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Runtime: 19:34


KLOE DURAN - 2 dager siden
I have tried takis Thais not spicy but we're all different
quin tine
quin tine - 4 dager siden
I love you more without makeup( but also with hehe)
quin tine
quin tine - 4 dager siden
I am a filipino 😍😍 hello!!
Lillian Dougherty
Lillian Dougherty - 5 dager siden
You look butiful just the way you are with or without makeup! Like if you argee
Queen Mehak
Queen Mehak - 6 dager siden
I have a question for you yes you
Is colleen marinda singh
Answer quickly 😭😂
Rosalyn Garcia
Rosalyn Garcia - 6 dager siden
Hey i had jollybee before it is kinda like phillapin food and i am phillapino
siya antony
siya antony - 10 dager siden
I live in Canada and I tried the jolibee burgers and they aren SO GOOD. they are my new favorite burgers. It's sooo juicy and tasty.
Malia Kendic
Malia Kendic - 10 dager siden
You should also try ritz cracker chicken and if you don’t have ritz crackers in the USA then I feel bad for you
anika kim germones
anika kim germones - 11 dager siden
Jollibee is really ×10 popular in our country philippines the chicken is so juicyyy and yummy
Katie Pope
Katie Pope - 15 dager siden
brand new here, and i'm already in love with her!! ...did I mention I'm only 21 seconds in?
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 15 dager siden
Speak positive about yourself girllll!!!!!!
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 15 dager siden
What happened to speaking positive about yourself?
Skye Plays Roblox and more
Skye Plays Roblox and more - 15 dager siden
I would love to have dinner at urs lol it sounds like u have such good meals
Ada Cruz
Ada Cruz - 17 dager siden
I screamed at Flynns reaction when you told him you were gonna get a bowl 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣💀💀💀💀
Carissa Dallke
Carissa Dallke - 17 dager siden
So they just ate a jalapeno popper? Add some garlic powder & cheese to the cream cheese & broil it in the oven. *chiefs kiss*
Sam Koppert
Sam Koppert - 17 dager siden
Omg I totally agree about the purse thing! People shouldn't be afraid to wear or do anything because this is a free world and people can do what they want!
Tasha Nelson
Tasha Nelson - 18 dager siden
We eat fried catfish and spaghetti 🍝
ZELDA Botw - 19 dager siden
Kory don't stop believing in yourself
Lizzy - 20 dager siden
I’m just watching this now and a less spicy option would be mini bell peppers stuffed with cream cheese and the zesty nacho cheese Takis. I have yet to try it but I keep wanting to. I can’t do heavy spice 🤢
Phoebe Gallaher
Phoebe Gallaher - 20 dager siden
Coleen you are not boring I wake up at 6:00 clock to watch your videos and FYI I love Flynn so much I have watched everyone of your videos 😊
Mizz Ali
Mizz Ali - 22 dager siden
Never ate at that place before but me and my husband always make spaghetti with fried chicken; it’s a delicious combo! 🙂
Eddy Desir
Eddy Desir - 22 dager siden
This time I don't see you ware a lot of lip stik
Rachael - 23 dager siden
boys need bags!! I'm fed up having my boyfriends crap in my bag! Normalise it! hahaha
Steve Ridley
Steve Ridley - 25 dager siden
She a foodie ✌
Kaylee Kunz
Kaylee Kunz - 25 dager siden
i love cory. he just seems so fun to be around. “cOooLleEeeeN” 😂
louis vuitton
louis vuitton - 27 dager siden
who is the guy?
Anzley Castro
Anzley Castro - 29 dager siden
I love how she’s acts like herself but it’s halarious ever when she’s trying to be boring
Courtney Harris
Courtney Harris - Måned siden
omg i watch big brother tooo omg i did not know you watched big brother thats so cool
julia pigletlover
julia pigletlover - Måned siden
Ok very off topic but I was rewatching vampire diaries AND ERIK WAS A WEREWOLF AND I SCREAMED!!!
Ireniiese Smith
Ireniiese Smith - Måned siden
Lots of bock bocks
Diwa Mithi
Diwa Mithi - Måned siden
SINO piipino dito and inlab sa Jhalibi? IKR IM THE BEST AT SPELLINGGG
SweetTarts Gacha
SweetTarts Gacha - Måned siden
“Colleen I look like trash”
Me: *Slaps* You Beautiful!
