Trying On My Costume For Rocky Horror

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Runtime: 18:44


Amy Frazier
Amy Frazier - 23 timer siden
I just realized Colleen’s shirt is Mickey taking a group selfie pic
Keaton Craig
Keaton Craig - Dag siden
Jesus loves you
Jodi Woellner
Jodi Woellner - 4 dager siden
I am a huge Rocky horror fan! Watch it every year for halloween! To see you in the “Covid live version” was fresh. You did very good and so glad I watched it!
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 9 dager siden
Aww I'm so sorry for your loss ❤️
Michaela Sargent
Michaela Sargent - 9 dager siden
its ok to cry some times wy all love you
emma v
emma v - 9 dager siden
i want her to show us the new hope chest
the names Chelle
the names Chelle - 9 dager siden
Colleen I know you don't always look at comments but do you know if we'd be able to eventually watch the show in UK as it states I have to be a green card holder resident to be able to donate to watch 😐 rocky horror is my absolute fav theatre performance so I would be made up if this happened
Joshua Burke
Joshua Burke - 9 dager siden
I have nightmares a lot
im dumb That one sleepynerd
im dumb That one sleepynerd - 10 dager siden
Colleen: Flynn can you say jeep?
Olive !?
Olive !? - 10 dager siden
7:18 is everything
Lego Animationzz
Lego Animationzz - 11 dager siden
Omg omg okay I had the thing when it shows what the people are saying at the bottom and when Flynn was saying bath time it says someone speaking gibberish
Lego Animationzz
Lego Animationzz - 11 dager siden
My grandma died from breast cancer she was my hero 😭😭😭😭
bunny lover channel
bunny lover channel - 12 dager siden
Collen i understand you i have really really really bad dream
Ale Merck
Ale Merck - 12 dager siden
People who love collen----------------->
RebeccAlbrecht - 13 dager siden
You're not the only one on the dream/nightmare front, Colleen 💜 I have a very vivid recurring dream that I'm running through a burning building looking for someone, but I don't know who and I never find them. All my dreams are intensely vivid
Audrey Kimberlin
Audrey Kimberlin - 13 dager siden
I saw the live stream event , did you get to talk to Tim Curry?
Also, It was awesome!
Jamie Hayden
Jamie Hayden - 13 dager siden
I have nightmare. Bad ones. When I was younger, if I died in my dream. The next one would be of me and my brother as babies on a tug boat with our mom and dad
Rae N
Rae N - 14 dager siden
hello amazing humans
Curtis Hayes
Curtis Hayes - 14 dager siden
hi colleen me and my family lost my grandpa on October 20 2020 and i was just trying to say
that i was waching this video and cryed and cryed i was sad about it but im so sorry for your lost
Ada Cruz
Ada Cruz - 16 dager siden
That stick figure costume was epic! 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣
Sara Degnan
Sara Degnan - 16 dager siden
the way he says jeep is the way my friends baby brother says bird
Andrea - 17 dager siden
You and Rosario were the best ones in rocky horror to be honest
Chelsea Iveson
Chelsea Iveson - 17 dager siden
You posted this on my birthday 🎂
Victoria Cortez
Victoria Cortez - 18 dager siden
Have a Happy Day
Katelyn McKay
Katelyn McKay - 18 dager siden
i have really scary vivid nightmares! and often so i feel girl ! it’s the worst
Tiara White
Tiara White - 18 dager siden
I love him
Tiara White
Tiara White - 18 dager siden
I love your son it's so cute
m2 - 19 dager siden
You should have someone else read your comments. They can pick out the really nice ones and show them to u.
m2 - 19 dager siden
Lost my last grandpa... just back from his funeral. losing someone is hard enough... but losing them during covid... it was extra hard myself and my family... i wonder if it was the same with colleen's fam.
Felicia Friedman
Felicia Friedman - 19 dager siden
Sorry you’re having nightmares!
horror fanatic
horror fanatic - 19 dager siden
i love how colleen pauses whatever she’s saying to talk to flynn and see what he’s
trying to show her. it’s so amazing. you’re an awesome parent, colleen ❤️❤️
-Lime-Love- - 20 dager siden
Story plot I wished was a Netflix show and that I wished Colleen would act for:
Colleen and Miranda are 2 people in the same body. Colleen is the main controller of the body until Miranda gets jealous of Colleens life so Miranda starts trying to overcome the body and suppressing Colleen. They go threw the challenges of Colleens family having to deal with Miranda and they try to get Colleen to come back into main control of the body.
