Turning My Baby Into Miranda Sings

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Runtime: 12:11


Cara Spencer
Cara Spencer - 2 dager siden
This cracked me up how have you done this voice when you’re actually just like a normal person and Like how can you hide it all the time you act completely normal like I don’t know what to say
Alyssa St.amand
Alyssa St.amand - 4 dager siden
You have a priceless son and I am your biggest fan 💋
tyler green
tyler green - 5 dager siden
you should do the nickelodeon daay
leslie wink
leslie wink - 5 dager siden
They all said where is flynn
Haya Aba Alsafa
Haya Aba Alsafa - 7 dager siden
Haya my name is Harriet
PopRice Cake
PopRice Cake - 10 dager siden
flynn is growing up so fast he is so adorable i love babies
Carrie Noland
Carrie Noland - 13 dager siden
I love your Black Lives Matter shirt ❤️
Sarah Hamrick
Sarah Hamrick - 15 dager siden
you look a lot like Miranda
Sona Mahesh-Kumar
Sona Mahesh-Kumar - 15 dager siden
I died at 2:45
annamaezingmeow - 17 dager siden
Rachel is such a cool sister! Thinking to film their mom's reaction to them playing and filming outside. That's so sweet :)
Kayzlie Deshane
Kayzlie Deshane - 17 dager siden
hi your awsome i love the video were you dressed parker as minnie miranda i laugh every time LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
Leslie Johnson
Leslie Johnson - 18 dager siden
Dominique de Dios
Dominique de Dios - 20 dager siden
Dear Colin’s I’m the girl from among us princess u probably don’t remember me but u really hurt my feelings
Zombie_Slayyerrr - 21 dag siden
Flynn’s laugh is so freaking adorable!!
Scarlett Dillard
Scarlett Dillard - 23 dager siden
You should do a Miranda day where everyone dresses up like her talks like her and has to copy her for a whole entire 24 hours
Aaron Gill
Aaron Gill - 24 dager siden
Flynn laughing is PRICELESS
Sukoluhle Mayo
Sukoluhle Mayo - 29 dager siden
Flyyn is so cute
Lillidevil :3
Lillidevil :3 - 29 dager siden
Flynn dancing is most adorable thing
Taylor King
Taylor King - Måned siden
Are you Miranda sings because you act like you don’t seem good
idkwhyusubbed2me - Måned siden
my mom makes the best challah on Shabbat.

