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Runtime: 11:30


Abi Forsaith
Abi Forsaith - Dag siden
“Oh no not again!”

-Flynn Stoklin 2020
Josie’s Hairstyles!
Josie’s Hairstyles! - 13 dager siden
6:15 how Flynn better at pouring drinks then me?
JNERDX YouTube - Måned siden
It’s the LEGO’s in the headboard for me.
Angela Dianne
Angela Dianne - Måned siden
Usually I take more than a couple days to plan and pack. With limited space I meal plan so that I’m taking only what’s needed to prepare the food. It’s also very helpful to have tubs that are designated for specific purposes. Like one for paper plates, bowls, silverware and cups. One for cleaning wipes, soap, sanitizer, bug spray, sunscreen, etc.
Junior Ayala
Junior Ayala - Måned siden
I love you’re videos
Elaine Sapitan
Elaine Sapitan - Måned siden
I think to myself every time I rewatch this vlog, why Colleen let Flynn drink the dyed water
GachaTime! - Måned siden
10:25 YOINK!!
Lavinia WELLESLEY - Måned siden
i cant wait to see all of the videos in the future of Flynn reacting to these videos
weirdo river
weirdo river - Måned siden
6:45 Flynn is like totally a ham🥩

Elsa Jo
Elsa Jo - Måned siden
Look at 6:17 lol
Shekinah Monterrey
Shekinah Monterrey - Måned siden
Colleen I don’t know how people do this me you aren’t even camping you are glamping
Abbigail Crowley
Abbigail Crowley - Måned siden
I absolutely love the endless activities he does to use that little brain of his 😉 that’s why he’s so smart
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute
ItsEmma - Måned siden
Moose is just like you know what I might as well take it
Nadia's World
Nadia's World - Måned siden
Hey Colleen it's me again I just wanted to say something in the comments cuz at my last comment I said I really love watching you and yeah that's all I wanted to say have a blessed day God is always watching
• savannah •
• savannah • - Måned siden
I always go to this one campsite it’s called ocean Mesa at El Capitan and it’s in California. It’s got a park that has a bunch of grass so you can play. There are bathrooms with showers that you can walk to and they are nice there is also a pool. You can hike to the beach and each campsite has a water spout and a fire pit. The normal campsite have a space for your tent. It’s really nice! You can take Rvs and since COVID it’s not as fun because a lot of stuff is closed. They have a little store where you can get wood and food. Here’s the link if anyone want to check it out:
Kayla Dicke
Kayla Dicke - Måned siden
is anyone wondering what that ladder was for
Djarosz88 - Måned siden
We live in California and we are SURROUNDED by Walmart’s lol 😂
VJK - Måned siden
I really love the new outro song. Such an amazing singer
Kendall T
Kendall T - Måned siden
How is Flynn a better at pouring drinks then me
Alexis Saovang
Alexis Saovang - Måned siden
I go camping all the time and I have all the stuff and I put everything in one spot
rouse fam 3
rouse fam 3 - Måned siden
colleen better bring her two plates that make a bug killer shes going to need it lol p.s. love you colleen
Caroline - Måned siden
He wants to put his mouth on both to make more dishes for washing.
Caroline - Måned siden
No doubt Flynn is the next Picasso. 🖼
Felicia Friedman
Felicia Friedman - Måned siden
I love Flynn’s enthusiasm!
John Reedy
John Reedy - Måned siden
StrangerThings_011 - Måned siden
I am predicting the future.
Judging by Flynn’s expertises in art, he will be a famous artist!😂
Brianna giraldo
Brianna giraldo - Måned siden
And he is so dute
Brianna giraldo
Brianna giraldo - Måned siden
Brianna giraldo
Brianna giraldo - Måned siden
Hi are u Miranda bc u have a room like Miranda and u act like her
Noni.b - Måned siden
