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Runtime: 22:49


tightpantsJONAS - 5 timer siden
you can go to the store gurl. do a double mask, face shield, have hand sanitizer in your car and antibacterial wipes, take a shower when you get home. it's all good 👍spray disinfectant spray on any door handles or surfaces you touched when you get home :)
foood - 3 dager siden
Flynn is the absolute sweetest most precious boy ever!!!!!!! His face when he saw that truck made me smile so much!!!!!!!
avery jones
avery jones - 7 dager siden
Flynn’s face when he saw the truck 🥺
Thomas M
Thomas M - 7 dager siden
Oh yes I must play that indeed your epic sweet❤️❤️💋🌹♥️♥️🌹💋❤️❤️
Amanda Newbold
Amanda Newbold - 9 dager siden
Colleen: *playing the piano*
Also Colleen: "what happening"
Nadia B
Nadia B - 10 dager siden
Bro Flynn is the cutest baby ever I love him so much 🥺💗💕❤🥰💖💓
g͜͡a͜͡m͜͡e͜͡r͜͡z͜͡ ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
cream cheese and sugar :)
Maria Lang
Maria Lang - 13 dager siden
Colleen taking about the sand box: But it's WAY to hot
Me looking outside: well would you look at that, it's snowing again

lol, I know this was in August and it's now November😊😂
Myah Koala
Myah Koala - 13 dager siden
lmao Kory yr the best
Viviana Guerrero
Viviana Guerrero - 20 dager siden
It’s so funny that Colleen thinks Flynn likes mechanics. No it’s just that he likes cars 😂
Shyanne Lewing
Shyanne Lewing - 24 dager siden
I love you Coleen and also good night to you
Shyanne Lewing
Shyanne Lewing - 24 dager siden
What’s a blackout??
viana shevlin
viana shevlin - 24 dager siden
There’s not just one flavor there’s like three types of Boba the little dots
Sunlight Shadow
Sunlight Shadow - 25 dager siden
JoSalvador - 27 dager siden
Those blackouts are even one more reason to get solar panels and a battery for your house! You live in a sunny place so it would be a great way to end up saving money, storing energy for when needed and helping the environment!
The Pound
The Pound - 28 dager siden
your lucky i dont have bobu close to my home
Simran Kaur
Simran Kaur - 28 dager siden
Omg 😆 Flynn’s face when he got that Excavator
Kako Hirai
Kako Hirai - 28 dager siden
Ur so amazing
GamingwithString andtheCrew
GamingwithString andtheCrew - 28 dager siden
Man Cori roasted her lol
Sunshine Starchild
Sunshine Starchild - 29 dager siden
I've messed up corn bread before. I wanted to make it vegan so I tried to replace the egg with water and flax seed. Not a good egg replacement for that🤣🤣
Winnie Ingle
Winnie Ingle - Måned siden
My favorite Boba is a strawberry banana smoothie with strawberry or blueberry boba
Hannah Bellmann
Hannah Bellmann - Måned siden
Have you guys listened to Blippy? He’s got so many songs on cars and trucks! My daycare kids LOVE them!
Michelle Cheatham
Michelle Cheatham - Måned siden
Your piano playing is on point
Michelle Cheatham
Michelle Cheatham - Måned siden
Genevieve - Måned siden
Oh girl, tune that piano 🤣🤣
MarcovecchioVlogs - Måned siden
Tracy Bennett
Tracy Bennett - Måned siden
Oh my goodness furnace so funny
Anthony Nguyen
Anthony Nguyen - Måned siden
It's not literally cheese, it's like cream cheese, but in foam form. Some people sprinkle a little salt on the cheese foam too (this won't ruin the drink.) By doing this, the drink is still sweet, like boba, but has a savory finish.
axsthetic rxblox_
axsthetic rxblox_ - Måned siden
the first thing , my little brother has the exact same ting my dad got in on amazon or ebay
XxJazzy CatxX
XxJazzy CatxX - Måned siden
I don’t know if you have one of theses near you but there is a place call “ bubbles o7” I know there is one in brick NJ but I know your not near there but!
lorrie matthies
lorrie matthies - Måned siden
Cheese fome sounds bad but it tastes like cheesecake
Emma Rimkova
Emma Rimkova - Måned siden
The best boba is a peach iced tea with ice + strawberry bubbles
Crystal Tucker
Crystal Tucker - Måned siden
I am so proud that you used my recipe I made the same mistake when was trying to make wing bites smaller pieces need less time just haven't figured that out yet
ToxicSerpent - Måned siden
Miss Informed
Miss Informed - Måned siden
Passion fruit vine lol.. passion fruit dont grow on trees
WaterMilk - Måned siden
Oh god just go to the store. Take a shower right after you come back if you’re that worried.
