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Runtime: 12:22


Kayla Seibert
Kayla Seibert - 15 dager siden
Colleen: I just look like- I literally look like-
miranda: 𝗵𝗲𝗹𝗹𝗼
Hannah Elizabeth
Hannah Elizabeth - 15 dager siden
whoever disliked this video has some serious issues
Abby B
Abby B - 26 dager siden
Colleen: “everyone’s usually so nice in the comments and there’s no judgment”
Me: It’s because ur so nice to us 😂
Amar Le Gras
Amar Le Gras - 27 dager siden
LOVE the shirt!😍
spit.bubble .sos.
spit.bubble .sos. - 29 dager siden
haha why u reading my comment
Katie Milillo
Katie Milillo - Måned siden
Trump 2020
Averie Dudley
Averie Dudley - Måned siden
I’ve been 3 weeks behind and I’m spending my next 5 to 6 hours watching all of those vids
Mia Zanardi
Mia Zanardi - Måned siden
Do worry you got this girl believe in yourself!!!!
Ava Dobbins
Ava Dobbins - Måned siden
I think it looks real for the fuller lips
Kimberly Mijares
Kimberly Mijares - Måned siden
This is me with makeup .. lol
Riya Rai
Riya Rai - Måned siden
You look soooo pretty you should not compare at others you look pretty how you are
Laine Lilge
Laine Lilge - Måned siden
0:07 she sounds like an evil witch
hamza kazim
hamza kazim - Måned siden
can you make trying tik tok foods like
like this stuff!!
Halia Marie
Halia Marie - Måned siden
Surely Kory will help out.. what’s he got to do lol
Shelly N
Shelly N - Måned siden
Marinda video
Who thinks that when coleen keeps trying these hacks she getting more and more looking like miranda sings hahahaah
karenpincheira - Måned siden
Bododo it bulldozer 🥺
Katie Fastabend
Katie Fastabend - Måned siden
Hey Colleen! I just wanted to thank you for being yourself. Honesty and vulnerability are completely underrated. Anyway, I struggle with the to-do list beat up as well, and with being a college student and everything being graded it can get really stressful. But what I've learned (just this week actually) is not to try and shove a ton of stuff into the crevaces of time that our schedules have. Like, if something shifts around and now we have an extra ten minutes, we don't necessarily have to do anything with it. Because resting IS doing something, and sometimes it's the very best thing we could do. It's a challenge for me all the time to trade something fun for something that counts as "work," but life is SO much bigger than our deadlines, and taking time for ourselves is part of that much bigger picture. You've got this, and it's okay if you don't! Life's kind like that. :) Thanks again for everything, just the small things.
jamiedal - Måned siden
Maybe the lip liner trick would be better if you watched how a drag queen did it. Since that's how a lot of them do their lips and always look fabulous
Ava Slimy
Ava Slimy - Måned siden
Let’s see how many people are watching this muring quarantine 👇🏻👇🏽
Mercy karanja
Mercy karanja - Måned siden
Colleen: and I have 3 channels
Me: wait wha- oh Miranda sings
Chloe Sibrel
Chloe Sibrel - Måned siden
love you
simply Mxh
simply Mxh - Måned siden
When she said “Kristina Colleen” I’m like K.C UNDERCOVER!,
Emery Plymale
Emery Plymale - Måned siden
Did it take anyone else a super long time to unsee Patrick from Erik?
Maddie_number5 - Måned siden
M arvellous
Awes O me
Selin Mustafa
Selin Mustafa - Måned siden
Omg i would looovveeee to do your makeup 😂 you look gorg with or without but omds i would love to teach
Abinaiya Senthuran
Abinaiya Senthuran - Måned siden
U have coco to also tack care of flin
Jayden Turner
Jayden Turner - Måned siden
I wonder if Erik is on Greys Anatomy season 17 ahaha
Kim Davies
Kim Davies - Måned siden
You are great. I love you ☺️
Persephone - Måned siden
You look better with your nose natural, when you contour, it looks too bony.
Jessi Turner
Jessi Turner - Måned siden
YOURE SUCH A GREAT MOM COLLEEN!!! I love when you share your family with us!
Stephanie Sui
Stephanie Sui - Måned siden
oh girl. it's definitely stressful by being just a mom. Plus you have work and other projects?!!?! PLEASE COMPLAIN ALL YOU WANT! we are here to support you!! and PLEASE dont over workkkk ahhh we love u!!
