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Runtime: 11:49


Just SingN'Things
Just SingN'Things - 12 dager siden
The song was beautiful I can so relate ❤
Kayla Hansen
Kayla Hansen - Måned siden
I need full covers for all of those song 🙌🏻✨ Colleen is amazing!!
A N T - Måned siden
You were taking about how you feel like you really want to do something but your body just won’t do it! I feel like that all of the time don’t worry! 😊
dandi macugay
dandi macugay - Måned siden
The giggles were VERY cute☺
The Molitors
The Molitors - Måned siden
You should play Smile by Katy Perry on your ukulele!!!
Stiletto Ninjas
Stiletto Ninjas - 2 måneder siden
I fill our pain 😭
Anna Featherston
Anna Featherston - 2 måneder siden
He looks just like Erik at 4:26!
Ploop Queen
Ploop Queen - 2 måneder siden
the dog is so meeeeeee #lazy
24Kayleigh Boyle
24Kayleigh Boyle - 2 måneder siden
Jah-Ne Casarez
Jah-Ne Casarez - 2 måneder siden
I love that moose doesn’t even bother to get up for the ball. He just lays there. Such a good boy💜
Emma Pada
Emma Pada - 2 måneder siden
10:22 Don't worry you're not alone. Don't lose hope and fight (peacefully) for as long as you can. I know your starting to get tired, but you can overcome anything. Keep going, and don't beat yourself up its been really harD.
Madison DeMille
Madison DeMille - 2 måneder siden
I love how patient Moose is with Flynn. They have such a pure relationship
Shelbie Benner
Shelbie Benner - 2 måneder siden
Oh honey I know that feeling.
It is me when I have to clean/organize my room
Evy Chittenden
Evy Chittenden - 2 måneder siden
Why has she not written a song yet
maddy otto
maddy otto - 2 måneder siden
Her whole song made my whole night ❤️❤️
Z - 2 måneder siden
Everyone forgets who someone is as soon as they see the colour of their skin. Someone’s a criminal? Someone has a warrant out for their arrest? Oh, doesn’t matter. They’re a hero cause they’re black. 🙄
Emma Hooper
Emma Hooper - 2 måneder siden
She’s the calmest mum ever
kate 2011
kate 2011 - 2 måneder siden
Flynn acts just like me baby brother and they act the same
Soph_ irrelevant
Soph_ irrelevant - 2 måneder siden
Me just vibing to Colleen singing: 🤘🏻😘🤘🏻 when she starts sing waving through a window: 💙👄💙
Wild Skiffington
Wild Skiffington - 2 måneder siden
I wish I could sing like u ❤️:)
Cassidy Kidwell
Cassidy Kidwell - 2 måneder siden
Colleen, I’ve missed your singing.. thank you :)
Taylor Miller
Taylor Miller - 2 måneder siden
Flynn looks so grown up with his shaggy hair
Selvi Prasanna
Selvi Prasanna - 2 måneder siden
I just couldn’t stop smiling
When he was giggling
Emily Alex
Emily Alex - 2 måneder siden
The brain wanting to do stuff but your body saying no is a symptom of adhd! I struggle with it a LOT! The thing that helps me is doing what I need to do in a different room. I know that doesn’t really work when your filming but it’s what I do that I’ve found that helps.
KhaLausi - 2 måneder siden
Came here to quote her and say "Basically, life with AD(H)D." The trick for me when I have to write is to convince myself to just get started for 2 minutes and I'm allowed to stop after that. 2 minutes usually builds enough momentum that I keep going anyway. Gonna try your approach for other things though, good idea!
Katie Rodriguez
Katie Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
Depression is a beast. Way to go for powering through. 🥰
DatBoiBeLit YT
DatBoiBeLit YT - 2 måneder siden
a fly was just on my laptop screen and it looked like their was a fly on colleen's face lol
Emily smith Beauty blog
Emily smith Beauty blog - 2 måneder siden
Unicorn Lover
Unicorn Lover - 2 måneder siden
Omg Flynn is so cute
Noa Mandelbaum
Noa Mandelbaum - 2 måneder siden
Your your voice is chefs kiss 💋. Love u queen !!!
Lillian Black
Lillian Black - 2 måneder siden
More like the creepiest giggles ever. Baby giggles are fucking terrifying, there's a reason why in almost all horror movies there's always little kids singing and babies laughin cuz it's fucking creepy.
Dylan Hylton
Dylan Hylton - 2 måneder siden
OMG I LOVE INTO THE WOODS (definitely in my tip 5 musicals)
Natalie Horyczun
Natalie Horyczun - 2 måneder siden
Vocals 🤩🤩🤩🥰🥰🥰
Nina Chilbert
Nina Chilbert - 2 måneder siden
The singing immediately made me emotional 😢
Miserkins! - 2 måneder siden
What was the first song she sang?
jess - 2 måneder siden
yea,, sometimes life is very hard... especially in this time. 2020 is just the worst😔
ty colleen for all of your content. you make my day, eh.. my *life* better❤
Brandie Johnson
Brandie Johnson - 2 måneder siden
such a beautiful voice. I love you Colleen and everything you do and stand for is amazing and so touching. Thank you for being a light in my life.
