaction of the album?????
Cloud Princess
Cloud Princess - 26 dager siden
It's such a good song and album!
Taylor Lynell
Taylor Lynell - 26 dager siden
His giggles give me LIFE!
Richard Tv
Richard Tv - 26 dager siden
chloe lewis
chloe lewis - 26 dager siden
when colleen dressed as miranda spoke as colleen- omg i almost cried hahahaha
Emma Funk
Emma Funk - 27 dager siden
You top Arianna any day of the week
Gabriella Carpenter
Gabriella Carpenter - 27 dager siden
sw4eetIyx - 27 dager siden
Ariana Grande is typing....
Elijah Lee
Elijah Lee - 27 dager siden
Flynn: Sees a crack
Also Flynn: Im about to ruin the woman's whole career
PANcake - 27 dager siden
My grandma and saw Flynn and said, "Her baby is so cute!"
Tamia's Camera Roll
Tamia's Camera Roll - 27 dager siden
9:53 is the positions mv reaction!! 🤍
Mei Mei
Mei Mei - 28 dager siden
I ll wait for Miranda sings cover 😂
Nabeel Reza
Nabeel Reza - 28 dager siden
Stop reacting to songs with trash lyrics that try to cover it up with a meaningless expensive video
Aaron Belardi
Aaron Belardi - 28 dager siden
Ivan alvarez
Ivan alvarez - 28 dager siden
React to her new album!
Ruby Liz
Ruby Liz - 28 dager siden
Colleen: OMG she's so pretty!! Me: Now I know how I feel about girls. 🤣