amelia Cox
amelia Cox - 20 dager siden
Little shop of horrors is SUCH a cool idea please keep that for the years to come 😍
Abby Shaner
Abby Shaner - 21 dag siden
7:20 oop-
Nadia Kessel
Nadia Kessel - 21 dag siden
I’m not even a physiologist but I feel like her dreams have something to do with how she talked about herself idk it just seems that she makes little snipes at herself and I think her brain is trying to make her feel how it feels if that makes sense
laura kinge
laura kinge - 21 dag siden
Lillie Vasquez
Lillie Vasquez - 21 dag siden
"Flynn hows your poop goin"
cassienicole - 22 dager siden
i have this same nightmare all the time multiple nights a week, of me driving a car at night and then i lose control over the car, the brakes don’t work or something like that. and it stems from my fear of vehicles. i have such a big fear of cars and any sort of automobile. i have been dragging getting my license for MONTHS because i’m so terrified that i’m going to los control. our minds are extremely powerful and no one fully understands them. you’re not alone though ❤️
Cameron Dahl
Cameron Dahl - 22 dager siden
Flynn say jeep OMG I cracked up 😂
Introverted Potato
Introverted Potato - 22 dager siden
There part where she said “Flynn you can wear dresses if you want, you don’t have to be a girl to wear a dress.” Hit me so hard❤️
Stephanee Kammer
Stephanee Kammer - 22 dager siden
I always watch videos a few days too late! Totally would have watched this sooner, my son would have gotten a kick out of that lunch date. Congrats to the winner!
MozManiac - 22 dager siden
Me and my mom love big brother and my dad
Ashley Barnett
Ashley Barnett - 22 dager siden
Wait pause, if Flynn still loves cars later you should get him one of those car beds!!
G.I.R.L - 20 dager siden
Omg ya
Marty Holding
Marty Holding - 22 dager siden
Marty Holding
Marty Holding - 23 dager siden
Kate Sewall
Kate Sewall - 23 dager siden
Colleen: now I want a little girl!!!!
Colleen: Flynn you can wear anything you want you don’t have to be a girl to wear dresses.
Me: period queen
Madison Edwards
Madison Edwards - 23 dager siden
Jamie Lees
Jamie Lees - 23 dager siden
A Jungian analyst would say that it is YOURSELF in your dream berating you. That is your shadow self speaking to you and showing you what is in your unconscious mind.
Lashayla Jones
Lashayla Jones - 23 dager siden
colleen what happened in your dream means insurcurrity and what happened in your dream actually happened to me in real life with someone who said they trusted and loved and cared about me and betrayl happened 6 times and every time she said it was a prank and i beleived it and loved even harder i trusted her and told her almost everything and one day she blocked and unfriended me on every game we played and she blocked me in general we haven't talked for 2 weeks and she was my COUSIN she never told me what i did just insulting and roasting me im still heartbroken by the experience but i still love and care about her but i blocked her because she called me multiple times a day and hung up just to bother me because she knows she hurt me my family is LITERALLY OBSSESED with us talking and ask me every day have we talked lately and i just started saying that she hasn't been answering the phone so basically what you are feeling in your dream is happening in real life xoxoxo love u colleen
btw im 11 :)
EDIT: she called me 3 days ago and apoligized she said she had a lot going on that day so we are good but i'm still keeping the comment up for inspiration
Angel W
Angel W - 23 dager siden
Colleen!!!!! People are going to say why are these other people in it! People love you and you are amazing!!!!!! I love you so much!!!!! You have got me through quarantine!!!!! You are so inspirational!! Also if you see this please reply! Please. It would mean THE WORLD TO ME!!!!!!! Love ya!!!!!!!💛💛💛💛💛Tell Flynn and Erik I said hi!!!
Julia C
Julia C - 23 dager siden
Honey those dreams.......
Idar Kjølsvik
Idar Kjølsvik - 23 dager siden
Flyin sead bich
Cameron Bolding
Cameron Bolding - 23 dager siden
7:24 😂😂😂 Kids will either learn it or just sY it out of the blue 😂😂😂😂
Janet Salazar
Janet Salazar - 23 dager siden
Can I please win the lunch with miranda or you please.
Katie-leigh Evans
Katie-leigh Evans - 23 dager siden
Where did u get your mickey t shirt
mikeysrose - 23 dager siden
It's a little weird that you say you had nightmares all last week, because I randomly and suddenly couldn't sleep more than 2 hours any night last week.
Melanie - 24 dager siden
Me and my mom are big fans! If I’m not too late, I would love to do the lunch zoom with you. If you see this Colleen, please comment or heart ❤️ It would make my day.