I and others love you. Stay safe!!!!
Alaina Sherry
Alaina Sherry - 2 måneder siden
Colleen you will probably never see this but hopefully this makes you feel better

You literally have the most beautiful beautiful voice on the planet I love you ❤️😊
Xbubbletea Jelly
Xbubbletea Jelly - 2 måneder siden
Greitchell nancy
Greitchell nancy - 2 måneder siden
Pleasee do a Ukulele tutorial your so good!!✨ like if u agree:)
Da’Jonique Johnson
Da’Jonique Johnson - 2 måneder siden
I totally understand what you were saying about your brain wanting to do something but your body not cooperating. I will make a list of important things I need to get done but then ill keep making excuses to avoid doing those things.
Nico Fan
Nico Fan - 2 måneder siden
Flynn is so cute
Lydia Olwell
Lydia Olwell - 2 måneder siden
I feel like that ALL the time. SO unmotivated, but what I do is do something, take a 15 minute break, and do something else and do that over and over again. It really helps me. Also having something crunchy or chewy to eat helps me feel more awake.
AlohaCora - 2 måneder siden
2:03 had me in stitches! XD
Amelie Tinsley
Amelie Tinsley - 2 måneder siden
mouse: throws ball
Flin: goes to fetch it
Me:I thought it was the other way round
DeeDee Iacurto
DeeDee Iacurto - 2 måneder siden
I saw a story about a boy wanting to take his life at 7 but his mum/mom got him through it. Love you all and stay safe
Terry Junek
Terry Junek - 2 måneder siden
amazing voice
Smile _ Dip
Smile _ Dip - 2 måneder siden
Oh no soon he’s gonna be getting potty trained..
• byrophnx •
• byrophnx • - 2 måneder siden
Growing my channel from the comments!
Layla Delp
Layla Delp - 2 måneder siden
Is it just me or does collleens voice sound like a disney princess!!!
Emaan Malik
Emaan Malik - 2 måneder siden
What song is she singing?
Ali Kramlich
Ali Kramlich - 2 måneder siden
i used to watch your vlogs religiously, but i kind of stopped watching them for awhile bc i'm a psychology major and barely have time to breathe. i'm having a really rough day so far and decided to turn on a random vlog of yours, and i'm so glad i did. your vlogs are really comforting and make me feel like a part of the family, so thanks for putting out content like that! it's just something i can have playing in the background while i go about doing my business and it's like having a friend with me. i love it! thanks colleen 😊
naarahformusic - 2 måneder siden
I feel like Moose totally knows he making him laugh and is amping up the dramatics just for Flynn.
Josie Barnett
Josie Barnett - 2 måneder siden
I feel you Colleen I feel that way today
Rada White
Rada White - 2 måneder siden
Just a suggestion here’s a couple of songs I really like hope you will enjoy them also
#1 Free to be me by Francesca Battistelli
#2 You Say by Lauren Daigle
Allie Dawn
Allie Dawn - 2 måneder siden
Thank you so much for singing She Used to Be Mine! I am in love with that song!
Leslie Roberts
Leslie Roberts - 2 måneder siden
I feel like that all the time
Masher Sounds
Masher Sounds - 2 måneder siden
Flynn would laugh so much if i entertained him aha no joke
Tracey Viking Heart
Tracey Viking Heart - 2 måneder siden
Hi Colleen! I feel like that every day, life is a constant struggle! I have Fms... so feel ill and am in constant pain! Your little boy is adorable... love you!
Tracey England UK xxx
KatieSparkles - 2 måneder siden
We definitely all can struggle with that for sure. I know I am having one of those days right now. 😂 Although I have also been doing laundry which tends to keep me from getting motivated to do other things. But sometimes it’s okay to just give yourself a day off too. ❤️❤️
RobRob Spurling
RobRob Spurling - 2 måneder siden
Im autistic and i play the ukulele and like many autistic and people music triggers happiness and stimming and her voice with the ukulele makes me sooooooooooooo happy
Hazel Moulding
Hazel Moulding - 2 måneder siden
those are cute giggles
Hazel Moulding
Hazel Moulding - 2 måneder siden
I love the nanny show :>
Kenzee Bellamy
Kenzee Bellamy - 2 måneder siden
when colleen was talking about feeling unmotivated i felt that so hard and i need to do my dishes but i cant
Sasha Jardine
Sasha Jardine - 2 måneder siden
Check this lady out she is awesome for when you are feeling blah - you are not alone!!!
