UNBOXING THE NEW iPHONE 12! *Disappointing*

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Runtime: 13:59


Grace Kanikula
Grace Kanikula - 9 timer siden
U can u the same charger that it dose not give u u can use any apple charger for your phone
its just harleigh
its just harleigh - Dag siden
Love you too gurl stay safe ❤️
Onistie._.Periodt ._.
Onistie._.Periodt ._. - Dag siden
Why am I still watching Escape the Night over and over again
Alex Mcgraw
Alex Mcgraw - Dag siden
You said you were taking steps to be vegan... but willingly eating straight chicken? That’s your business if you want to eat meat, but why are you saying you’re trying to become vegan and then posting about meat recipes?
Lisette Torres
Lisette Torres - 2 dager siden
Ya you have to buy the block separately 😮
Sunday Soup
Sunday Soup - 2 dager siden
Sunday Soup
Sunday Soup - 2 dager siden
10.51 when she unboxes
Kendra H
Kendra H - 3 dager siden
Good luck to your son who is the best time
Brooke Young
Brooke Young - 3 dager siden
Are you guys gonna have another baby
A man of God
A man of God - 4 dager siden
She changed drom big lips to beatiful lips
mY nAmEs JeFf
mY nAmEs JeFf - 4 dager siden
i enjoy mine 😂
Nyomi Leacock
Nyomi Leacock - 4 dager siden
Maybe you can get Gus a leash and let him go outside for a walk. My cat kept trying escape but then we got her a leash and took her outside every day and now she does not try to escape bc she knows she gets to go outside without having to escape.
Quinn Van Dyk
Quinn Van Dyk - 4 dager siden
Have you weighed your cat? My cat is also HUGE, she’s 16 pounds
Steve Wood
Steve Wood - 4 dager siden
Colin can you put lipstick on you so I can see like you look just like Miranda
Jackie Roach
Jackie Roach - 4 dager siden
If they don’t like collars just get them chipped. Which I’m sure you’ve already done anyway
Jimena Gutierrez
Jimena Gutierrez - 4 dager siden
Omg is colleen I your fan in the movie if you are,
Scarlett Estevez
Scarlett Estevez - 5 dager siden
what type of cat is guss
Maria Webb
Maria Webb - 5 dager siden
I love the chicken recipe! My mum always makes it since I was little!!
Neave Wilson
Neave Wilson - 5 dager siden
I'm sorry but if a cat is doing this then you should teach him to go in and outside
of the house as its cruel to keep an outdoor cat inside. Especially male cats, because
they love to explore and hunt when they're young!! I'm not trying to be rude or anything
i just love animals so much and they need all the care. Btw love watching all
your vlogs and your family is the cutest!!
Paul Chillemi
Paul Chillemi - 5 dager siden
They did it to “reduce environmental waste” BUT they definitely are also profiting and also like you said they didnt include the charging brick that actually works with the phone until recently.
Hello Amegooos
Hello Amegooos - 5 dager siden
Haha my cat is the same but he is aloud outside but not I’m my mums bedroom and some how he was just always there turns out he can open doors 😂
#FLASH - 6 dager siden
bruh you did not do research the iphone comes with are charger but not the brick and it also is thinner
im am smart trust or just search it up on the apple website
Maddy Puppy lover
Maddy Puppy lover - 6 dager siden
Go to Best Buy they sell the block
Tom_ heloo
Tom_ heloo - 6 dager siden
Flynn is just so adorable
God bless him🎈❤️
weishes - 7 dager siden
i am so glad that you and erik agree that the accessories that come with new apple phones are terrible and make no sense.
33 ChickenNugget 33
33 ChickenNugget 33 - 7 dager siden
You should take him on a walk! 🙂
Lorey - 7 dager siden
Saying "I don't care who you support" is like saying "I don't care about your Freedom".
jkaylap - 2 dager siden
It’s a very privileged thing to say tbh :/
applw sndndn
applw sndndn - 7 dager siden
dont worry if cats start to run off because they always find away back in its there natural instinct to go out and find fresh pure food because they are greedy asses my grandads cat always does this and hes always fine hope this makes you feel better
Gabrielle Reese Parinas
Gabrielle Reese Parinas - 7 dager siden
Is it just me or do Erik and Kory kinda look alike lol
Andrea Tapp
Andrea Tapp - 7 dager siden
My favorite was tap shoes 😂
Glossy Strawberrys
Glossy Strawberrys - 8 dager siden
Alejandra Vazquez
Alejandra Vazquez - 9 dager siden
He is so cute 🥰
Angie Plays
Angie Plays - 9 dager siden
Gets me every time..Lol
Kenley Anne Paugh
Kenley Anne Paugh - 9 dager siden
Thats not how you push on skating
pearl peaxh
pearl peaxh - 9 dager siden
when she said “dart” I thought she was saying “dar dar”
Flynn is growing on me 🙂
Ace Mitani
Ace Mitani - 9 dager siden
Do u have a drivere licence?