MiaXplays Roblox
MiaXplays Roblox - Måned siden
Collen me and my teacher both watch your vlogs every day
Alithia Bridgewater
Alithia Bridgewater - Måned siden
Hi Colleen how you doing today it's me from the future October
Rambu San
Rambu San - Måned siden
I love Jollibee and I love how Colleen likes it too, my filipino spirit is fsuxbshxuajausudh. I do hope Flynn will like Jollibee as well. Btw your vlogs are not boring and I'm enjoying every video of yours💖
sophiemae proctor
sophiemae proctor - Måned siden
MarcovecchioVlogs - Måned siden
“if you’re wondering, no, he never stops talking” ahh yes, a baby sag in his true form
Mentour Leffie
Mentour Leffie - Måned siden
I love how she adores Filipino food (Jollibee)
Brooklynn_Angel 3
Brooklynn_Angel 3 - Måned siden
Can we just take a moment and appreciate how adorable Flynn is😍 (sorry if I spelled his name wrong)
Leslyanne Yellowback
Leslyanne Yellowback - Måned siden
15:51 Flynn said “bulldozer” kind of clearly
YARA AL-AMOUDI - Måned siden
Bailey Simone
Bailey Simone - Måned siden
You look good with out make up
Kameryn Jerome
Kameryn Jerome - Måned siden
3:14 serious face
Topanga Eades
Topanga Eades - Måned siden
You were recording this on my birthday 🎈 and on the next day I got the best late birthday gift and that was this video
Trapp 38
Trapp 38 - Måned siden
your baby so cute every time i look at your viod i be like were fllyn fan love you are my rolemodel pls shout me out
Chao Jin
Chao Jin - Måned siden
i think ur supposed to take the seeds out of the jalapeno
Tik tok Audio
Tik tok Audio - Måned siden
We don’t say fanny pack we say bum bag bc fanny means 🐱
Olivia Pinter
Olivia Pinter - Måned siden
you go girl , all about that feminism
Halie Turner
Halie Turner - Måned siden
sep 15 is my birthday
Destiny Hendry
Destiny Hendry - Måned siden
You should try the cream cheese and taki thing in a pickle instead of a jalapeño
Kpop Fan Fan Of Kpop
Kpop Fan Fan Of Kpop - Måned siden
You can eat it with chicken
Ethan Nance
Ethan Nance - Måned siden
We need to throw labels out the window
Toni Zapanta
Toni Zapanta - Måned siden
ik ik jollibee filipino food is good I know
Brooklyn Aguilar
Brooklyn Aguilar - Måned siden
I love that corey is using a purse (fanny pack)
Abby Alvarado
Abby Alvarado - Måned siden
love live lesson by Colleen.
Aarya Patel
Aarya Patel - Måned siden
Pls bring vlogtober back!!
Pearly McDaniel
Pearly McDaniel - Måned siden
I wasn’t muted on my zoom meeting, and the whole class heard “ I’m VlOgGiNg”
Serenity idc
Serenity idc - Måned siden
Flynn is the cutest!!!😭
Mary Goodnight
Mary Goodnight - Måned siden
“A buh-doh-der” is the cutest thing EVER
maximum effort
maximum effort - Måned siden
literally purses are just bags to carry stuff around in. ya know similar to a backpack. so seriously what is the issue? oh what they’re too “feminine” for men? that’s not a thing shut up
Gabriella Velasquez
Gabriella Velasquez - Måned siden
omg I love you I was never able to comment before
Mandy - Måned siden
Jackie Renstrom
Jackie Renstrom - Måned siden
Colleen how DARE you not use a purse! Jk. Love your vids 😊
Jared Forster
Jared Forster - Måned siden
bear - Måned siden
Where is this face mask from does anybody know?
I l like how she say she is going to test food she only did one d
Bianca Adams
Bianca Adams - Måned siden
As a Filipino hybrid, I eat jolibee ALL THE TIME in Philippines. I was so scared that you were gonna say it tasted like candles! 😫 Anyway, glad you liked it! ✨
Amanda Martinez
Amanda Martinez - Måned siden
I love how Flynn calls the chickens bok bok because they say bok bok and cars dar dars he’s so cute🥰🥺❤️
Alena Keene
Alena Keene - Måned siden
I like bread 🍞
Brenna Smith
Brenna Smith - Måned siden
Colleen: "I'm going to get a bowl, okay?"