Megan Church
Megan Church - 2 måneder siden
No nothing body with a busy brain..girl I hear you!! I have 2 kids and lately I've been doing the same and its frustrating!! Keep your chin up love
Cheryl Ann
Cheryl Ann - 2 måneder siden
Stealth veg. Smart!
Tonya Sæveraas
Tonya Sæveraas - 2 måneder siden
feeling exactly as you described!😮🤔what are this? Also,what kind of dog is Moose? Much love from Norway take care ❤️
cyanne assaad
cyanne assaad - 2 måneder siden
I want to cry too
cyanne assaad
cyanne assaad - 2 måneder siden
Don't worry collen the problems in your country are way less than the ones in mine that is Lebanon 😢
Emery Graf
Emery Graf - 2 måneder siden
Girl, I feel like that all the time and felt like that earlier, I always know I should do something and want to but just can't get myself to do it!💕
Dina B
Dina B - 2 måneder siden
You always sound good when you sing but in the video you sounded amazing. Wow ! The world is messy but with people like your family, your viewers, and people who are kind we will see better days im sure
Shai-Ann Paquette
Shai-Ann Paquette - 2 måneder siden
Colleen singing makes me cry happy tears, I love her so much
hayley garcia
hayley garcia - 2 måneder siden
the serotonin boost i get when Flynn giggles is immaculate
delegate zero
delegate zero - 2 måneder siden
APPLE BUH DUH DUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
scetchzy 2020
scetchzy 2020 - 2 måneder siden
Your singing is just..... gorgeous✨
Caroline - 2 måneder siden
Okay yep I came for what I was looking for: the cutest giggles ever!
Julia O
Julia O - 2 måneder siden
Colleen just a question would you ever wanna make a album with any of the songs you have written? Love you btw
Sofia B
Sofia B - 2 måneder siden
Moose is such a mood lol
TorontoMetalMom - 2 måneder siden
I'm watching this at 10pm Sunday night. I still have work due tomorrow morning.... yep, I feel you.
veronica magdy
veronica magdy - 2 måneder siden
i love you colleen and i love your vlogs so much thank you for sharing your life with us i appreciate it so much
Daffney Taveras
Daffney Taveras - 2 måneder siden
I love your singing I can’t even
Explain it
Daffney Taveras
Daffney Taveras - 2 måneder siden
I feel like that to all the time
nojimmyprotested - 2 måneder siden
I could sleep to Colleen’s beautiful voice singing any calm song ❤️
Tracy Colavito
Tracy Colavito - 2 måneder siden
Is that an ice maker your mo. Uses in the first part of the video? Tell us about that!
jesminda edwards
jesminda edwards - 2 måneder siden
What was the song she was singing?
coolenaam - 2 måneder siden
for those wondering, the song is Deb Talan - Comfort
Astronaut Cricket
Astronaut Cricket - 2 måneder siden
Flynn and Moose are so cute playing together
Erin Mansour
Erin Mansour - 2 måneder siden
Ugh me today. Mine is my depression and anxiety creeping up on me today. Makes me not want to do anything and even small tasks seem daunting. I feel you girl. 😣
ronswansonmustache - 2 måneder siden
Can someone tell me where she got Flynn’s ROAR shirt? I know it was a black owned business she mentioned before. Help.
Angel & DevilYT
Angel & DevilYT - 2 måneder siden
When flin laughed I laught Bec his laugh is so cute
Aly B
Aly B - 2 måneder siden
My man when I ask him to make dinner: complains, and then makes a sandwich
Colleens man when she asks him to make dinner: wow...
jenny gutierrez
jenny gutierrez - 2 måneder siden
I love your relationship with your husband and Flynn. Absolutely love it.
Abigail Richards
Abigail Richards - 2 måneder siden
This is how many people watched her sing
ᴇᴘɪᴄ ᴇɢɢ
ᴇᴘɪᴄ ᴇɢɢ - 2 måneder siden
Shes such a good singer i love you colloeen ❤😊🎶🎶💖💖👍👍💞💞😊😊❤❤🌹🌹💕💕👍💜😘😊😊😊☺☺
Peter Istfanous
Peter Istfanous - 2 måneder siden
Me and Flynn are matching "roar"
Chloe Foreman
Chloe Foreman - 2 måneder siden
You’re so awesome
Jamie Shaw
Jamie Shaw - 2 måneder siden
Moose is the most gentle doggy ❤️❤️❤️ so adorable 😍
Shayla Storm
Shayla Storm - 2 måneder siden
What a gentle giant 😭 moose is such a good fricking dog omg jelly ❤💚💜💙🤘✌💛
Gardner Girl
Gardner Girl - 2 måneder siden
Flynn: giggles
Me:dies from cuteness ❤
It’s Brooke Cross
It’s Brooke Cross - 2 måneder siden
That literally happens to me with school. I have all this time and in my mind I’m like “you can do that easy” and then my body’s just like “nah”