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Runtime: 15:12


Caitlin Herni
Caitlin Herni - 4 dager siden
from Britain- everyone hates trump they think he is a rasist and annoying person
Alessia Teresa Ortenzi
Alessia Teresa Ortenzi - 5 dager siden
Italy: I am honestly scared I'd get assaulted in any way if I ever visited the US; there's nothing that would make me think your country is a good place to visit without getting anxiety attacks every 5 minutes lol. In general people here would like to visit the country but are too scared to move there unless they were cis-gender, straight and already wealthy.
Beverley Blair
Beverley Blair - 5 dager siden
I'm from the UK Northern Ireland I think America is really scary and terrify in alot of ways to me because of all the guns and riots I'd be scared to go to some parts of America I k not all of America is like that tho
Selina Budin
Selina Budin - 6 dager siden
Austria: the majority of us cant belive that people like trump can be presitents, and all of us were talking about the election. we think America is kinda scary but also in some aspects really cool, I would love to travel once to america. its kinda complicated to explain what we think of america. btw Love ur Vlogs i´m wachibg them since March and im not bored and my english improved bc of ur vlogs:) thank u
Sn Le
Sn Le - 6 dager siden
I'm from Canada and I think America is pretty cool (like you Disney World and stuff) but is also a shit show!
Carolina Pica
Carolina Pica - 6 dager siden
Canadian: I feel like a lot of people make fun of America in general and trump but not the people
Emiliana Sadek
Emiliana Sadek - 7 dager siden
Look, I am a Lebanese so all lebanese people do not care about america's election because we have Michel Aoun who is our "lovely president" ☺️ so we need to kick him but america's people are so strong (they protested and everything and they got what they want) we did the same thing but still now didnt get what we want 😔 and its getting worse and worse....
AlohaCora - 7 dager siden
Scotland: America is a disaster, so many problems...racism, healthcare, politics etc. It is sad because its such a beautiful and influential country...would be nice if it was a force for good *sigh
lazarene justin
lazarene justin - 9 dager siden
Saint Luia :

U jpbuoyfyof TD ydgichk gkcigcgi giiggu if uh uh uh GCC call ypoop
Ahana Karthik
Ahana Karthik - 10 dager siden
Colleen just a tip I have a cat so you have pen the eyes of your cats no offense
Aimee Stones
Aimee Stones - 10 dager siden
I'm from the UK, I feel like our country will do something chaotic or horrible and then the US says "...hold my beer"
Potato Gall
Potato Gall - 10 dager siden
Everyone laughs at America tbh.
Cassidy Pelletier
Cassidy Pelletier - 12 dager siden
I’m from Canada and we loved traveling over to Minnesota for a quick trip and now, because of the news I’m scared to bring the kids
Milda Lazarenkaite
Milda Lazarenkaite - 12 dager siden
sophie h
sophie h - 12 dager siden
From Northern Ireland just gonna say it’s definitely not going well for you guys some parts of USA is amazing but the other parts not so sure about that xx love you so much
Gehrig Burnett Jr.
Gehrig Burnett Jr. - 12 dager siden
7:08 😂😂😂😂
Max Grundy
Max Grundy - 13 dager siden
Hello I'm Max and I'm from Derbyshire England. I think the government is crypt and the police force is bad because they don't get trained for not the right amount of time and somr use villance or tayzers and that could injure someone or worse. But of thr place over America. And Donald Trump is a vile man and looks like a orange with a but of blonde fluff on top.
Phylicia Hidding
Phylicia Hidding - 13 dager siden
btw everyona HATES trump!! from the Nederlands!
Phylicia Hidding
Phylicia Hidding - 13 dager siden
im from the nederlands! and i think that amarica is a cool place! but allot of things happen there and im kinda scared to go there
Arianna and Joel Melendez
Arianna and Joel Melendez - 13 dager siden
born in November
MySeasideRendezvous - 13 dager siden
You need some racking for that garage. It would help you so much!
youl kwon
youl kwon - 15 dager siden
Colleen: he is a changed woman
Me getting confused if Gus is a girl or a boy
Ava Nassrallah
Ava Nassrallah - 15 dager siden
Jordanian: I love America it’s cool and all but it’s so sad seeing a country every other country looked up too fail in so many categories!! Covid, politics, people, and so many other topics!! It’s sad it really is. I feel like America is stuck in a huge hole and is trying so hard to get out but then a while but of horrible people find a way to reck whatever it is going on.