Flynn: YEAHHHHuhhhhh
EKS511 - Måned siden
Two highlights of this video for me:
1. The absolute look of terror on Korey's face when he finds out a girl went to the hospital doing that.
2. Flynn's YEAAAHHH! at the idea of Colleen getting a bowl.
Rachael J
Rachael J - Måned siden
“Flynn has all the tools he needs to make food...a cement truck & veggie straws” I’m DYING!!!😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣❤️❤️❤️
Clementina Grey
Clementina Grey - Måned siden
Flynn's cute words!!.
Clementina Grey
Clementina Grey - Måned siden
Can like we talk about the crunch from the bell pepper and cream cheese Taki combo??
Alice Laubach
Alice Laubach - Måned siden
girl you need a editor so you can joarnul nad be more with your man and toddler
Moon X Røsë
Moon X Røsë - Måned siden
“If you love me you will come smell this cat poop”
Z AK - Måned siden
The edit on the sneezing part with the red and the dramatic music had me DEAD
Jennifer Ciambriello
Jennifer Ciambriello - Måned siden
PLEASE PLEASE put your hair up while in the kitchen
penguin - Måned siden
men in 2020 are the most insecure I have ever seen compared to the other years
Joshua - Måned siden
Yo, I’m straight and carry a purse
Everything with Jaya
Everything with Jaya - Måned siden
I used to be scared of goats. Then my dad fell in love with them. Next thing you know he buys two goats “strictly as pets”. Then he bought two more. He wants some more goats. At least I’m not scared of them anymore.
Everything with Jaya
Everything with Jaya - Måned siden
By the way that is just a random fact about me who non of you know lol. I
Kayla Forbes
Kayla Forbes - Måned siden
Ur such an awesome mother ily ur so funny
Madelyn DiMare
Madelyn DiMare - Måned siden
i live for the way kory says "COLLEEN!"
IDiedWithUnusAnnus _
IDiedWithUnusAnnus _ - Måned siden
10:53 love that enthusiasm
Aaliyah Rodriguez
Aaliyah Rodriguez - Måned siden
Bobbi Tennyson
Bobbi Tennyson - Måned siden
Corey is too cute
katofrie - Måned siden
OMG I literally had this 'men with a purse' convo with my dad last week!! He really had a problem with it and said it makes you gay LOL IT DOESN'T :p There's no gender on a purse/bag it's for everyone... Especially men who need to carry their water bottle or a camera... And they always ask girls to put it in their purse -_-
Random and stupid 101
Random and stupid 101 - Måned siden
Hey Kory (sorry if i spelt ur name wrong) i love u being in vids and i LOVEEEEEEEE ur fanny pack :) never change who u are!! also colleen ur the prettyest person on yt (in my oppioin)
Michael Barba
Michael Barba - Måned siden
First of all it’s a Fanny pack lol
rebekah louis-jean
rebekah louis-jean - Måned siden
oh my gosh, that's haitian spaghetti!!! spaghetti with hotdogs!!
Tianna Black
Tianna Black - Måned siden
Logan Paul’s podcast
Aviva Davis
Aviva Davis - Måned siden
I would kill to see Sam and Laybia do tik tok food trends/crafts
Stay dreamy For life
Stay dreamy For life - Måned siden
Can we just appreciate how nice and sweet colleen is
DogPusheen Playz
DogPusheen Playz - Måned siden
Colleen: I have never had Joliebee before
Me as a Fillipino: HUH?
Mailey Cooley
Mailey Cooley - Måned siden
I love y’all’s videos
Moka Akashiya
Moka Akashiya - 2 måneder siden
I would soo end up putting myself in the hospital from eating too much spicy food. Those look sooo good. I use to add red pepper flakes to everything and now I do that with Tapatíos hot sauce.
Ivy Beckmann
Ivy Beckmann - 2 måneder siden
Colleen: Flinn you want me to draw a bulldozer?
minholvr - 2 måneder siden
this is a win for the Filipinos :,)
Anita Gomez
Anita Gomez - 2 måneder siden
The look on Cory's face when colleen said someone ended up in the hospital like his whole life was flashing before his eyes 😂😂
Juliana Rodriguez
Juliana Rodriguez - 2 måneder siden
Poor kory i feel so bad 🔥. And anyone can live in anyway they want. Everyone is unique in their own way. I love kory he makes laugh so much.❤️❤️