I'm very Jewish I know.
Cyrena Roulette
Cyrena Roulette - Måned siden
You are cute 😇😇😇😘😘
Faith Gabrielle Tadlip
Faith Gabrielle Tadlip - Måned siden
u and miranda are sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much desame faces they look identicle
Delibugs - Måned siden
Sunny_ xflower
Sunny_ xflower - Måned siden
2:54 he should do ASMR’s 😂 too cute!
Cristel Sauce
Cristel Sauce - Måned siden
I like when Flynn says the ball
Diana Lynn Scott
Diana Lynn Scott - Måned siden
You are so fun
N e ø n D u c k i e s
N e ø n D u c k i e s - Måned siden
Riva Gowda
Riva Gowda - Måned siden
Miranda so com and she doesn't have lipstick
Isla McArragher
Isla McArragher - Måned siden
I love you Colleen you are the best mum ever 😘
Zea Riz Laurin Lanzo
Zea Riz Laurin Lanzo - Måned siden
Flynn is so cute🥺🥺🥺
Tiffany Robbins
Tiffany Robbins - Måned siden
We all know you are Miranda sings 😐😑 no offense
Jayla Salinas
Jayla Salinas - Måned siden
5timesthefun - Måned siden
Has Flynn had swim lessons?? Super cute!
Bruce Medeiros
Bruce Medeiros - Måned siden
I love you
naomi burke
naomi burke - Måned siden
My heart melts when Flynn wants his uncle koko ❤️😭
•Sun Flower•
•Sun Flower• - Måned siden
Omg you look like my teacher Dr.Patterson
Jessica Thompson
Jessica Thompson - Måned siden
Hi Miranda I wanna meet you my name is Brooke my mom’s Number Is 912-346-3398
Beth Armstrong
Beth Armstrong - Måned siden
Your shirt that says Black Lives Matter all lives matter!
Brad Belliveau
Brad Belliveau - Måned siden
Zara’s Life
Zara’s Life - Måned siden
Your son is the cutest baby ever
Balfer Cortez
Balfer Cortez - Måned siden
U kinda look like merainda when u have your normal look
Cali Lindauer
Cali Lindauer - Måned siden
In at her sheet when she shows her tie gie tea shirt
Cali Lindauer
Cali Lindauer - Måned siden
My name is on her sweat shert
Taylor King
Taylor King - Måned siden
She used to never look like this and now she looks actually good for once
Cindy Ramos
Cindy Ramos - Måned siden
Make a Nader video hu can stay in the pool longer
Cindy Ramos
Cindy Ramos - Måned siden
Dat is so nice good job 👍🏻
Cindy Ramos
Cindy Ramos - Måned siden
Why you are in Miranda’s room
Julieta Lucero
Julieta Lucero - Måned siden
You baby is so cute that I want him
Gayathri Silva
Gayathri Silva - Måned siden
Is Colleen Miranda Sings?
Jennifer Snyder
Jennifer Snyder - Måned siden
I love your videos you are amazing thank you so much
Nova Butler
Nova Butler - Måned siden
Evan Yarmish
Evan Yarmish - Måned siden
Family crafting day!!! You can do art and maybe even teach flinn how to make some slime! I think that it would be a great thing to do with him as he's learning new things! It's ok if you dont choose this but I hope that you keep it in mind! Love your channel😊
Yuan Zi Wang
Yuan Zi Wang - Måned siden
Omgg u have the same ball pit as m baby brother 🥺✨💕
Amina Mohamed Rage
Amina Mohamed Rage - Måned siden
Clooin is Miranda!!!!!!!
Genesis Alarcon Bartolo
Genesis Alarcon Bartolo - Måned siden
I love you Colleen 💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕
Anna Rosinski
Anna Rosinski - 2 måneder siden
Isn't it weird that we get to watch Flynn grow up without meeting him? Also Flynn dancing is the CUTEST
tattu Ka Sowdagar
tattu Ka Sowdagar - 2 måneder siden
Marinda and collen are same 😅😅😅
Belli Lopez
Belli Lopez - 2 måneder siden
Isuu ig g
brogantatum321 - 2 måneder siden
Lujain Khalil
Lujain Khalil - 2 måneder siden
Lol this day is my birthday August 14 2020
Mimi hui
Mimi hui - 2 måneder siden
Miranda has a tiwn
Mimi hui
Mimi hui - 2 måneder siden
Is that Miranda
_ RashFromPiggyBook2_
_ RashFromPiggyBook2_ - 2 måneder siden
Did Miranda grow up to be a Karen
Vivian gamer
Vivian gamer - 2 måneder siden
How do you make hala
Leticia Alvarez
Leticia Alvarez - 2 måneder siden
Hey you see is fun
Tracy-Ann Fyffe
Tracy-Ann Fyffe - 2 måneder siden
Oh my God I love you so much
Bermy Williams
Bermy Williams - 2 måneder siden
Aw when he dances it's so cute
Egert Jõesaar
Egert Jõesaar - 2 måneder siden
Lili LPS
Lili LPS - 2 måneder siden
Animal day or cat day or dog day!!!!!🐈🐈🐕🐕🐕🐢🐷🐉🐉🦊🦊🐉🐱🐯🐵🐹🐭
Soso kh Soso
Soso kh Soso - 2 måneder siden
*flynn playing with the toy balls* me:AWWWWWWWW
kitty lo
kitty lo - 2 måneder siden
a reminder that did you write today ....
I think she is Mrainsa
paypay world vlogs
paypay world vlogs - 2 måneder siden
That date you put up is my birthday
Georgina Soteropoulos
Georgina Soteropoulos - 2 måneder siden
Colleen you are so fun, hope I can meet u.
Robert TheGrape
Robert TheGrape - 2 måneder siden
How come in one video she did a challenge and she’s Miranda but Colleen and Miranda is on it, so how is Miranda in there.
chin_ chillinn
chin_ chillinn - 2 måneder siden
Colleen : how you like that
Me. : sing. blackpink song
Claudia Vaka
Claudia Vaka - 2 måneder siden
Is that your son beside the stairs
Justin Hale
Justin Hale - 2 måneder siden
Wait are you Maranda sings????
Justin Hale
Justin Hale - 2 måneder siden
Lol that is so cute!!!!! Awww Flin is so cute!!!!!! :D
Justin Hale
Justin Hale - 2 måneder siden
Awww :D
kaylee Vacciana
kaylee Vacciana - 2 måneder siden
marinda is your sister
Rachel Freitas
Rachel Freitas - 2 måneder siden
So cute and so she has a sis I think?? ¿
Brianna Garcia-Parra
Brianna Garcia-Parra - 2 måneder siden
Estephany De La Rosa
Estephany De La Rosa - 2 måneder siden
I wanna do smt but I have school 😭🙄😞
•Aria Luna•
•Aria Luna• - 2 måneder siden
U look good without lipstick
Alejandra Reyes
Alejandra Reyes - 2 måneder siden
Snowden Fam
Snowden Fam - 2 måneder siden
You look so pretty
Moon_x - 2 måneder siden
I need a loop f ur intro
nasser rassoul
nasser rassoul - 2 måneder siden
I loved Flynn wetting Miranda it was so funny
Peter Kennie
Peter Kennie - 2 måneder siden
Love you
Chanpreet Kaur
Chanpreet Kaur - 2 måneder siden
You look great in without makeup
Jessica Wolf
Jessica Wolf - 2 måneder siden
3:43 an entire sentence?! Oh my goodness im crying happy tears he is getting so big
Gamer Girl E
Gamer Girl E - 2 måneder siden
I feel like Rachael’s is the perfect aunt for flynn
blue diamond crystal gems
blue diamond crystal gems - 2 måneder siden
Quayla Favel
Quayla Favel - 2 måneder siden
Elizabeth Derderian
Elizabeth Derderian - 2 måneder siden
GRACE POLZIN - 2 måneder siden
Colleen should do an olympics day
Cristy And Mia
Cristy And Mia - 2 måneder siden
So cute
Emily Rojas
Emily Rojas - 2 måneder siden
Lol camel toe