Where does flynn sit when your driving? x
Liat Nahman
Liat Nahman - Måned siden
The Lego pieces on her bed :)
Shaina1127 - Måned siden
Moose reminds me of how Kevin on, The Office, describes his dog 🤣
Mae Frances
Mae Frances - Måned siden
Moose is my spirit animal 🐕
Jenna Pearson
Jenna Pearson - Måned siden
1:39 what are you talking about?!?! 😂😂😂
Addie - Måned siden
Mary Axiak
Mary Axiak - Måned siden
If Eric was cleaning the RV how was filming you 😂😁 love you 😅🙂😀 guys
Kaci James
Kaci James - Måned siden
Flyin is going to be the next Bob Ross
Miah Lorae
Miah Lorae - Måned siden
My cat is like daisy! He can tell when we’re leaving cuz he sees all our suitcases lined up by our stairs and he starts meowing really loud and sounds sad and he always starts rubbing against me lol
Riley Curtis
Riley Curtis - Måned siden
where dose Flynn get his hair
Dawson Teskey
Dawson Teskey - Måned siden
Love the Mega Blocks in bed with her😂😂 I relate to that on a spiritual basis
Ashley Priddy
Ashley Priddy - Måned siden
Colleen: thats very pretty flynn! Flynn: paints on the table.
Audrey Carmical
Audrey Carmical - Måned siden
You can fit like 8 people in that RV
brookeyjbfan - Måned siden
I love how moose does not even care for flynn putting the boa things on him lol. So cute
Terra Naylor
Terra Naylor - Måned siden
Your a good momma💙 I remember watching your videos when you were pregnant and you seemed so unsure of the mother would be now I bet you can imagine NOT being a mommy
ida underwood
ida underwood - Måned siden
that is the same RV i got LOL LOVE YOU COLEEN
General Hargreaves
General Hargreaves - Måned siden
I don’t I go to tent for a week and all we grab the tent a little screen tent type things we can sit outside firewood and things to cook on the fire and we’re good
Braxton Newbold
Braxton Newbold - Måned siden
It is called a slide sorry if you think it is mean
Jackson Carias
Jackson Carias - Måned siden
I just saw your trip vlog in The RV, why not suggest to them to give a family in need (low income family) an opportunity to have a COMPLIMENTARY VACATION like they did for you. I’m sure that would be a lifetime memory for that family. I’m sure with Covid lots of families are unable to afford vacations, it would be nice for that to happen.
Sarah Freire
Sarah Freire - Måned siden
Lol I feel like I never see her in bed
K Lewis
K Lewis - Måned siden
Great RV. Super nice that they comped it for you. Eric did a great job of cleaning the RV. Enjoy your getaway. You all deserve it.
Renebaebae - Måned siden
I want a cat like hers lol
Grey Hecht
Grey Hecht - Måned siden
You should get a painting smock for him, s ok he dosent ruin anymore shirts 😂
Loki the Axolotl
Loki the Axolotl - Måned siden
I love how Colleen didn’t yell at him for painting on the table she just laughed and didn’t care. Love you Colleen your the best mom!
Krysdavar - Måned siden
RV tour (what I'm actually here for) starts at 7:12 sheesh! Oh gawd, it's one of those "big vlog channels". Never mind, not even going to watch the tour.
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - Måned siden
Flynn is an actual artist
Tatum Penner
Tatum Penner - Måned siden
The last scene or whatever she was in her bed did anybody notice the lego blocks😂😂😂
Katie Hobbs
Katie Hobbs - Måned siden
Start packing a day or two before. This way you only have to pack essentials that you will use the day you leave and you can avoid this and have more vacay time
MonkeyMoo - Måned siden
so are you miranda sings
Sandra Davila
Sandra Davila - Måned siden
The RV is so cute 🥰
Angela Corber
Angela Corber - Måned siden
I need that cat bubble machine where did u get it from !
MrSandman - Måned siden
Colleen:"so many bubbles"