Lis Graves
Lis Graves - 24 dager siden
Yeah I'm guessing the person in your dream is your subconscious hating on you. You need to cut yourself some slack Colleen because you're a boss ass jeep ❤️
Zachary Galbo
Zachary Galbo - 24 dager siden
I love how I can understand Flynn’s talking because of how many of these vlogs I’ve watched😂 when he mumbled out he wanted to take his bulldozer to the bath I knew exactly what he was talking about before u even said it 😂😂😂🥰🥰🤣
Maria Kolyagina
Maria Kolyagina - 24 dager siden
Colleen the dreams that you have been having of people verbally abusing you is your consciousness because you don’t love yourself and the “people” that love you and are telling these horrible things to you is just a disguise. These are all the things you think about yourself just know that I love you and I hope you start loving yourself and noticing all the wonderful things about yourself
Maria Kolyagina
Maria Kolyagina - 24 dager siden
Colleen the dreams that you have been having of people verbally abusing you is your consciousness because you don’t love yourself and the “people” that love you and are telling these horrible things to you is just a disguise. These are all the things you think about yourself just know that I love you and I hope you start loving yourself and noticing all the wonderful things about yourself
Logan R
Logan R - 24 dager siden
I mean I don’t get the nightmares as often as you, but I do get the vivid repetitive side of what your saying
Alixzandra McDaniel
Alixzandra McDaniel - 24 dager siden
U have had a million bad dreams and know I kinda like them is that bad?
Edit: and once I started liking them they went away which makes me kinda sad
Veronica Romanowski
Veronica Romanowski - 24 dager siden
no we love you dont care what people think or when your emitional dont hide it we human we get sad when lovedones pass ect love you
MuzzikLvr - 24 dager siden
Colleen, you really killed it as Janet! Brava! And, acted with my favorite favorite actor Tim Curry!!!!!!
Devyn Lapatina
Devyn Lapatina - 24 dager siden
girl i am in the vivid nightmare group with you honestly its horrid and ive been dealing with it for years
Isabella Tanner
Isabella Tanner - 24 dager siden
My grandmother had breast cancer.
Blesedell Family
Blesedell Family - 24 dager siden
We love you Colleen!!!
Rocky Ghost
Rocky Ghost - 24 dager siden
guys comment if you think colleen is a star and is so amazing well im commenting cause she is i love colleen
Bri'ana Drew
Bri'ana Drew - 24 dager siden
I have TERRIBLE nightmares too Colleen (I'm a girl)
Ravyn Womack
Ravyn Womack - 24 dager siden
I used to barely get nightmares. Now I have them like once a month to once every other week. And its mainly like someone close to me leave me and doesn't want to be around me anymore.
Jenna Amore
Jenna Amore - 24 dager siden
When I started having weird/bad dreams I started like feeding into it. You say I’m a horrible person? Okay cool I think so too. I think I’m too conscious of my dreams 😂
Renee Seymour
Renee Seymour - 24 dager siden
I lost it so so sooooooooooooooo hard when he tried to say jeep 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
AO Craft
AO Craft - 24 dager siden
17:06 who saw that!!!
Lisa Layne
Lisa Layne - 24 dager siden
Why are you taking jobs where you have to dress like that? Teens and tweens watch your channel.
Young& Wild
Young& Wild - 24 dager siden
We love you colleen!!! ❤❤
April Baragia
April Baragia - 24 dager siden
You should take prazosin. It’s for ptsd. You take it before bed. Help with bad dreams, night sweats etc safe also
Ashley D.
Ashley D. - 24 dager siden
I legit woke up in the middle of the night tonight with sleep paralysis....... watching your videos to cheer me up. I’m so scared
skippykipper101 - 25 dager siden
It's really sad to think that getting verbally abused is just "part of the job" for public figures. I get that there isn't really any way to stop it, but it's still sad
Melissa Aguilera
Melissa Aguilera - 25 dager siden
You started talking about your nightmares and the stress that sleeping can be and BISH! 😩❤️ I almost cried when I heard you ‘because in my family and friends circle I am the weird one in that aspect. Like, there’s times when I just wake up exhausted and feeling like I don’t have a break from issues because even in my dreams there’s what feels like an eternal conflict. They are different and nonsense at times but DAMN!! it is incredible how they can affect my performance during the day. I hope yours get better with therapy and I hope that if any day they you feel tortured by them, you can express it freely... at least to help you to not bottle up toxic, negative energies.🤷🏻‍♀️
Gabriella Dottle
Gabriella Dottle - 25 dager siden
don't worry colleen we will all love you in Rocky Horror :) love you
Gabriella Dottle
Gabriella Dottle - 25 dager siden
and you are an amazing person and you would never hurt anyone:)
Alexis V
Alexis V - 25 dager siden
I used to get very very very vivid nightmares everytime i took melatonin to sleep . scary stuffff
Elizabeth Buff
Elizabeth Buff - 25 dager siden
Colleen, I am praying for you breast cancer runs in my family my moms grandmother died of breast cancer and my grandmother had breast cancer and now my mom has breast cancer so I know how it feels to lose loved ones. I think we all do.