MunchMunch - Måned siden
Anita vlogs and fun
Anita vlogs and fun - Måned siden
this is more like a girl chanle
Hailey Link
Hailey Link - Måned siden
colleen!!!! if you like documentaries watch the family next door on netflix!!! it’s a crime case i’ve known about since it happened and i haven’t been able to forget it.
erianna newsham
erianna newsham - Måned siden
Amirah Davis
Amirah Davis - Måned siden
Maxine Wilkins
Maxine Wilkins - Måned siden
with the lip filler and pink lipstick you look like fancy Miranda 😂
Georgia Morrison
Georgia Morrison - Måned siden
Hey can you plz play among us
Georgia Morrison
Georgia Morrison - Måned siden
How are you coleen
Kim Sosiak
Kim Sosiak - Måned siden
Give yourself a break, try not to be so hard on yourself your a great person always thinking of others.
Sherry Faith
Sherry Faith - Måned siden
When I overline it looks like a gross pink crusty mustache I don't understand the sorcery
kageyamas head
kageyamas head - Måned siden
colleen talking in her miranda voice but wearing her regular clothes broke my brain
Those Roblox Gamers
Those Roblox Gamers - Måned siden
11:26 Coleen hit the woah on accident 😂
Those Roblox Gamers
Those Roblox Gamers - Måned siden
This how many pepole support Colleen no matter what
Those Roblox Gamers
Those Roblox Gamers - Måned siden
Ava Loll Vlogs
Ava Loll Vlogs - Måned siden
''ummmm hello'' i died when she said that brooooooooooooooooo
Joslyn P.S I love caylus
Joslyn P.S I love caylus - Måned siden
Colleen:hello Beautiful ppl
Me:is eating a whole bag of chips
Tylynn - Måned siden
I love how she’s accepted the facts that she can vent with out feeling like a burden! That’s the best relief you can ever have. Glad we could provide the security! It’s seriously one of my favorite parts of these vlogs because I relate so much. But the Flynn parts are always #1
Olivia Cruz
Olivia Cruz - Måned siden
omg u guys should get the john deere drivable kids sized tractor! FLYNN WOULD LOVE IT!
Zia I love jou
Zia I love jou - Måned siden
Zia I love jou
Zia I love jou - Måned siden
I think jou are pretty
Erin O'regan
Erin O'regan - Måned siden
My name is Erin
Jacqui G
Jacqui G - Måned siden
“I literally look like- hELLo” 💀💀
Maggie Irvine
Maggie Irvine - Måned siden
This is so random but does anyone else want to see a whats in my fridge video??!
Melanie Martin
Melanie Martin - Måned siden
Absolutely love your vlogs. I started watching in March during these tough times. Your videos are such a bright part of the day. You are amazing!!!!! Thank you for doing these vlogs
Ashley Slosky
Ashley Slosky - Måned siden
Colleen with overlined lips does just look like Miranda if she knew how to put on makeup well! lol 🤣
Zoé Dionne
Zoé Dionne - Måned siden
Colleen, you said no one ever ask you how you're feeling ,
So how are you queen?
Brandon DDespicable
Brandon DDespicable - Måned siden
For the bigger lips, you have to wear put on a base foundation, then line your lips, then put a darker skin tone shade around your top lip so it actually looks like you have big lips. Please notice me
Skittles and Elisabeth
Skittles and Elisabeth - Måned siden
Coleen you are already beautiful
ava fair
ava fair - Måned siden
where did you get your feminist shirt
Sophie O'Connell
Sophie O'Connell - Måned siden
Literally how does Colleen not see that the reason the lip liner hack didn’t work was because she already has beautiful prominent lips?! That other girl’s lips were quite thin so that’s how she was able to over line them so much but Colleen already has amazing lips!! She didn’t even need the hack!!
icpdiamond - Måned siden
How do you feel?
Jessica Lichtenstein
Jessica Lichtenstein - Måned siden
colleen you are not selfish you are conserned and lovinng and incredible!!!! If you see this watch cars with flynn he will love it! record the reaction! content!!!!
Gabriella Soto
Gabriella Soto - Måned siden
*B r e i*
*B r e i* - Måned siden
Okay, I bet all of you are from when she started.