Frannie Mikullitz
Frannie Mikullitz - 16 dager siden
Why are you decorating for Christmas
Emmanuel Quezada
Emmanuel Quezada - 16 dager siden
Wait did Colleen say at 7:07that she said that her cat was and I quote “ HE IS A CHANGED WOMAN” what the what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Emmanuel Quezada
Emmanuel Quezada - 16 dager siden
I love your cats!!!!!
Dombiezuch Omar
Dombiezuch Omar - 16 dager siden
I’m from Mexico and first America is a continent.
Second: USA, from my perspective it was really scary the elections, and I also think it’s chaotic
Jemma Jacobson
Jemma Jacobson - 16 dager siden
2:55 he is so cuteee🥺🥺❤️
Tia Rombough
Tia Rombough - 16 dager siden
In Canada, I personally think that it’s a mess. Trump is an awful person in MY OPINION. I am glad he got voted out.
Clydelle June Mayol
Clydelle June Mayol - 17 dager siden
Hi Colleen. I've been watching you since your Colleens Corner. The first video I saw is a hair tutorial on the best way in straightening your hair with the CHI straightening iron. I want to say that you're my favorite person on the internet since that day. You're genuine and I've been watching your videos nonstop until now.
Im from the 🇵🇭 Philippines by the way, and I loved your Jollibee video. What I personally think about 🇺🇸 now is that it almost feels that U.S is closing doors for us. Maybe during the year 90's and 2000's many Filipinos had been finding job opportunities in other countries because poverty and corruption here is worst unfortunately, U.S.A has been one of the main go-to countries because of economy, progress, many job opportunities, all that stuff. That's why there are many Filipino-American citizens.
If I compare it now, the access is more limited since Trump's administration. But should probably stop talking now 🤐
Mohamed Awwad
Mohamed Awwad - 17 dager siden
In egypt we think that trump is bad they keep making these wierd edits his face on donald duck haha
Diana lovez Rainbowz
Diana lovez Rainbowz - 17 dager siden
I feel like it is a bad country to live in unless I live with you
Nataša Berić
Nataša Berić - 17 dager siden
Serbia here. Yes, Trump is a joke. A man from a reality show to become a president? Lol. But certainly better then Biden who himself said that he suggested the bombing of Belgrade in '99, as well as the demolition of all bridges on the river Drina. I was only 8 at that time. And yes, we have the consequences in every aspect. So I choose an idiot, but at least I'll stay in my country safe.
Minreet Rizk
Minreet Rizk - 17 dager siden
Wait has anyone noticed that Moose hasent been in the vlogs in a while
Veryan Zimber
Veryan Zimber - 17 dager siden
In the UK, kinda the same as people have said (Ireland, Netherlands) i think we were just dumbfounded as to who even voted for/supported Trump. The media here, enjoy making fun of his antics but I don't think that there is negativity towards the country; just who (thankfully not for much longer) was running the country and making diabolical decisions on your behalf.
Couldn't be happier that you will have someone at the helm creating better opportunities for America.
Valeria Torres
Valeria Torres - 17 dager siden
America in Puerto Rico is seen as a sh*t hole
Katie Banana
Katie Banana - 17 dager siden
OMGGG i miss the miranda and joey videos ahhhhh
katiewood11 - 17 dager siden
Most people think American politics are a joke loooool
Bren Soh
Bren Soh - 17 dager siden
Heyy I'm from Singapore. I think America has really gone downhill since 2017? Maybe it's the negative media portrayals of your leaders,who are supposed to be helping the people,but instead they are diminishing some basic human rights. I used to want to live in America but now there's no way I'm moving to a country with that much racism and systematic issues haha
Michelle Cox
Michelle Cox - 18 dager siden
Hi colleen im from St. Lucia in the Caribbean and the majority of the people that i know thought that America was a good country but ever since Trump got elected not alot of good things was being said and i love the country personally but i dont like the previous President at all.....so that was my opinion.
Positivities and good vibes
Positivities and good vibes - 18 dager siden
Europe - Denmark: America seems like a big bowl of different people, cultures, foods, hobbies, traditions, places etc. I personally don’t do politics because it’s a toxic place to be and freaks me out (I do vote and all, but I don’t understand why we have to vote on a person who says this and that and in the end all they are doing is the things that they say they don’t want to do.. I’m confused🤷🏻‍♀️)
Bethan Amy
Bethan Amy - 18 dager siden
From the UK: your country is a mess and everyone in it should be embarrassed that Trump was president for four years. You come off as if you have no idea that the rest of the world exists and that America is the best country to live in, it really isn’t. There’s a lot of ignorance in the US and it’s infuriating to see it.
