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Runtime: 15:56


Amy Frazier
Amy Frazier - Dag siden
A fall Marshall’s candle, that you got in like January because it was on saleee 😂😂
Brooke Bucher
Brooke Bucher - 11 dager siden
Kory has the best reactions everrrr
Lil Cool kid
Lil Cool kid - 13 dager siden
I get the iced white mocha all season long
Book Nerd98
Book Nerd98 - 15 dager siden
When Colleen said about the drink being like if you drank liquid from the plug in air freshener, I had a flashback to when I accidently tasted it as it sprayed me in the mouth, literary shivered with the thought.😂😫🤢
a blink
a blink - 16 dager siden
i really wanna get the pumpkin frappuccino now haha
Maren Thomson
Maren Thomson - 17 dager siden
6:49 korys reaction to you screaming is EVERYTHING
Madz Playz
Madz Playz - 19 dager siden
My favorite fall drink from Starbucks is the Salted Caramel Mocha Frappuccino.
Savannah Gleim
Savannah Gleim - 23 dager siden
I feel like we need more Kory in our lives, he makes every video so joyful!
sarah lee beauty
sarah lee beauty - 27 dager siden
i feel Cory I get a pumpkin cream cold brew as well during fall
blksooky - 27 dager siden
This is for Kory: Your editing is soooo funny! I love it all, but when you have one of the cats flying around randomly, it's the best. Or anything flying around is so great. Great job! ❤❤❤❤
kelsy wilson
kelsy wilson - 27 dager siden
cf is cold foam 😂
Illaina Elizabeth
Illaina Elizabeth - Måned siden
cf=cold foam
Victoria Laine
Victoria Laine - Måned siden
CF - cold foam?
Evelyn Geary
Evelyn Geary - Måned siden
Colleen I love you and this is rlly random but where da riverdale fan club at??
Ruby Original
Ruby Original - 29 dager siden
Evelyn Geary Riverbabys REPRESENT!!!!!!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️
Chaima Arouna
Chaima Arouna - Måned siden
Kaitlyn Sparkles
Kaitlyn Sparkles - Måned siden
Me actually liking the mocha caramel frappe and them hating on it 🥲
Sophia Burris
Sophia Burris - Måned siden
Flynn when Colleen is watching : 👁👄👁
Flynn when she turns around for 1 second: .......

👟👟 “I grow feet 🦶 mommy”
Itz Sunny1234
Itz Sunny1234 - Måned siden
Okay... I cannot get over how adorable Flynn is!!!!
Jane Oakley
Jane Oakley - Måned siden
It is salted Carmel CF= COLD FOAM CB= COLD BREW
Rylee Vincent
Rylee Vincent - Måned siden
flynn looks like a mini alex warren
Pat Trevino
Pat Trevino - Måned siden
Devon Brock
Devon Brock - Måned siden
Salted caramel mocha is the best hand down I fuckin love it😋🤤
London Hudson
London Hudson - Måned siden
i can woch you for days
Miya Raymondo
Miya Raymondo - Måned siden
Im watching this so much later but i cant agree i love starbucks and everything tastes good 😋
Els van Rossum
Els van Rossum - Måned siden
Is it just me because i always try to follow these cooking parts but i always look at flin
Ashleigh Bowman
Ashleigh Bowman - Måned siden
If you do a pumpkin spice latte with white mocha it's called a cinderella latte and it's DELICIOUS! 👌👌😁😁😋😋
Carlos Robles
Carlos Robles - Måned siden
Flynn is the cutest baby in the whole world and really funny.
Taylor Phipps
Taylor Phipps - Måned siden
Jadyn Montoya
Jadyn Montoya - Måned siden
The thing is I'm like 100% sure a white mocha is a year around drink cause thats my go to drink in the summer
NEVAEH SCRIVEN - Måned siden
when they where eating the muffin and Kory took a bit he said "mmmhhh,oh wait its MOIST" me"OMFG"
YouNeedHelpMeToo - Måned siden
When I eat scones I need to have something to drink to wash it down also since they’re very dry
Caitlin Juliet Smith
Caitlin Juliet Smith - Måned siden
What is that scone, I’m from England and Starbucks just insulted us
Em15 - Måned siden
Does anyone notice that colleen is not washing her straw.... Just me?
wishing tree
wishing tree - Måned siden
5:58 is everything 😂😂😂
Adele Castaneda
Adele Castaneda - Måned siden
Phoebe Wiese
Phoebe Wiese - Måned siden
I’m asking my mom to take me Starbucks right now!! I haven’t had Starbucks till about two-ish years ago and I’ve still never had any pumpkin things!! Aahh
JustAGirlx - Måned siden
We need more Kory in the vlogs 🥰
Bertha McCloud
Bertha McCloud - Måned siden
Anyone see the table they ate at and scream cause they remember it from the christmas vlog?!?