Witch's Brew Views
Witch's Brew Views - 24 dager siden
It's called quarantine for a reason.
꧁ SatoriSpring ꧂
꧁ SatoriSpring ꧂ - Måned siden
Is nobody gonna talk about flynn's jojo siwa shirt? 😂😂
Karianne Tat
Karianne Tat - Måned siden
I like how Flynn is wearing a jojo siwa shirt
Felicia Brumley
Felicia Brumley - Måned siden
Nuce job playing piano
Jadyn Montoya
Jadyn Montoya - Måned siden
Flynns excitement when he got the truck was the most adorable thing ive seen all year
Ellie Simkins
Ellie Simkins - Måned siden
Anyone else notice that flinn is wearing a JoJo shirt? 😂😂
Diana Liz
Diana Liz - Måned siden
15:33 and then 15:50 😒 NOT TRUE Colleen
Diana Liz
Diana Liz - Måned siden
8:33 I love how Erik joins in 💞
Victoria Berghammer
Victoria Berghammer - Måned siden
Colleen: I am not good at playing piano then plays like Beethoven me: playing yankie doodle and still messing up
Sophia DoesYoutube
Sophia DoesYoutube - Måned siden
Flynn is the cutest little human I have ever seen when he gets happy about things it melts my hesrt
Chloe Alvarez
Chloe Alvarez - Måned siden
He's face was so cute when he saw the toy💙💜💙💜💋
Starlit - Måned siden
Super pretty piano playing. And when you’re like, such an interesting vlog, I was rolling laughing.
Melody Chen
Melody Chen - Måned siden
cheese foam is the best?! how come you white ppl dont like it.
Cecilia McLoyd
Cecilia McLoyd - Måned siden
flynn is literally the cutest
Hannah Pak
Hannah Pak - Måned siden
Kory is literally the funniest person in the world
Nicholas Ramos
Nicholas Ramos - Måned siden
You are so talented. I like your vlogs❤️❤️❤️❤️
L Hysni
L Hysni - Måned siden
20:00-20:20 Sent me back to American Horror Story Murder House.
Abigail Carney
Abigail Carney - Måned siden
Collen: Im not really a good piano player.¨
Me: Really because i have been taking piano for 11 years and i still cant play that good.¨
Marley Smith
Marley Smith - Måned siden
Rebecca Taylor
Rebecca Taylor - Måned siden
How do you know what that tastes like 🧐
Momina Ansari
Momina Ansari - Måned siden
I never tried boba before
Pascuala Yates Saavedra
Pascuala Yates Saavedra - Måned siden
loved this vlog , rewatching them all!! quarantine has me bored!! AHAHHA
Robert Jones
Robert Jones - 2 måneder siden
I’m gonna have to try this Starbucks fall challenge.
Rachel Puki
Rachel Puki - 2 måneder siden
What a roast kory haha
Jade Houston
Jade Houston - 2 måneder siden
Collen: "i'm not good at piano
Collen: plays the piano like a pro
Kimberly Sanchez
Kimberly Sanchez - 2 måneder siden
for flyns 2nd birthday you should do a dar dar party
Epsxik - 2 måneder siden
What's the name of the song she played
Denise Ophelia
Denise Ophelia - 2 måneder siden
Oolong is a type of tea aha, it's rlly common in Hong Kong - where I'm from, anyway the cheese foam should actually taste like cheese maybe the place u went put something weird in it :/
Tina Pitman
Tina Pitman - 2 måneder siden
I like mocha I don’t think it tast bad :(
faythe merrell
faythe merrell - 2 måneder siden
Ok so I tried boba for the first time today and I definitely recommend a green tea with a splash of whole milk, coconut flavor and passion fruit popping boba. It’s so good!
Jaz C. Crawford
Jaz C. Crawford - 2 måneder siden
Kelsie Blake
Kelsie Blake - 2 måneder siden
when you learn that fruit loops are earl grey flavored
Adoptme Paige!