Me:"trap bunny bUbBleS"
Jenna Newell
Jenna Newell - Måned siden
Why is Flynn literally the best abstract painter in the entire world?
Toxic Records
Toxic Records - Måned siden
For some reason, every time I see Flynn he always looks different
Lauren Marie
Lauren Marie - Måned siden
I like how moose just excepts his fate
nia _Xui
nia _Xui - Måned siden
This is literally the cutest baby I ever saw😍
Cirque d'Joy
Cirque d'Joy - Måned siden
OMG, going to bed with a mega block under your pillow is the epitome of living with a toddler, LMAO!
Cirque d'Joy
Cirque d'Joy - Måned siden
Maybe you should ask Matt Foley about living in a van.
Lydia - Måned siden
The face Flynn pulled when Colleen said “ you want another bite” was hilarious 😂😭😭
Carson Grace
Carson Grace - Måned siden
when he said bubbles I actually died 😍
Paulastuff - Måned siden
im the kind of lame people that loves and hoped for a timelapse stocking the RV?
Adam Koppelman
Adam Koppelman - Måned siden
6:45 haha
trishgoger - Måned siden
She doesn't read/respond to these comments right? It showed her car seat mirror for like 1 second. Does anyone know what kind that is?
Sierra Beaudoin
Sierra Beaudoin - Måned siden
Love how Colleen doesn’t care that Flynn has covered her table with acrylic paint, yet my mother freaks at a baby spot of acrylic paint on my desk 😬
Taylor is Fun
Taylor is Fun - Måned siden
When we go camping we write a list
Jess Majors
Jess Majors - Måned siden
Casual blocks in the bed😂
Laura King
Laura King - Måned siden
I love at 10:49 she is in her bed and there is Flynn’s LEGO’s there behind her
Yeyi Horta
Yeyi Horta - Måned siden
I love painting
Yeyi Horta
Yeyi Horta - Måned siden
The paintings are so cute
Neve Stelling
Neve Stelling - Måned siden
Moose if just the best dog he's so patient and doesn't try and move when flynn is playing with him
Riaah Dela Cruz
Riaah Dela Cruz - Måned siden
The whole Ballinger family is sooo lucky🥺❤️
Janina Marie D. Tuddao
Janina Marie D. Tuddao - Måned siden
wow its been soooo long since ive watched3 you colleen AND UR STILL SO AMAZING
Kayce Jo
Kayce Jo - Måned siden
The Legos in the bed by her pillow is parenthood to the T!😂
Dawn Mutchler
Dawn Mutchler - Måned siden
He's better at pouring than me hahaha
Dawn Mutchler
Dawn Mutchler - Måned siden
He's so smart
Maren Hansen
Maren Hansen - Måned siden
did anyone notice the legos on colleens bed 😂😂😂😂😂
Gizmo Bluntermss
Gizmo Bluntermss - Måned siden
Wow a little rough with your cat there! hmmm.
Yang Yan
Yang Yan - Måned siden
*If this confused you or tricked you please do like*

Read more
Nikki Boyd
Nikki Boyd - Måned siden
You know you are a mom when you have mega blocks in your bed and you lay down with them anyway 😅 been there so many times!!
Mikenna Rose
Mikenna Rose - Måned siden
does anyone know what happened to Gus??
Haley Films
Haley Films - Måned siden
8:38 who else notice that coleen sounded like Miranda
Christina Davies
Christina Davies - Måned siden
9:22 do I see some gray hair? If it is gray hairs girl rock that ish! Cuz I got some too girl
J18 05
J18 05 - Måned siden
what breed of cat are gus and daisy?
Blanca Herrera
Blanca Herrera - Måned siden
Destiny Laurabeth
Destiny Laurabeth - Måned siden
Me: comments
*gets one like*
Me: so I’m famous now lmao
Natalie's Little Nation
Natalie's Little Nation - Måned siden
That RV is literally the CUTEST thing EVER
Jasmine - Måned siden
If Flynn isnt a dar dar for Halloween I'm going to be so sad!
Julianne Wood
Julianne Wood - Måned siden
When we would go camping and RVing as kids our parents would have storage totes with the cleaning basics and second hand kitchen supplies, sheets, paper goods, sand and water toys. Then they would pop them out of the garage, fill the RV or trailer and off we’d go. If we went tent camping or RVing all our supplies were ready.
Hope you are having a super fun time! ❤️✌🏻🌻
XForevaElla - Måned siden
I love how Colleen churched up Flynn’s paintings 💜
Jacob Delorme
Jacob Delorme - Måned siden
Try living in a tent for months LOL
Rmosa Love
Rmosa Love - Måned siden
My mom has 5 kids I'm one of those five and she will pack that in less then 10 minutes in a car and its not big