Stila Eva Kylie
Stila Eva Kylie - Måned siden
I know how it is with a toddler trust me girl u turn ur head for a second and they into something
Lucy Engman
Lucy Engman - Måned siden
I could watch him eat with a fork all day 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
Katie Joy
Katie Joy - Måned siden
white mocha is definitely not a fall drink bc I get it all year round, its my favorite!
Jane Doe
Jane Doe - Måned siden
I went to a live show a couple years ago and I was almost more excited to see Erik and Kory than Colleen lol
Amy Poisson
Amy Poisson - Måned siden
Colleen, Fisher Fair Scones will change your mind.. 10/10 would recommend. 👌
Stevie Ridge
Stevie Ridge - Måned siden
Now I want to o to Starbucks
Stevie Shippy
Stevie Shippy - Måned siden
I'm about a month behind on watching the vlogs. But I can confidently say I order an iced white mocha all year around.
iisimplicity_robloxii - Måned siden
i have a question, is flynn right or left handed?
Rachel Snyder
Rachel Snyder - Måned siden
as a starbucks barista myself, this video made me CACKLE SO HARD. "cf" stands for "cold foam". but yes, we do basically use morse code....
Sally - Måned siden
flin sounds just like my cuzen zach
Mr Moomoo
Mr Moomoo - Måned siden
You need to try a pumpkin chocolate chip cookie
Sophia Strom
Sophia Strom - Måned siden
Have you guys ever played Blitz? It’s a card game and my family loves it!
Sophia Strom
Sophia Strom - Måned siden
If you like the white mocha iced, you should try the white mocha Frappuccino, it is around all year and it’s my favorite drink at Starbucks!
Gracie Staunches
Gracie Staunches - Måned siden
is anyone else laughing so hard at that face she made at 11:10 ish???😂😂😂
Courtney Ann
Courtney Ann - Måned siden
“It doesn’t even taste like a good candle!”
Bianca Adams
Bianca Adams - Måned siden
I had a pumpkin frap yesterday and it was SO GOOD! THE CREAAAAAMMMMIINESSSSSS
Madyson Sopher
Madyson Sopher - 2 måneder siden
Is any one considered flinn can jump higher than most of us
Raechelle Savage
Raechelle Savage - 2 måneder siden
Daisy Wood
Daisy Wood - 2 måneder siden
What do you guys recommend for me to try❓
Tessa Clare
Tessa Clare - 2 måneder siden
please try REAL scones they're soooooooo good. especially warmed with butter
Jessica S. Edwards
Jessica S. Edwards - 2 måneder siden
Either her video brightness is too bright or her walls are too white 🤔
Edit: yeah I think the white walls are bouncing a lot the light inside of her house & it is catching it on camera.
Emily Mottaz
Emily Mottaz - 2 måneder siden
You should try the Carmel apple spice drink iced at Starbucks . Tastes exactly like apple pie
Disabled Style
Disabled Style - 2 måneder siden
Kory with the subtle supreme plug
Hailey Redfern
Hailey Redfern - 2 måneder siden
"I like the tire, put me in four wheel drive"
my favorite line ever
Kayleigh Thompson
Kayleigh Thompson - 2 måneder siden
I love how you do everything with flin like it’s so cute most mums would stick them in a chair and leave them but you are the BEST mum EVER l love you and flin btw l live in Scotland
Rebekah g
Rebekah g - 2 måneder siden
Also iced white mocha is not a fall drink I been gettin that all year since the womb sis
Rebekah g
Rebekah g - 2 måneder siden
Dude the sudden horror sounds make me ROLL ON THE FLOOR WITH LAUGHTER
Rocky Start
Rocky Start - 2 måneder siden
Kory is Kute!