Melissa Villanti
Melissa Villanti - 9 dager siden
Awww I love little Flynn (but I love you more!)
Melissa Florez
Melissa Florez - 9 dager siden
My se second generation has portrait mode on it and it’s the one that came out after the 11 pro Max
Monique Nell
Monique Nell - 9 dager siden
I do tap yasss its so fun ☺☺dancing is the best i do three types of dance
Tap,ballet and mordern
Riki Velarde
Riki Velarde - 10 dager siden
Biden won yay
KC - 10 dager siden
Riki Velarde
Riki Velarde - 10 dager siden
Poor Gus
Haya Almuftah
Haya Almuftah - 10 dager siden
The Mac book plug can work with the charger
Megan Chalkley
Megan Chalkley - 10 dager siden
My cats learned to use handles😂
Alyssa Cranmer
Alyssa Cranmer - 11 dager siden
Also, season your flour! You won't regret it, I promise
Alyssa Cranmer
Alyssa Cranmer - 11 dager siden
Thats why I have a Samsung. My Galaxy S 20+ 5g or whatever came with a charger
Jeremy Fan
Jeremy Fan - 11 dager siden
Is it only me or do I see Chris in Flynn! They look sooo similar x
NeverGive UpHope
NeverGive UpHope - 11 dager siden
When things get tough God is more than enough. When we can't seem to get through hold on, stand strong even though loved ones are gone. We can make a difference by staying home and protecting the ones we love and don't love for they matter to. Anyways sorry for all this chatter. Keep your head held high everyone and look towards the heavenly sky for God never lies.
Bella the Bumble Bee
Bella the Bumble Bee - 12 dager siden
In the first 7 min I had 8 ads 🤨😑
Arianna G
Arianna G - 12 dager siden
the ending where you talk about where you just want everyone to be kind is one of the many reasons that I look up to you
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
Gehrig Burnett Jr. - 12 dager siden
We stan Ina Garten
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
Gehrig Burnett Jr. - 12 dager siden
“Apple is rude”😂😂😂😂
Corey Piazza
Corey Piazza - 12 dager siden
I love you
Riley Fox
Riley Fox - 12 dager siden
The end with ur singing voice is beautiful I love it
Josh - 13 dager siden
apple is such a scam lol try and act like they care about the environment when they just wanna make more $
Jack Borrelli
Jack Borrelli - 13 dager siden
your macbook charging brick with work
Jack Borrelli
Jack Borrelli - 13 dager siden
2007 Baby
2007 Baby - 13 dager siden
Eric takes Flynn to look at the moon. Awww. If he still doesn’t like a color, try to se did the vet can maybe put a chip in his tooth with a gps, or something. Like put Gus a color if he let’s you, and put a gpa on the collar
TATYY Savage Gamer
TATYY Savage Gamer - 13 dager siden
I'm vlogging!
It's boring!
Am Colleen!
"2020 is weird"
Abigail M
Abigail M - 13 dager siden
Maybe if you get a coller, you could get one of those little cat trackers to put on it. I think they make some that alert you if they leave a certain area. I love your videos!
Crew _Is_Sus
Crew _Is_Sus - 13 dager siden
I love how Eric jumps in the shoe dance for like 1 sec and when its done he walks out like nothing happened lol
Imana Forever
Imana Forever - 13 dager siden
Colleen:Wheres my apple brick i bought the magsafe
Apple:You have to my the brick seperately sorry
ME:come on WHAT IF I haven't had an IPHONE BEFORE
Imana Forever
Imana Forever - 13 dager siden
COLLEN apple said you should buy the charging brick seperately
James_ B_
James_ B_ - 13 dager siden
The people who disliked this probably didn’t see that it was called the dis-i-like button
Katelyn K
Katelyn K - 13 dager siden
I have a cat too whom mainly is inside but I let her out at some point about every day. There’s been a few times that I couldn’t find her and it was terrifying. A little tip that has helped me is if I don’t know where she is then I put some dirty laundry like a sock I just wore on the front steps and she eventually comes to the door. Has to be something you just recently wore so it has your scent. Not something just washed. (Obviously need to place it where you want them to enter) It’s their way of finding their way back with your scent. ❤️
bella celeste
bella celeste - 14 dager siden
this is a little late but when cats have collars their fur can sometimes get a little matted just a heads up you most likely know this already tho
Lyana Mac
Lyana Mac - 14 dager siden
If Gus doesn’t like collars then you could get him microchipped
Abby_Playz !