Natalie K
Natalie K - Måned siden
Girl. Welcome to being a full time parent 🙄
The Yellow Lemon
The Yellow Lemon - Måned siden
Put your lips around your finger and pull it out. It stops lipstick on your teeth 💕
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - Måned siden
Don't feel like you can't feel like that it a big change and a bit scary
Christina Unander
Christina Unander - Måned siden
Hey Christina isn’t a bad name lol
Mim Strudwick
Mim Strudwick - Måned siden
Colleen I hav an idea to reduce your stress level. Maybe, instead of posting every day, post once every 3 or 4 days with a combination of vlogs from each day, this way, every night, you won’t have to edit for hours, just twice a week. Hope this helps, and don’t feel bad if you can’t post every day, we all know you have a busy life with the awesome work you do and being an incredible mamma so please don’t feel pressured. Love you always Colleen 💝💝
Makenna Marley
Makenna Marley - Måned siden
Flynn is so smart
Sheena xoxo
Sheena xoxo - Måned siden
It was the fork part for me 🤣🤣🤣 I really, really needed a good laugh...so Thank you Colleen, for being YOU, and always helping me feel a little better! 🥰 I need prayers please 🙏🏼🙏🏼 Sending you lots of love and prayers, as well.
Kendra Baker
Kendra Baker - Måned siden
Kendra Baker
Kendra Baker - Måned siden
I love titok
Kelly Bogdan
Kelly Bogdan - Måned siden
I like how she explains everything that is happening (like with Erik's movie) as if we haven't watched the last 3 vlogs of her talking about it lol
Anna Mirabito
Anna Mirabito - Måned siden
How are you feeling Colleen?
Maisie Germain
Maisie Germain - Måned siden
if i would try that lip thing i would look like mirannda
Corinne - Måned siden
Anyone else see “kistina Colleen” at 1:01
Peyton Preira
Peyton Preira - Måned siden
Colleen: " Nobody ever asks me how I am feeling" well Colleen this is for you
How are you feeling? are you ok? how was your day?
I love you...keep being the same amazing person!!!
Julie - Måned siden
I've never thought they are called "beauty hacks" to emphasize that it will make you "more beautiful". I just thought it was in reference to the fact that putting on makeup can be called your "beauty routine". Because......that is why we use makeup to enhance our beauty🥰 Just a thought❤
m2 - Måned siden
Hi Colleen, how are you feeling? :)
Katherine Lynch
Katherine Lynch - Måned siden
That's wild, my name is Katherine Christine and my parents called me KC!
Carlie Hell
Carlie Hell - Måned siden
Just saying I love your hair straight!
Jane Fanning
Jane Fanning - Måned siden
Colleen, you can always vent to us! We are here to help and support you! You are such an extraordinary mom, woman, YouTuber, writer, actor, and much more! You can get through this stressful time! You got this! 😊
Alex G.
Alex G. - Måned siden
Seems like your best friend who lives with you can chime in here and there and help out. Easy solution. You're lucky you don't have to be a complete single mom during that time. Plus you have support from your family. A lot of people don't have that luxury.
mihnii dinh
mihnii dinh - Måned siden
i actually think the lipstick thing was pretty good though
Molly Couture
Molly Couture - Måned siden
Comments what ads YouTube provided! I got a hair straightener ad
Kasey Cairns
Kasey Cairns - Måned siden
1:03 my name is Kasey I spell my name with a k
Sophie 1million
Sophie 1million - Måned siden
If I was a boy my mom would have named me Daman. But she said she liked the name me Libby 🤭😂 my name is Sophie
Moonlight Kitten
Moonlight Kitten - Måned siden
My mom almost named me Jessica Lynn and they would have called me Jessi
Alanah Matlock
Alanah Matlock - Måned siden
And if you do type in my user name it has no spaces in between the words and numbers
Alanah Matlock
Alanah Matlock - Måned siden
I love your videos you’re the best Youtubers
Chesney Sweeney
Chesney Sweeney - Måned siden
How are you doing you can talk to us we care I know I care
Rosie Higgins
Rosie Higgins - Måned siden
It's because you do it all the time but they don't
Kris Tina
Kris Tina - Måned siden
My name is Kristina 😂😂😂😂😂
amanda - Måned siden
i’ve got it: quit the other channels and just vlog
chelsey downes
chelsey downes - Måned siden
Colleen you are absolutely glowing
Yaya Komin
Yaya Komin - Måned siden
I love this hair length on Colleen! It looks super good 🤩
Krystina Murphy
Krystina Murphy - Måned siden
Krystina with a K ✌