Gwenna Kruse
Gwenna Kruse - 2 måneder siden
CF is probably Caffeine free
Ariana Pradhan
Ariana Pradhan - 2 måneder siden
Colleen’s straw went: ⬆️⬇️⬆️⬇️
Lizzy Krick
Lizzy Krick - 2 måneder siden
The CF stands for “cold foam”😂😂 I LOVE YOU GUYS
Holly I
Holly I - 2 måneder siden
I love kory
Leyna Smith
Leyna Smith - 2 måneder siden
You two are my favorite
Gaming With Lilo!
Gaming With Lilo! - 2 måneder siden
Ariana Grande: Aint got no tears left to cry~
2020: tHeRes NO mOrE tOilET pAPeR tO bUY~
( sorry dis has nothing to do with the vid 💀)
Laura Hernandez
Laura Hernandez - 2 måneder siden
What a smart baby 🥺
Karely Vasquez
Karely Vasquez - 2 måneder siden
You forget the pumpkin loaf
RhiaNna Lopez
RhiaNna Lopez - 2 måneder siden
Only Og fans will remember “I’m not a regular mum ,I’m a cool mum “ 😂❤️
iac - 2 måneder siden
i will forever love kory
Maddie117123 - 2 måneder siden
that is not a scone lmao a scone has cream and jam on the inside, not icing on the top 🥴have an english scone they're better
Lanie Faulhaber
Lanie Faulhaber - 2 måneder siden
no the cake pop is so good
Carissa Dallke
Carissa Dallke - 2 måneder siden
"There was something I was going to tell you but I can't remember." -Me everytime I call my mom.
Autumn Gross
Autumn Gross - 2 måneder siden
omg is itn just me or is evreone just soso ecsited about chrismas
Izabella Zuniga
Izabella Zuniga - 2 måneder siden
Jocelli Bread n Water
Jocelli Bread n Water - 2 måneder siden
It’s cold foam LMFAOOOOO
Hanna Elizabeth
Hanna Elizabeth - 2 måneder siden
im so glad im not the only one who says things taste like candles
Kasey Dussell
Kasey Dussell - 2 måneder siden
you HAVE to get a slice of pumpkin loaf from starbucks!!!!
PechoTheDeer - 2 måneder siden
Reymar Tongco
Reymar Tongco - 2 måneder siden
Kimberly Kreates
Kimberly Kreates - 2 måneder siden
Omg Flynn looks just like Eric to me!!! Love it!
Quinn Mariea
Quinn Mariea - 2 måneder siden
Flynn.climing on table coleen.WhAt ArE yOu DoInG
Hannah Stott
Hannah Stott - 2 måneder siden
She do be like salted doo doo
Kylene Santoro
Kylene Santoro - 2 måneder siden
I thought to myself "wait he's two?" And then I thought "no he was born in 2018" and then I remembered it is not only 2020 but also September.
Rooting For You Nursery
Rooting For You Nursery - 2 måneder siden
Colleen: im using a plastic straw!!!
the 15 grande plastic cups with lids:
Thomas M
Thomas M - 2 måneder siden
I must say my haters can’t be found lol lol I just love how Flynn has a good appetite no orderves for him lol anyways good morning! And have a sweet morning and I hope it cools off today
Julia Marie
Julia Marie - 2 måneder siden
8:50 miranda on colleen
Fin Johnson
Fin Johnson - 2 måneder siden
Kory is my favvvvv
Autumn Reigns
Autumn Reigns - 2 måneder siden
I love seeing them eating dinner as a family Colleen and Erik are Flynn perfectly, he’s gonna be such a good young man🥺
madison zielinski
madison zielinski - 2 måneder siden
as a starbucks barista, cf is in fact cold foam lolll
Rachel Green
Rachel Green - 2 måneder siden
Hi Colleen I get the white mocha year round
Stuff & Things & Less
Stuff & Things & Less - 2 måneder siden
I cAnT gEt ThE mUfFiNs. Jelus. >:(
jade bartydog
jade bartydog - 2 måneder siden
Cream base?I think
Sarah Bear
Sarah Bear - 2 måneder siden
5:53 lol