Chloe Chen
Chloe Chen - 18 dager siden
I’m from Singapore, and to me, America is like a dream...if you know what I mean. Singapore is a small country and despite its good qualities, I still think America is better in its own ways. I guess it’s the culture, opportunities and community which attracts me, despite the negative aspects of them. Or maybe it’s just that I’m Asian living in Asia, with all these demands that in my POV, Americans don’t have.
But even with all the “complicated” and “messy” issues America has faced, it doesn’t stop me from thinking highly of it :)
Star Kid rainbow
Star Kid rainbow - 18 dager siden
trump is a fart and biden is better
Halia Marie
Halia Marie - 18 dager siden
FYI, businesses weren’t boarding up their windows in case Biden won. We all know republicans have never had violent riots and destroyed businesses like baby brats, and businesses didn’t even board up over on the right side of the country. Wonder why.🧐🧐
Carma Naude'
Carma Naude' - 18 dager siden
From South Africa: I find Americans and America a very privileged country (as I'm speaking from a 3rd world country). I have a few Amarican Facebook friends and have noticed that a lot of people complain about privileges like Food Stamps and their minimal wage. Minimal wage here is about the equivalent of $1 and yes it us impossible to live off of that when you are paying around $300 just to Rent a small place. Presidential topic - We have had a terrible Party running the country since 1994. I understand Trump upset and shook a lot of people for the 4 years of being elected but imagine having a Racist, Uneducated and extremely Ignorant party running your country for 26 years. So please just be extremely grateful if you are from a 1st world country as a middle class citizen from 3rd world country, I am wanting to leave just so I can progress and grow in life without these financial burdens.
Leggo My 3ko
Leggo My 3ko - 18 dager siden
the globe treats our country like its a t.v. show
Freya Evans
Freya Evans - 18 dager siden
I think a lot of America is annoying, and idk how so many people support trump. your stereotypes are like big obese rates and big portion sizes which is scientifically true also the UK is literal god tier and americans need to remember we created english and yeh. alot of creators are from america and it can be quite basic like its not exactly tropical known for beauty but i love america those are some down sides
Alanya Yanmaz
Alanya Yanmaz - 18 dager siden
Anyone else been watching non stop since feb/March and is so proud of it?
Well claim your reward here by liking or replying
Ashley Ashley
Ashley Ashley - 18 dager siden
Omg where did u get the Leonardo painting in your garage????? My son is 8 and obsesssssed with turtles!
Nico Alcock
Nico Alcock - 18 dager siden
Flynn is so cute
Kelly belcher
Kelly belcher - 19 dager siden
I’m from australia . Everyone here hates trump , and your COVID situation is way out of control. Definitely need someone new running your country. I would still love to visit America.
fashion & lifestyle world
fashion & lifestyle world - 19 dager siden
Anyone knows she is Miranda sings
fashion & lifestyle world
fashion & lifestyle world - 19 dager siden
fashion & lifestyle world
fashion & lifestyle world - 19 dager siden
U got to know u all know lol
Ayianna prince
Ayianna prince - 19 dager siden
Americas idea of being a ‘liberal’ and being on the ‘left’ is basically soft right to the rest of the world.
Rainbow Coco
Rainbow Coco - 19 dager siden
I'm from France and it's a mess
Lily Kitty
Lily Kitty - 19 dager siden
Flynn Watching This 10 years Later: What The Heck?!
Kelly Rose Crocker
Kelly Rose Crocker - 19 dager siden
UK: Commenting the morning after Biden has just been elected and the emotional relief has well and truly rippled over to here. America has some huge problems, but so does the UK and there's much work to do. But it's more the surrealism of that man being president of the United States for the past 4 very long years that we really can't fathom, it's been deeply upsetting because of what he represents and the damage he has the potential to inflict on the entire world. I'm so relieved and happy 😭 Also, when I worked in London theatre Americans were by far my favourite audience members to meet!