Anonymous Duck
Anonymous Duck - 25 dager siden
i have every vivid dreams and one of the ones i rememberer most scared me to the point that i woke up and had to go stay with my mom until i could fall asleep again. i still remember it and how scary it was and that was like 4-5 months ago
reina721 - 25 dager siden
I don’t remember where I heard this from my childhood idk if my mom told me or a friend I don’t remember but it never left me when someone says something mean or doesn’t like what you’re doing. And that is “the people who matter don’t mind, and the people who mind don’t matter” i don’t know if that will help or if you’ll even see this but it helped me whenever I was feeling like that. ❤️🥰❤️
Kate Killet
Kate Killet - 25 dager siden
I'm totally the same with nightmares. Please share any tips!
Your Daddy
Your Daddy - 25 dager siden
Plz start a only fans
Wanupgurl - 25 dager siden
I know how you feel Colleen. my grandma who was like my best friend died in March of 2015 and I got married in June of 2015 she said she'd be there with bells on but sadly she died and then in September on 2015 I found out I was pregnant with my daughter. She never got to see me get married or meet my daughter but in honour of her I am the first and only grandchild of her's to name a baby after her. My daughter's middle name is my grandma's name.
Victoria Poyastro
Victoria Poyastro - 25 dager siden
I really understand those nightmares because I have nightmares words Then you well I guess I don’t know but yeah those are horrible
Amber Hewitt
Amber Hewitt - 25 dager siden
Get a smug stick and scoop the smoke and pull it over your head slowly about 4 time and just breathe in and out slowly as your pulling the smoke over your head. Or you can burn some sage in the abalone shell as well and do the same thing.
Casey Hansen
Casey Hansen - 25 dager siden
I love you and Flynn I talk about y’all all the time as my favorite YouTubers. I sometimes will find myself saying BIIIGGGGG dump truck randomly, I will see toys in the stores I go to and think “god Flynn would love this I wanna buy and mail this to their PO Box”. Like I saw a big cement truck and I remembered what Flynn calls cement trucks and I wanted to get it for him I think of y’all more as friends then as Youtubers. You’re my icon for how I wanna parent one day. I look up to you so hard and I’ve had dreams where I get to meet y’all and it’s always so cool.
Also I’ve had vivid nightmares where I wake up sweating bullets and crying soooo hard and I will end up remembering the pain and sometimes fear from those nightmares for years later lucky I don’t get them that often but they usually have to do with me losing my significant other in some way or losing people I care deeply about I still remember my very first horrible nightmare and I was 5 I’m 18 going on 19 now and I can describe in detail the scene of the dream the sounds the smells all of it. So you’re absolutely not alone.
Cristina the unicorn
Cristina the unicorn - 25 dager siden
Colleen: Do u have dreams like this???
My mind: Yes........
The mind inside my mind: yup ones with cartoon dinos running and giant snowmen in my back yard eating everyone.....
Me: ~nodes head~
orange peeled my banana
orange peeled my banana - 25 dager siden
Maybe its because the most inportant person whoes opinion on you matters is constantly beating you up over not getting things done and it's you, you need to love yourself and understand you do the best you can and its okay to not finish everything you plan to
Devyn Breslin
Devyn Breslin - 25 dager siden
This is so wild but I have been having the scariest nightmare the last few months. SO I feel you girl
Cassie Wood
Cassie Wood - 25 dager siden
I watched Rocky Horror last night, and YOU DID GREAT!!! Thank you for being so prepared! You could tell that you took it seriously. Also, what a treat to work with THE Tim Curry and Little Nell (and everyone else who was in that cast!!).
Sophie - 25 dager siden
Colleen have you ever considered using cbd oil? I feel like it would really help to calm you down both in mind and body x
Maggie Townshend
Maggie Townshend - 25 dager siden
When I have nightmares I have them that bad
Mya Gersic
Mya Gersic - 25 dager siden
hi Colleen! I used to have nightmares, until I got a dream catcher for Christmas. I haven’t had nightmares ever since I got my dream catcher. I really recommend getting one if you are having terrible nightmares that make you feel like you are a horrible person when you a actually a great and loving person.
Suzannah Cargill
Suzannah Cargill - 25 dager siden
oh no here comes the mom moods
Stacie Simmons
Stacie Simmons - 25 dager siden
I was a lady glow in the dark person with a triangle dress and a dog! Also, we used packing tape instead of glue. lol