Adoptme Paige! - 2 måneder siden
I'm goin to dunoon tommrow and stayin in a rv
Anikah Chiguina
Anikah Chiguina - 2 måneder siden
Hey Colleen :) I’m not sure you’ll see this because this is an older vlog but I wanted to let you know that when you google “Partea Boba” and click the button that says “order pickup” you can click the drink you want and then it asks what toppings you’d like. I’m not sure if you’ve already seen that but I just wanted to let you know in case you haven’t seen it. And if you’re having it delivered I’m not sure it works the same way so I’m sorry if this doesn’t actually help :(
ForeverSana97 - 2 måneder siden
I am LIVING for shadey subtitles lmao
Katherine Cryan
Katherine Cryan - 2 måneder siden
I’m totally late to this video.... but if it ever gets that hot see if you can fill the sand box with kinetic sand if you wanna bring it inside. It’s an easy clean up and it’s a great sensory tool! Love your videos by the way!
Crazy Girl
Crazy Girl - 2 måneder siden
Colleen: i can’t play the piano 🎹.
*plays piano like a pro*
Me: 😮😮😮
rainxlies - 2 måneder siden
0:28 🥺🥺
Emma B
Emma B - 2 måneder siden
a lot of people think earl grey smells like fruit loops!
Emma B
Emma B - 2 måneder siden
You have to order the pearls separately/specify that you want them!
Adriana Stine
Adriana Stine - 2 måneder siden
Kennedy Lewis
Kennedy Lewis - 2 måneder siden
Does Cory live with Colleen just wondering
Scarlett Dell Jones
Scarlett Dell Jones - 2 måneder siden
Soleil Tucker
Soleil Tucker - 2 måneder siden
I loveeee how chaotic this vid was lol 😂
Molly Hynes
Molly Hynes - 2 måneder siden
I love wings and bobba with out bobba
Will Considine
Will Considine - 2 måneder siden
i love that he’s wearing jojo merch
Maria Schneider
Maria Schneider - 2 måneder siden
does anybody know the piano song she was playing?? Like what it is called?
Hehe Heheh
Hehe Heheh - 2 måneder siden
Did anyone notice that Flynn was in a jojo Siwa top
Jessica Wolf
Jessica Wolf - 2 måneder siden
20:10 did anyone else recognize the song from American horror story? 😂
Jessica Wolf
Jessica Wolf - 2 måneder siden
11:25 thats how earl grey tastes to me
alexa pena
alexa pena - 2 måneder siden
Ghosty Girl
Ghosty Girl - 2 måneder siden
9:07 is when she actually tastes the drinks for anyone who clicked for weird boba
Bryton Plays
Bryton Plays - 2 måneder siden
how r they weird-
Monique Gabbrielle Hope Liu
Monique Gabbrielle Hope Liu - 2 måneder siden
You play beautiful in the piano
Monique Gabbrielle Hope Liu
Monique Gabbrielle Hope Liu - 2 måneder siden
I love milktea
Monique Gabbrielle Hope Liu
Monique Gabbrielle Hope Liu - 2 måneder siden
That is the day before my birthday!!!!!
Julissa - 2 måneder siden
emmmalynn goddard
emmmalynn goddard - 2 måneder siden
Colleen I love when you review boba drink it is so entertaining to watch, and its nice to see someone else loves boba as much as I do! I started become obsessed with boba and started buy it too much. So I decided to buy a large package of the black tapioca pearls on amazon for $10, they only take 30 minutes to make if you wanna not to make a batch to start your day of with a little self care because that’s what worked for me! I have a link bellow on how to cook the pearls. https://youtu.be/MISoWDgHsZg
Journey Harriman
Journey Harriman - 2 måneder siden
i love you so much
Mishka Allen
Mishka Allen - 2 måneder siden
Love the vlogs and I would feel the same about the buffalo sauce x
Abigail Ferguson
Abigail Ferguson - 2 måneder siden
that piano playing was AMAZING!!
Madison BrazeauTaylor
Madison BrazeauTaylor - 2 måneder siden
“I’m not a piano player”
plays like Mozart
Chrissy D
Chrissy D - 2 måneder siden
Colleen: “I’m not good”
Also Colleen: Mozart’s the shit out that song 👏🏽
katofrie - 2 måneder siden
Does it also help that I put your videos in my playlist? :)
Laila’s Vlogs
Laila’s Vlogs - 2 måneder siden
I like the classic milk tea to
Hannah Rice
Hannah Rice - 2 måneder siden
I love watching your videos Colleen! Seeing Flynn grow and all your fun baking adventures is just the best! You are such a great mom and Erik and Flynn are both so lucky to have you in their lives!
Amelia Chan
Amelia Chan - 2 måneder siden
actually not "Boba" without the actual Boba! just regular tea :)