Celestine LEGEr
Celestine LEGEr - 19 dager siden
I'm French and I leave in China rn, and the way that China handles the pandemic was, I think, better because we're basically out of it now. I also think China handled it better because people respected the rules whereas in America people don't wear masks and do big gatherings, also I think Donald Trump did not care enough about it so that influenced a lot of people since he is the president and should show a good example to others.
selma bari
selma bari - 19 dager siden
thank me later 9:26
Samantha Lickey
Samantha Lickey - 19 dager siden
COLLEN pls look up on YouTube what other countries think of us! 😂 It is so funny!
Ang Keates
Ang Keates - 19 dager siden
for us in Australia , america is just an eye roll lol
Madison Latham
Madison Latham - 19 dager siden
To me I live in the UK and America is really scary like your politics is quite over the top compared to ours like we do have protests and things like that but they don’t seem as dramatic as the ones in America do, also just the fact that guns are legal Like you could walk past someone who has a gun I don’t know it just really scares me
Anna Grey
Anna Grey - 19 dager siden
In Italy here: we feel bad for the American. Love your vlogs Collen
Unapologetically Amy
Unapologetically Amy - 19 dager siden
I vote for a camping trip with the entire family!!!
Princess Motodi
Princess Motodi - 19 dager siden
I'm from South Africa and America is known In my country as the money making country but also is put out as a dangerous place to be. So we take America's news as if it were ours because we went through a similar situation with race,gender based violence.We are a country that is very interested in what happens In many other countries mostly America. I'm not speaking for everyone it's just my opinion
Corona Virus
Corona Virus - 20 dager siden
We had mice in our basement and garage.

And that’s why cats are amazing
BetZology - 20 dager siden
I live in England and i see America as a weird kind of country tonneau things so different like we say bin you say TrAsh CAn
(No offence just my opinion )
I think Trump sucks
Anindita Widyatami
Anindita Widyatami - 20 dager siden
From an Indonesian girl: I see America as the capital country of the world. When there's a problem there the whole world get involved. To elaborate, my friends who lives in Australia would post updates about the number of votes. I dont have much to say as Im only 13 and doesnt know about the political systems but I do know trump has a bad reputation.
Maybe Later
Maybe Later - 20 dager siden
UK - Biden is a joke.
chitra sharma
chitra sharma - 20 dager siden
India: Trump is a dum precedent but you are very much nice collen
Georgia McMahon
Georgia McMahon - 20 dager siden
i’m from australia and i only see people not liking trump on social media, so it’s hard to understand how the votes are so even
Logan Andrew
Logan Andrew - 20 dager siden
To me a Canadian neighbour, I am nervous about this election, and all of Canada is just holding it's breath. There are trump supporters here and it kinda sucks.. I not mind America but I would not want to live there. Especially right now. I really hope you're government gets it together. Because this year has been a lot for everyone and it would be great if we all just got along. Thank you for coming to my ted talk.
Patricia Kelly
Patricia Kelly - 20 dager siden
i’m from Australia and i’ve always wanted to go to america but i’m pretty scared atm as all these stories i heard from america is so sad
Tanisha Salmon
Tanisha Salmon - 20 dager siden
Alexis Zak
Alexis Zak - 20 dager siden
Happy birthday bailey!
Brooke Lewry
Brooke Lewry - 20 dager siden
I live in Australia and honestly I’m scared to go to America because of how your country seems I hope every one stays safe
Sonika Khosla
Sonika Khosla - 20 dager siden
olibombbb - 20 dager siden
I'm from the UK and I find America fascinating but very scary
Vivian’s ASMR
Vivian’s ASMR - 20 dager siden
Vivian’s ASMR
Vivian’s ASMR - 20 dager siden
olibombbb yes it is scary but it won’t be so bad if your carful I know because I live in Amer
Jinaya Sharp
Jinaya Sharp - 20 dager siden
Colleen, are you still going to do the fundraiser you do every year on your birthday?
boring tea
boring tea - 20 dager siden
you aint alone colleen.
Stephanie Hdez
Stephanie Hdez - 20 dager siden
I dont want to sound like a hater but America is not a country ☹ USA is the country where you live but America is a continent 🙈
ruby barny
ruby barny - 20 dager siden
I'm from england and we had a lesson in school about the election and everyone in my class hates trump
Alice Winter
Alice Winter - 20 dager siden
I'm from England genuinely don't know what to say about your politics other than it is scary that your election is happening during COVID 19 and I think most of us don't like Trump
Anna Tomlinson
Anna Tomlinson - 20 dager siden
america seems like its such an amazing country without trump
CerberusLives - 20 dager siden
About 50% of Americans seem like cool people, but the last four years and those that made it happen are totally f*cked up. That said, being in England, our standing on the global stage is hardly any better.