Abby_Playz ! - 14 dager siden
When the cat was attacking your hand 😂
Purple Goose
Purple Goose - 14 dager siden
What Colleen doesn’t know is that Gus actually is a FBI agent and leaves every night to report his discoveries to his boss. So, yeah. 😂😆
Eva DE VILLIERS - 14 dager siden
Get Gus a REAAAAAAALLLLLYYYYY long leash and tie him up outside so he can explore but he is on a leash so he doesn't run away.
Origami 101
Origami 101 - 14 dager siden
I love that Kory is being the most amazing Uncle to Flynn and jumping in on the Shoes dance. Kory is such an amazing Queen!
Apple Syau
Apple Syau - 14 dager siden
Benn Almario
Benn Almario - 15 dager siden
Can I have it?
Jhansi Rani
Jhansi Rani - 15 dager siden
Collen: these
Me: we call them adopters
What do you guys call them???
Genesis Garcia
Genesis Garcia - 15 dager siden
My dog is just like your cat, he is also sneaky and always wanting to go out even though we're restricting him to😂
justina hochrun
justina hochrun - 16 dager siden
I wasss so mad when i got mine and it didn't have the right power brick AND I HAD TO PAY EXTRA MONEY just for the damn charger like whyyyyyy like i already paid so much money for the damn phone-
Meredith Clark
Meredith Clark - 16 dager siden
Cata E.
Cata E. - 16 dager siden
omg 4:36 🥺🥺🥺
Nailya Gal
Nailya Gal - 16 dager siden
It’s charged by a c port the cord charges the phone too just by a c port box and like cvs or Walgreens or something
Cindy Monroe
Cindy Monroe - 16 dager siden
JulieGaga - 16 dager siden
Make sure to get break away collars!!!
Rebekah g
Rebekah g - 16 dager siden
You guys are gonna raise a well rounded young man. Y’all are the best parents 🥺
Mariam Plays
Mariam Plays - 16 dager siden
Seren Turnbull
Seren Turnbull - 16 dager siden
I have a iPhone SE 1st generation and I just use any Apple phone charger to charge it and I have a iPad 3rd generation and I have to use a really thick charger
Aidan Currie
Aidan Currie - 16 dager siden
what we did with our cats that wanted to go outside but we were worried they would run away is we put them in the yard on a harness with a long dog leash on so that could explore but were safe and learned to come home
Kass Hernandez
Kass Hernandez - 17 dager siden
Are the cats microchipped? I would -- is he fixed?? He might be looking for a girlfriend. *insert wagging Miranda eyebrow here*
girl gamer for Mc omg
girl gamer for Mc omg - 17 dager siden
I have an I phone 11
Col Facey
Col Facey - 17 dager siden
i am Colleen too
Sealion 2108
Sealion 2108 - 17 dager siden
Honestly I think quarantine was good for you all because you can spend each day with Flynn and build appearances and bonds
Alisha Maloney-Blake
Alisha Maloney-Blake - 17 dager siden
Lol Erik really doesn’t care about the unboxing and it’s so funny to me
sabrina romo
sabrina romo - 18 dager siden
They have these great collar name tags that u can track on ur phone and there is no membership it’s $20 and a free app on ur phone definitely look into it
Mallory Gulotta
Mallory Gulotta - 18 dager siden
the way flynn was running was the cutest thing ever!!!
Loren Martin
Loren Martin - 18 dager siden
wow that is freaky
Lauren Ragle
Lauren Ragle - 18 dager siden
I feel like adventurous Gus needs a cat harness so he can safely explore.
ItsAva! - 9 dager siden
When I first read this I immediately thought of a spy harness and I was like: yes! That is exactly what he needs! 😂
Ashley Hargis
Ashley Hargis - 18 dager siden
Samsung for life!!!
Bella Allen
Bella Allen - 18 dager siden
Cherryxvibesx Roblox
Cherryxvibesx Roblox - 18 dager siden
I was Miranda sings for Halloween. Lol
Savage Spongebob
Savage Spongebob - 18 dager siden
You should make a Colleen cooking book with all your favorite recipes!
searlena flesher
searlena flesher - 18 dager siden
Perhaps gus wants to go on tour
F U - 18 dager siden
Unboxing part @ 6:50
Dragon Fly
Dragon Fly - 18 dager siden
I love how all three of them were dancing with Flynn it's Flynn's world and they're just living in it and that is perfect.