Danielle Andrade
Danielle Andrade - 20 dager siden
Brazil: well... I think USA is very alike to Brazil in some senses. Like, politics are so similar sometimes. And we are not dealing so well with the pandemic too, so... ✌️
Denay Guinn
Denay Guinn - 20 dager siden
Can you please say happy birthday to your niece for me
Petra Paul
Petra Paul - 20 dager siden
I'm from Malaysia! Most of us here are anti-Trump and hoping that Biden will be a good president for the US! Love you so much Colleen! Will always be a Cookie!
Kieran Bassan
Kieran Bassan - 20 dager siden
I am from English and from England and America is amazing and much different
Sabine Stratmann
Sabine Stratmann - 21 dag siden
Mexico: There's always "bad" presidents, here we have AMLO who is bad, but Trump wins. The election system in the US is outdated, that should be changed, because in that system Hilary Clinton won in terms of the most votes but lost because of the value that they give to each state. To me the US has many issues, but don't blame the system or the president, you have to start as an individual citizen.
Kri - 21 dag siden
I am from Canada. We are worrisome about Trump’s base of fanatical people and what they will do if he is not elected. His handling of Covid is very different than it is being handled up here. The lack of restrictions in some parts of the country with the every rising case counts is baffling and shows his lack of care for the American people. We just hope most of the country comes to their senses and votes that fool out of office!!!
Emilija Šimkevičiūtė
Emilija Šimkevičiūtė - 21 dag siden
I'm from Lithuania and trust me girl, our country stresses as much as you do guys. Because it is so important step for all of you or even for all of us in this world, because we don't know what is going to happen next...
axthelia - 21 dag siden
I am Form Vancouver Canada I think America 🇺🇸 to be honest we are very curious about you guys, so much is going on and we are just like Going back and forth. We care about America a lot but we think it’s a Bit chaotic.
misscrackwood - 21 dag siden
I'm your neighbor up north (Canada), and we just can't believe how Trump still has this many supporters after those 4 years. I am terrified of the outcome and hope for the best for your country. The US have such a big impact everywhere in the world, it's hard to stay neutral towards what's happening! Fingers crossed...
Abhija Majumder
Abhija Majumder - 21 dag siden
It's a mess and scary 😱
Larissa Faria
Larissa Faria - 21 dag siden
The US elections are a big thing for the whole world! I´m from Brazil and everyone here is checking the news. I stayed up with my brother on tuesday watching CNN and now I´m checking the entire time if the results have came out yet
Larissa Faria
Larissa Faria - 21 dag siden
Brazil here! Most people here really like the US. In the election I fell like most of us are rooting for Biden cuz Trump is kinda like our president Bolsonaro and he is not beeing really good for the country. Everyone is talking about the election on twitter, mostly about how long US elections take cuz here the results are out in the same day. The bad things that we see in US are the health sistem cuz here we have a public one were you don´t actually have to pay for most of the things and the fact that aparently americans don´t know brazil is in America... like several people say Brazil is in Africa or Australia so the geography classes there are something we get confused about. But a lot of people have the dream of going to US (mostly to Disney) at least once or going on a exchange program there (mostly going to high school there cuz we watch these movies about life in hs in the US and it is so cool) and yeah thats it
Seasonal Chats
Seasonal Chats - 21 dag siden
It's painful yet so unsurprising reading all of these comments from other countries about us. We are not our "leader" and many of us did not vote him in (actually, more of us didn't vote for him...democracy, amirite?) - thank you everyone who understands that!
hope120607 - 21 dag siden
Since you were bombarding my country, as for a country of America I can only think the worse. Hi from Serbia. Trump is good for Serbia, believe it of not.
Yolanda Peeters
Yolanda Peeters - 21 dag siden
I’m Yolanda. I am from Belgium. In Europe, here we live with all of you. We really hope for all of you that Biden wins. The United States are always loved in our country. Here is almost a second lockdown. My heart goes out to all of you especially people with Covid . I hope that one day Trump thinks back I sees that COVID is not a joke and you need to ware a mask in places where it is necessary. In September I did go back to school in 10th grade with a mask and only not having on while eating. I love the United States. Lovely greets Yolanda